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Yejibros we are here


Yejibros we are here


very true


good evening brothers what is this place


sup bros


brothers I do not speak russian


based yejibro


why are there no yeji emotes brothers


yejibros we are heechul solo stans now


motherfucker faggot piece of shit burn in hell



we should learn a new language to use this place, i would have guessed we would learn korean first though


yejibros i only know 2 lenguages


Brothers where is /yeji/


brothers where is the ip counter


I have read the rules but I still don't know if we will get banned for calling each other faggots, fellow election refugees.

Other than that, post yeji and sharkanda pictures.



remember to eat your eggs brother




I have read the rules

the rules only apply to that one specific thread

not to the whole site


ok brothers im leaving goodbye




you can record voice messages lol

yejibro karaoke night when?


shit place


chink motherfucker burn in hell


yejibros i dont think i can get used to this layout



this place is weird bros


i love you brothers


except for that one motherfucker spammer piece of shit posting that tranny chink everywhere


chink motherfuckers




hello brother


you can send the post with ctrl+enter


dark theme


>>dark theme


brothers i know that girl she's the loona girl that disappeared


yejibros we're remapping our hotkeys

582×8101.16Mb00:08위클리 먼데이(Weeekly MONDAY)가 ‘경상도 사투리와 월요일’을 이긴 사연! [TD습격영상]-zDHJwqzPAlw


only boomers use light themes


why did you make a thread on Russian board?


any sharkmen here?



wony is loved everywhere


yejibros this place is cool but i hate the main general

i got banned for lewding once...


is yunks the uggoest shit


is this the new kpg?



it has no captcha, sound webms and upi can post 5 pics per post

what's not to like?



Are there mods? Because FUCK the pieces of shit jannies and mods


PIC RELATED! Fuck those cunts


How busy do these threads get? The fun of /mu/ is how fast it moves and all the (You)s you get.




I don't get all this "we need /kr/" talking on kpg

just fucking move to some kpop related chan, they are all better than 4chan



wish kpg would move here, this place just need more people



I have been saying that for ages and no one wants to move. How many times are you going to let the asshole janny ruin any fun before you migrate?



well 4chan is still 4chan. it's brand recognition, you know

but yeah I'm the guy that just got banned, it's not a good feeling for sure


yeah that's ridiculous I think I got a 3 day for a post saying how we don't need chinks in kpop. wtf



No one uses nigger in a racist way, it's just an insult. Yet use it once and you get a three day ban. But if you say "nigga" it's fine? Fuck the janny



Well this place seems cool and I'm down to stay, just wish we had more members.

I understand you can't lewd in the main kpg threads here? What's that about?




I understand you can't lewd in the main kpg threads here? What's that about?

that's only the /wood/ thread

they don't like lewding so they made a thread for pureposters


i don't even do anything and i get range-banned every 3 days



I have no idea I literally made like 3 posts itt and that's it



I got a warning yesterday for calling Flips "scum". Sorry if any Flips are posting here. But apparently that's racist so I got a warning, 2 days after a bullshit 30 day ban that they didn't appeal.



You can post webms, mp4s, with sound and 5 pics at a time. Seems based as fuck



also check out the options on top right



h-how lewd are talking


some people won't move even if they get fucked in the ass by jannies daily

is it Stockholm syndrome?


I-I have no sound webms like at all... how do you adapt to the new meta



I'm just pissed no one will migrate. They're rather stay and get ass fucked by janny and banned for no reason.



I mean personally I get banned like maybe 2 times a year. usually I went overboard with the lewd and deserved it and it's not been that much of a problem. but yeah recently seems to be getting worse




no sound webms on /mu/

what exactly did they mean by this?



For a while I was getting banned every couple days. I'd wait 3, come back for a day, and get banned for 3 more.

I haven't changed, 4chan has. I've been posting the same way for 12 years


also the size limit here is like 40mb



I actually think the mods can pick you out in an instant if they been here long enough too. and I mean they must at least kinda like me for whatever reason, because I've honestly been getting away with way too much lewd at times still. while I keep seeing other people banned for less explicit stuff

so, you know...



I mostly just use nigger as an insult too much. I don't hate blacks, I just like calling people niggers because it makes them extra mad for some reason.

I remember one day waaaaay back when when moot or some mod word filtered every single word to "nigger". The entire board was just posts saying nigger.


what in the fuck is this place



maybe they only get upset when people lewd their waifus?



Everything you wish you had on 4chan, and then some, and no jannies



i also don't know why i'm rangebanned every few days. 4chan is not banned in my country, i don't use vpn, and i don't use offensive words (only things like "fuck" or "schizos") is someone in my house also using 4chan and shitposting?

anyway this place seems cool


reminder that you get banned for posting Secret Number, Aespa and Purple P!ss here

798×10602.88Mb00:07Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu’s healing tour to Ganghwado Island Part.1[Battle Trip_2019.05.26]


my dude we all just arrived from kpg minutes ago I'm pretty sure. you talking to the same bunch of faggots, just a smaller fraction of that perhaps


do i need to praise putin to post here



really? why?

weeekly are fine right?




For real?

no but Weeekly is the official ROTY here


Redpill me on this website and its culture

the main thread is on /wood/ but you won't like it, it has super strict no lewding rules and lots of mods

there's a thread for 2chen refugees here too, and a noona thread that one guy posts at




weeekly is the official roty

damn this place is ultra based, get in here daileebros





This isn't reddit. We don't cry for censorship when we don't like what we see



the sound webms are such an upgrade idk why people still stick to 4cucked




Because it's just so easy and has a large userbase. It's hard to leave when you've been at a site for so long. I discovered 4chan in 2007 or 2008, migrating is hard



its frozen and no one can post new images



it's over

Biden closed it



maybe joe shut it down and it's actually fucked. lmfao



















bang chan















chingle chomble



the only lame thing about this place is no filenames

lots of memepotential lost



R-r-reported! J-janny! I don't like things JANNY!!



Based as fuck. If I can't post nigger then I don't want to use a site


how do i refresh/autoupdate here? do i just press F5?


Bros this is comfy. I like it. I'm gonna bookmark it and shill for it regularly on /mu/ assuming 4chan isn't kill. I'll just phonepost since janny bans you for it



I feel like you used to be able to say it on KPG, but now it usually just says that the post was deleted. What happened bros?



Correct me someone but I don't think there is. That one other thread is at like 5000 posts



there's no app but you can just use it in your mobile browser


officially 500 posts but since this is the only thread on /b/ you can go until 2k or above if you feel like it



i guess this is the only downsides, though multiple images and sounds are a worthy tradeoffs



Hiroshimoot wants to make 4chan seem like a nice place so people will want to advertise so he cracked down on racism.


in russia, bump limits you


Yonhi or Yunky? Who you got?



Welcome brother, good to see you made it



from left to right

all boards

/b/ - we are here

/int/ - 2chen refugees are there

/las/ - main thread no lewding and insulting idols



oh so the boards are only divided by language



what i wanted: your image

what I got: a literal granny



there are /b/, /int/ and /wood/

it doesn't really matter where you make a thread tbh



this is obviously a huge loss, plus I-I kinda like how new editions are made every hour etc

but hey it's a brand new world I guess

the main problem is where the fuck do you get sounds webms from? impossible to keep up with the meta otherwise



Like I said, if 4chan comes back I'll be shilling for this site on kpg to try and get bros to migrate



just make some yourself brother

or just save them when you see them


okay first of all, do people hate twice here?

would hate to see that chizo (you) farmer anti here



Part of me wants is gone so Janny is out of a high paying job, but I just love shitposting too much I'll miss it



in the main thread?


here? well it's just people from 4chan, what do you think?




based yejibro created this thread in the russian board of all places

off to a good start boys



each end is a new beginning


What the fuck, why did I buy a 4chan pass then?


the OFFICIAL (not official) comparison



new threads (so there are editions and shit)


This place (what do we call this place??):


multiple images

no (apparent) thread limit

no censoring



click with scroll on it to open it in new tab


So did 2chen bros all migrate here? What's better, here or there?



noooo not again, not here



I think this should be named after Yeji is her honor since Yejibro is probably the one that got us here


warning to oncelcucks:

this is your FINAL chance to become an aspiechad

us aspiechads will NOT accept former oncecucks into our ranks unless you join TODAY




are you an indigenousbro? we are actually from kpg on /mu/ on 4chan which just fucking got nuked by uncle joe it seems

pleased to make your acquiantance


yejibros we're leaving



That's where I was in for a few minutes until I saw how dead it was. Everyone is in here



Nah, I'm from /mu/ too. I just followed a mirgrate link here and one someone posted to This is where the action is I'm sticking here. Just wondering if anyone actually posts at that other site



yejichan sounds good tho it would be successful



it was just a meme

you can post your discount K/DA here







Not if I can help it. I was tired of pretending to be mature on /mu/ so janny wouldn't ass fuck me again



is this sooman's 4D chess to finally make loona appealing by contrasting them with aespas




i have so many baits saved for when kpg is back bros, please anticipate




to finally make loona appealing

that faggot ruined Loona tho?


i'm an aespa anti until red velvet comes back



uh... what did she mean by this?



I'm a life long Aspie, I'm stanning them from day one and gonna say I've been there from the start so I can't be accused of bandwagoning.

They're an SM group so there's no way they could fail anyway


I dont like change. I just wanted to be mentally ill on a site I know



gotta agree with that bro, fuck his direction during so what and why not. Voice should've been the title track





I just followed a mirgrate link here

man I know it's a small thing but I'm proud of myself, just 3 days ago some people were laughing at me saying "no way 4chan ever goes down"

I don't think it's really over by no means, but who really fucking knows right?

and the faggot jannies banned me for spreading the link too >>502754 can you believe it


Yena ran to the living room bcs she's scared of the scene so ssamyul dragged her back, hugged her and forced her to watch the scary scene by replaying it multiple times, especially yuri HAHAHAHAH ssamyul bullies Rolling on the floor laughing



We're all from /mu/ we're just migrating here. You're among friends, all the same memes and meta still applies.

582×8101.16Mb00:08위클리 먼데이(Weeekly MONDAY)가 ‘경상도 사투리와 월요일’을 이긴 사연! [TD습격영상]-zDHJwqzPAlw



Voice should've been the title track

very true



Even if 4chan comes back, which, lets be real it will, I'm still gonna shill for here because FUCK THE JANNY

And I like saying nigger


what happened


this place has no captcha so it will be faster than kpg even with half the posters





might be a tough sell still, but I'm open to the idea

either way, even assuming we go back to kpg like always, it's still a good disaster recovery drill. we can learn from the experience




this place is comfy, i'll stick around for a while to assess the situation



Even if only one or two migrates at a time, keep it up and this board will grow over time



only one thread has no lewd rules

you are fine here


unrivaled swag






are there lewds here?





getting comfy



I have a cat and she's a cunt most of the time and cute and sweet for 2 minutes out of the day



pass the vodka and krokodil, this is the new united sharkviet socialist republic



I do and that's what's so frustrating. She's literally sitting in her hammock being a bitch, and I'm going to give her scratches for no reason

I should have been born a cat



yeah go back

Janny is waiting for you



Why go back? So janny can ass fuck you and delete your posts because they made her mad? So you can get bull shit bans that you can't fight? Fuck that place

Stay here and bring your friends.



it also has a work mode

press alt+a



Only a roastie would be that much of a bitch when it comes to things she doesn't like. No self respecting man would ever act the way janny does. Thats pure roastie behaviour. If it's not a roastie, that's even more pathetic




Nothing is gonna happen. we're free bros!



Very cool. Is there a posting shortcut so I don't have to press "submit" every time?


also alt+n will open a posting window



the first 50 threads are yeji threads to honor the founder


the next level play.PNG


nigger kike tranny jo haseul spic faggot pedophile roastie femoid incel soyboy tbh fam

are we really free?




also if you click the printer in the post window you will preview your post so you don't embarrass yourself while trying to meme



Free brother. The janny will never darken your door ever again




so you don't embarrass yourself while trying to meme

t-that's surely never happened!!!



My issue is I type so fast that I make typos and then I read my post back and cringe and then 5 seconds later I get called ESL


this place is REVOLUTIONARY



sometimes when I fuck up a post really badly I close the tab until there's a new thread...


I really dont like this place, i miss 4channel bros


>>411690 ➡

if you want to make some smiles of your waifu you can do it here



I don't. All I miss is that there are more posters for more diverse discussion, but everything else about here is superior



ESL memes do not apply in this russian website


no yeji emote

yejibros... we're leaving


Love Little Lee Lewda



▲ ▲


yejibros i can't read this fast





All I miss is that there are more posters for more diverse discussion,

bro give it some time



i'll be here representing the voice of reason


my chink amp/dac has arrived from aliexpress poggers!


Besides the same gen 2 songs I've been rocking for almost a decade, I basically only listen to Everglow and Fromis.

What the fuck current kpop is actually worth listening to?



Eyes wide open and Bloom*iz is pretty good


any good weeekly content i already watched we clear



those stuffs at 1theK and their Week:loud



She doesn't have lewds. She's literally a pure cute girl that just can't help but ooze sexuality. Saerom could wear a trash bag and make kissy faces and you'd still get a boner



Thought it was Boram from the thumnail so I got scared



if you like Everglow try Dreamcatcher, Gidle and CLC




biting popsicle instead of liking

Subhuman gook tier



I like Dreamcatcher a lot. Never bothered with the other two. I'll give them a listen to now




Brothers, what do you usually use to save clips like this one from videos?




it was nice comfyposting

i guess we have to go back to hating each other now...



Everglow, DC, CLC and Gidle are my top 4 groups musically currently I think they are similar


I like Dreamcatcher a lot

did you watch there concert?



yeah, janny will ass rape you if you post outside links so tell people to migrate but be smart about it


and so it begins.PNG


yejibros what do we use when webm for retards is too technical for us



I have no fucking clue bro, I had a setup years ago for webms using ffmpeg but I kinda lost all my scripts

and that's for local videos anyway


listening to shuhua and yuqi autist screaming in a vlive while in online lectures

feels nice bros



Thanks for the link. Dreamcatcher needs a live band, they are incredible with one



I just download mp4s and use a converter site to covert to webm. 90% of the time it works and the file isn't too large, not that it matters anymore here


look at this mucucks

two pics in one post!



answer me this

if reeny's racist

ven 'ow cum her best friend's candadian?

yeh fort so



luv wenders and slug. kinda like joy. indifferent bout yeri. FUCK BULLIES


mufag smartcuck comes up with a brilliant plan to get rid of kpg forever


"just shut down 4chan for an hour. those faggots gonna start migrating to some other board"


"all goes well we never gonna see them again boys"


"DDoS here we go boys"



and i thank them for giving me a chance to migrate



I just want Reeny's toes in my mouth. I unironically want to make molds of kpop feet and collect them


Post you're lovely waifu when she's wearing something red~~~


yejibros... we're leaving



doesn't look like it no

you can preview tho wit the printer button


OMG concert soon

are we hyped?




my waifu's color is red as well



are you aware of how much of a dork and literal granny your waifu is when she's off stage?


lol @that guy who tried to point out the advantages of this place like


Migrate and there's no janny and no capcha, webms with sound, mp4 posting, posting 5 images at a time, emotes

and they just called him a tranny


Lol just got banned for a week for saying "we migrated". Didn't even post the site, literally just said we moved and I got a ban



can someone who is not banned yet post this on kpg

I mean they need to wake the fuck up maybe



That was me. You can't help those who don't want to help themselves



stockholm syndrome are hard to overcome anon



I just phone post when I know i'm gonna get banned for something



it's the us vs them mentality

shame they can't see how shitty 4chan is compared to this site




300 pounder jannie steps in to quell the kpg rebellion

slug fans.png




miss womanly kpop

now when groups have hot members they do gurl crush anyway


Cute Rats!!



I miss when kpop girls actually had girl bodies and not stick figure bodies



Sana and Yunky are the only real rats



Honestly La Di Da really puts sihyeon front and center in my mind



I fucking love Dun Dun when the music starts and Sihyeon just comes in swinging. I love Everglow so much bros



EU is cuter than Mia. EU is hot as fuck I think. Mia's face doesn't do it for me

1828×10802.78Mb00:05190326 The Show Everglow Mia


this is Mia

344×6681.46Mb00:12190831 에버글로우(Everglow) 'Fansign Closing + Sihyun's Cover song' 4K 직캠(fancam) @심석홀


Aisha is so fucking hot but I worry she's actually a tranny. She's way too tall and her voice is low for a girl


Its Everglow. They all have good asses except Yiren



you fucking bitch

she isn't even the tallest girl in kpop


alright wizkeks, post our cute leader OR ducks



love the duck!



The amount of jizzum I have spilled to her over the years is uncountable


busanbros we played ourselves, we are banned for a week now and the kpgs are divided



I just shill for this site through phoneposting. I got banned like 4 times earlier and just go on and off airplane mode and post some more

A bunch of people were asking what site but Janny nuked the posts too soon, so people are interested



I don't have the energy to do that dbh, sucks but taking a break is good once in a while I guess



this place is very cozy.

I like how it auto-refreshes and the logo on the tab changes



Yeah, true. I got banned on my home wifi account for a week so I appealed the ban since I didn't post a link, a site or anything, didn't beg, just said come migrate. They can not seriously ban me without exposing themselves for being hypocritical pieces of shit


wait for american hours and say that you can say nigger here



I appealed, okay I posted a link but my only goal was to survive in case 4chan is kill

well whatever



That's actually a very good idea. I'll be sure to do it tomorrow when they're awake

I actually am an American awake at 5AM and I say nigger all the time and kept getting banned for it



I've never had that happen before. If my home wifi gets banned I just phonepost on mobile data and go on airplane mode whenever they ban me and I get a new ISP.

I can't do the reset your router trick at home because I have shitty xfinity which doesn't let you do that with a rented router/modem combo. I'd have to buy my own modem and router and it's not worth it just to be able to ban evade


are people really scared of this site because it's russian?

I mean when you are an american US authorities are way more dangerous for you



It's hilarious that people have no problem downloading tiktok on their phone or having kikebook accounts and use Chrome with Gmail and basically give piece of data away for free and then recoil the moment they hear a site is Russian. Kind of hilarious actually


actually the owner is russian but the servers are in Lithuania or Lativa


I kinda like the features ngl. except for the fact the file name is missing, obviously that's a huge loss

anyway it's gonna be an impossible task to get the rest of the boys here I think


you guys know 4channels back up right? why else would you still be here?



Because it's a better site here. There is no reason to use /mu/ to discuss kpop but people are too scared to move here. They'd rather take janny's cock in their asses every single day then leave



live version of And there was no one left



Silent Night or Sleep-walking


Bros, I'm going to sleep but I'm for real, lets keep posting here. This is fun. I'll back in the morning, hope to see you guys in the thread throughout the day. Peace out


I got a great idea for a feature boys, so if you samefag where it says (You) it should also say (Samefag) to the others

haha, awesome right, totally gonna get the community behind that one




what makes this place better?

sound webms

no captcha

5 pics per post



No janny, no mods, no capcha, much larger file uploads, webms with sound, mp4 uploads, 5 image at a time uploads, emotes, but most no fucking capcha and no janny. You can finally just relax and comfy shitpost about kpop and not worry about getting banned for it

No reason to use /mu/ when this place exists



Honestly sometimes masturbation is better, i'm for real. The best part about sex is the emotional connection with a person, but sometimes you just want the orgasm and fapping is easier and better

Still feels good though. It's impossible for sex to be bad if you're a guy, we're not like women who need to be in the mood and foreplay and all that. Guys can just fucking go and 5 minutes later be off



Yeah, way better than /mu/. Bunch of people are asleep now but keep coming here during busier hours and it's fun


Lets find out what kind of chads are here, post your favourite groups:




Weki Meki



Red Velvet



love Weeekly

love Rocket Punch

love Everglow

love Itzy

love Nature

love Loona

love IZ*one

love (G)I-dle

love Fromis_9

love Weki Meki

love Pristin

love Elris

love Dreamcatcher

love Momoland

love Gugudan

love WJSN

love OMG

love Gfriend

love DIA

love CLC

love April

love Sonamoo

love Lovelyz

love Laboum

love Bestie

love Hello Venus

love EXID

love AOA

love Stellar

love Dal Shabet

love Apink

love 9muses

love Miss A

love Girl's Day

love T-ara

love Secret

love Rainbow

love f(x)

love After School

love 4minute

love SNSD

love Kara

love Wonder Girls

love BEG

simple as




sex way overrated imo. once it's over you just go "what the fuck was I even thinking"

honestly the fantasy wins







Extremely normie tier i know



I just hate how you have to get her off too or you're a piece of shit and she'll tell all her friends. Some girls take a long time to get off and I just want to go to bed.

The fantasy is the best part, and some girls let you do it. If you find a girl that will dress in sexy underwear and stockings and high heels and suck your cock for 20 minutes before hopping, it's a special thing. Some girls are just cunts and won't do anything for you.

That's when I'd rather just masturbate.


looks like we have indigenous folk itt boys

btw the main thread here is not an option I don't think, dunno you guys but I can't play by the no lewd rules, I wish I could. just not gonna work



This thread is just kpg but with no janny and that's based. No reason to post in the other kpop threads here as of yet



fuck if I know brother, I seen them drive a thread to 3000 in the other board tho




even now

I know what you mean

it took me over two years to forgive her



Don't think there is one, one of the other kpop threads has something like 5000 posts. I'm sure there technically is but whatever. Just keep posting until things get stale and maybe someone will make a new thread



Forgiver her for what? They did nothing wrong. Hwacunt was wrong



this thread has the epic factor the, classic yejibro picked the russian board of all places



I don't mean the scandal

they did nothing wrong ad hwadog deserved it

something bad happened later



Yejibro is based and if can successfully get people to migrate here he will go down in the Hall of Fame of Life



What happened? I took a long break from kpop and anything that happened during that time I'm out of the loop. Most gen 2 groups died during that time so I'm out of the loop


wonder what the people here think about us being here and being the only english thread



/b/ has been dead for the past few years



Oh yeah, I know about that. I don't like them either, but what is comforting is that all are hidden 90% of the time. She was one of the only smart idols when it came to tattoos because she can cover all of hers easily and I genuinely like that.

Not like those ones that got hand tattoos and shit




She was one of the only smart idols when it came to tattoos

she got a tramp stamp brother

don't be ridiculous



Yes but who can see it? I don't like her tattoos, but I like that you never see them, that's all. Not like Taeyeon who's are visible no matter what shirt she's wearing



she will have to wear high waist pants if she ever wants to promote on shows again



I just want to know why her tattoos are so trashy!! Fucking guns on your pelvis, a tramp stamp, a big chest piece? What the FUCK what she thinking?




Jiyeon or Fromis

Either would be based as fuck

FUCK Blinks









the weirdest top 3 I've seen in a while



I'm sure the scandal messed with hear head



I wanna know where they came up with Fromis and Jiyeon of all options




I thought it was something with Reddit



Is that Lisa in the pic? Those shorts and those boots are so sexy to me. What is that originally from?



I have never been sexually attracted to her before but damn....


busanbros our appeal has been submitted and will be reviewed by a moderator



you really shouldn't shitpost like that if you can't ban evade



everybody can ban evade. that's not the point


the point is kpg will never migrate from 4chan

it's sad



you know at this point? I'm actually hoping joey really goes ahead and fucking nukes the place

I mean seeing how awesome things work here, you'd have to be an idiot to not want to migrate. at this point it depends how well jannies can censor the information




you'd have to be an idiot to not want to migrate

yeah kpgbros aren't migrating


OP here might delete the thread



rip yejichan



is this place still alive? good


Bros how are we going to get them to migrate here? I'm tired of the faggot janny being a bitch



we get Biden-nim to take down 4chan permanently


still fucking banned



I wouldn't mind but the no lewd rule is not for me

is there any place with anything close to kpg speed btw



I just don't like that rule tho. I mean I'm a straight white male, if I see a hot kpop I'm lewding her. pic absolutely NOT related of course

what is the point of that rule anyway?



there was a guy who constantly wrote shit related to cum and dicks

the no insult idol rule is to stop the retarded shitflinging between group fans

you can insult other posters all you want though, the rules aren't reddit tier



there are only mods because that guy started spamming porn and gaypop



I mean the wood mods are reddit tier

deleting porn and gaypop is fine but they delete much more




but they delete much more

The rule 3 is there to avoid turbo autism


fucking 4chan mods man

I will curse them here every day


Bros what's new? Haven't posted here or kpg in a few days


busanbros we don't know what's new either


dead last

absolutely stone dead last

for chuu!


>>497893 ➡

you come to this thread when you are banned

would be cool to have an Eunha poster



every time the faggots ban me I come back stronger

it doesn't come off sounding right but it's literally their loss to not have me around anyway



hello brothers


not changing your ip in 20 seconds



lovely shart!


4chan is slow

post kpops


brothers is it time


brother's no one's been posting here for weeks


how long until every site bans us yejiniggers


i hate niggers brothers pogchamp


sorry for p word


yejibros did i get scammed? this isn't the afterlife



i actually did not mean it for the yejibro post i meant it for this post >>542396


brothers we are being stalked


my pussy dick is musky


very true


hey stop that you are using too much bandwith


yejibros does this place give us viruses or something?


brother i think you may have a brain virus


yejibros hi


this isnt crystalcafe brothers



I would reject humanity for this monke


last for chuu


last for me


brothers report your positions



ok stop fucking with me is it just down for me? or did they really pull the plug


coomers btfo


why is it so quite

where is everyone

I'm scary


When did it die for you guys? It was already bugging out for me quite awhile before it just stopped working altogether



no idea since I just woke up and barely made one post. it went down soon after

it was bugging out how?


is this the main place or do we go to


it crashed at the beginning of the worst hours so it's okay



ah ok guess that don't really say much. I was hoping maybe bugging out for hours, that could indicate servers just slowly degrading down due to some technical issue


sea are comfy



monitor both for now

might be more people arriving at both locations it looks like


brothers kpg just loaded for me


4chan is back


we're still dead nvm



I think the captchas are all fucked but otherwise seems to kinda be working again



yeah it seems to be that only pass users can post


all is well brothers


this morning a radical wing of kaypeegee, an underground incel community, known as 'the yejibros' or 'the shark men' conducted a series of suicide bombings across washington deecee

witnesses claim they heard them exclaim 'the great yejihad has begun' and 'for sharkanda brothers'

at the same time an armed militia of the so called 'jihanists' attacked military facilities across the country, they stated that 'kpop state in mississippi and missouri is upon us' and that it's 'very true', it was reported that they were nodding frantically during attacks


last for chuu


hello yejibros



bear with bear

wow, she's beautiful

thank you for posting my wife

she mogs my heart

wanna kiss it better


yejibros we are here


brothers this page seems to come out when you google yejibro


yejibros we are here


yeji suck my dick yesterday






yejibros we are ryujinbros now


4chan blocked our IP range brothers we're doomed