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Translation request


Translation request


Does anyone here speak korean? I would love to know what she is saying in this clip. She is Ruru from TREN-D.


first part sounds like 아 예빠이서, something like "(I'm) pretty"

not sure about the second one, there seems to be 움직이다 verb which means "move"

hard to understand without context, maybe it's related to some meme/commercial



To me, the first part sounds like 나 예뻐해서, though I'm not sure if that would make sense grammatically. The second part is


움직이지 마! 움직이면 쏜다 = don't move or I'll shoot


In this one she is just reading the labels


행복하게 사랑할 거야 = I will love happily

게 is replaced with a dog (개) and 야 is replaced with a sheep (양), hence the animal sounds


말하는 대로 이루어지리라 ~= as I've said, so it shall be(?)

This is the first time I've seen this 리라 ending, but it seems to be used when making a decision in one's mind. My translation might be off, though

Similarly to the first sentence, 말 is replaced with a horse (also 말) and 지 is replaced with a mouse (취)



oh your korean is better than mine


don't move or I'll shoot

that's so cute

I can't hear 나 tbh, just 아, it's a bit strange

and I again confused 마 with 바 in the second part


게 is replaced with a dog (개)

oh, it's some word play then

I only heard something like "happy dog" in the first line and "beloved cat" in the second and something about "horse" in the third


I should have understood 지 마 and 움직이면 in the first video tbh, I'm being dumb again

I took TOPIK I test today btw, hoping to get 2급

but I will know results only in a month



Sorry, I said mouse is 취, but it's 쥐 with a ㅈ


No problem



I can't hear 나 tbh, just 아, it's a bit strange

I think it sounds clearer the second time she says it, at :31


"beloved cat"

You weren't far off, lol. It's very common to add an extra ㅇ at the end of sentences when speaking in a cutesy way, like 사랑해요 -> 사랑해용, 네 -> 넹 and so on, so keep an ear out for that


To be fair, she is speaking quite fast there, so it's not that easy to hear it


I took TOPIK I test today btw, hoping to get 2급

Nice. Good luck




Nice. Good luck

while we are in hangul thread, do you know some good korean resources (with native koreans) to stay in, for better immersion?

I joined few discord servers, but it's pretty hard to follow, also I'm not a fan of format and I don't think it would be very easy to find friends there

maybe something like ilbe would be easier? but it doesn't let me in, seems like it requires korean IP

I tried tandem/hellotalk but I don't know what to talk about with random people, it's much easier when you're on some forum, like forum about kpop

maybe I should try to search groups in kakaotalk too?




It's very common to add an extra ㅇ at the end of sentences when speaking in a cutesy way

is it their aegyo style they're always talking about on the shows

I thought it's only about changing how your voice sounds



I'm probably not the best person to give advice on this. I've never tried any talking apps, and I also don't think I'd be able to strike conversations with random strangers if I did. In regards to forums, if you just want to get a lot of input, you can try bigger sites like dcinside or theqoo. They have "hourly best" boards where every post has tons of comments, though the topics will vary a lot and might not interest you

Be aware that theqoo doesn't let unregistered users read comments made in the last hour, and they also require a Korean phone number to register an account. Dcinside used to only require an email address, though I'm not sure if they changed that.

Back in the day I used to actually talk to some Koreans about k-pop on torrent sites' discussion boards, specially tcafe and etorrent (now etoland). But I'm pretty sure those sites are mostly dead now after the Korean government cracked down on torrents. Ilbe's girl group board is not bad, but they do block a lot of countries, like you noticed. I access it using a vpn with an American IP.

The problem I've always had with Korean forums is that they have a million separate boards and a majority of posts never get a single comment, so unless you browse the most popular ones, you see very little actual conversation taking place. That contrasts a lot with imageboards, where threads that stay alive have plenty of comments to go through and useless threads just slide off the board.

Oh, another place I can recommend is naver's q&a site, which is kinda like yahoo answers. They have a 고민q&a board where people ask advice on personal matters, which I find pretty interesting to browse



Yeah, you got it. In that video we also see another common change, which is doubling some consonants. "사랑할 거야" becomes "사랑할꺼양" with the ㄱ being doubled to ㄲ. Replacing a final ㅗ with ㅜ is also super common



thanks for the info


vpn with an American IP

oh, that's interesting, I thought it's Korea only, I will try that


if you just want to get a lot of input

well, I want to have actual conversations with koreans so that I know that I can understand them and they can understand me

I think smaller groups work better in this case, when every person gets some attention

but imageboard way of posting - shout random replies to people and get answers sometimes might be good for beginners too




179/200, not too bad

though I read article by a girl who got 192 preparing only for 3 months from zero and I'm a bit envy