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First thread


First thread


This is board for english speakers. English translation of the user interface will be available soon.


i'm a russian now


suka bylat



640×648457.96Kb00:03heejin 이달의 소녀 희진 170903 홍대 팬싸인회 클립 직캠



i'm out


jzzzz i'm so oof about this thread!


tfw neochan doesn't have international thread


Are you crazy?


the dark theme is p comfy


no gayshitters here. amazin



yes hi hello


Do you like pretty kpop girl?


yes i love it!


It's such a pleasure, to have so many english-speakeng users here


where to submit new emotes png?


dont look there




One hundred people on the way actually no






how do you say hello in russian?


Russia kpop imageboard scene seems pretty strong, I wish I could speak Russian to participate.


What does .re mean anyway? Retards?


memecord is here


why was my post deleted


what post


Hi boys! I wake up and make eggs.



Too bad there are 6 different small imageboards owners of each other can't unite



I wasn't aware there were other such imageboards. Guess that's a universal thing, then.




You like to hold a big device in you hands?

1920×10802.43Mb00:05[나만봐 정채연] 채연이랑 한잔 할까요-RERHEYodEKc





Make a guess



did twice release the same song again?


girls next door


One More Time remains my favourite Japanese Twice release


we like nunu here


hello, i'm here to inquire about a bona


tfw no custom css


just use stylish or whatever the non-malware one is called


how much is train from leningrad to seoul


tfw you're actually living in leningrad



costs your life after leaving vladivostok


what dimensions for emote png?


can someone make like a zoom for these tiny emojis

i dont have the vision


I'm going to complete a pilgrimage to Korea whether there's barbed wire and mines on the borders or not



Normal is shown on common PC displays, retina is for mobiles because its screens have higher DPI.


site looks good on mobile. dark theme is best


i love cutechan now

just need to get a good magnifier for the emojis


you will get used to it



I'm not too good with technical stuff like this, does it mean you need both versions? I've got a few 128x128 emoticons I saved that I could share.


I'm sorry, chingu


what kind of images are we posting

576×10242.95Mb00:11do it

post pristins. they are so underappreciated everywhere else


metadata titles out in the open

uh oh



Sites uses 2 versions of smiles:

  • Normal: W≤32px H=32px

  • Retina (or 2x): W=2*Normal W H=64px

    So yea, it's better if you can provide already resized images.

Or you can just post whatever you have, maybe Nunu will resize it for you.


who do we have to kill for a pristin concert


can we make vidios mute by default so you can click volume up instead of getting ducked


Does this place have spam protections?


stupid firefox cannot have default volume level either

its crazy, even if i use media.default_volume



Volume of videos is saved, you can just set it to 0.


looks like webms here barely work on firefox in any case




I'm on firefox and everything should work


cutechan still has too many bugs. both tested on ff and chrome. love the twitch-like emotes tho



actually would be better if you just upload 128×128 images with the names of girls



tbh, firefox is now better than chrome in all fronts. I regularly use both and I can say it is indeed better



I can do that. I mostly have Dahyun emoticons and some other Twice ones. I'll post some in the development thread (that's where they should go, right?) later when I get home.



There wasn't issues yet. I can make it more complex if needed.

Captchas are just outdated and ineffecient method of spam protection. With modern neural networks you can break most of them quite easy.


We can make it better


using a FF fork everything seems to work for me so far. The media displayed in the middle of the screen is a little awkward at first but you can scale it with your mouse wheel so it's ok



will try to file issues on the repo later. and if I have extra time, i might write PRs




that's where they should go, right?




I assume you are kagami so I wanna thank you for your boram program. Great UI and I still use it in combination with WebmforRetards.

your WYBM thing is pretty shit though for cutting because no frame by frame control.

Also did you post your WYBM on yourself?



it's fine with custom gtk but even with memory leaks chrome ui/experience is preferable. especially since quantum




i really like the emotes. they help express exactly how i feel without spending 5 mins looking for the perfect pic



video with no audio and shorter than 10 seconds don't have one



If you ain't praise yourself, nobody will



Ah my bad, maybe I didn't read the readme properly. Anyway thanks for your work. If your face recognition program improves it could become a great success


how do we defeat the goose

it has audio but no controls



oh yeah and transparent videos don't have controls

858×7203.86Mb00:10160910 우주소녀(WJSN, Cosmic Girls) - 우주소녀 2ND MINI ALBUM [ THE SECRET] @명동 뮤직코리아 [직캠 Fancam] By 벤뎅이


Short videos don't have controls to make them behave sticker-like. We can make this optionally though.


tfw i made a sweet alpha channel webm but i can't find it


Is there a spoiler option for media?


nothing works for me

maybe i need 1gb internets for all the webm stuff


Would be cool if you can choose to spoiler all media for mobile use



You can use Режим Босса.



If you press "Alt+A" it will hide all images/videos


Maybe your ISP have bad peering with hoster. We need CDN



Какой алт+а он про мобилу спросил


actually webms open fine in new tab

im just getting fucked by the javascript and no controls, ill figure it out later

god i hate memescript


node.js master race




If your face recognition program improves

Yea, I'm going to improve recognition quality and integrate it to cutechan. I still need to write a lot of code and new features for cutechan though so everything is not so fast.



I like the updating and posting speed so far but there are very few users I guess



Jeju's nice but I very much prefer Ulleungdo dbh.


still more than on 8ch


post quality is inversely related to number of users



Yea, this board is not so popular yet

I need to work on localization and kpop-related features so maybe discord people will like this place.


luda is an adidas shill, she would fit well here



If you make your face recognition work better so you can let the site automatically tag a picture with the group/name when downloading, this place would become the #1 place for kpop



Omo, that's pretty nice.

Chaeday was yesterday but here's to Chaeyoung, may she be succesful.




here's to Chaeyoung

There is Chaeyoung poster, his nick is "Чеён"




Thre is no such smile


Wow, too easy to hit submit here with no captcha.



You can even press Ctrl+Enter.

Alt+N → Alt+O → type name of the picture → Enter → type message → Ctrl+Enter

Ultra fast and you even don't need a mouse.



That's a bit 2fast2furious for me.


Ban for spam

360×6261.13Mb00:04잠들지 않기 위한 몸부림쓰

I'm going to have to get used to this multipic post thing. Sound webms work here, right?


mp4 works too.

Also transparent VP8 and VP9 and title/duration extraction



Shame there's no filenames though, that's always useful for convenience and funny titles


are there any scripts for alpha channel webms? i never make them because it takes so long extracting/rejoining frames by hand with ffmpeg



That was intentional

The way how your files are named revelas quite a lot of identify bits. It doesn't make sense on anonymous imageboard.



based. an option to randomize filenames would be preferable though



You may use -vf colorkey or alphaextract/alphamerge and mask with ffmpeg.

Or make it in video editor such as Blender/Vegas/Premiere, export to some intermediate format with alpha (e.g. pngs or rgba avi) and encode to webm with -pix_fmt yuva420p. (Possible with boram.)



This is optional feature, you don't forced to post with nickname.

We can make filenames opted-in though :wend_hmm:




kagami, you're planning to make a search box for the emotes right? it's kinda hard to navigate through the faces especially if you'll add more



there is an autocomplete

you can type smt like :lol and see


did not know this functionality exists. thanks

576×544172.39Kb00:04[V LIVE] [WJSN] (심호흡하고)구구즈가 세상에 진!짜! 성인식 췄대요!!!!!!!!(쩌렁쩌렁) (99s dancing <Coming of age ceremony>) <>

really interesting


why was dawon in the attention seeker team



thanks. i usually just batch process stills in photoshop and then concat them together


looks like 4chan was only temporarily back up





The cutest girl in the galaxy


that's the stuff....


group flags would be a nice addition eventually. i want to rep the cosmic brotherhood at all times


i only ever cared about yoonyul+tae (i guess)

1220×6963.00Mb00:05WJSN 우주소녀 꿈꾸는 마음으로 (맨발 무대) [4K 직캠]@180404 락뮤직 (2160p_30fps_VP9 LQ-128kbit_AAC)



Hey Kagami, who's is you'arere waifu?


no IU emote

wtf USSR, I thought you were cool



There are a lot of methods for different cases though.

In some cases static mask are ok. Like webmrelated.

If video was shooted with chromakey like in example above, chromakey filter may work good.

Otherwise you need to fallback to big video editors like AP/AE with "smart" mask filters or do everything by hand in image editor. E.g. goose.webm was made with AE if I remember correctly.

Videos with alpha is quite powerful feature but there is no much use of them on the webm/imageboards though. Here we were experimenting with it a bit.



Dububro if you are here, what is this place ?





lewding lewda




i apologize on behalf of english speakers everywhere


I promoted your site at the wrong time kagami, sorry for that



There seems to be some bad following but Kagamichingu has noble goals for this board. Remember all the things we went through in our home general.



It's ok. Now I have motivation to make localization faster



Кагами, the boss around here


these emoticons are confusing


There are chips, but no pringles.

Seulgi would be sad.


i like how they pop up as you type :







I'm not any on any redvelvet posting board so I don't know shit about them

1024×18301.96Mb00:054K WJSN 우주소녀 Happy 부천대 180223 <>









Greetings people of /int!

I am a missionary from /wood. The people of mine want to convey to you a good wishes. Make yourself at home.

Soundcloud support will be available soon!



Kagami, the shit is leaking





yes... but.....



what? she's a literal angel!




don't stop


russians can't handle some lewding



I was hoping this place would be comfy, the rules on Лес sounded promising

978×1080731.72Kb00:03[After School Club] The 13 mystical and magical girls, WJSN(우주소녀)! _ Full Episode - Ep.308 <>


854×7202.83Mb00:03[4K] 160306 여의도 우주소녀 (WJSN, Cosmic Girls) 팬사인회 성소 직캠 by Spinel


450×7202.97Mb00:10lita 170518 걸그룹 디엘(D.el) 멘붕 CL 비쥬얼 쇼케이스 뉴타TV KPOP by JS 직캠(fancam)



You can make thread there if you like the rules.

Our mayor likes kpopfap, so if you need just comfortable place to makes conversation, without fap content, /wood is your choice.




Our mayor likes kpopfap

based fucking Kagami


Forest monster is going mad again



register (second icon in top banner) and check first checkbox on the second tab



You can change it any time if you want



Sign up. There is a "spam" filter as well.



Even in English? Well, it would be kinda lame the thread since nobody would probably post in it. But I guess I will keep it in my mind.


Did it work?


you can register on site to hide certain nicknames btw




Even in English?

You can maybe, i don't know, try it. If there is no comfy place to you, make it by yourself. I don't think that Kagami delete it. Maybe other people would like you're thread.



I'll make sure he sees that name. Insulting idols in prohibited on all boards.



There is a global rule on You can not insult Idols.



Only Latin and Cyrillic are allowed? There is no way to write name in Hangul or Kanji?



It's okay, I have a place to post at but I found my way here today when the site was down. I will lurk here for now and maybe post when the atmosphere is alright.



Please register another user id. People don't like insulting idols here.


Currently yes, I will extend the allowed characters later.


/wood is owned by Elkie, he can moderate as he wish.



Well, we'll be in touch, good luck



he can moderate as he wish.

Nice, thanks.


this thread suffers from a lack of Nunu


do people trust in luda here?



The one actually in control of everything

eunseo"the nose" nosie aka the jew




make a new thread idiots


nothing wrong with old threads



anything past 311 is excessive. we need a fresh start with a new op


why do posts keep disappearing

1920×1080606.42Kb00:02WJSN - Dreams come true
1920×1080476.69Kb00:01WJSN - Dreams come true







She tells you to keep posting



Пожалуйста астанавитесь, у меня от вас испанский стыд



This board is for English speakers tbh


kagami should i learn javascript or python first?



automation scripts, web scrapers, making gui apps like boram, stuff like that mostly



python is more useful for scripts

requests/scrapy (python libraries) are good for scrapping but in case of web 2.0 site you may need to use phantomjs (though it has python bindings)

For (cross-platform) GUI there are several popular options: PyQt, electron/nwjs, wxWdigets, web UI + server. First is python, second javascript, third python or C, fourth is JS + any language.


i want to make a script that records scheduled vlive streams automatically and sends push notifications via pushbullet. this seems feasible with python+youtube-dl+ffmpeg+pushbullet api but i never could figure out how to ping vlive with youtube-dl to record and then stop when the stream begins without interrupting ffmpeg. a webui interface to schedule upcoming streams would be cool too but idk how to make that



i've used phantom.js scripts, they're good. i like react too. so python first



Well you can just simply request run youtube-dl in a loop until in starts downloading (you can detect that by parsing the output or checking the existence of destination file). It also should stop normally when the stream ends iirc.

Though it will require quite a lot of tedious work to make it bullet-proof. Because there are a lot of things may happen: sometimes idols restart the stream, there might be network errors and ffmpeg will exit or hang up in worst case, download speed to vlive servers might be low so you will get unsynchronised video and so on.

It would be better to write multithreaded grabber of HLS by yourself which will be consider all this potential special cases. It's a more complex way though.

Here at jpopsuki I was writing about some details of vlive live streams:

They might have changed something already. But the main principles should be still the same.




you can just simply run youtube-dl in a loop

typo fix



thanks for your reply. youtube-dl/ffmpeg has a lot of issues with streaming. sometimes it hangs at the end of streams and you can't press q to quit. ctrl+c corrupts the file so a perfect script is hard

it wouldn't be necessary at all if streams didn't take 24+ hours to upload (if they aren't deleted). vlive can't even https



is livestreamer more stable than ytdl? i thought it was outdated




vlive can't even https

It can since recently:

They implemented it quite badly though, gooks can't into web dev.


sometimes it hangs at the end of streams and you can't press q to quit. ctrl+c corrupts the file so a perfect script is hard

Yea, it's quite hard to deal with network, a lot of wrong things may happen. So it's better to write you own grabbers so you can reply upon it


It had better (multithreaded) HLS dumper, though maybe ytdl now allows to use external HLS grabber or have better own grabber, I haven't checked.

You may replace livestreamer with streamlink, it's a maintained fork with same CLI syntax.




vlive title and embed work

nice. i haven't used streamlink since mpv+ytdlhook but i will look thank you



go where? nice trips btw


to 4 chan

are you mentally retarded?




he can't into russian

lol@u m8. are you from the cripplechan?


Honestly, why do you go to that place?



i might answer you if you tell me why do you go to cripplechan and who your favorite groups are


hello friends... or foes


I'm Brazilian, I can't into Slav languages and I love Red Velvet



loonabros are welcome here



if you tell me why do you

*if you tell me why you



-because there are enough nice people to be interesting but not too many so it's still comfy to read even if you're not there 24/7

-I like all groups


let's see if this works >>>/wood/119219




-because there are enough nice people to be interesting but not too many so it's still comfy to read even if you're not there 24/7

ah, okay. well, you probably think i go to the general on /mu/. i don't, i go to the one on /bant/. that's much better. and ids mean you can easily filter people who act like niggers


-I like all groups

bit of a cop out


any seolahermano her




/i go to the one on /bant/. that's much better

maybe if you like to read irrelevant blogposts




i go to the one on /bant/. that's much better





who moderates there



how do you feel about the website being absolute dog shit

gonna have to be more specific here.


can you post there with/without a vpn?what's the common opinion on plastic surgery/thicc/nugus/old idols?



only if people who like kpop make them.

you know there are some retards who go there without even liking kpop, like they just have yellow fever, and post about their dumb shit? that's when the filters come into play.

and hey, reading blogposts beats reading this shit >>119261



Yes. Any estimates on the english UI ? I really like this site.



sorry but it ends up being a mix of blog and /pol/, i'm not interested in that



4chin is dead that's why we're here. Maybe soon we won't come back there


why would you go back to a place that goes down every day



I prefer it to the gayposting and group wars on /mu/


went to trash once, those dudes were talking about coming on each other's dicks. wtf man




Any estimates on the english UI ?


On the serious note I need to finish some unrelated more important features first so I can work on localization. I think in a week it will be ready.



The name of the board should have warned you




noice. you're the admin right? any way to report people? like i noticed in the Лес board you have some pretty nice rules. how will you enforce those?


Kagami, aren't you planning to crowdsource localization? You might save some time and you can expand to even more languages if you want



that's a dumb joke. wanna hear a good one?

a blind man walks into a fish store and says "why hello ladies"


should i learn russian?




No report mechanism yet, you can just ask in thread. Board is not so fast, so board owner (Elkie in case of /wood) will probably notice.




Basically english translation is ready if you asked for this, I just need to implement language selection control. It requires some updates to cache module so need some work.



yes. that's what I'm wondering too. checked the repo and it looks like it's already been translated. I was confused there for a bit.

anyways, can't wait to see those features implemented soon. i'm not really into Go that's why i can't help with some PRs but maybe soon if i have the time to learn the language


how do I post here?



yeah, pictures of choa and also just makes the same idiotic posts over and over again.



There is no much people here, so it's quite cheap.



I can't insult her?

wtf? she ruined T-ara




makes the same idiotic posts over and over again

lol, We are also patient of this kind of people


Hi, Seulgiposter


No you can't



Just cheap VPS hosting in Lithuania. Quite a good ping for Eastern Europe.

Though they oversell their network channel so download speed for media files ( is not always so good. I'm planning to use CDN but haven't chosen one yet.



like what? you can't say that she's an ugly cunt, but you can say that she's not pretty.



Just don't be unfoundedly rude, okay? That is unnecessary. We're trying to be nice here


I have to say that I love these emotes tbh


Do you guys have a very cute yeri picture?



I wanted to say that she's lazy but that's cool too



trying to be nice here

that's great because I'm a nice person

I just want to know the rules

not like I can't live without insulting hwadog, but maybe someday I will need to and I want to know exactly what is allowed here





fukn hotkeys




that's great because I'm a nice person

Excellent, I'm glad to hear it.


but maybe someday I will need to

For what?


Because I answered you. And accidentally clicked "send"


it throws an error when i try to upload a clip of my voice



why does this site load at all unlike 4chin?




For what?

maybe someday someone will say that hwadog did nothing wrong and will blame T-ara for hwadog's lies

as a nice person and T-ara's biggest fan I will have to fight back



Looks like I'm coming back sooner than I thought I see someone linked to our thread over at /wood/. My Russian's not good enough to be able to tell if it was positive




My Russian's not good enough to be able to tell if it was positive

It was




Will soon pass.

I hope so



how the fuck is 4chan down again


not going to write an issue on the repo yet but you should take a look at this kagami

>>119425 yes



There was an emoji. So it was sort of communication


any plans for a gallery feature or a hotkey to show only posts with pics?



waste them on 1920x1080 2 seconds gifs



I might post there again when I see you posting in инглиш



well. i looked at the code and you can upload .mp4 so ya. that might be the reason why the limit is huge




tfw no trotfunoonagf to sing for me and play PUBG with