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#6 International Cooperation Edition


#6 International Cooperation Edition


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even if you don't post with nickname it's easy to disniguish people based on the manner of speach


idc about being identified, actively seeking out becoming a personality is just annoying



chans should be anonymous

that's why they are better than normie sites



it can be done for a lot of posts, but not all

you should just know that the words itself and files you attach reveal quite a lot of identity bits, especially in small community



and with names every post can be identified



that's why you actively seed misiformation and outlandish hypothesis' so nobody is ever quite sure who is who



No, better method is to somehow normalize posts.

Like make them all use exactly same punctuation/capital letter styles/etc. But it's a very dificult task and can't be solved in general case.


it happens naturally through innate similarities and learned assimilation/mimicking. i get accused of being other people all the time


Lol @ that meme chink band


Seems like they were invited only to show how bad they are and immediately throw out




chinks even have sohye 2.0




Lua is best weki


Btw the key success of k101 was "healthy pornography". How chinks are going to reach same popularity with average age of 24.


doy is the best everything



Interstellar music




maybe it's bo posting them because he wants people to go back to his board


why would kagami want people to go back to his board?


maybe it's an autistic once doing his usual


meant the 8ch bo


touches Mei Qi's breast


fuck I'm dumb

anyway she was touch her own breast for several seconds :iu_huh:


why is she so much prettier than the others




he was touch her own breast



why did she even agree to take participant

she's several magnitudes better than most other girls



she didn't have a say. yuehua signed them both up without asking them


inb4 contract and job autism discussion again



Fuck Starship, why they can't protect their own girls


? starship doesn't own or control the chinks


this is sad



Produce 101's last episode ends literally 6 days before Mei Qi's first movie

Yuehua got this shit all planned out.




how is taking participant in a show with shitty trainees can ever be considered as a popularity opportunity :iu_huh:



Because Mei Qi and Xuan Yi have gained like 1 million new followers on Weibo in 2 weeks and all 3 chinks + WJSN have sky-rocketed on search-engines in China



after a while you start taking up your waifus personality



stupid chinks, they should have followed wjsn before that c101



kpop ban because of THAAD probably ruined a lot of Yuehua's plans. Pre-ban WJSN were like 3-4 times over in China promoting, but after the ban they haven't been once as a group, only the Chinks


also chink101 is being aired on TV in Singapore, and other SEA-countries so there's a huge global outreach


am I only the one autist who thinks it should be 11×11=121 :iu_huh:

really bothers me tbh


Ok, watched that ep. It's 3:32AM now and I didn't even have a dinner.

Fuck kpop, it kills me.


my number is right there


hey C~~


going to watch new chink p101 now


yeah I waited a long time.

that one juror woman sounds and looks like she has more than 7 cats at home


what's wrong with that?

i have 9 cats




you have to come from a farmer family for that not to be weird af


wtf how did you know


do you have one of those neat farmer hats and a favorite tree to lean on?




are the colors off in this picture or is it my monitor?


Why YH girls have 1.5 min of screen time at the end btw? Doesn't this looks slightly dishonest?


perks of winning the weekly voting.


judging by the 3ep spoilers all that c101 looks too much secondary

they might have tried to invent their own competitions at least

but it's exactly same as k101 only with chinese girls



that's the idea behind a licensed show...

I don't mind it because it's a good show concept




it's a good show concept

imo it's boring to watch exactly same thing twice



you have about 115 factors that are different because of the different contestants and jurors as well as the different music



I don't like that they copied the competitions

that way you already know what all new episodes will be about


I haven't even finished the individual presentations yet so I can't speak to that.

yuehua girls are up next btw right after the fat talentless freak show that was 3unshine WE ARE SUNSHINE




talentless freak show

they catched the hype, the best opportunity you may have in this unfair world


I don't like meiqis singing voice


It's a bit unfair btw that they forced XY to sign but not MQ. XY literally can't sign.


hate that word. I'm always typing it as sign because I typed it much often


meiqi is a smart girl and chose an uggo to "batteul" with



they can't chose afaik

their rival is written on the paper


oh my bad.

meiqi is a smart girl that chose yuehua which manipulated the contest for her to win


xuanyis dance was impure sexual relations to the stage but that dyke ruined it right afterwards


I'm feeling sad for Mei Qi. She's already debuted yet has to "compete" with all that crying wannabees.

It might be good for her overall popularity though.


She is not meme person though. And can't into dramas. How are they going to bring public attention to such calm person?


when is it time to make a new thread?


oh shit STD Girls are performing!



Talent is not enough. Public wants to get in touch with person on a screen. She has to show how big her heart is, maybe go through the fall and the rise, etc. The laws of drama.