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#7 World Peace Edition


#7 World Peace Edition



ps edition



Don't ruin this


tldlr; meiqi looks too phlegmatic for me, not sure it's a good thing for popularity


yeah she is made for the visual position in a group. Her career options are very limited with modeling


that's part of her charm


I love visuals. They are often more into the game because they don't have easy options to opt out like singers or personality idols that run away doing ads or solo stuff as soon as they can.



does tzuyu have a lot of ads? I dont even know




that shirt is fantastic and nice song tbh


blackpink will bring world peace


maybe the next comeback will grace us with more jisoo button


i think she always looks super good except when they plaster her in unecessary makeup




Do you like rojes voice? not sure if that very nasal tone annoys me or if I like it

1920×10807.46Mb00:10170119 서울가요대상 'BLACKPINK 블랙핑크 _ 불장난 (PLAYING WITH FIRE) 붐바야 (BOOMBAYAH)' @ SEOUL MUSIC AWARDS <>

I loved that meme dance tbh



i do quite like her voice

i can see why people dislike it though


tfw mq will never lie on your knees




Idk, the whole group is really weird to me. I think they have insane variety show potential especially with jisoo and they have 2 very distinct voices that actually seem to have some talent in singing with rose and jennie. are they very successful and mainstream?



they are very successful somehow, mainy outside of korea though it seems

theyve been around for about 2 years now but only have 5 songs and barely do anything but modelgigs

its kinda weird, makes me wonder if the reason theyre popular is because theyre not all over the place if that makes sense




been around for about 2 years now but only have 5 songs


barely do anything but modelgigs


they dont seem well liked on the chans in general. why is that? I think 3/4 of them seem nice tbh.



they seem a bit autistic some times

i dont think there is anything dislikable about them, theyre probably hated because of some obnoxious fans or something, or just because of hipsterism since they are very popular and mentioned a lot



about the 5 songs /2years and lots of modeling jobs. looking at it from a business perspective it could be one of the new girlgroup formulas in the future tbh.

producing 2-3 albums a year with 5 bsides is very expensive if you have to buy all the songs etc. and the profit margins got very small in music, especially if you sell physical copies.

Idols do music mainly to gain a following with which they can get ad/cf/acting jobs.

now if you are a GG of a big company like yg, you will have fans from the beginning anyway. so these groups do music promotions to keep that company following which is why twice does about 15 album promotions a year, so that they stay relevant in the heads of their following.

however if you can do that with other activities than music production, it makes more sense. they plan their music comeback schedule around their other, more profitable contracts instead of the other way around. this also has the added benefit that they can go all in on one(1) song with production quality etc. and it honestly shows with bps 5 songs so far


yfw you're sleepy now because watched chinks for half of the night




they plan their music comeback schedule around their other, more profitable contracts instead of the other way around


implying twice doesn't have profitable contracts

that doesn't make sense



they do but they dont delay a comeback for them. bp seems to be doing that.

bp is a ad/model group that also does music

twice is a girlgroup band that also does ads/modeling.

Idk it's just a theory




twice is a girlgroup band that also does ads/modeling

it should be more profitable then because jyp has to spend a lot of money on their comebacks



not necessarily because they cant do as many modeling/ad contracts. however its obviously still profitable enough for jyp. of course you also have to think about the shelf life of the groups, jyp is draining the human spirit out of twice right now with all the comebacks and the music got stale real fast




and the music got stale real fast

fans still love it though


yeah I guess. Im not saying the current business model of twice is bad but maybe less future-proof




less future-proof

isn't he going to release new band soon so twice is literally kill?


is he? I dont know


maybe something like ioi could also work.

contract a trainee to a maximum of 1-3 years that they will promote in a group. that would create artificial demand because the group wont stay forever(tm). groups wouldnt have to transition in styles and would not get too old and expensive for the companies. also it could alleviate the slave contract thing because the idol would only sign away a relatively short time of their earning years.


watching the end of chink produce101 episode 2 right now and the reevaluation especially of group A looks to me like a good old chinese commie struggle session kek


they have to do the "video performance" of pick me up in front of everyone unlike the koreans who did actual videos solo in a room. A class even had to stand in front of everyone for the demotion talk. group humiliation...




group humiliation

it's not commie, it's an asian thing


when will they stop being ant people


me in the middle


why nosie is so funny


because she's married to a jokester (me)


he is actually kpganon


you can't prove it




I have been rused


you have to wait for kagami to push an update dummy


i can't wait for her and seaweed to come back to gorea. another wuju concert after uzzuwikki would be perfect


he thinks they will come back




she's fit af right now


ruins your picture


some miggi bra if you're into that




I've already realized it's not a guy

forget about that chink amber


I have a webm and need someone to put another video in the background of the first



can be done with ffmpeg's overlay filter


but it has to be behind some bars over a screen on a stage and angled the right way



posted her again


doesn't do it on the site without ads/captcha and kewl smiles





wanna see something cool?


I tried doing a video overlay in webm4retards because that's the only thing I'm not too stupid for

doesn't work




variety show potential

literally regarded as the most boring group of all time



the only thing I've seen them with was their weekly idol and jisoo was cute af


T-Ara - Sexy Love In Tokyo (2012).avi


is annoying

is a dyke cunt




tfw sleepy


to drink or not to drink


drink to celebrate this


i dont know what that is about but any reason is a good reason i suppose


it's a sign



but go to bed before 9pm and no tv for the next 2 days!


Is it hard for Nayoung to be a group leader?


no she's a natural (leader)


20 (1-31)


this is acceptable


have only gimp


he's an ffmpeg/avisynth pro actually


iuc, you can do motion tracking in blender btw, here are some examples


mac dont even have paint

what a piece of shit, pay 2k and not even paint


why he looks so cute?


you can install Final Cut Pro


mean 8channers are making fun of iuc


it's just one guy


post qts, QUICK




next time THINK before you post, there is no file hide yet


you can remove post in dev tools


she will carry that weight


post pictures with the implication "what could have been"


I don't understand you


its that dreadful feeling when you realize how much you have lost


What have you lost?


tfw you're actually smart enough to not deploy new features when you're sleepy



Watch this video, it might help you


the looming thought that keeps repeating


what could have been



I didn't say your meme isn't funny, iuc


if you had taken that one chance

would it all be different now


still picture music webms are a high art form



I'm fine with that. I have chingus that like to do it and I do "other stuff"


post the xiyeon fart one... it always makes me laugh


1060×7202.82Mb00:21[4K] 170702 우주소녀(WJSN) 은서(EUNSEO) - 사인회 엔딩타임(비누방울) @팬사인회(하남 스타필드) 직캠 By 쵸리(Chori)


that one moment

as i stepped outside for the last time

if it had been you

if only it had been true


don't be like that, I'll get depressed too


tfw you're too old to be sad because of minor failures


tfw not stuck on the past


some of us have not yet been robbed of our emotions


good for you

1080×19203.68Mb00:06180211 우주소녀 은서 직캠 (WJSN/EUNSEO) - 비밀이야(Secret) @라이브사이트 K-POP 콘서트(강릉올림픽파크)/Fancam By 쵸리(Chori) <

slowly walking away



that kind of emotions are kinda stupid and counterproductive anyway though



no it's part of the human experience and therefore necessary



that's the reason such feature was implemented


it will be used well~~


i wish i could scroll zoom back in time


stop thinking about the past


stop triggering my exestential anxiety idiot


Stop implying Xiyeon is stupid


I chose her because she's a thinker


ywn travel back in time to when your waifu was born and de-age yourself to her age and attend the same kindergarten, middle-school and high-school so you can become her best friend and boyfriend before she makes it big in kpop




travel back in time to when your waifu was born and de-age yourself to her age





that kind of motivation speech are very stupid btw

dream is not enough, a lot of conditions must match such as suitable education, fund and luck

just by dreaming and thinking you're going into right direction you won't go anywhere

you must think hard at the first time: is it the right thing you're doing, does it make sense at all, are you using the most effective approaches, do you actually have abilities and even more important - money - to accomplish the task


philosophy time on kpopchan



the best kind of time on kpopchan tbh.

right after pictures of cute kpops


don't mind me



I only chose this speech compilation because of the music and the well spoken voices. especially the first guy speaking is talented as fuck regarding his choice of words, timing, tone, tempo etc.

It was never going to be about the actual content because it is a compilation after all. of course it doesn't really make sense

aside from that, have you done


you must think hard at the first time: is it the right thing you're doing, does it make sense at all, are you using the most effective approaches, do you actually have abilities and even more important - money - to accomplish the task

this yourself?




talented as fuck

I can't stand such type of talks tbh

it's like speaker is trying to be smarter than the audience which is disgusting



you don't like what they say or you don't like the use of speaking techniques?



it's hard to describe

probably the worst part when they're describing simple and superficial ideas with such enthusiasm

1080×19208.04Mb00:16180211 우주소녀 은서 직캠 (WJSN/EUNSEO) - 비밀이야(Secret) @라이브사이트 K-POP 콘서트(강릉올림픽파크)/Fancam By 쵸리(Chori) <


but that's part of the talent. You try to get close to speaking an eternal truth that you don't have to invent or lecture to others but that the viewers can rediscover themselves while they listen to you. That moment of "yeah that makes sense and is incredibly simple but at least seems profound and I couldn't formulate it in my own words before"




yeah that makes sense and is incredibly simple

actually it doesn't make sense. and it's not simple.

he is trying to oversimplify the reality that's why it's stupid. and it looks even more stupid when he speak that with such confidence.



i want to touch it.... with my face



I'm not an american so I never knew if that is supposed to be an insult or not



because she is biologically female (and clearly taking advantage of it)



Oh I wasn't talking about that dream speech thing, like I said the content of it is nonsense. What kind of speech do you like then?


anyway, I didn't know chinks love amber-like girls

why is that still popular




What kind of speech do you like then?

Popular science lectures

inb4 preteting to be smart

For example anthropology lectures (humans origin) are kinda hyped right know in Russia, there're a lot of great speakers.



I wouldn't consider those two speeches. more like documentaries

1080×19207.58Mb00:18180211 우주소녀 은서 직캠 (WJSN/EUNSEO) - 비밀이야(Secret) @라이브사이트 K-POP 콘서트(강릉올림픽파크)/Fancam By 쵸리(Chori) <

kagami will hate me for uploading such large files


are you paying server costs out of your own pocket right now, kagami?






such large



it's not that expensive, there're quite a few users


what's up with your file titles btw

it's like encoding was fucked up for some reason. it should be normal utf-8, how is it possible to break it


this site takes some metadata name of the file not sure why tbh



It displays standard matroska's title field:

It's convenient because it's written inside the file so even if you saved file under different name, metadata will persist and other users will be able to find the source without asking (if source was specified in the title).



i think the site only allows latin and cyrillic letters so people can't spam ascii art and aids like that

not sure why hangul isn't allowed



since we are already talking about server costs, why don't you just delete all threads in /int/ except the newest 3 or something? I mean who the fuck reads 2 week old posts?





No, his files has wrongly encoded utf8 in metadata field.

00000120  01 77 2a d7 b1 83 0f 42  40 7b a9 41 2e 31 38 30  |.w*....B@{.A.180|
00000130  32 31 31 20 c3 ac c5 a1  c2 b0 c3 ac c2 a3 c2 bc  |211 ............|
00000140  c3 ac e2 80 a0 c5 92 c3  ab e2 80 a6 e2 82 ac 20  |............... |
00000150  c3 ac c2 9d e2 82 ac c3  ac e2 80 9e c5 93 20 c3  |.............. .|
00000160  ac c2 a7 c2 81 c3 ac c2  ba c2 a0 20 28 57 4a 53  |........... (WJS|
00000170  4e 2f 45 55 4e 53 45 4f  29 20 2d 20 c3 ab c2 b9  |N/EUNSEO) - ....|
00000180  e2 80 9e c3 ab c2 b0 e2  82 ac c3 ac c2 9d c2 b4  |................|
00000190  c3 ac e2 80 a2 c2 bc 28  53 65 63 72 65 74 29 20  |.......(Secret) |
000001a0  40 c3 ab c2 9d c2 bc c3  ac c2 9d c2 b4 c3 ab c2  |@...............|
000001b0  b8 c5 92 c3 ac e2 80 9a  c2 ac c3 ac c2 9d c2 b4  |................|
000001c0  c3 ad c5 a0 c2 b8 20 4b  2d 50 4f 50 20 c3 ac c2  |...... K-POP ...|
000001d0  bd cb 9c c3 ac e2 80 9e  c5 93 c3 ad c5 a0 c2 b8  |................|
000001e0  28 c3 aa c2 b0 e2 80 a2  c3 ab c2 a6 e2 80 b0 c3  |(...............|
000001f0  ac cb 9c c2 ac c3 ab c2  a6 c2 bc c3 ad e2 80 9d  |................|
00000200  c2 bd c3 ad c5 92 c5 92  c3 ad c2 81 c2 ac 29 2f  |..............)/|
00000210  46 61 6e 63 61 6d 20 42  79 20 c3 ac c2 b5 c2 b8  |Fancam By ......|
00000220  c3 ab c2 a6 c2 ac 28 43  68 6f 72 69 29 20 3c 68  |......(Chori) <h|
00000230  74 74 70 73 3a 2f 2f 77  77 77 2e 79 6f 75 74 75  |ttps://www.youtu|
00000240  62 65 2e 63 6f 6d 2f 77  61 74 63 68 3f 76 3d 4a  ||
00000250  5f 45 2d 4f 57 77 44 62  4c 30 3e 4d 80 8d 4c 61  |_E-OWwDbL0>M..La|

It should be hangul but seems like it was slightly corrupted and now contains garbage. Will compare with original bytes now



dunno, sometimes it's useful to save webm from old thread you haven't saved before

I'll delete huge threads once free disk space will run out

cutechan has deduplication by file hash btw

so if you uploaded same file twice it will keep only one copy



AY, stop hacking my files please

it might be because my browsers probably use latin A charset instead of utf-8 btw


what mad 3 AM thought drove you to do something for microsoft EDGE users?


seems like non-ascii bytes were duplicated

but how exactly?





haha got'em, what a loser hahahaha




27 commits in may alone to cutechan

you worked a lot. don't burn yourself out


I'll hire you to do my bachelor thesis



i think it does that when you download video with youtube-dl and your chcp isn't set to utf8


Better say what's the common between

In [36]: b'\xec\x9d\x80\xec\x84\x9c'.decode('utf-8')
Out[36]: '은서'


In [37]: b'\xc3\xac\xc2\x9d\xe2\x82\xac\xc3\xac\xe2\x80\x9e\xc5\x93'.decode('utf-8')
Out[37]: 'ì\x9d€ì„œ'

Seems like some encoding conversion in between but don't know what exact. Tfw too stupid to solve simple tasks.


Hm, might be something to do with cp437

It's from cmd right? Can you show output of "chcp", iuc?



like I said, it's 850 aka latin 1 for all the german characters ü,ö,ä etc.



fuck your standards utf-8 can suck my dick


I literally learned about how to look for coding mistakes in business applications regarding charset conversions :iu_huh:

In [74]: o.decode('cp819')
Out[74]: 'ì\x9d\x80ì\x84\x9c'

In [75]: c.decode('utf-8')
Out[75]: 'ì\x9d€ì„œ'

Almost but not exact

926×4762.15Mb00:08슈퍼TV.XtvN.E12.180413.IPTV.H264.1080i.AC3-MLT51.ts <>

it's witchcraft

In [88]: c.decode('utf-8')
Out[88]: 'ì\x9d€ì„œ'

In [89]: o.decode('cp1252', 'ignore')
Out[89]: 'ì€ì„œ'

yea, that's it

ytdl decoded utf-8 bytes from youtube page as cp1252 and wrote that to matroska

(I suppose conversion is happen on ffmpeg call)

cutechan decodes that cp1252 as utf-8 (as it should) and gets garbage



fucking shit, now you know I live in "West european latin"


time to hide behind my 7 proxies

In [112]: corrupted.decode('utf-8').encode('cp1252', 'ignore').decode('utf-8', 'ignore')
Out[112]: '180211 우주소녀 서 캠 (WJSN/EUNSEO) - 비밀야(Secret) @브사트 K-POP 콘서트(강릉올림픽파)/Fancam By 쵸리(Chori) <>'

it's even possible to restore the original. just need to interpret that utf-8 as cp1252 instead

some characters get corrupted for the reasons I'm too stupid to understand

That's very common issue btw.



why does ffmpeg use cp1252 though? shouldn't it use the system standard 850?



I don't know what exactly is broken tbh

it would require to reproduce the exact setup you have which I'm too lazy to do

some part of the chain chooses the wrong encoding and corrupts utf-8 data from webpage which is latter written in matroska



if I remember correctly I downloaded the yt file with your boram and converted it to a webm but then put it through webm4retards again for finer frame selection. So it went through ffmpeg 2 times

doesn't matter that much anyway tbh




doesn't matter that much anyway tbh

no, you have to use correct encoding


but it's shitty meta data


no it's godlike hangul


why isn't it allowed here if it's so important? check mate, stupid russian


why don't you post your memes here?


what the fuck are you talking about? why does this shit matter?


are you trolling 8channers with that memes


nobody likes my memes


you need to practice more






it shows fine here but in webm4retards it's fucked because my default chcp is 437 (us) and my conemu is set to 65001 (utf-8)


you better teehee at your slow vps server



it does the work though

just need to setup decent CDN




mfw this vid would've been 2 mb without the led screen



why did you say it happens with just ytdl in cmd?

it might be issue in w4r yea



before i thought the metadata string was actually corrupted by ffmpeg but i guess it's just wrong terminal encoding


pure mq is the best meme tbh


it's not a meme she's confirmed purest wuju

1920×1080575.75Kb00:02슈퍼TV.XtvN.E12.180413.IPTV.H264.1080i.AC3-MLT51.ts <>




i guess it's just wrong terminal encoding

if you don't write files in terminal it doesn't matter

anyway you should describe your pipeline in details at first, now it's not clear at all how do you make your webms



not iucomrade but usually mpv+webm.lua (still only 1 pass but it's ez) or youtube-dl -> i only use terminal because interactive mode doesn't work with my custom input.conf/lua keybinds

sometimes if i need to trim and want 2 pass/light avisynth fx i just youtube-dl -> w4r



do you have issues with title encoding similar to him?

I mean it doesn't matter if ffmpeg -i v.webm returns garbage in cmd. But on this site and in utf-8 terminals hangul should be displayed correctly



i don't think so. some metadata titles are fucked up here for me though like >>124072 and >>124202 but others display hangul fine like >>124198

if i do ffprobe on >>124202 in utf8 terminal it doesn't even show the metadata title. maybe because there's 2 video streams idk



hm, I thought that was iuc's files

have you noticed the pattern when title is corrupted and when it's not?

i.e. how did you make this >>124198 and this >>124202

#124218bella fan


508×10801.34Mb00:06【偶像練習生】導師合作舞台:周潔瓊導師《特務J》直拍 <>


1920×9982.44Mb00:06【偶像練習生】導師合作舞台:周潔瓊導師《特務J》直拍 <>



1920×1080833.29Kb00:00[MPD직캠] 위키미키 직캠 4K 'I don't like your Girlfriend' (WekiMeki FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2017.8.17 <>


I didn't save the show user name option...

anyway test

1920×1080408.01Kb00:00[MPD직캠] 위키미키 직캠 4K 'I don't like your Girlfriend' (WekiMeki FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2017.8.17 <>

same file but with webm4retards trimmed


So seems like issue in webm4retards?


Your face when it's not you



there you go. webm4retards fucks it up. but I want to continue using it because it allows for better frame selection and of course has those neat ui options for my meme overlay and song dubbing



I don't know the exact word for it but why did you make boram like that? instead of exact frame selection it's only some key frames that are possible to choose



does it open a file choice dialog in firefox? if no then I had that problem a few days ago

1080×19205.87Mb00:02170827 드림캐쳐DreamCatcher (가현) - 날아올라 (Fly High) [홍대 라이브 버스킹데이] 직캠fancam

must be specific to your chcp code. if i download through command prompt with default chcp 437 the metadata is displayed wrong in w4r but it isn't corrupted and looks normal you display it in utf8 terminal or here




it's not letting me upload files on android firefox

there was one guy with such issue but he said it's related to file permissions


chrome seems laggy

don't know how to fix tbh

I don't browse with mobile and other users haven't complained yet.


trimmed and resized with webm for retards



same file but with webm4retards trimmed

I don't want to think about that anymore

#124232bella fan


yes but it doesn't do anything when i select the file


i wouldn't worry about it, mobile browsers seem really unstable to me in general



I don't understand. You can seek by frame with "," and "."

I made quite a few loops and everything was frame-perfect (unless there was issue with floating point rounding and ffmpeg's issues with shitty containers like MPEG-TS)



don't quite understand

are you asking how to write title to webm with youtube-dl?

you might try something like --postprocessor-args "-metadata title='my title'"



oh you're right sorry

Anyway I'm done for today, it was a great day. at least 1/2 a person liked my new meme idea




at least 1/2 a person liked my new meme idea

who was it?


my other half personality in my head of course



thats what i was thinking but idk how i would keep the video title. if you do --postprocessor-args "ffmpeg -i {} -c copy -metadata title='$1' {}" it will remove it. maybe have to set a variable before but then i have to change all my aliases


i know you can append to filename with %(id)s but there should be an option for embed link in metadata like --add-metadata



not sure if that possible to do in single step


you can patch youtube-dl, e.g. slightly modify FFmpegMetadataPP class to make it write webpage_url to title


#124269bella fan


the best part with edge is that it doesn't support matroska lacing tbh (at least it didn't year ago)

that way you can actually see other programmers, even from top companies liks MS, are as lazy as fuck, just like you


morning Mei Qi~~






Added download attribute so "save link as" on the file will give you saner name.

It doesn't work in FF though

Maybe need to add one more clickable item to the file template.


Hm, now, it seems to be related to same-origin policy, ff doen't like separate domain


Goo moningg eberyone~~~


how come there a bunch of requests to shown on umatrix

Failed to embed {
 "error": {
  "errors": [
    "domain": "usageLimits",
    "reason": "ipRefererBlocked",
    "message": "The referrer does not match the referrer restrictions configured on your API key. Please use the API Console to update your key restrictions.",
    "extendedHelp": ""
  "code": 403,
  "message": "The referrer does not match the referrer restrictions configured on your API key. Please use the API Console to update your key restrictions."

its shit, might as well use regular embeds so i can allow only


I think I can allow empty referrers too though. Can you show the request headers, notably the "Referer" header of that request?


looks like it was umatrix, ff only blocks path



Hm, no, it's actually not a referer but "Origin" of CORS request.

It should be "".

What do you have?


it was umatrix

obviously it's umatrix


enable xhr request once and they already knows where i was


The referrer does not match the referrer restrictions configured on your API key

but whatever im not gonna send googol location headers, ill just click the link instead

regular embeds are better


Do you guys actually use the embeds? like watch the entire thing on this website? I always click on the links anyway



That's because you send wrong referer. It should be either empty or begins with

Why the fuck your stupid umatrix decided to send

I mean I can see some rationality but they should have made special case for googleapis.

I can add "googleapis" referer though if you want. It's not like someone would abuse that.


It's even technically wrong. Origin is set to the current site, Referer is set to the current page or is empty.

They can't contain absolutely different sites. Your umatrix is stupid



I watch everything in mpv but it's nice to have video previews and titles embedded.


any idea if it would be possible to just show the ytimg if request to eye of mordor fails

i want to look into it someday if it sounds like it would work

at least regular images dont send origin header, what crazyness ill never allow another 3rd party xhr request ever again




at least regular images dont send origin header

they can still track you by IP and ETag though

yes, it's possible, preview location can be calculated from video ID without any requests

you won't know the title though. it might be done server-side (on but I don't like it because e.g. title of video might be changed and database would contain no longer valid data

#124323 might act as a proxy though, like it's done for vlive because vlive doesn't have proper APIs

but don't want to work on that now


ip and etag dont tell them what page im on





they can see you're mostly watching K-pop clips and detect site which lists such links in such order

this site is public and they index everything aggressively so it's an easy task


Ok, fixed "Save Link as" in firefox








I don't concur with yamy

it should be yami and that ruins everything.

who would chose to be called yamy when you could instead be called yami


android has failed to F and no longer valid


is android the freaky tall amazonian?


she looks like a hungarian street meat vendor



current favs of my dick tbh


mq is mine, you can take xy


i don't think so bud, i require healthy meat of luoyang


what the fuck is happening on this show

is there no voting afterall and judges decide who leave



they threw out like 5 girls in second ep


do you not watch it with subs? it was explained


those girls left at the audition stage when android&friends came in

there another elimination later


i was memed and paused video a second too early as i was getting refreshments

disregard everything


that's how content-disposition works

I can revert everything back…



is there a way for me to save it as a99bae87ce791e066a2ab7a1dc8c7386366342.jpg?


for me all the picture filenames come out as default now with save as and save link as


save image as is now default and save links as is int-124347


yami 1

dongyue 2

chaoyue 3

xy 4

mq 16

xiaoyu 35 for some reason

to blind to find androids charting


slow bro...we already know ep.3 rankings


what about now

I don't change name for images opened as popus because that would invalidate the cache




but i stopped reason



i dont make up the filters






your brain just stopped reason for a second...



they're all in spoilers anyway, don't want to spoil things for kpganon




i dont make up the filters

what filters




wow her members must hate her


I bet they already do

she's literally the hottest in Lovelyz


I don't care much for them, is there someone even close to myjews looks?



I really need to proofread




Babysoul is the least attractive lovelyz.



jisoo is still the prettiest




jisoo is still the prettiest




that's jithoo not jisoo


I like Kei, Mijoo, Yein and Jisoo in Lovelyz


bp is irrelevent


you didn't even try to listen it

you will like it, trust me


we love nugus here idiot


i love lovelyz but wow makes me want to kms


nugu is just code for makes good music


and pretty girls


did that guy come back or is he like pristin?


i do


I didn't know foreign anons go to country-side on weekends just like we do


can someone explain me goose meme?


You will find this stupid


i don't understand but still it's funny


that shirts though



oh shit, masturbate-hate-guy is on /int/

how are you doing, chingu?



not the goose, the paper. very unnatural way of holding it and the lighting doesn't match


Please don't masturbate guys


thank you i will


pls don't take your pit stuff over here



misunderstanding or idk


Okay, if you didnt belive, I'll take a new photo in August when I get home.

1920×8204.08Mb00:06[V LIVE] [fromis_9 TV Behind] fromis_9 (프로미스나인) - 피노키오 Choreography (캐릭터 커넥트 ver.)-64055



Fapping is fine just don't watch porn


that's not how it works


is that your wife



really? it's the best





pictures were all we had back in the day



yuri is the best




since 5 years

since 5 A.D.?

you're real oldfag bro



zoom feature is genius



thanks for rating, I will start with 10/10 then





not posted famous ass

I'm disappointed


I'm not, this is great



don't look there


yeah keep it going, why not


idol's face when she realizes you're masturbating to her




calm down, nobody is actually doing "that"



Is it weird that I never masturbated to my waifu? Only other kgirls...


not touching myself to yoongie for 8 years is the hardest thing i have ever not done


i have an excel file where i ranked every girl and rated them out of 10


yuri i don't feel bad for



Give me your rank for the following girls:









careful now....


Laboum ZN



you need to publish this, it's a serious research mate




Seulgi lower than Wendy and Yeri

Mod should ban you for your terrible taste


he didn't even say how his rating method works so until then I'm not gonna comment on his shit taste





kagami is going to from all the requests


post pops to good for there own group










fuck you weki meki is great minus suyeon


doesn't matter. there is only one group that doy isn't too good for


doytoy is a to pretty for wimi, yoojie is to talented for wimi


Lua is best wm tbh


nice try luabro


it's actually lucy




yfw you like Lua and Lua


sorry for calling you luabro


who is luabro?


local waifu_params = {

doyeon = 1,

lucy = 2,

yoojung = 3,

lua = 4,

say = 5,



the heavy breathing tho...


someone post seolagluestick


but without spoiler it will more likely be deleted

lets wait for mr. kag to go sleep


seola makes me feel weird feelings


if mr. kag is +4 and without summer time shift thing either around 12am should be safe

please anticipate whoever posts it first~


but who moderates the mods?


mods can moderate themselves




marry me seola!


don't do that

1080×19207.32Mb00:15180211 우주소녀 은서 직캠 (WJSN/EUNSEO) - 비밀이야(Secret) @라이브사이트 K-POP ì½Ë�

americans won't load this



what the fuck you did with character encoding this time :iu_huh:




i want to see seola at her most vulnerable now

In [44]: corrupted.decode('utf-8').encode('cp819', 'ignore').decode('utf-8', 'ignore').encode('cp1252', 'ignore').decode('utf-8', 'ignore')
Out[44]: '180211 우주  캠 (WJSN/EUNSEO) - (Secret) @트 K-POP 트(림)/Fancam By 쵸리(Chori) <>'

Did you do that on purpose



no but I redid the thing a couple times in webm4retards


Hm, it's actually UTF-8 → CP1252 → UTF-8 → CP1252, just double conversion

In [48]: corrupted.decode('utf-8').encode('cp1252', 'ignore').decode('utf-8', 'ignore').encode('cp1252', 'ignore').decode('utf-8', 'ignore')
Out[48]: '180211 우주소녀 서 캠 (WJSN/EUNSEO) - 비밀야(Secret) @브사트 K-POP 콘서트(강릉올림)/Fancam By 쵸리(Chori) <>'

wish seola would look me straight into the eyes



id go to a fansign just to have an intense sexual stare down with her



I always wonder what the fans and idols are talking about in these 1 minute long chats



the idols ask what name to sign on their merchandise and then it's just small-talk. The idols get training in it during their trainee period.


kpop makes me depressed



dafuq was that

sometimes it looks like they're genuinly entertained tho, is it all show?

what would you say to your waifu in that situation?




dafuq was that

"what the fans and idols are talking about"

he had two 10min videos with GFriend and AOA fansigns

it looked pretty creepy tbh. like they're 5 years old and don't know what to talk about except basic questions "what's your name" and "where're you from".


fuck I want to see the aoa one


money and not working hard... just jewish things


the first youtube page of "fansign experience" is 98% fagpop


why 8channers are so mean


it's just one guy


what's his name?




why kpganon is so mean


he gets lonely replying to himself


i'm actually very nice


no we're not


what did i do now


It's interesting that the russian communication is way less harsh than the european/american one




russian communication is way less harsh


have you read some wood posts? they talk like they know each other


how do you read wood posts


you click on all boards and then on the one that looks like "Nec"


I mean it's in russian, how do you understand that

I doubt google translate will give sane result for messages with a lot of slang


you are not as hard to understand as you think you are


that's why we need to use more memes


there is only one language I know that google overlords can't translate


quality of translatation is shit most of the time


do you use yandex to translate /int/?


yandex seach and most of its products is pure shit tbh

I hate that agressive marketing of shitty products


are russians actually capable of speaking english? most countries I've been to suck at it even though they claim to be good at it


english is basically the only foreign language we learn in school

I don't think average russian know it as good as west/north europeans though, but not as bad as japanese/korean people obviously


who would else listen kpop


mostly overweight or manlet brazilian guys like brazil-anon



they look pretty normal to me but I've only looked at arin...


the worst part is when they forced to show "aegyo" but don't khow what to do and end up with some stupid movement :iu_huh:



the close distance waving is the only thing weird to me




tfw really bad acting


Is it true that one russian anon is becoming a father soon?



did you read wood threads with google translate?

if you're talking about Seulgifag, then it might be


I was really bored...


imagine being a 30+ year old dad that still does the kpop thing


even worse


imagine being a 30+ year old dad that still does the kpop thing



that's different, he is actually doing "the kpop"


can I do one kpop with Somi please


I don't think she wants another kid with a white guy


will he name his child seulgovich?


you knew I was talking to (You) right?



I mean in modern soceity you can gain popularity just by reposting some thing most people are not aware about

it doesn't matter how simple/poor that particular thing is compared to other things in this domain, people would love/discuss it anyway


why bother with post ids if you can easliy follow by context