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#8 (You) Edition


#8 (You) Edition



what's about that "you" autism on western boards?

we don't care mentioning other posters even when they write something stupid





It feels good when you see you got replies

Maybe it's just me but I don't feel anything special when get replies



I like other things, like being mentioned by other people in positive context. Or popularity.

but not as simple as replies


he's talking about real life


maybe western imageboards are just too fast so you get replies only in exceptional case

that's why they're more valuable


8ch is pretty damn slow when I'm not posting


we call her "попа"


I don't get it, is she a messenger of god or something?

810×14406.93Mb00:13160918 다이아 DIA 채연 - Mr.Potter (다이아팬사인회 현대백화점무역센터점) 직캠 fancam by zam


No, it's not "поп"

It's after her nice butt

1280×720471.37Kb00:02п о п а

994×7202.61Mb00:04170219 우주소녀(WJSN, Cosmic Girls)(성소) - 우주소녀 3RD MINI ALBUM 팬사인회 @대구 엑스코 [직캠 Fancam] By 벤뎅이




what does seola have to do with your porn post?


seolaposter is really strange guy



he hasn't seen the gluestick vid

aigooo how embarrassing


it's not her anyway



it is not her.



why did she put her "hips" in the center of a singing video


she's 13 there


already legal in Korea


The girl in red could sing the song....I don’t believe she could have such great dance moves if she hasn’t heard of the music and practiced the moves before.....

Based Yuehua trying hard to push our girl to the 1st place


tfw someone made PR to your rust library


anyone else ever wonder how iucucks semester went


have you passed?

if you're going to be programmer you really should make some open-source projects on github btw



the legal at 13 is a myth. there's another law which makes the first one obsolete as you're charged with rape if you have consensual sex with someone under 18.


has anyone tried being an engoo teacher





do some deeper research and you'll find out about the rape law.


maybe someoen can run it through one of those song finding apps




what happened to all the comebacks



can only anticipate c101 and p48 episodes now

640×3603.63Mb00:50[Eng Sub] Innocent Gfriend Sowon & toilet paper 여자친구 소원 @160214 My Little Television 마이리틀텔레비전


tfw no meiqi wife



clues so far:


glue stick girls


seola's video


sowon & yerin hinting about toilet paper by the computer


pic related


are you setting up a detective internet show?


not anticipating p48

#124747bella fan


imagine a maid café with your waifus group as hostesses

1920×10803.12Mb00:03[V LIVE] [WekiMeki 위키미키 모해] EP12 24시간이 모자란 좌충우돌 코피 투어-58552

watching produce for the performances


imagine a JAV without your waifus group as participants


no thanks


solid 10/10


"waiting patiently for chinkp101ep3"


imagine a world with yoojie


everything so bright and light like yoojie herself



processed food and sugar to tell your brain that the activity you're currently doing is great



anything over 1 hour is the optimal amount, china will be the last bastion against mobilefags and their add ways


how the room lights up as she arrives


what are you trying to do?


telling you sweetly to put your seat belt on


we get it, you like kpops that look like children


doing activities at the town, giving her a blanket as you watch bright lights at the sky


you take her home and before you leave she gives you a light good night kiss


you lie in bed thinking about how much fun you had with yoojie when all of a sudden your phone lights up

its a message from yoojie with just one word




don't confuse me



you should probably know from the implication but its "sleep?" which translates to "you up?" in american


you should probably know from the implication

I though it's "fapped?"


yooj wouldn't know such a word




I should keep a low profile for a while... so no




I should keep a low profile

Keep fighting for your privacy


people abuse the name to create an antichrist thing


nah, we just like it because he seems interesting and is very famous


what are we talking about


I meant iuc not stallman


im not sure if he famous here yet but im sure he will be


what's iuc famous for?


hungarian wood doll art


weird "humor"


what about his browser game?


he had a busy semester

also i doubt it was a browser game, looked like wforms or something

#124803bella fan



I often don't eat dinner too because I'm too lazy to do it


how often did people (other than ones living in the jungle) eat before agriculture


I guess whey they were able to find food


also most kpops eat packaged food just fine with full makeup on so dont worry abuot it





im in


I'm worrying for the Pristin tbh. They might have made WJMKPT instead.

What the fuck is Pledis thinking about


i try not to think about that

to painful


peutin are now cat ladies (the ones who still live in the dorm, so around half)



Pristin and Weki Meki are very similar, have same style and targets same audience. But WM managers are better tbh. At least they're trying to push their girls to temporal units.


i just realized pepsi have changed there logo


pledis shot themselves in the foot with kyla and haven't been able to do anything as a group because the most important member is on some chink show



It was sponsored by anonymous Luda chaebol fan


pristin has not been an active group for semi-years




shot themselves in the foot with kyla

it wasn't that bad and they kicked her out anyway


the most important member is on some chink show

they could comeback them monts ago. it's not the reason but a consequence. probably Kyul is just tired to be in pledis basement and trying to seek new opportunites.

and they can comeback pristin without her tbh


not like we're missing anything. all they have to offer since button girlz is comfy vlives anyway


they were one of the best fancam groups with their sporty outfits and dances and many fit tummy members


pinky hasnt done much stuff since idol producer, maybe like one chink show episode in china




it wasn't that bad


that market is cornered by fagpop already


did russiabros know about luke?


this board should remain hidepost-free tbh



what kind of mind virus produced this monstrosity



kyla's mentally ill brother



no he's just an awkward twitch/discord attention whore


luke should have finished the job

kyle is still looming over our poor pristin


at least eddy is ourguy and made kyle return to ameriland


Why is it so funny


anon keeps saying she got kicked out but it's not true. she could return at any time


one of those unfortunate halflings that get hated by asians because they are not real asians and by whites for not being an oppressed minority. I wouldn't be surprised if he would go on a shooting spree....




she could return at any time

pledis are shitfuckers but they're not dumb



it can always happen by accident because he's retarded after all


you have to be stupid to ruin button girlz


yeah, they'll come back just like after school or orange caramel


arf arf


your face when every new month without comeback you're thinking about that more and more



lewda x pooj

not sure how i feel about this but i wouldn't look away


the translators must have been having fun



they had to pick 2 hottest members to face off the might dodaeng



but Seola is not hottest

there're a lot of better choices in WJSN tbh


seola just has nothing else to do



how are neither fandom doing good subs for this

why do they suck so much wtf




seon_kyeong_kim_0712I: want to run at 299km/h with Seola.



what's wrong with the girls mentioned being crush?


to bad the only group with translations is peutin and they are being disbanded




and they are being disbanded

stop that


the pepsi logo symbolizes the relationship between wekimeki, wjsn and kpganon.

wujus in red on top, kpganon as white in the middle and wikis on the bottom

truly a holy unification


why do you care about pepsi logo


no reason. just watching that vlive on my new OPPO phone while drinking black tea


kpganon is the cream that holds them together






on my new OPPO phone

if I buy one can I get one free meiqi kiss


everything is possible with a new OPPO phone or other OPPO products


tfw actually considered buying huawei

chink propaganda is сильный


all phones are made in china anyway


yeah just buy the cheapest OPPO phone


i don't own a smartphone


I have Nokia E63


are you not smart enough?


i live on goosefarm




tfw your Rust library is not typesafe enough


i didnt know they were coming up with a cf mv

looks like our ioi supergroup idea will work easier than i thought



who will sponsor them? besides kpganon ent


We need to add that AV1 thing to cutechan and boram tbh



the one where we reform ioi by paying them to do a bunch of cf mvs like visual dreams


not until it works in ff



(Apr 21 2018) Release 0.9.8 is available.

Your face when Bellard-san is still pushing his useless BPG


I think we should go back to compact disks


Support for HEIF and HEVC is built into iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra


Android P will also have HEIF support

tfw you're too old to adopt new tech

what if cutechan would serve HEIF instead of JPEGs and decode them with JavaScript on the fly


doesn't it take higher cpu for decompressing? i still refuse to watch h265



yea, it would be slower to decompress, but on slow internet the overall time-to-display might be less


Stallman-nim won't let us use patented formats anyway

so better to wait for free (not as in free beer) AVIF well~~


An AVIF file should be a simplified and conformant version of an [HEIF] file

Hmm, it's actually the same thing. Just like WebM to Matroska.



in Soviet Russia we like commie jews


sure but why this particular one


bandwidth is free, cpu not

javascript decoding is dunb


prove me wrong


consider going outside to the places with shitty 3G


but energy is a more expensive ressource on mobile than data


consider going outside


nobody answered


2 replies


2replies, no answers idiot


He's famous free software movement activist. And he's also kinda freaky/autistic that's why 4channers like him.



i doubt any mobilefag here will click enough images to load a meaning amount of data as opposed to burning there battery with memescript



plese no

at least serve multiple formats if you want weird formats obsolete in 2 years

memescript decoding is ass


Anyway I was joking. Images are kinda fundmental to the web. It's stupid to support them in software, you're losing a lot of benefits.


for what purpose you have 4 images in single file?



dunno. maybe to simplify spriting

e.g. when you have a lot of small images but don't want to make lot of requests/image header overhead



heif is an image container

it can hold loads of dumb stuff because they want it to work for the little live image feature ifone has




not using OPPA


I love my OPPA phone. I have a direct connection to my waifu(s)


what runes do i search with to find images of chaoyue


tfw you bought OPPO and got call from Mei Qi asking how are you doing


whats the backstory behind luda's interest in mexican tv shows




cute lips


word, they should be around my...


don't look there



why would you post a picture without her face as an answer to the cute lips-oh...



1280×7205.88Mb00:43IU - Gee & Sorry Sorry acoustic ver. @ GwangJu Jun 30, 2009 720p HD


cannot wait for ep3

3-4 more days



i tried to watch an iu program once called heroes

sadly solo people just dont make it for shows so i couldnt get through it



do i need a reason to like ep3?

im just glad it will happen


i bought this OPPO© phone and all i got was 72 fully nude kgirls willing to fulfill my every desire :kwangsoo:





thats just false advertising then


but he didn't get cgirls


a-hah did i say kgirls? i meant kpopgirls. autocorrect on my OPPO© phone needs an update


updates will cost extra hehehe






having to stay up 26 hours

life is stressful


do it for her


procrastination aka stupidity


how is procrastination related to sleep deprivation


50 word essay due tommorow

kpop for this feel


I too am procrastinating...


50 words



how do you know that



Once you Whee In you cannot Whee Out.



bad planning and deadlines of course



takes a few hours if you want to actually remember everything and then some practice to be able to read more or less fluidly

do it for her



it doesn't make how fast/well you learnt it for the first time

the most important part is practice

if you don't read hangul at least several times every week you will forget fucking everything

that's how our brain works

I hate it with a passion

I used to know a lot of things but now I don't because don't have time/desire working on them anymore




peppa pig tattoo

what is that

tfw too lazy to read kpop news, read everything on imageboards


you dont forget languege lol

anyways not much use with "learning hangul" other than recognizing your waifus name from some headlines


nice, i'll watch it tommorow


I learned most of my hangeul from the cock lady



I used to know katakana pretty well but now I don't remember fucking everything


not much use

how about coming to fansign event to meet with your waifu and actually speak with her


you need korean for that, not hangul


hangul is the first step


8 years in and i still only know 헐 나나 직캠


His waifu doesn't speak English




when you realize korean is so fucking simple but you are to lazy so keep pushing it for years


shes reading a cue card honey


the alphabet is simple to learn

the problem is mostly the sentence structure and the concatenation of words

the structure is very different from latin languages and it's hard to learn when to write seol-ah or seo-rah for example


tfw he doesn't know nancy at all


it's well know nancy's korean is better than her english because she is more yellow than white



quite odd looking people other than yeonwuu


her accent is awful tbh

her voice is too squeaky


it's called a disney princess pornstar voice



not that different, sentence structure is kind of like deutsch

also most of the time you dont need that, just throw out random words like "nunu" and "love" and it becomes "i love nunu"


is she doing that on purpose




sentence structure is kind of like deutsch



well whatever language you throw verb last

just do that and your done


I love Nancy's voice


word it makes me 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎




I am original poster of image. I have noticed very few people read korean including myself. I wanted to have fun by throwing an image with word people will barely recognize like 주결경 and claim the image is about whatever.

*pic rerlated wuju being abused by manage




tfw you're so stupid you don't even understand the joke

I thought it somehow related to increased popularity of Kyulkyung



increase in popularity of member of inactive group is an easy claim to make because of past groups like miss a

people will ache from the heart instantly when you mention it




Pristin is not inactive




Pristin is not inactive

I want to believe.


what's up with all the chink kpops going back to China btw

does China want to steal our idols? we have to fight for them

720×12806.65Mb00:20[V LIVE] [PRISTIN] 누누쥬쥬 권태기 극복 프로젝트👭-47489

i like peutin the most from post-ioi groups

but im not sure how to handle peulledis not cutting off kyle completely and actually doing something rather than after schooling pristin



after some big names ran off from kpop to china when they realized they could get payed 10x for 0.1x of the work they need to let them get at least a bit of that sweet, sweet cash so it doesnt happen to there groups


so chinks are using money to attract them

and koreans are too greedy to actually pay to idols

seems like that might work for China



It's sad, but it seems they don't get much dough, so pledis decided to cut them off.





I think the critical moment was when they got 2x less sells of their second album, compared to the first

Pledis managers gone mad


we just need to write those 50 words, then make it until we have money for ioi cf supergroup


I'm fine with having money only for Mei Qi tbh



if yuehua succeeds with there plan mq will be more costly than entire ioi, unless pinky also makes it somehow



pinky already made it


mq will be more costly than entire ioi

should have invested before. what do now



close the tab and fucking start then idiot

it's too late for excuses now, you only have yourself to blame anyways




it's about 960 pages of material

what subject?


does anyone have cx motivational speech from idol producer

it was removed from youtube


tfw you're too old to perceive motivational speeches





that won't work and you know it


bye for now


you're still here


So are we just going to keep pretending that Kyla never existed???


there is no hope, only work

i dont know how much money it will take

we can still save them

we have to make it

do it

for them



is there any way to download full size images from twitter without the 'orig' thing at the end of the extension?


I've almost missed all that pd101 thing, watched all eps later. Feeling well~~


i didnt even know about ioi until a year ago

the greatest group to ever exist


the correct phrase is works on my machine™


mm, weibo programmers know something about UX

images are opened in the center and can be closed with click on background or with escape



oh it actually work, didn't realize it added a button


tfw you want to eat but too lazy to cook something


is eating even worth it

your just postponing hunger




is eating even worth it


I just have to provide energy to ineffective badly-designed biological body because my mind can't live outside of it


can't believe evolution haven't created a closed-circuit system that doesn't require energy to function. eating every day is such a hassle not to mention dangerous for every other species other than humans.


sticcfags amirite



Impossible. Such system violates the second law of thermodynamics.



not if you remove the energy costs of living...moving



brains consumes quite a lot of energy


just upload your mind to soundcloud lmao


not possible yet


tfw you upload your mind to youtube instead so you can view every fapcam simultaneous in 170k resolution


170k resolution


human eye has 576 megapixel resolution at max, so it doesn't make sense go over 24K


did you miss the part where you've uploaded your brain and consciousness to a fucking computer?


you can't redesign your neural network in place, you'll still have to put input data through normal channels, like visual cortex. and it wasn't designed to process such large data streams


Im back and finished one part, what the fuck are you talking about?


what the fuck are you talking about

what max resolution of fapcam you will be able to perceive if upload your brain to the computer


studying well~~



that's the hardest part ok?!


imagine there will come a time when idols perform their dance practices in a 360° camera filled room with a smell-catch function and you will be able to experience all(tm) of it


whats the best OPPO phone for watching fancam?




i think you mean cutiesexy but word




so tired



what is kagamis idea to archiving kpop

how do we store and secure all the videos from youtube before they are deleted



need exabyte storage and simple spider script that would mirror youtube fancams

I heard that videos on youtube actually don't get deleted btw, just need to have valid link to the file. But probably yt has protection against that, e.g. file access token will expire in few hours and you won't be able to get new.



I mean they probably don't delete files physically, just disable access in web interface



its scary

how do we solve this before its all over

i would imagine 30T would fit most kpganon's favorites





average 4K fancam weights 500 megabytes

2'000 for 1 terabate storage

2'000'000 for 1 exabyte storage

Even exabyte is not enough tbh, but should work for the first year.


2000000 fancams

i mean it would be nice but

one group should fit in at around 5T

biggest playlists have probably 1000 fancamdeul




one group

b-but what about other kgirls, who would protect them


any ideas on how to store terabytes online? if there was good server to rent how to combine multiple etc. seems interesting but its another "cloud service" so i dont know if it can be trusted




Build exascale object storage with

Minio and Kubernetes



the cheapest option for such massive storage might be colocatation

just need to find lot of cheap HDDs

cloud storages like gdrive/mega won't let you storage exabyte or that would be too expensive

e.g. for 30T in gdrive you would have to pay ~$300 every month otherwise they will delete it




seems interesting

for 30T you would pay $154 per month on average

for that price you can rent colocation rack and store much more

if you don't want to pay rent you can take away your server and all data will be saved

if you don't pay to cloud provider, it will just delete everything


so i dont know if it can be trusted

you can't trust anybody

cloud storages could easily lose your data if you don't do backups by yourself

especially the ones that are less popular

especially for big volumes of data


Colocation is not mandatory btw. You can start just by bying huge HDDs and setuping spider scripts. Your incoming channel should be enough for that, ~80-100 Mbits is the norm for home ISPs in Europe. It would be a bit harder to share that with other kpganons, but at least data will be safe.

Compare that to cloud storages where you have to invest quite a lot of money every month otherwise all your data will be lost. It's just not practical unless you have profitable business.


il get a faster conn later this year

wonder what best setup could be for small scale sharing, probably something w ith torrents to fight off bit rot



yea, torrents will help you decrease the load of outcoming channel a bit



It should be fast enough, so that we can watch hd porn together.


Another option is to just reupload deleted fancams to storages like MEGA. You can write simple script and web interface for that. It occurs quite rare so it should work ok.

It's a bit silly to save everything only because some videos are being deleted btw. And because YouTube probbaly still stores that deleted videos in their huge datacenters

Might consider hacking youtube download tokens first. There is a chance you can download deleted videos with proper link (I heard such services even existed, dunno about now). It would be a huge win with literally zero spendings.



bigger part will be gone in 5-10 years just like with snsd


They don't have any artistic value.

Why even bother.




Would you still watch them then?

I'm saving only the most interesting ones btw.


will be gone in 5-10 years

This is a huge issue of modern web tbh, it's not just youtube. We need to find a good ways to store data forever.


we have not made progress on that since the stone tablets tbh


not reliving the good old days


I have a great idea tbh.

What if you can cooperate with

We can convince them K-pop fancams is a highly important part of modern culture and they will give us a free storage and network channel.




kyla fancam

is there even such a thing



Seems like it already allows you to achive any number of youtube videos and download them later.

Not sure they store 4K quality though


What's with the quality though. I thought China is hightech country and streams 8K 120fps already :wend_hmm:



they only claim that, alway divide the claim by number of chinese people existing and you get the actual result



Youtube is banned in China. Not high tech enough site.




boom yeah boom let's get the party baby

is horrible tbh

but it keeps repeating in my head


Im will finally be able to sleep soon(tm)


don't sleep, it's a waste of time


shut up, I will die without sleep


dying well~~




it went somewhat ok btw. now a few weeks "free" time to watch all the kpops


did you pass your semester?


its may you dummy...


do schools in russia close in may already?


summer holidays in schools are from 1st june to 31st august

1400×10806.11Mb00:21[HICAM] PRISTIN Mini Fan Meeting Behind @3rdWeek-AIe7IMegHpI

Im not sleeping well already


she should have waken up and bite her




kissing a sleeping nayoung


why not


what if she wakes up in the middle of kissing


shes sleeping like a stone, dont worry~~


can you do even that while she sleeps?


on while she sleeps


can you do something else than just kissing?




But she realized she had made it difficult for DIA to make comebacks

really makes one wonder why that one girl doesnt also realize this



I remember Somin from April made exactly same announce but then it turned out that's because she went to new DSP flagship band


kyulkyung confirmed for super group?



I suppose Plebis won't let her. Unless her chink friends offer some good money.

Yuehua was smarter tbh. They keep the rights for their girls since the beginning.


what cult is jyp in


in his own



nosie is so adorable when she tries to control slaves via international financial policy


Being adorable is her weapon. Be careful



wonder how these kpops feel about the reason they can be successful


one, nothing wrong with me




you can get mounted infinite gsuite account for 10 dollarydoos a month






you upload a file to your website to link it to gsuite account and they give you unlimited storage+mounting software. i use it for streaming all the time. even copyrighted content



no you don't. they advertise $10+1TB/user but they actually give you unlimited and only charge you $10 per extra user. there are single users with >100TB paying only $10/mo



I suppose they allow that only because most users don't store much.

I think if you try to upload several exabytes with only single user, they will block your account, citing the ToS.

I.e. you don't have much guarantees by storing more than 1TB.

I will look into that though, maybe I'm missing something. But even $50 for "unlimited" is way too cheap. There should be some special terms.



it's very common. you're right though technically it could change any time. i've never had a problem though. even after my domain expired i kept my gsuite account

with youtube-dl+rclone you can make a script to download all videos you add to a private fapcam playlist every hour via cron and then automatically upload them to google drive. 1-click archival


amazon used to have unlimited storage, some guy famously had two petabytes of porn on his account and they didn't do anything



i had amazon before too. it's complete shit



i think i have ~24TB total in drives but only important files are backed up. i need to rebuild nas setup




this is for people who sell gdrive .edu accounts illegally. you can find them on ebay for ~$5 but it's a scam and they get shut down fast. that's why you purchase your own gsuite business (not .edu) account with your own domain and api key. unless you have literally 200TB+ of copyrighted movies in a shared folder open to the whole internet you have nothing to worry about. a lot of people do this anyway and have for years unpunished. they might change their policy eventually but this has been stable for a couple of years already



yea I do agree, but it seems too risky to store precious fancam content with a violation of ToS

At least it's not future-proof.



the only long term solution is local backup. but for now it just works™


$50 is not that much though.

But how about:

You can upload only 500MB per day on G Suite Enterpise. Looks like shitty ToS, and it only works now because they're overselling.

At any time they can enforce stricter limits and our precious faparchiving will be in a great danger


bestvideo is not always best tbh


in what format would you save fancams?


best available

its weird why youtube-dl doesnt accept a list of formats and only dl the first available one



it allows you to specify complex format pattern


-f 'bestvideo[ext=webm]+bestaudio[ext=webm]'

it's just that VP9 is not always the bestvideo because H.264 will have higher bitrate.


the absolute madman

please hold them safely until i get there



the daily upload cap is actually about 700GB, it's well tested. unless you have fiber it's unlikely you will hit that cap and api call bans are rare. i have my own api key so i never got one


our lovely bo




the daily upload cap is actually about 700GB, it's well tested

Is it documented somewhere?

I mean it's ok if you want cheap storage for the files that are not that important. But I would not rely on it because at any time greedy google people may take it away.



What's about the link I posted above?


thats email sweety



thats only a problem if you want to upload your archive the first time anyway.

the biggest problem is that if you have an old mv stored for example, the youtube dmca claum bot that searches your shit will automatically fuck you up at one point





no they only do that for big movies and only if the folder is being shared. i have tons of korean broadcasts open to the public and i've never had a problem. for context the same broadcasts uploaded to streamable have gotten my accounts banned. i know people that upload blockbuster movies to shared folders en masse to gd and haven't had a problem, there's not much to worry about unless you are an extreme power user or nefariously uploading hundreds of TB of porn just for funzies



sure but its still something they dont even need a policy change for. its just a matter of time until they enforce it on kstuff like they do with music and movies


SkyNet© is your friend. you have nothing to worry about, sir


the thing is very interesting however. does any of you use it elsewhere? its not a bad solution in the meantime


sounds like they are currently checking hash of popular movie files shared in places but not the youtube video fingerprint

once they dare(?) use that on peoples files it will all be gone



convenience, browsing kfiles in a neatly organized interface. various features like downloading/playlists/streaming to friends etc



I quickly read their ToS, seems like they prefer public domain/common creative licensed videos.

They may start banning fancams if you will upload tons of them. Or if some crazy fancammer will complain.



even if they are scanning nonshared folders you can easily change file hash before upload




you can easily change file hash before upload

not him, but they normally use neural network for that stuff, you can't easily fool it



ah, you talked about simple hash, nvm



they use both. they check for known file hashes and also track processed video content like on youtube. even if your copyright folder is shared and you have a known copyrighted file it might take forever for them to find it and you probably won't even get notified to take it down unless you have a lot



Yea, I like colocation/hosting at home options more.

It's not that expensive and rather reliable. At least you can only blame yourself if HDD crashed and you haven't duplicated data good enough.


for $15/mo you can get a cheap vps with ~30gb hdd and set up a script to automatically download then upload to infinite gdrive. all you need is a $1 domain so for $16 you can have all the fancams**

*ᶠᵒʳ ᵃⁿ ᶦⁿᵈᵉᵗᵉʳᵐᶦⁿᵃᵗᵉ ᵖᵉʳᶦᵒᵈ ᵒᶠ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ

*ˢᵘᵇʲᵉᶜᵗ ᵗᵒ ᶜʰᵃⁿᵍᵉ



why would you rent vps if you can do same from your local computer



online 24/7, potentially faster speeds, better routing/ping to google servers etc


when is the next comeback

at least we have c101 and p48 coming up


fuck I have to eat 3 hours ago but instead wasted it on chatting


does anyone have any pics of Bona's pits? asking for a friend


will eunseo suffice?


if wujuautist sees this im sorry

i get it now, crystal clear


o-okay then


I should worry about it