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#9 Jew Edition


first for my wife and daughter


>>125423 ➡

i said false thing to him yesterday and felt bad

by observing some binding windows of posters i have now identified the real culprit


I don't remember that was yesterday


Okay, I am the real wujuautist, you can tell me anything ~~


I can't see it


still don't see it nanana


is there more than 1 wujuautist? seem like it


you need to define who is wujuautist tbh


there is not


there's only 1 psbro but there are many autistic ujung myself included


just now realized ryu-chan will bring some pretty bad but obligatory raps to somis new groups songs

not a single bit of melody in here voice im worry



the last thing anyone cares about is the song


c-can you please tell me what you said yesterday


i-i care



i think about this pic all the time thanks


I'm the real wujuautist tbh, I have preedited footage of WJSN MV




i said false thing to him yesterday and felt bad


to him





stop reminding me how shit that filter is


when noncosmic enter this thread


that guy will never tell me what he said


don't make me post my very experimental photoshop and premiere projects in retaliation


it will NOT be pleasant


can't upload .pdf here


tall luda is my favorite. please make more


d-did you modify her arms to give her muscles?


stop that


I remember the bo=wujuautist claim but it was just misconstrued by poor reading comprehension tbh, he never even claimed that


and then he said


"what projects?"


stop laughing



tell me what that guy said yesterday and I might give you a preview


that doesn't work anymore, I recognize the post number

1280×7201.26Mb00:03[Would you like girls_My cosmic diary][Teaser] ★Ipdeok Fairy Cheng Xiao’s Korean Quotes EP.02

and then he goes


"p-please stop laughing"


dammit I hovered over it again


mention bo


5 replies




b-but that's my original post, it wasn't me who cited it over and over again



inb4 it will all be my retarded requests


nothing will ever top angel dayomi #1


inb4 it's iuc's retarded meme


should we post pic of kqt or


angry/sadbro is here

nvm, canceling


which one is he, namefagbro?


the one that's angry all the time and hates everything


luckily its kagamis day off

he would adjective over what the board has become


tfw to scared to post pic until this latest wujuautist episode is over



it's so simple, just tell me what >>125418 ➡ said yesterday and this can all be over


you're right, that IS what an imposter would do


Okay... I'm switching tactics and using my incredible wealth and resources.

The first one to tell me what he said gets a newly acquired pic of Luda's p outline...totally fresh


I've come to love smiles btw, they are great


Offer is on the table for another 20 minutes



I would comb through the last 40 threads on every kpg there is... if the price was right...


you have to offer more to get the answer


where are you guys


you don't want to know




17 minutes ago


korean chips are disgusting by the way


smiles will only grow to stifle the innovation of kpop related memes

prove me wrong


no but I tried some once

even their pringles taste like shit


maybe its actually pancake just like korean pizza


i think it's estrogen in the water


I'm not sure but it is all very weird



smiles are cool

you can use more than one in your post while reaction pic normally is single



she was mentioned as a separate higher being existing in the same agency in mq+xy+other nugus introduction



just a few more days until ep3 :sleep:


can't wait, it's going to be great



what's so great there?

I've already watched the best part - Mei Qi appearance


She's who only eats instant noodles all year long. Slurp!


KBS World TV




meiqi isn't even the best part.

there are a few chink qts that are worth it



that one chink called lufui or something then theres village hope girl and glasses qt etc




glasses qt

you can't be serious

I literally while watching that "don't be weak" stupid theme





maybe some others but i forgot



there are more than one glasses wearing chinks. I mean the good one


glasses girl was a bit to obvious trying to make the whole protec happen

at least chaoyue is genuine in her autism


please use nicknames for them, can't be assed to actually learn chinese names wtf


tfw you don't even know the chink names except MQ and XY



village girl

acrobatics girl

chink kara jiyoung


is acrobatics girl the one with the huge eyes?

1920×8601011.10Kb00:03Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV






she was mentioned as one of the people along yuehua big name actors and stuff

just thought that was funny as they brought in mq+xy+others




she was mentioned as one of the people along yuehua big name actors and stuff

yuehua biggest hope


biggest in more ways than one



i dont know what your criteria is for chinese people

did you mean android tier eyes then?


is there a way to directly upload a youtube dl to without temporary save on your own storage? guessing no


what's the point of acrobatic skills in pop music though

It's like you didn't became pro in one area and trying to at least gain some success in the other

same for Cheng Xiao


oh and wouldn't mp4 format be better if storage space is no issue?


When I found out that Xiao has 2 million subscribers on chinese Weibo, I thought she already pretty big in China. But then I found Kyulkyung has 1.2, and then I remembered that there are like 2 billion people in the country...

So now I don't know what actually means big in China.



have you registered?

seems so


VP9 should be better for everything above 1080p

H.264 starting to devour bitrate on such dimensions because of too small block unit (16x16 max)


new Lime IG pics are comfy as heck


cuckchan is down, i repeat cuckchan is down





just tested a fancam mp4 vs webm...

mp4 one is 3 times larger WHAT THE FUCK I get the webm meme now



4channers seems to be posting in /wood anyway

what's wrong with 4chan though? aren't they #highload and should've already tuned up all issues years ago?


I'm just waiting for the guy that always talks about assimilating but leaves after 20 minutes


4chan broke again



you mean the chuu poster that only posts webms?




I had cute Lime pics to post but now I can't


shilling for the cube tbh

1920×10729.45Mb00:26[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 2-XWCf_uMvcek

xy 2.0






I've appreciated them from the start


I will support Idle and CLC



they have an interesting mix of voices tbh. will look forward to good fancams


It's a bit funny though that 4channers return only when 4chan is kill


they aren't very bright


every day every night latatah~~


I never was a big fan of CLC, and right now I'm in love with Shuhua


every night latata



what is latatata


You seriously think these Chinese 101 trainees will make their debut in any Korean group later?


what is latata



scary man take away post at will

never trust cloud service


I'm sure he asked about if chinks will debut in a korean group and his name startet with M

you can't fool me


I swear it was gone for a moment!



all boards/threads share post numbers here


the world is a mysterious place


what do you guys think about abby


ahh I get it now

he thought 125645 is missing because here >>125646 goes right after >>125644


latatating well~~


Want to push some (G)S-POT?


looks like wujuautist is gone for the day


who is wujuautist btw



anyone else alarmed?


who is wujuautist btw


i'm busy watching 4K fancams of bona's p, leave me alone


stop laughing second time a day at me


tfw hes out


okay i'm here now



checks myself

okay now i am



i'm gonna refer to you as shadowbro from now on


whats going on here nobody told me about this

who is the dull uggo version of yeri and why is she in pic


how are they not getting wet in the bath



go back to cuckchan exid are our girls


why are cucks such beta faggots


g-idle has really good producers for their song tbh kinda impressed



going back to 4chan while its down



20 million years of evolution only to still not be able to see and smile at the same time...



That's a triple smile, it's an evolutionary leap


did one of the 4chanks flag the damn item?....


no so reliable storage tbh


i was wondering why the quality was absolute fucking garbage but thought it was just something with my computer



I think that might just be their shitty player, it would be intended for downloading only anyway


maybe its not built to mirror youtube videos



I browsed all files and there wasn't high resolution version


okay nevermind fucking youtube -dlg somehow downloaded the worst possible version


don't judge me


haha, classic iuc




My friend did the same with another computer next to me, but he opted to buy G Suite Business directly without trial or upgrading and is now stuck with 1 TB Google Drive unless he adds/buys 4 accounts more lol.


The trial is not a necessary component, I had this account for many years, I am using it for other purposes. Thanks for the test; this sounds like a bug on Google's side that upgrading gives you unlimited but who am I to complain.

seems like that unlimited storage for 1 user is just a bug



it's not a bug, it's very intentional. the regs just say that to give them a reason to terminate your account if you do like that other guy and download a petabyte of porn. and that post was over a year ago. i bought my gsuite account directly without trial probably around the same time and i have over 1TB no problem. others have 70-100TB+. they might change their policy eventually but they are very relaxed about it unless you are hammering their servers



you know I'm way too lazy to actually do something...


there are scripts to automate uploading to archive on github



it's just hard to predict what they're planning to do with such accounts in near future

I would better just buy several 8Tb HDDs tbh and won't have to pay anyone to store fancams



hm, I thought you're using youtube-dl

vp9 and vorbis are fine



his gui app probably doesn't support opus

#125738bella fan



dunno, it doesn't seem too reliable

it might be interesting to test how it's going by uploading several thousands of fancams though


uploading to a service that takes somi videos down because someone cried

you're gonna have a bad time



do you have the upload speed to test that? I haven't read about a limit of files in an item


sure buddy I'll reply within 5-7 business days




do you have the upload speed to test that?

I have only ~1MiB/s download speed from, upload speed is probably shitty either


Is there a limit to what I can upload?


At this time there is no limit. Due to system architecture we recommend that item pages not exceed either 1000 files or 50GB.



they have literally petabytes of storage, they are nerds of storage

the only bottleneck is bandwidth


yeah I guess. it would be pretty neat to have containers of a date with all the fancams/videos of one group


upload somi fancams


deleted after 1 week


only way to be completely safe is to bury a drive with your fancams in a remote location and tell no one


it was only a joke about the flagging/removing thing btw. it was probably me that messed something up in the account settings while looking around tbh


i'm sure there's ways to encrypt it. you can upload zips to youtube that way


you better dig it under the ground, like a treasure


The item is not available due to issues with the item's content


opensource_movies is probably unsuitable category for fancams btw


pure, unadulterated autism


wtf cannot upload 41mb file, i thought limit was 50





neat. and it's a transcode for mobile probably



yeah but there has to be a way to only torrent/download the actual files. else it would get annoying real fast with more files




just uncheck files you don't want


unchecking hundreds of extra files



tfw rebuilt nv-codec-headers, ffmpeg and mpv from latest git


mpv 0.27.0


built on Wed Sep 13 04:18:08 CEST 2017

$ mpv --version
mpv 0.28.0-564-g11289d5238-dirty Copyright © 2000-2018 mpv/MPlayer/mplayer2 projects
 built on Tue May  8 01:21:13 MSK 2018
ffmpeg library versions:
   libavutil       56.18.100
   libavcodec      58.19.101
   libavformat     58.13.101
   libswscale      5.2.100
   libavfilter     7.21.100
   libswresample   3.2.100
ffmpeg version: N-90994-g1b0e0578c2

just out of gcc, warm yet


minx fapcam



wtf wrong with you


good night kpganon

Playing: ytdl://nyF9L806PuQ
No protocol handler found to open URL ytdl://nyF9L806PuQ
The protocol is either unsupported, or was disabled at compile-time.


playlist contains dalshabet mr.bang bang

you have good taste




x-ing when he knew exactly which idol's p it was

explain yourself


she tells you don't look there


But I clearly already did, or else my crops would be way off



i've seen this but can't think of any reason i would use it



nice way to navigate in long playlists and fix some settings on the fly


vlc just werks better



it's not convenient when you have thousands of playlist items


btw, speaking of copyrighted content at g suite

you should just encrypt everything and be safe


[–]Duke_Indigo14TB + Cloud 5 points 11 months ago*


It is quite possible. Google currently offers 10 TB of Google Drive space for $100 a month. On the enterprise side, prices are around $250 for the same amount of accessible storage.


G Suite Business is aimed at SMB with administered accounts, not at consumers archiving their media or doing large backups. It makes a lot of sense for Google to close the "unlimited" loophole and limit domain storage to 1 TB multiplied by the number of seats i.e. 5 TB for five seats.

you shouldn't trust botnet tbh



i use duplicati for important stuff. rclone can encrypt too. there are other solutions to encrypt/decrypt on the fly using password protected volumes i think


tfw reading that /r/DataHoarder sub now


me too. browsing on my OPPO phone


does it have unlimited bandwidth?



you can stream as much as you want. and i uploaded 1gb in <3 minutes. speeds are 10x faster than amazon


does it have cqt pics presaved when you buy it though


those cost extra


I'm chosing the one with Mei Qi lewd pics


I like that "Linux ISO" meme


there's probably enough of us to have free unlimited storage for years if we just cycle the 30 day trials between each other



how are they this dumb wtf

this is why we need the archival plan asap



ourgirls? tuberot keeps taking them away

think about how many videos will be left in 2-3 years


personally i would start with pic related but


mfw 150gb+ of ioi stored in 2 locations


going back to the time when everything was simpler






tfw you want to use plain simple "int" type but Go stores it as 64bit on 64bit arch so it consumes more memory and you also have to depend on go implementation specifics in C code


I can pass sizeof(int) to C code to be sure it's always the right thing but that would look ugly




is it true what they say about the chinese


i watched c101 ep1 and 2 again

just two more days



haven't watched ep1, barely watched ep2, don't feel excited watching ep3


im not motivationalanon so


I will do it for her


can't stop laugthing at


han chu wo di ming zi

fingers movements tbh


only antimotivational


tfw you eat a lot when you're bored



I'm bored because watched too many fapcams


how do you get bored when theres a million things to do


learn korean or russian


why would you place that to fancam playlist though


is jisoo the girl who did that thing


what thing

#125864bella fan


checking your twitter feed for new ㅂella pictures every couple minutes



to make a wedding deal with your waifus parents obviously


Lovelyz Jisoo accused of sexual abuse, rape, assault and more

ah, now I remember that


We were lovers and she always asked me for sex and to take pictures while having sex. Whenever I said I didn’t want to, she’d get mad at me and accuse me of not loving her and verbally abuse me (she’d say things like “I’ll fuck you with your legs spread open prettily, you know you want it.”)

cool story sis

why would anyone discuss such obvious bullshit though


they believe anything they read from an internet comment


I don't think I've ever seen anything really interesting or helpful on the /tech/s


they have the latest anti-SJW bastion there

god bless them


there's literally a guy in my class that regularly wears antifa shirts and has the mind virus hair colors as well as about 50 commie stickers on his notebook.

imagine someone doing the same with a swastika shirt...



people ignore the commie shit though. not one person ever said anything about it. the commie flag is just perceived as neutral or even good.



that's because you don't know what communism is and relying on western propaganda


what do you mean by that?


I thought you was sarcastic


sarcastic about what?


he just left


I'm here, just ignoring uncomfortable questions


what question makes you uncomfortable?




I think the russians are on their period or something...


no, it's iuc being autistic


what did I do this time


don't worry about that


tfw no meiqi wife



what rank is she expecting though

I suspect chinks will go with Sohye theme here


wtf look at hose muscles


just the lighting


no they are real


cant help you there

proceed as you were


there is too much Doyeon, IOI and WJSN in that fapcam playlist tbh



what do you think about the new reddit site?


which one


I only see the old one


just use if you need to go there


I'm just asking if you like the design


ok, enabled it in settings

I don't mind tbh, almost any design is ok for me


but is it the future of social websites?



there is never enough doyeon


using default leddit css

i seriously hope you don't do this


I don't "use" reddit ffs just asking about the new design


wtf /r/kpopfap is pink now


they didn't change much

UI is still the same, just slightly different design and a bit of instant-feedback JS features


it looks less cluttered with stuff which is good I guess but girlish as fuck


looks like a twitter feed of rebbit threads so you need to keep scrolling

nice sidebar for showing ads

you also need memescript to get "page 2"



infinite scrolling is so old trend that it even became no longer hyped tbh

I don't like it too


wild guess is they will soon make it like twitter and sort the threads based on what user has already seen so they keep coming back more often and see some of those sweet sweet ads on the sidebar

old rebbit you only need to see once a day because its the same upboated threads all day long

you dont need to look far to guess who could be behind this


yura can get it but that ui is shite


uploads fancam sideways

heh...nothin' personnel, kid....


whay do you mean


mobile is the reason we have nice vertical fancams


no, that's because you can have higher resolution for free



< add video-rotate -90
> cycle-values video-rotate 90 180 270 0

put that to input.conf




Alt+RIGHT add video-rotate 90


Alt+LEFT add video-rotate -90

who do you think ur dealing w/



youtube have been allocating more bitrate to 1080x1920 than to 1920x1080 before

not sure about now


is there anyway to keep all these fucking previews from appearing on twitter



i tested it a lot of times before. both normal and sideways 4k is ~17.5k



I think he means he prefer watching them as 1920x1080 but rotated 90° to the left

doesn't make sense tbh because you can rotate monitor instead


already in my "watch later" playlist




nice design project

need to actually build something like that once I have more money


mijoo looks so pure here



that's because she's trying to seduce me



I hate visiting /r/kpopfap tbh because it's always too many new videos to watch


i hate visiting /r/kpopfap tbh because it's always stuff i've already seen


that and non waifus ruin my mood


I can't watch more than few fapcams a day tbh


i need to see all the fa*cams/selcas/storys/performances/etc in my feed every day tbh


that's too hard


it's a hard job but someone has to do it


I'm proud of you, anon




chink101 looks great on my OPPO phone


why your phone is horizontal :iu_huh:


piece of shit paint 3d single window only


I cant read these advanced moon runes because I dont have an OPPO phone

- posted on an inferior phone


not using Blender


how do you copy one of those sticker fuckers/shapes to another image




that's just Eunwoo sitting in my room, what's so special?


imagine going with Eunjung to same Young Pioneer camp


we had a guy but he kys'd 'mself




sleep deprivation from becoming their #1 fan on vlive i think


his vlive was jiu's husband in korean



imagine being ashamed by the idol you love in front of entire world


he was pretty hardcore

judging by his broken english he was probably slav too

miss him a bit



he was definitely slav. he liked to falseflag and shit on pristin a lot


slavs has perfect english tbh


slavs have really grown on me



not sure but i think it's based on how much time you spend spamming heart emoticons in the vilve chat on their channel



he should be pretty mad

if that was me I wold better write script and use lot of proxies


tfw to dumb paint 3d



tfw smart enough and then some



there is an explanation hidden behind multiple menus in the app

the you gain level based on how much you watch, how much you press hearts and apparently watching live raises your CHEMI-BEAT(tm) more than watching normally

i don't know if watching on desktop works, you can't press hearts there and that might be an easy way for them to make >>126039 more difficult



wujautist has worked fitting wuju faces in images previously

this lads work is better sorry for bad engoo


who do you think made it...


tfw my work is so good I'm outshining myself


wujuautist is probably responsible for about 90% of OC tbh




please get back to the good stuff™ in the near future if u so good now




i don't know if watching on desktop works

Yes, you need phone to run their app and sniff api requests it sends.

They probably use some signing but should be not too hard to hack by disassembling apk with Procyon.

I've already digged through it to hack vlive+ streams. I was able to find a way to dump live streams (even without paid account) but failed to decrypt VODs. If I had more time, real phone, account and more useful debugger it would have been much easier


still waiting for more tall luda tbh




that would cost you extra



i think theres a saying in some languages like practice makes better


why is that guy at 8chan so mad


why are you cross-posting a question that you could ask him there?


dont make the american angry you might start a new cold war...


make it a little warmer by posting hot kqts


how hot


we'll unite with China this time


why does gidle rhyme with dreidel


maybe xy will be happier in new group

i always feel like they throw her under the bus in wuju just like the thing she had to do in super tv


Post some cute chinese girls



i guess

most of the time she seems really out of it when other girl tell her to do

afterward she seems really embarrased


lets wish her luck and vote so she can make it

460×3141.01Mb00:10Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra)



Im just waiting for a fromis comeback without jackets tbh



she's a thinker. infact she's the thinkest


Roa is smartest in Pristin tbh


word i love her


608×10801.00Mb00:04roa yehana 170903 프리스틴(PRISTIN) WE LIKE 예하나(YEHANA) 직캠



haven't seen this one but


why do all fags go to /wood/?




i never noticed her during pledis girlz



they were so much better as a cover group. at least we got to see them


pledis are bunch of faggots

even cube is much better


make a new thread idiots


so who makes up the userbase of this board? are most of you /kpop/ posters?


yeah i post kpop occasionally



if you're talking about /int/ it's 8channers, few russians and probably few 4channers






stop that


tfw I'm only at 48th position

2440 fancams left :iu_huh:

1920×10802.39Mb00:06이달의소녀탐구 #331 (LOONA TV #331)


tfw iuc watching all my fancams


it's not iuc