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#10 Pancake Edition


#10 Pancake Edition








han chu wo di ming zi

1072×19201.96Mb00:03mei qi theme song fancam <>

1072×1920654.58Kb00:01mei qi theme song fancam <>


happy chinkp101ep3sub day everyone~~


PRISTIN 'dark and strong' sub-unit, 5 members including Kyulkyung and Nayoung

uwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, a sub of membeodeul who stil live in the dorm




juju (the original)









not sure which one but wil be fucking amazing



or alternatively nana, juju, lulu, juju (the second one), mumu


이번 프리스틴 유닛은 주결경과 임나영을 포함한 5인조로 레나, 은우, 로아가 함께한다.


Where is Ынушонок to cheer with us though


this pristin unit joo kyulkyung and im nayoung something 5 rena, nunu, roa something

maybe we could into this korean thing


Kyla is more likely than not, done





Former DIA member Eunjin has made a new Instagram account

kek, so she just wanted to be an sns influencer instead

people actually believed in the sad story




people actually believed

except kpganons


at least she didnt go full hwayoung

session [success=1 default=ignore] quiet service in sudo ruser = myuser

why is that legacy shit so stupid

I spent several hours trying different combinations, reading documentation and forums until I was finally able to shut up that stupid shit


we dont know

we just chill


Post your pristin ratings

roa > nayoung > rena > kyulkyung > yehana > eunwoo > sungyeon > xiyeon > yuha > kyla
1650×10806.01Mb00:03[직캠] 170902 음악중심 미니팬미팅 - 프리스틴 ( 팬들 질문 답변 )-WSR_Ffcancs



yeha is cool






she's just from the country side rather than from fancy institutions on the east coast



I'm speaking about drastical social inequality in China

It's not even socialism anymore





1kg of pure smile



eating pelmeni






im gonna start making food now so they better arrive quickly


I've eaten already


eating right now and I am furious. what the fuck do I not pay them for??!


what if the extra hour will take an extra day


i unironically shilled for oppo just today to a friend


does sub team have any time schedule though?


I think the last episode was out late on wednesday for euros it will probably be the same again BUT I WANT THEM NOW


have you russian chingus seen doyeons new pics already?




it will probably be the same again

you better check instead of making guesses

they can release it only in few days or even later


imagine seeing doyeon in full resolution





eyes can only see up to ~24K though

imagine perceiving her appearance right inside your neocortex when all possible neurons are activated


that's how you feel like when taking idoldrugs™


haha you sure got him good





he doesnt respond to bullying

haha what a loser r-right?!


stop it


never gonna find out about those pictures huh


just search for wujumiki pics


what's so strange here :iu_huh:


why are those "yuyu, rere, roro, juju" etc are so stupid

it's like talking with a 5yo kid


what is this face called





have you seen the outfit and who wears it? + probably a sporty summer dance song this has so much potential its going to explode


this has so much potential its going to explode

calm down anon



yeah except oguogu had garbage outfits and dance and it was a cute concept, not sporty summer so no. not at all like oguogu


it's not 100% cute, like 50/50 crush/cute



ok its about 3 seconds not cute

are you not hyped for a doytoy summer hit??



the entire MV context is about naughty girls, that can't be cute


are you not hyped for a doytoy summer hit?

I only like Luda there


imagine being so short you can brace your entire leg



I can watch Mei Qi thighs even without subs tbh

594×9841.95Mb00:04[직캠/FanCam] 170526 u20응원 #우주소녀 #WJSN #짠! #Prince #성소 #CHENGXIAO by Athrun <>


saved both of those webms thanks


he didn't have them before

how new?


it was just a joke

900×6631.16Mb00:03160920 After School Club - WJSN

fucking idiot



there are still no subs


I actually have "free" time

considering playing a shitty video game or something wtf


mfw 2 based 4 chinkshow


format: mp3 m4a mp4

but leave taeyeon alone she was cute and is a legacy button girl


taeyeon got a tattoo on the back of her neck saying purpose


I don't care she was and still somewhat is cute and her songs are good


i don't care either, i certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at her


what does that even mean


post cute taetaes




Where is the subs though?


delayed because the episode is 1h longer

check again tomorrow


also people tend to get demotivated on long term project so the delay will get longer






delayed because the episode is 1h longer


chinese is unlistenable for me


a most disgusting language


mute the sound, just watch and thighs



it's a mistery

I usually explain that with my own theory of "local minimum of posting"



there're lot of factors that have impact on frequency of posting of particular forum member

the idea is that combined all together they form a complex graph of overall posting speed that might contain complex cyclical patterns and other non-trivial figures

e.g. it might happen that factors were combined in such way that at particular moment there is almost zero posting at board while it was quite busy on other day at the same time (regardless obvious factors such as weekends and holidays of course)


give us a topic to discuss





so for example such factors would be wake time of euros is important because more euros use this board, however if 4chink is down there are more users at any time even during euro night. then there are more active times when big kpop events happen like a comeback or popular kpop show.

So the theory pretty much speculates on user activity escalation like a feedback loop where if more than one factor become active at the same time the more user post speed will increase and activate new factors themselves like for example more users=more diverse posts = more interesting board = even more users

do imageboards have user statistics that could track the activity over a span of time and identify these user post speed factors?




I'm reading 8ch but I'm not mad at people who posting on other boards






So the theory pretty much speculates on user activity escalation like a feedback loop where if more than one factor become active at the same time the more user post speed will increase and activate new factors themselves like for example more users=more diverse posts = more interesting board = even more users

yea, pretty much

the main point is that there're lot of factors that can amplify each other, like in any complex system


do imageboards have user statistics that could track the activity over a span of time and identify these user post speed factors?

some have, some don't, you can draw simplest graph (number of posts per hour) for any board but it would be more useful if you actually have access to database in order to add more parameters to the graph

e.g. things that might be useful: country of the poster, timezone, type of job, civil status and so on



how would knowing type of job, civil status help finding factors?



you can find that in some day posting speed noticeably decreased because e.g. Valentine's Day coincided with labor strike

I'm too stupid to find better example but you got the point

each group of people has its own posting graph and they form a graph with points of extremum

picrelated - blue is one factor, green is another, red is local minimums



so that you can use them a lot right in the message

if they were bigger the text would be unreadable



I see so you could pinpoint the local mins of every day/week/etc cycle where a great lack of posting occurs. As well as see overlapping high activity times which you could add and multiply with a feedback loop variable.

one problem is getting such specific data

another is most groups of people you could classify with such data intersects with many other groups making each group graph less meaningful.

then also the actual graphs probably won't look like sin(x) looking functions you drew above making it more difficult to find a clear max/min that greatly differs from the mean



there pretty dumb

im hoping in the future you can hover over one and see the original image to at least get the reference



do they not scale with the text?

I personally use here and 8ch with 120% -130% browser zoom




im hoping in the future you can hover over one and see the original image to at least get the reference

I can make it display 2x version when you clicking on it. not sure will it help though


shuda saved the originals



another option is to draw graph of posting for each user and then try to find something common between them




each user



this would be very very interesting for companies that want high activity of people discussiing their product, in our case kpops. Well at least it would be on a bigger forum with more users.

They could then get statistics on when to use things like "discussion starters" most effectively.

they are probably doing such things already anyway in places like reddit



yea, I'm sure big discussion-oriented sites make graphs like that



i'm way beyond using things like tamper monkey, I like to write my own shit these days



you will have 64x64 smile downscaled to 32x32 on such displays

i.e. the dimensions of smile doesn't change, only density of pixels



but that's just browser addon to apply your own scripts to sites :iu_huh:

1920×10804.34Mb00:05「프리스틴의 서울랜드 PLAY▶」 Ver.2 <>




yeah but i don't like all the overhead from installing the tamper monkey extension



thanks i'll check it out


2000 RMB


holy shit thats hundreds of euros must have cost her family a lot



quite a lot for village girl tbh


how much is she acting though

that might be the only chance to make decent career in her life

or chinks just fabirated this whole story


crying voice jiayou


she looks absolutely insane but i can't but support her as well

i'm sure that after show she'll still have made millions of new fans, probably get a deal of some sort.


an idol has a public facing personality

gooks only had "look at me im 4d" till now, chaoyue just upped the game


kagami make it upload mp3 instead of record microphone pls


jiayou collection?


jiejie meant unnie



what's the difference? she is Sohye clone, nothing special


got any pics of the village chick that aren't from chink 101


we need resident runescaper to travel to the depths of weibo and whatever their search engine is


no one is using voice recording though


do russians use it?

don't get pressured into changing something of your site that you like tbh :iu_huh:




I'm just proud how it's done from technical point of view but no one is interested in that nerd stuff

no problem, I'm glad to hear feature requests/bug reports

it's good thing when site is comfortable for everyone


i just want to upload audio but not straight from microphone


rename it .mp4 and try again


Unsupported file type: bad dimensions



can you link me the code section doing the upload recording thing?


whats so difficult about recording audio and uploading it to a server? it's basic if you're an experienced programmer.



the cool part here is WebAssembly MP3 encoder


just want to check out what you're so proud about



how are you so productive? do you work full time or are you a NEET with a lot of spare time


that was mine


the bitches part was totally uncalled for



how are you so productive? do you work full time or are you a NEET with a lot of spare time


that was mine




just have a lot of free time

It's possible to do much more with such amount of time but I'm not talented enough



it changes to the right one if you wait a second after clicking the new one but yeah it's kinda annoying



yea, need to fix that, but I wasn't able to find a good way to reproduce



you're not too shabby, and you seem to have more of a wider of set of skills than most programmers I know IRL, especially the ffmpeg stuff makes me think you definitely studied CS at uni (or maybe didn't)



that's strange, need to look into that


some images no work occationally, usually i can click on some other images to "reset" it but sometimes even that doesn help




the ffmpeg stuff

most of it is quite simple tbh

I've digged into VP9/AV1/coding algorithms/image processing a bit, a lot of really cool stuff there. But it's much harder to make something useful with small efforts in that area.



mr kag just needs to throttle his connection and code for us villagers



what's the reason behind putting the media in the middle of the screen when you open it btw? why not on the bottom right for example with constraints that it stays "inside" the window no matter what size it is?



its a way of programming for you're end user

silicon valley boys often get critisised for programming with top of the line computers or connections to the data center next to then, then the app or whatever works for shit when u running 2 core celeron or live further away



ah, I know that and don't like slow programms too even though I've written several bloated Electron apps

I'm using Firefox (which has pretty slow JS/DOM engines) and not too close to Lithuania tbh

seems like that's still not bad enough



Don't get me wrong, I love the zooming function and I will probably get used to the placement eventually but if the picture/video is horizontal it can fill out the entire window which makes it a bit "messy" like with this >>126539 post


anyway good night bitches


post it


electron apps

i thought you were too smart to fall into that bloated trap



big horizontal images can cover up the entire screen yea

the only option to avoid that is to limit the max width/height of popup



couldnt you restrict the width/height on load up by setting a specific value no matter what file but still allow to make it bigger/smaller with zooming?



fair enough i'm guessing it wasn't very recent



yea we can do that, maybe by adding another option to options modal


I'll look into it tomorrow~~




i don't wanna see images with ruined aspect ratios, I'm sure there's a clever algorithm out there for figuring out the aspect ratio of an image and then you can make the decision to resize it to a fraction of the screen the user is viewing it through.


and by algorith I mean making some conditional logic with all the standard screen ratios, before some autist corrects me by saying it's not an algorithm.


to dumb to get what you looking for

can you make a diagram in paint


any pit specialists here? is this a good one?


no experts online sorry


nah its like the russians with the whole gay stuff

we should avoid exposing people to weird pit stuff lest they develop a thing for it

childerinos minds are malleable


Mnet 'Produce 48' will begin airing June 15th, 11pm KST

tfw it wont have subs

might as well jonghyun myself



i just like starting out pessimistic so i wont get disappoint


pd101, pd101s2, unit, mix9, oppo101, p48

isn't that too much?


only unit and mix9 too much since there garbage

also all the boi stuff, why bother




since there garbage

I didn't watch them mostly because I can't watch 2 shows at the same time




weird song tho


everyday every night latatah~~

1920×10802.20Mb00:05Weki Meki 위키미키 - I don't like your Girlfriend M/V <>

best part


good guy kpganon always looking out for the less popular members


wtf cube


cant say the same for myself but i appreciate


Jag älskar dig


wtf, just read the lyrics for LATATA

these young girls are singing about sex


no way???


not sure how i feel about knowing what klyrics actually mean


This night with you

this can't be wrong



i think they just mean late evening so going to lotte world and whatnot


s-sure... going to lotte world


now I understand what Every day, every night, latata actually means


I mean I'm ok with Dalshabet singing about sex

but these young ladies, cube, wtf are you doing




it just means a late evening at lotte world, you dont need to overinterpret



want to go to lotte world with some korean kqt for latata too


late evening out with yuyu


Dig a little deeper


And make me more entranced

stop, you can't fool me anymore


are they building some kind of tunnel system in lotte world? wtf


lotte world

is that just a synonym for p.ark of amucement




I like "pick me pick me pick me up" more than "neko neko neko neko ya" tbh


I like how they went for about 15 "killing pateus" at the end because that's what everybody loved then



this is so dumb lmao

to think it all started with our yoojie


tfw both sides are pressured not to send in any uggos that could embarrass the nation


I'm wondering how does it feel like to open youtube video and see all the comments is about you

idols use youtube just like we are after all



top youtube comments are the typical fansite comments though, never seen lewd comments or weird stuff under an mv



save them for a rainy day then


I'm done with the wjsn show and oppo101 subs are still not out


oppo101 subs are still not out


its gonna get hard if they get demotivated this early

we'll be lucky if we get subs at all for the entire show


Added mp3 support.

Need reproduction steps for image hover issue because it works fine for me.


It's interesting that they prevented the forming of "super teams" this time by choosing the 8 most popular as centers in separate groups


any team with Mei Qi is "super team" anyway


first hour

its over


oh its a separate dude

still hoping for the official team to deliver


yeah my confidence in the main team is fading tbh...


wait for the old dude


or watch new subs right now


looks like XY got a pretty shitty team


but i like there quality work

t-they could still deliver


how much do we wait before giving up?


Published on May 7, 2018

oh shit

this might have fucked up the original team real bad



have you seen the new portrait mode of the brand new OPPO R15 PHONE?!

jesus christ the shilling





is this a legal translation?






I mean is it any good or pure shit speed sub


it's dope just watch it


that boring introduction

I see now why it's 3 hours long

fucking chinks


I don't mind...



haha that's exactly what I thought. these two are like, I've totally never seen this concept anywhere before


looks like we have another great thinker


in the past women were very effective, today there are feminists who balance the imbalance

what on earth did they mean?


subs look pretty decent

I should have watched first 30mins 2 days ago


kind of want to watch but then i would have to eat again


yamys group performance might be the reason for the hip hop ban in china


waiting every day for that ban to take effect

luckily p48 theme song didnt have rap section


you need to practice only this much


we will rank you on how many overtime you had


typical China


classic asians

you can't leave before your boss(the cameras) leaves


everyone practice the same amount?


kinda stupid that yamy had no competition whatsoever in terms of popularity from her own or the enemy team


all girls from big agencies are in A-C classes

I'm not surprised


ahahahhaha they call out the team names by the leaders name if it's someone they want to push like XY and they've just called out sunnees team by their song name

fucking chinks


don't spoiler


the video is out since 3 days already


I'm quite autistic and hit pause all the time


it's kinda stupid to choose center basic only on overtime hours tbh

if you don't have skills obviously you will have to train more

how does it make you a good dancer

obvious chink propaganda for their dog poor factory workers



yeah it's instilling a slave mentality for the ugly/stupid/useless

maybe not all bad


poor Mei Qi, she has to be bored to hell because of all that pis poor trainees


oppo101 spoiler not even one interview part or close up face camera shot of sunnee not even on her center solo part kek



she might as well not have existed in that team


don't do that face meiqi



she is from agency that made something that oppo producers don't like so they revenge that way


fine ill watch it



maybe yuehua said something too because she molested their girls for attention




sunnee's company wants to send their trainees to acting whilst produce101 is on, but there was some breakdown in communication and now Tencent are pissed at her company so they're giving her bad editing now


they still chose her as skill center though


they chose by popularity


16x6 = 96




only one girl behind mei qi

I'm out


impyiing they don't choose nonskilled trainees to gain their own popularity


I suppose they consider MQ and XY as bosses of that game. Every trainee knows they will be the winners


Phlegmatic Mei Qi speaking to others is so cute




amazing, have to leave part 2 for later though~



that was cruel



she's right though. motivationalbro should include her in his next work





can't laugh anymore


ktranslators never translate lyrics


Aliens actually have better performance tbh


if hua tuo was still alive we could finally deal with the americans and there dumb ideas


what's up with her :iu_huh:


With the news things I've learned on Produce 101


debuted several years ago


don't particularly like her tbh

she has no skills



you are the team


everyone is shilling for one member


what is their end game


that Sugar team is pure mess tbh


Ok, watched both parts

What do now


search for complete subs



tfw I actually like the XY's vocal part :iu_huh:


should I eat today?


don't eat, save the money



Tencent did her dirty, there's some serious audio problems in their broadcast compared to live at the venue. Some weibo chicks posted a vid of her performance and she actually had the best vocals of the group, but Tencent made it so her sounded the worst.


maybe they are just bad at their job



It sounds like they just completely overrode the entire performance with a (not particularly good quality) studio recording and Xuan Yi happened to perform better live than in the recording. If you listen carefully, you'll realize the audio is completely different for every single girl. The actual live is a mix of live and very loud backtrack vocals. If you listen carefully, you'll realize that during the chorus, some of the girls are singing under a much louder backtrack that doesn't even seem to be their voice.




and Xuan Yi happened to perform better live than in the recording

I'm not surprised, she can't sing anyway




It sounds like they just completely overrode the entire performance

no wonder

they all sound horrible in that live video

I can barely hear the verses, singers quiet their voices to hide the mistones


that's the kpop way... blast recorded backtracks to muffle out the live recording


I'm fine with them not singing live tbh


there was singing?



want to work in Cube tbh

maybe they need programmers?


I'll work as a translator to fix their shitty "what's on?" signs and stuff

as benefits I want coffee dates with eunbin


what is there backstory

where does the g come from (non-meme)


coffee dates with eunbin


theres nothing sexual about a pole so maybe casual dates at the pole dancing place she frequents



do you want to help with her pole dancing, like lifting her up


just so you filthy dirtbags know, I did not choose eunbin because of poledancing




where does the g come from

Korean name is (여자)아이돌

여자 - GIrl

아이돌 - Idol

(G)I-DLE is just "GIrl Idol".





that would be a-i-dol, but they are a-i-deul = kids

meaning there group name is little girls

thanks for explaining the g tho altho is dumb


does that mean every Gidle fan is actually a pedophile? Or "a lover of little girls"


just want to make sure we are clear on the terms you know



I envy you for not having used up part two yet


part 1 is better anyway


I want part three


I want Mei Qi


we are gonna get our wishes fulfilled about at the same time probably



if you know what i mean


I want sulky Luda


her smile is way too adorable to leave that mouth closed

gonna work on a luda smile smile


I want silky luda


Is Luda Taeyeon's clone or something?


can't improve perfection


tfw not traveling around the world with taetae

altho london sounds a bit scary but we could go to other places


tfw you will never have rich friends who take you around the world


if you think about it world is not that amazing

but kpgent needs money so do it


what's kpgent


oh boy


it's our planned entertainment company, anticipate it well


who's we?


the one, the everything

573.02Kb00:28Kool-Aid man "oh yeah" song


fucking based


when is pristin subunit?


we don't need flac lol



also delete own post


now we just need sticky button for opened media files so we can post other stuff while listening to the beats

memescript can do it wohoo


tfw i have folder full of these just waiting for this moment





Jung Ji Su (정지수)“ popularly known by the stage name “Jisoo (지수)


tfw to autist to listen to media files before current song on my foobar™️ ends


tfw listening 1 song 1 audio clip 1 asmr 2 podcast and 1 youtube video



true i always saw her name as jisoo but it's better this way.

1244×7003.55Mb00:11Today’s GUEST Red Velvet, CLC [KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH2 2017.12.01]




there is no volume control on ff for audio thing so small


mp3 upload used for mystery 2second meme clips

already annoying tbh



volume of all audio/video players is synchronized though

371.21Kb00:24보자마자 빠져드는 아이린 반지 메들리!


naekko, naekko, naekko, naekko, naekkoya~



dw abt t


I need to know


anyone else hyped for the aoa comeback? excuse me was unironically a banger and i know that you russians love aoa


excuse me was inexcusable but i am anticipating new aoa content well~~




excuse me was inexcusable

we've got ourselves a comedian here


check this out


this place is deader than i thought


Russians are to busy fapping to post pictures




just realized my clip doesn't have audio, apologies guys



pretty cringy how the non-english speaking girls in momoland hate nancy and daisy



all i see is chikkenfu in a cute dress


she's cute and so is her fat ass


best girl



imagine washing yoojies face before she goes to sleep


only this gaze was a bit strange


Mei Qi is right at her p.


Hm, they say XY's team lost. That's strange


i love nunu