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#11 Blast From The Past Edition


#11 Blast From The Past Edition


1920×10808.73Mb00:42DB손해보험 다이렉트 tvcf - DB다이렉트송 (ver. Full)




Blast From The Past


you know having a blast, like having fun~~

1920×10802.01Mb00:10[ENG SUB] After Mom's Asleep episode 4 with Gugudan's Sejeong/Nayoung/Mimi <>

I don't know why but this is extremely sexy


just look at how they gulp it


they are just drinking some delicious cock




that's what I said



aint got nothing on chae


what's up with her?


kpops dont do throat stuff


ok fine i believe you, she was eager to show it off


i wish i had no gag reflex


do not tell us why


Seaweed in Cow Feed Reduces Methane Emissions Almost Entirely

huh... it all makes sense now



Does he look like you? iuc is that you


ah, that makes sense

I thought it's because of her hair


it's funny 8channers hate 4channers yet use memes invented there




mentions 8channers out of nothing


doesn't even know /kpop/ was created by 4channers escaping the hellhole that was 4chan at the time


shut up fag all he said was its funny we still call her seaweed



calm down bro

I just don't understand why do you unironically call them "cuckchanners"

it's kinda stupid


nobody calls them cuckchanners lol. and we didn't invent the term cuckchan




you are late to your new semester of a korean language course


you run to the classroom and under the eyes of everyone in the room you look for your name tag on the empty desks


you find it and see this girl will be your korean language exchange partner for this semester

wat do, kpganon?


Mimi even eats lewdly


that was Nayoung




They already lost motivation just after 2 damn episodes

I know that feel


Anyway I'm done with work today and my brain is fucked.

kpop for that situation?



I prefer live performances for the GREAT screams tbh


yea, GREAT screaming is the best

especially given how world is fucked up currently


a lot of conflicts on MIddle East, North Korea, etc



so what, there will always be war but there won't always be good kpop content so you better enjoy it, chingu


north korean situation has been looking good lately, heard kim jong un even wants to open a mcdonalds there

who cares about some shitskins in the middle east



I'm feeling like it's getting worse that's why it's hard to enjoy light-minded songs for me

it's just my subjective perception anyway


We work with the first version that tencent uploads on their website for each episode. This is because this is the version with Chinese subtitles so we can properly translate them.


should anon become a subber too to receive tons of positive feedback so you can start feeling like your life is not totally fucked up?


reminder to get the 9's get on cuckchan for your waifu



well are you talented for such work and do you know korean/chinese/japanese?



anon should learn several thousands chinese characters and then he may become a subber



you can do timing and similar work without knowing the language

basically anything except the actual translation which takes not so much time compared to the rest


🙏 please 🙏 be 👐 PATIENT 😇💦 our 🗣 subbing 💦💦👂📝 team 🤓 is ✔️✔️ on 🔛 that 💬 GRIND 😥💪 tencent ▶️💦 NEVER 💢❎ sleeps 💤 so 💨💨 neither ❌ do 💪 pd101chinasubs 😇✔️📝 episode ▶️ 3 👋♷ SOON 🔜


How many people are in this subbing team? ^^


34, if my calculation didn't fail me.


great work so far~~


how many people does it take to change text on a screen?


bought a sub in honor of the sad state of product placement in p101


anyways, nobody even remembers the products from p101

meanwhile oppo101 phones and shit will forever be etched in memory



did you also buy the tracks and underground railroad system with it?


yoongie is the prettiest girl in the whole world i mean it


you should've bought oppa phone


what does smart ai beauty feature do

is it for people who dont have money for ps


phone app for cameras. it's basically white-washes your face automatically and applies some light makeup



i think he means beauty app. koreans use them all the time to hide ugly skin


rewatching p101 original btw and fuckkkk eunbin was so hot already on there


doesnt know every feature R15-Jun has

next youre going to tell me you didnt know it can take portrait photos




you didnt know it can take portrait photos

I know that


tfw unironically have a Huawei phone



I heard oppo is actually the best chink phone for real because they allow and encourage flashing your shit and provide good support for it


tfw unironically have a Nokia phone


is it also google botnet free


haven't looked into it because I would have to import it from china directly, no store here offers them



mine yes, it's an old Symbian, there wasn't botnet yet


my taste is superior tbh


it's okay, I don't blame you for your lack of self reflection~


do you fags like dreamcatcher?


I loved Minx but it's over for the sake of jrock meme


you guys are lame


no you


I've been found out


one ok rock master race


what groups do you like then?


it's a real shame pristin is not more successful, they are just so damn pleasing to look at


they will be successful soon, with their new sexy subunit


Pristing has one good song (Black Widow)


it's without the chin master right? feels bad



its because of plebis poor managment.


too close to call, they're both massive


spoiler that shit :jisu_smile:


and I thought that Moon Hyuna had big chin..................................




I don't take meme requests

how rude



could crawl her way along the great wall of china with that thing


b-but c is for comrade, right?


why would your jaw start from above ear level



this face was designed in a wind tunnel by mechanical engineer tbh


im scared


dr. kim should reflect



my fight or flight reptile reaction to the second pic screams flight right now


Her chin was actually the inspiration for the film "Vertical Limit"


why are there so many anons out of sudden? seems like my theory of spontaneous posting actually works


i dont know how to live with this information


she's fat again so it looks liek this now







sorry russians, I forgot the no insulting idols rule


w-why would you store these


he is creepy



I think it is that one anon that produces the kpop gore stuff too


a fucking LEAF


where is no much interesting in Canada


what happened to canadian polebro


guess that pushed some buttons



weekly idol


oh right it says right there but wtf since when is that knowing bros guy a host?


take notice how Mijoo looked exactly there


make it stop




an entire month before p48

why is it taking so long the song already came out we should be looking at them practicing


2 hours ago



yfw you already watched one hour


same but I'll watch it again anyway just for the JIAYOU




I'll watch it again anyway

you're crazy

I don't have enough motivation to watch even those 2 remaining hours


they didn't cut ads


what motivates you?





ads are the best thing about it

I'm currently enjoying an ice cold black tea freshly imported from china


I'm currently enjoying an ice cold black tea freshly imported from china


yfw Mei Qi's team cluster failed again


i cant do this i just ate


do you need to eat while watching something?


best trolling


I like that team tbh

even though they're from different cluster


wow rude



I've already watched first hour and can't watch without pause every 30 second tbh



checking new posts, taking screenshots, rereading subs, thinking


best team


chinks are stupid

seaweed team should have won as well as sexy team


tfw i have to avoid reading this place until ive watched a 3-1 hour show


I didn't write any critical spoilers anyway


whay did she mean by that



I'm looking for your name in the users list on our stream but I'm disappointed every time

1920×10801.78Mb00:02BLACKPINK - 170627 SBS Night of Real Entertainment (cut)

imagine having an australian wife


Can't watch without pause every 30 second

Same shit.

You forgot most important one "rewind, and rewatch x5 some performances".




rewind, and rewatch x5 some performances

always do that


not watching the newest show with your international chingus


i watch shows from the telly like normal people


quality subs


some phrases are not translated

even that Thirteen Three One guy was better


that outfits

based chinks



they wrote you need to activate CC because at some time the hard subs fucked up or something but yeah for a team of 34 people it's a really weak performance...


hard coded subs with soft subs overlayed



yea I've seen that but in that particular moment there are no soft subs either



just don't write them a complaint, they might just kill themselves and we will never get subs for ep.4


that moment will probably be on /r/kpopfap soon


30 second attention span bro going all out


how do we help with his situation




special scenes that should be noticed

what's wrong with that?


also don't look there


wtf mei qi can stand up without hands



dont worry about him

its the one lad who didnt like heehyun's and nayoung's gaenki


you should exercise a little

that would maybe fix your attention span too


talk to me in chinese


but mei qi is much shorter than me

it's not honest to compare

my centre of gravity is way behind the legs, so it's hard to move it forward to stand up


he should go and make himself a soup

eating a soup always calms me down




use the momentum

yea, that should work with a bit of training

mei qi stood up the other way though, just by straigtening up her legs

I don't think I would be ever able to do that


tfw instead of watching show you're rewatching that stand up 5second episode over and over again to correctly understand the force vectors and trying the same on the floor

that's what they calling 'nerd'



that's probably the most autistic thing I've ever read and actually believed


actually I'm giving you chingus a chance to make even our watching progress


wtf I'm at 1:31

you're so fast





I can't, there're some autistic technical reasons


hm, it worked though. ok, joined


meiqi made a word play joke with her name?



can't watch that way


feels bad man


looking at meiqi, she should be teacher, not a trainee tbh


don't look there too


subs are pretty bad tbh

they don't translate girl replies during performance

probably because they were missed in chinese subs


i don't need to hear every word they say


anyone have the video of a lad telling seohyun he is looking there well at the into the new world kick choreo


based meiqi trained them well~~


all of this is scripted obviously



wrong the whole show is real including the ads


it was stupid in original pd101, and it's stupid here as well

how does it make sense to compare teams based on their skills if the actual voting is based on popularity

it's not like if they do better performance unpopular team will get more votes




it's more entertaining for the viewers that way but technically it makes more sense to do it like idol school with the live streams they did so everyone can show off their "charms".




it's more entertaining for the viewers that way

I hate it tbh

skills are not connected to popularity at all

all that stupid comments before performance "oh she dances well they might beat us" make me feel like



yeah but they can't say that directly, they need to put up a front to look like it isn't already determined 90% by looks alone in the first episode


gonna wind down and watch c101


How can you give songs with completely different concepts to each team and try to compare "skills" in the first place.


making sense of asian things

you're gonna have a bad time


tfw have to get up really early tomorrow for work but there's still 40 minutes of oppo101 left


I have 1:18 left



these shows cost and make millions, of course every detail is planned out exactly to benefit tencent

assuming otherwise is just naive tbh


I mean I'm (and most of us) too old for emotional/didactic context of that thing

only beautiful girls and their performances matter


word i don't give a shit about the rankings or any of that. i just like cute asian girls


can't find meiqi team


they are pretty cute I guess


lmao i thought you guys were memeing with the whole sunni thing but its real

top kek


yeah not one close up shot or name mentioned once


best moment tbh



why, was there some kind of climax in the song at this point or something?


in the dance


she is not proper leader though and everyone understands that


look at that insane clevage of girl with black top

unfortunately they don't take close-ups of her



now they're here again

did they go to toilet all together?


oh boy, they chose another classic chink song

it's obvious which team will win


ads are not translated



i had a dream last night busters joined fromis_9, it was glorious


I wish I had dream with Mei Qi but I don't have dreams anymore


same except rare occassions

hopefully my next dream includes the girls who winks everytime she eats~



If I were on my pcI wiuld link you my dreamer motivational thinker webm...


lets admit it nobody beats twice when it comes to fanservice


let's admit it. twice is for kids


why not both




we have kpop now too :jisu_smile:


kind of feel kpops shoudnt go on their knees in every choreo


our girl


tfw stil have c101 left to watch (altho its a dumb performance episode)

what should i eat




altho its a dumb performance episode

there are only 2 types of 101 episodes: worrying polling context and performance battle


what should i eat


I like this girl


omoooooo yubseyo is going full p48

subs confirmed


stop that, I can't watch too many shows


why do jap show have so many koreans btw


ive only ever seen a couple snsd jap show and they were the only koreans in them so i dont think thats true





I mean on p48. I see a lot of korean agencies and their trainees.

Chinks only have chinese trainees.


48 gooks + 48 nips


oh, that actually makes sense

3×2⁵ = 48+48 = 16×6 = 96

I so hate that 11 is not factor of 101 in original produce.


what's about this hat


are they even being paid for this

or it's contract terms

I suppose the latter


I expected this

I think Seiya team was punished for the negligence


anyone know what was behind the rabbit?


ok, watched ep3



will buy pizza and start watching pd48 introduction videos

actually I'm kinda tired watching this



I can give it to you Rena, but it will cost you

896×5046.47Mb00:07[ENG SUB] Elris Showtime S02E05 171019 - Conquering Cheongju Arcade



are there any chae sulk or bin feels equivalents in emojis

kind of annoying not being able to use them elsewhere



like unicode standard emojis? I think no


Ok, bought 2 pizzas. Rena, it's your chance


are they even potato pizzas


no, cheesy. but it's the most delicious one


toppings are for plebs anyway


true, always eating original italian thin-crust pizza


drawing a blank

what a good way to throttle an email invitation form if someone were to spam someones email to it



how do i get flexy tendons like the russians


so i can sit down comfortably like this with my heels on the ground


we don't sit like that


yeah right


1920×1080606.42Kb00:02WJSN - Dreams come true
1920×1080476.69Kb00:01WJSN - Dreams come true


somebody (iuc) motivate me



not blasting to this semen demon


genetics, discipline and visual manipulation. In that order


Rare recording of the black philosopher Lee Jin Suk (1999 bc) colorized


stop posting that pseudo motivational niggers



I wanted to do my next one with a famous short story but I couldn't find it in an english audiobook format... so motivational negro speak has to do it for now


what's wrong with Carl Sagan though


nothing. It's just not what I'm after


what're you after for?


the well of eternal raw emotion


how a jaw should look like lets all forget about yesterday


Don't worry, my mind is like a markov property regarding uggos


you can do it with webm4retards if you are dumb and useless like me. theres a "dub" button where you can put your audio file and set it to "loop video"



ffmpeg -loop 1 -i "C:\path\to\image.jpg" -i "C:\Path\To\input.mp3" -c:v libx264 -c:a aac -strict experimental -shortest -preset veryslow "C:\path\to\output.mp4"


im hungry, i get to watch some more c101


canned monolids



uncle bens


I ate shitty pizza today. It was a mistake and I hate myself for it a little bit



thinking of going to bed early today...


don't go


jiayou saturday is for sleeping for some people


chae don't do that


tfw watching cosmological talks unironically


just don't talk about anything important in the next 8-10 hours please


Because I wont be there


where would you be?


stop asking questions!


just answer the question


not on any kind of secret mission or anything


don't be so secretive anon, we're all friend here

we need to know where would you be in the next 8-10 hours


just tell them I was here the entire time when they ask you



I can't take that risk anon, that's too much

I might have problems with because of that


post kqts in police uniform and you will be fine



looks like there isnt much interest

lets go with military theme instead





lets go with military theme instead

wrong color chingu


we dont know who that is


ex t-ara

1000×8001.67Mb00:04[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 2-XWCf_uMvcek

if you know what i mean


I can see her button :jisu_smile:


rina is sexy


I want make children with her

466×720502.46Kb00:04170916 일산팬싸인회 I don't like your girlfriend 김도연 직캠(파트 바꿔서ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)-[01_09.903-01_11.104]


get back here




she is only 16



dayoung going to knowing bros


tfw already in my fa*cam playlist and downloaded to my local server+the cloud



you prepared well

why don't you upload all fancams to the cloud btw

it's unlimited anyway, just need to setup cron job



do you pick them by hand? I mean you can write simple script which will upload all weki meki fancams automatically



i just add them to a youtube playlist. i have a script that downloads all videos in that playlist then uploads to gd. runs every hour via cron on my seedbox


i should probably go to sleep so i can sleep for a few hours

wind down with a peutin vlive first


sleeping well~~





i overslept


I underslept




why do I wake up after only 5hours


because you were born to enjoy kpop


live is pain

hopefully it works out




live is pain

you're overreacting

relax bro



today is gonna be a great day chingus


this is what bitrot looks like

what if it happens to my waifu


use proper software, journaling file system, backups, UPS


Also ECC memory


cannot wait to hear what she sounds like when singing


you can't hear that, they're always lying to us by putting live voice on top of studio record and the percent of that live voice is close to zero


pristin subunit says it all. kyla is never coming back


what about other girls?


they have nowhere else to go


kyul can go to china


i assumed she was already there


full blown friendly relations with pic related


where is she pointing to?


her paradise


wish to come there at least once



her another paradise btw


saw it well


why is it so hard to find fancam by picture



often I find only useless pinterest links without any dates

and it might be hard to find particular video on kpopfap for popular idol


btw, kpopfap only allows 18+, they don't have girls like Rina, Lua, Xiyeon yet



360×6404.34Mb01:13remeDY - Ok so a very well known over-fanatic fan is going to propose to kyulkyung at today's fansign. Which is not normal


A better and powerful tweeting experience is just a click away. Get Tweeten on Windows 10, macOS, Windows 8 or Windows 7 today.

No Linux version


modern kpop is even more lewd than early 2010-x tbh

back then there were mature girls with adult healthy sexuality

now it's teenagers which are both cute and lewd

Korea wtf is wrong with you we're all like it though



wtf Kyulkung don't touch yourself there


not touching herself right there


at least don't do that in public


eating a lot again because I'm bored


bad habit


I like the part when she undresses


Huh, just realized why they have another person at the end of the video.

It's the japanese way of doing things: you should have some person to introduce you if you're asking for something, e.g. when seeking employment.




At least jap girls are a bit more creative. All pd/unit introductions are completely identical



wtf yubseo is not that good

I don't understand what is "of Japan" and he didn't mention that her name translates as heart



because the extended version is supposed to be only for VIP viewers (which people pay for). We will also be subbing the behind-the-scenes videos but only those that are not marked as VIP

Where to download VIP c101 videos? I want some extra Mei Qi scene cuts.


Most of AKB48 girls are boring as fuck


these self introductions feel even more forced than the korean ones


japanese and korean sound pretty the same in general btw

you need to search for "sama" "des" "ski" and similar suffixes to say it's actually japanese

why in case of chinese the sound is drastically different




I like kgirls more tbh


i barely distinguish them unless their teeth are jacked. just more asian qts to love imo


come home


prepare food


nothing to watch


it's too early for japs



one jap girl said to keep tuning in for the next 4 months for her


or maybe she is memeing and drops on second elimination


how on earth can you handle 200 new potential qts in 2 weeks but not watching a show longer than 30 secs at a time


i watch yubs videos out of respect


I think I'll watch the rest of revel up season 2




how on earth can you handle 200 new potential qts

you need to tune your neural network for better memorizing of kqt faces


I see


p48 going to be amazing cant believe it

at least 5 more c101 episodes too


I have a strange feeling that I should do something very particular but I don't know what it is and I end up sitting around feeling guilty about it.

kpop for this feel?


any good daisy fapcams?


how do they do it


I am scared



Works better in static.


the chinks are going after fantagio music now


what chinks


the ones who fantagio was sold to for some of that sweet, sweet RMB


what could have been


Starship might pull out Doy and the Tiny


yuehua has korean trainees on p48 sorry ran out of usable suspects


pledis too

the most ironic one is Kaeun being supported by Raina

wtf wrong with you pledis


oh no no NO lizzy left pledis

my orange caramel


Her contract has expired, and she has decided not to renew with the company.

smart girl




they were discussing braaps on knowing bros too

the end is near




that's normal for asians



not really, both Japanese spoken words and written characters are drastically different from Korean. Japanese actually use Chinese characters