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#13 Lucky Number Edition


#13 Lucky Number Edition




Am I the only one who thinks that food prizes are too boring?

Do asians still suffer from hunger?



Hm, they're calling her "Mei Chi" on the show but "Mei Ci" in airport

What's the difference


Meme Yi can't even count


she just wanted to btfo mexican


who is mexican


imagine touching Yamy there


her yuehua friend, half mexican


tfw yuyu has to stay home to feed the cats


tfw watched only 13 minutes


that just means you have over 2 hours of prime c101 content left to watch while waiting for that ep5


is it ok to watch just 2 hours in several days?


D-did I miss the viewing party??



it's even recommended with the growing delays in subs



is there a cytube? fuck I just wanted to sleep a little longer than usual


best option is watch 20-25 minutes whenever you eat

that way it'll last like 4 days or so and then you can feel like shit for another 3 before another episodes


but reading comments of kpganon bros on the same thing I see is like another dimension of entertainment added


you can't really concentrate on watching and reading comments at the same time

best way is to pause and discuss things on a board, then coming back to watching


or as the oppo101 coach says: "you need to attract people with the same aesthetic sense as you, the most precious thing is finding buddies with the same fate and the same hobbies as you"


damn that one moderator guy is savage


actually it's better to find buddies who are smarter and more successful than you

that way your have the most effecient training possible



word but that one coach actually said that phrase right when I talked about kpganon bros...


girls room


why would xy be in the blue room was it too much effort to move into class a room


I bet it smells really chemical in there



hm, that's strange

maybe orgs didn't let them move away their original rooms because it would waist time


wait when did they change into the sports clothes? I thought they went to posing right after the stage show

damn chinks again lying to us


damn chinks don't really have common sense regarding amount of ads they're doing


I actually prefer ads like that tbh

In my local tv they do way more ads + secret hidden ads. at least they are obvious in chinkland



is it a good or a bad thing? imagine being a male housecleaner there


c101 ads are amazing

i take it the subs team dont even cut out any real ads or whatever so its 100% ads with the actual trainees


the music tells me I should feel emotional right now with the feeling that this whole paradise situation could be over at any moment and that I better enjoy it while it lasts aka buy this cool idols new oppo phone


not to mention the show doesnt have spoilers or waiting for results delays

and no servicing mobilefags either


I just love that they don't give a fuck how long any episode is

fuck the 10 minute episode trend


I'm 21 minutes in and so far through that whole sisterhood feelings part not one interview or shot has been of sunnee

feels great man


all that censored stuff in their baggage

what could it be



producers are good at making sad atmorsphere

even I'm feeling it

pre-voting melancholy



I missed the chance for a viewing party anyway so I'm going to spam post my comments here



we need to really investigate this

imagine spending several hours comparing screenshots just to find out what cosmetics they use

well, probably first watch shouldn't be that detailed


but I don't like rewatching either


he's not gonna rewatch the most amazing thing to happen after p101


29 minutes in: first camera shot of sunnee together with the ugly amazonian and some nugu


please no hurt android


think about it, that's them AFTER hours of makeup and with perfect lighting and angle




probably she's holding her p


the most funny thing is when XY/MQ are acting like they're afraid of the elimination


there just scared of there friends being eliminated

its their job to promote the nuguhua girls


just found out you say "rui" like ray...


chinese romanisation is weird

at least gook romanisation makes sense, although separate romanisation is used for names to make them somewhat pronounceable for americant's


the whole of D class are just uggos

I like the ranking system being extended in oppo101



theres one in B

im not sure why they keep promoting her so much


don't spoil


do you know which one im talking about


does the no insulting idols apply to chinese trainees?


the most interesting part in vothing is that they're starting from the most unpopular ones

that way with every next voting result you're starting worrying even more because the probability of higher result is less

original producers are kinda smart in that thing



that's true until it comes to the top15 ranks

then it's really obvious that a meiqi for example will not lose against some nugu


memer is in B class


i.e. if you suppose you should get ~50th rank on ~40th rank you're starting to worry like crazy because chances are becoming very low


yea, I mean it's true for the average girls



yeah I like it too. psychologically torturing top50 uggos is great entertainment


I'm curious how long do they keep believing

until 20th rank? imagine what's going on in their heads


well they leave rank 55 open until the very end so all of them could theoretically still be in until the end


theres no announce last place last meme here


but they said 55 would pass and announced rank 54 first then 53 etc


loona is good music, when is it happening


what's the point of ranking them by skill first, and by popularity now

that's so illogical


probably want to make some "oh look she cant keep up with her classmates why is she here" memes


the strange thing is that girls keep thinking like popularity somehow related to the skill: "wow she dances so good how could she be ranked so low"

and Sohye meme is kinda boring now tbh


someone needs to make these images stored between page loads



print them and stick to your monitor


do you not have a large picture frame where you put your new weekly waifu pictures?


not that bad of an idea but somewhat limits screen estate


what picture frame can you recommend



yeah the idea is based on quality>quantity

only the best make it but they will warm your heart even more for it


maybe they sell post-it notes you can print on


I actually thought about maybe getting a kanban white board


don't look there


lol Mei Qi actually can't cry because she is phlegmatic

and that's a good thing


I paused oppo101 btw. viewing party is tonight


hosted by?


cytube kpganon




I think they don't let MQ be 2nd only because it would feel strange to see two yuehua girls there

otherwise she's obvious winner



are you one of these lads?


he can't identify ioi by their butts or other body parts alone



i guess video had no title

somi + ryujin + some nugus

waiting for that 2019


what's with her left eye though, it looks red


she has been beaten into submission to do more advertising for oppo r15


forgot eye drops while working hard through the night



tbh I don't like Somi anymore

she is overhyped, she doesn't have that much talent



I like her because she's so light minded


I mean she's trying to look smart but she's not smart enough for that role


what to eat

gotta do something great in honor of oppo101


She can't believe she's so popular probably

She was just an ordinary meme member back in WJSN days and now she has to represent an entire show because she has tons of screen time as a most popular participant

Hard time for our dullish girl



I went out and bought some ice cream just for oppo



I don't care for your asshole spoilering because I can't remember the names of my oppo choices anyway



literally in the episode



I vote yes if the subs aren't out yet


I know that feel


also XY can't talk tearful stories at all


she's too rich and beautiful to know sadness


is she a daughter of chink chaebol?


pending trainee



wow this is really cruel

imagine you need to stay no matter what but it depends on your ex teammate


chinks are doing great, I like it


he did that on purpose

producers wanted them to implore Mei Qi, at least covertly

such a cruelty


look at this disappointed face

best moment in a whole show yet


I like this qt

stupid chinks like uggos instead


damn the chinks know how to make television though

this rescue thing


how could you know that when the viewing party for oppo101 is tonight?


acrobaticsfu reminds me of my wife yoojie


I can't understand the moral of the show tbh

what are they trying to put into little chinks heads?

it's ok to be a friend with more successful person?

it's ok when he makes lot of money and you're not?

you need to compete with your friends yet keep the friendship?

you shouldn't cry, you should fight for the win like a robot?

at the same time you need to show how big your heart is?

everything is so illogical, I don't understand what are they trying to say



I love your autistic mindset of everything has to be logical, carlsaganbro



why not, asians are not stupid, they're obviouisly trying to put some proper mindset into the heads of little girls who watching such shows

just need to understand what exact mindset


the most obvious one is probably to make them ignore social inequality and fight at their own little battlefield, like on a factory



this, while also still keeping up the hierarchy of the class system. which would be counter intuitive to a communist ideal but then again it is china which means subhuman indian caste system like behaviour is more ingrained than any ideology


chinks dont give a shit about communism

they just want to keep 1 billion intact and calm while china will grow larger


he reminds me O'Brien from 1984 tbh (or Saw movie)

at first he put them into inhuman conditions when they can save only one of their friends

then he's being angry at them for the tears



he just needed to remind them that being an idol is about giving us that sweet youthful energy and happiness


although in reality its all about good television and it looks like they really know how to make it



china is really very interesting in that regard. the classic problem of governance takes on interesting properties when you deal with such a large populace I suppose. Like a function that behaves strange and takes on different aspects when it gets close to certain points



no, everything was directed in such way that they had to sob

he was making sad faces as well at the process of elimination

then he suddendly becomes angry for the tears



the show is quite free as you can see from people running around and doing whatever during the shoot

it was meant to be a happy segment of saving comrade and fighting the enemy so he was able to justify his "anger" at the end

but sure they knew what was going to happen and it was amazing




it was meant to be a happy segment


but sure they knew what was going to happen


they didn't stop the crying in the first place

they were planned it to happen


the show is even more amazing that they dont hold out mq/xy until later like usually shows do with the it members, but put them out first or whenever really and still make the episodes worth watching until the end



yea, the best part is pending trainee

it's really cruel and mean if you think about that

I understand this is just a show and girls don't lose much. But at the same time this is a very well-judged scenario, they intentionally give that exact emotional charge to the audience.


growing facing the sun



don't look directly into the sun, it's bad for your eyes and you won't see her that well


obviously show with only smiling faces will be boring as hell

what the fuck is he talking about



WTF is this chinks

1. Obvious acting

2. Making drama out of nothing

3. Contradicting to your own words you said 20 mins ago



toppest of keks i forgot to watch the preview

acting is so obvious too, prearranged with pd-nims, i wonder if its a hidden camera or are they actually going through with it




i wonder if its a hidden camera

might be

but this is weird, chinks don't have common sense


cannot fucking wait to see how far they take it

just another week


hidden camura broken camera was amazing in p101

this will go into a whole new sphere

at the beginning everyone can see its literallynothing just random chick sliding on the floor without even getting scratches

but then they get screamed at and slowly start questioning themselves



nayoung is the best hidden camera survivor, nobody can surpass her


remember back in the day when kshows like invincible youth had amazing hidden camuras, like really fucked over people made them feel like shit then told them to climb to a tree and play cicada

we have lost so much

not to mention horror episodes


I don't know


n-no need to cry


best Nayoung



how do you guys plan on spending the next 6-7 days


that's a weird question...


im not sure why thats weird, thats around the time next ep arrives


alright then, I will spend the next two days doing absolutely nothing at all except age

then after that spend 2 days working like mad to make up for the two days spent without working

then I'll attend a wedding, go shooting and spend time with my waifu


I was thinking about picking up yuqi all week and I will finally do it




picking up yuqi all week

what do you mean by that :iu_huh:



it's the same don't worry


feeling a bit melancholic after this ep tbh

1000×8001.67Mb00:04[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 2-XWCf_uMvcek


except the end, this episode was disappointing...


them running around in the short sporty shorts for 2 hours


why not expecting nip p slip of Mei Qi at once


please remove spoiler tag trimming, it is ruining our implications


imagine ah ah you don't know what's under the spoiler


just 6 more days until ep5


I'm okay with it. I have a lot of yuqi material to discover anyway~~



are you implying that my new pick up somehow has any material that should not be looked at?????


you can look at Soyeon instead


why not


she looks like spanish girl


yeah weird huh


what's wrong with latinas though


they aren't korean or even asian :iu_huh:


but still hot


not really to me mostly tbh


i-i did...


just watch it, idiot


if "winners" were the team that beat the other one what was the point of winning the 8v8



they wanted to make a prize for part of the girls (dinner) and splitting them in two clusters is a good way to do that



what about mqs rich under 35 party performance with half her team eliminated


don't worry about it, he says weird stuff from time to time


please don't say weird stuff


please post my wife




mq got a prize (performance at this event) in the beginning of the show



how about you search for some korean adult cable channels


they don't have such channels


that's just a show


goo moning~~~


what shows do normal people watch when theres no c101


normies actually buy netflix or amazon prime and watch every hollywood mind poison on there.


i might still have netflix trial to watch sejeongs show but it seems kind of shit


there are some aesthetic anime movies if you wanna try that


why did all kqt shows have to stop

its over

peutin is the only vlive that gets subbed so i cant do that either (because no new peutin vlives)


Do you want to watch a kDrama instead?

I recommend heavy rain only because yoona is the main girl in it...


actually best kdrama


Genre: Teen / Romance / School



that's literally the best genre there is


for teenage girl maybe


what do you like?


Liar Game


where the main protagonist is a school girl that builds a romantic relationship with another teen?


nice slippery slope


do you have your period, olga orlov?


just a joke, I like liar game too. did you read the original?




just a joke

wtf I've already downloaded first ep of Boys Over Flowers


did you read the original



first ep of Boys Over Flowers


5th minute


already want to stop it and delete


I was the one recommending liar game, don't know who said "Boys Over Flowers"


some joker

anyway watching because I'm bored


look like Hwayoung

I almost don't watch kdramas because they're boring as hell. Like anime but even worse. I don't like spending 24 hours for primitive cliches repeating over and over again. Liar Game is one of the surprising exceptions.



I guess he just got normal youtube app recommendations based on his previous activity



i like her eye smile


how do you get notifications btw?

i don't know


I like Rina because she is hot and Lua because she is funny and hot :jisu_smile:



you are quite a simple minded person huh



I mean she is a big part why I like it but there are some aesthetic scenes making you feel things

of course it's still a kdrama so it's full of cringy stuff but you have to ignore that if you want to watch anything korean




but you have to ignore that if you want to watch anything korean

or find better kdrama


Release Date: January 5, 2009


Windows XP


IE 6

wtf wrong with you koreans


yeah, that's because a lot of their websites only work in IE


why are they so bad in IT


Kim So Eun also playing there


can you believe she's already 28 years old?


I like her chubby cheeks



she has a "we got married" season, have you watched that?



is it worth it?


if you enjoy her cheeks you'll like it


I should actually watch it again myself, it was years ago


anyone like taeyeon around these parts?




there seems to be a lot of taeyeon hate these days


well she is getting older and her face is hitting the wall abit


maybe there just fags


possible. so taetae is your waifu?

360×6262.32Mb00:15[V LIVE] 태연 SURPRISE LIVE!


you mean the shes not looking like a 12 year old anymore wall?


the original, although i also have ioi now too


no I meant the plastic surgery face wall.


sounds like something a fag would write



she still looks perfectly fine you virgin


ive followed tae for 8 years and its always been the same argument

like literally


ive followed tae for 8 years



post more evidence


i dont know why i used to read fagpopper comments but its just there thing i guess






will she ever do a segshy concept again now that snsd is done?





sadly not

i have no idea what any of my wives are doing, im on a twitter break


just grab a waifu from new generation, e.g. momoland or g-idle


why are you on a twitter break? are you addicted or something?


takes to much time



imagine you can have korean wife if and only if it's Daisy

what would you do


im a rosalina man myself



this took me way longer than it should have

There you go, no more questioning permitted now


song ugi


nuts don't necessarily grow in pairs


maybe he doesn't like the way daisy looks



lol, thats what i thought,

stop being a basic bitch, shes a lovely girl


remember when iteens were still uggo

its all about getting accustomed

maybe whatshername loonagirl is still redeemable



There are a lot of lovely girls with cute faces, I don't know why you would go for Daisy


asymmetry isnt an argument

maybe try posting her face instead


i think i saw a video of momoland once, members didnt look too shabby apart from yeonwoo and batgirl




my recommendations are in the last 100 posts here



light years ahead of you mate



Liar Game worth watching

otherwise you likely wasting a time


i dont into dramas, i dont want to see my wife playing someone other than herpublicself



that's why you get dramafus like So Eun


acting is basically the worst meme out there and destroys most groups



cant wait for joy to destory rv

oh wait, its gonna be yeris suicide thats gonna do it


dev tools














most dramas they're filming in are utter shit anyway

drama with Bona is a bit interesting though


the one I'm watching right now has some qts in it and theres body switching going on


post joy riding a bull on adult cable show




what did she meant by this?


the dnb list is still true, especially for kpganon


he doesn't know about the golden rule


what is her end game


the golden rule is not possible and therefore void



looks like you don't know about it to me


you're supposed to say "dr. who?"


I'm not a native speaker


it's okay


non native speakers will be the new native speakers


maybe I should just learn russian and talk with you in /wood/



do it, we need more speaking slaves in our Great Russian Empire


I'm a direct person


how many russian words do you know?




not much



we didn't have the option to learn russian in school

the media in my country hates you guys and wants war/sanctions




the media in my country hates you guys and wants war/sanctions




I never understood why they demonize you people so much tbh


west don't like strong independent players in geopolitical games


gonna naekkoya


did anyone spot gyuri from the mv


yeah she's in it for .8 seconds near the end


I dont get why she does nekkoya tbh the opposition is very strong and nothing is guaranteed


imagine trampling over kgirls to take thousands of pics and then ruining them in post


apparently its "you can promote with whoever even if you make it to final group" season


I kinda dislike her for doing it tbh


why would you dislike her? she doesn't have a choice


of course she does. why would it need to be her? they have tons of trainees and there are other fromis members too


mnet gets familiar names for there show

flomis gets a tiny, tiny chance of making it by guyri somehow memeing her way to the top

its not to difficult


sticky sensation


Good Morning



what kind of bondage is that?


the best kind


don't do that chae



I'm at 3th ep of Boys Over Flowers

will drop it though, too boring, I'm not going to spend 25 hours on that


there are only 40 days left for her to find 3 people who truly loved her



ah ah imagine finding 3 kqts in 40 days



having to limit them to only 3


only 3


not being able to find entire Pristin at once



kyla isn't able to truly love though...


Rena seems to be bored too


you should have given her more attention


for god sake, there're 10 of them, how would I give even more attention


you need lots of vitamins


they even speak about that in kdramas

seaweed might be useful if I'm not mistaken

or similar sea food


oh god, will the evil corporate guy rape her? find out in the next episode




I'm fine with Pristin V subunit too tbh


xiyeons not in it right? too bad

hoping for lots of tummies anyway




xiyeons not in it right?

maybe because of her magic


corporate-nim didn't rape her btw


good to know


I like how often they use the word "bitch"


just so you know, she got fired from her job because the owner was jealous of her meeting his best friend outside of work

man this is dumb...


do you suffer from 30sec attention span too?


not at all why?


looks like the father of her that is supposed to get scammed out of his wealth has a terminal illness that he didnt tell anyone about


her host body is trying to kill herself wtf



what is "OT" in Pristin OT10?



ot stands for One True and ot10 means whole group with all 10 girls


i love the 9 pristins so much


word, the 8 pristins are great


Oh I misstyped


I meant to say :

word, the 6 pristins are great



imagine kyulkyung on magic days




angry as hell


the fuck?

please elaborate


unironically linking to buzzfeed



angry kyulkyung is the best

she is so strict


i guess i into that but i dont know how to download idol producer episodes and the subbed ones on youtube were taken by bitrot


imagine being a girl when you can enjoy both k- and fagpop


like being able to watch without vomit


that pinkysubber madman had cuts for all eps and subs but bitrot took it all


that's why you should always backup youtube videos


i was to lazy and didnt realize how much i would need cx motivational speech later on

i didnt know the chinks would come after some youtube vids




cx motivational speech


are you really that unmotivated?




i didnt know the chinks would come after some youtube vids

it's not just that

there're tons of reasons why video might disappear

you should consider youtube as a broadcasting service, not as a storage



she's too young and childish for being a mentor tbh



post more angry kyulkyung


Me on the right


me under the table



She's not a poorfag like you


why do you mention it?


time to naekkoya


what does that even mean


watching an mv of a song called naekkoya


don't watch


oh as long as you're just watching...


also listening to that amazing tune if thats what youre asking


listening for meow-meow?


i feel faint

maybe watch kb ioi ep and call it a day



take your medicine



make a new thread reatards


n-no u





reatard more like retard lmao

am I right?



sorry, i cried myself to sleep pretty quickly