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#14 No Bully Edition


#14 No Bully Edition



very angry kyulkyung


if you want to think about compression weekly idol's new show "idol room" is aired on vlive and chose led screen as their background



kpgent needs to R&D coding tools for effecient LED screen compression and push it to AV2 :jisu_smile:

1280×7203.36Mb00:09안양랭복 - 다 넘겨도 22초부터는꼭봐야댐 심통부리는거 젤웃기고귀여움!!!!-947895223719419904

if you know what i mean


wtf Bona don't make me touch your breast again



dawon does exactly 0 for me


i'm so sorry about your crippling homosexuality


I only really care about the body once I'm at least a little bit interested in the face tbh

460×3141.01Mb00:10Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra)


fight your nature, to became a ubermesch


t-that's not how it works


Also Sprach Zarathustra

did you read it in german?


I didn't even read it in Russian


I learnt german in a school btw (second foreign language). But don't remember much


english as first foreign language?



my father was learning only german though, it was more important in USSR days



it's funny to see north korean propaganda officers speaking almost perfect german because of their DDR days




north korean propaganda officers speaking

why do you watch that


they were wishing all german speakers a happy new year, how could I not watch


What is he talking about? Juche ideology?


he's wishing us listeners a happy new year



is there a mein kampf type book for the north korean ideology? I know way too little about it


might be Kim Il-sung memoirs



I hear "wachkatze choix" and I agree fully


Oh shit I was right about the katze(cat) part nice


For speakers who are not born in the Bavarian language area, it is very difficult to reproduce the word even remotely in each local dialect; getting a pronunciation different from the native ones is virtually impossible.


difficult to reproduce


every pronunciation will sound the same



every other pronunciation would be false


don't worry about it


it's actually easier than the high german version which would be


1280×7201.22Mb00:06After School Club(Ep.236) TWICE(트와이스) _ Full Episode _ 110116

in sweden they are in the process of making the language easier for their new friends



just word that non-natives can't pronounce well

in almost any language there is something like that


"POWERFUL" (G) I-DLE (children) - LATATA


SBS Inkigayo


what kind of a name is shuhua




where russian anon can find dnb list?


in your heart


you have 5 minutes to find me nayoungs that face




Andrea Mitchell


2 years ago


send him back to aushwitz


what did they mean by this

inb4 late evening at lotte world


tfw it's raining heavy and you watch pictures of sad kpops with sad music in the background


tfw it's hot and you're watching hot kpop chicks


oh fucking shit it actually developed into a raging hail storm. I have no kpop for that situation


wtf are they living in some kind of slave group? why does nunu own bubu? that doesn't make sense!


what the fuck is bubu


whowho? :jisu_smile:


can we just post lewd pristins instead of speaking like children?



approximately 13 dudus or about 1 rena


lewd pristins

there is no such thing


I meant pure pristins sorry


shut up vladimirovic leninoslav orlov


so vladimirovic is okay?


it's patronymic

should be something like: andrei vladimirovich orlov

russian 101




are there females that are called something like olga olganov trotsky?



Olganov is not valid, patronym for Oleg is Olgina.

And female version of Trotsky is Trotskaya.


the surname changes with the sex of the person? fascinating


normally yes

but there are some exceptions


I'm curious how much koreans hate foreigns who asks them about kpop


my korean friends call me kpopboy and make fun of me for knowing more about kpop artists than them


i'm not russian brainlet


bdo - brain demolition operation?



black desert online. it's a korean mmorpg


do girls play this game?


yeah, a lot of kqt streamers :jisu_smile:


I found this game so damn boring and autistic, do you still play it?


no i installed it like 2 years ago. microtransaction bullshit




btw kakao talk best communication application


gooks seems to be ok in gamedev, why do they suck so much in webdev



sk government needs them to use ie11 for easier spying


the kakao talk smiles are the best, there's not even a challenge from whatsapp/etc


imagine working in kpop company like JYP or Pledis and greeting idols at launch breaks


imagine being the reception guy at the dance room houses


chae is mine


im out


just kidding don't go


 Artist: DJ Bignose
 Album: Star of David
 Comment: Don't look there
 Genre: Audioporn
 Title: ruqsnd
 Track: 69

oh yeah, orlov-nim, have you seen this great work of art already?


should I stop or not though :iu_huh:


stop what


looking there


it's really up to your supply of capital


she's not like that


if you're looking for capital my wife's book is very helpful


20% off? now that's a bargain


why would she reveral any tricks though


hearing her speak russian/korean mix is so weird


kind of hot tbh


what a beta midget


any good dashcam compilations lately?









wat do


be heppi


what are you going to do


lmao this dashcam


what is dashcam


thats why you dont stop on the crosswalk


what's so funny in such videos


drunk people act funny


in russia video laugh at you


i like the one where the guy is on the moped, get hit, does a barrel roll and then just walks it off like a ninja











totally normal in Russia

it's like Japan when you're too shy to complain

but here you just don't fucking care instead




t's like Japan when you're too shy to complain


but here you just don't fucking care instead


are there many white foreigners living in russky land? do people hate foreigners there?


not caring

tell me about it


pedestrian wipers


why russians are so bad at driving?


actually koreans drink 10 times more



in my dorm they used to make themselves faint by exhaling really hard and then trying to sit --> stand

fucking retards


the method was to get someone strong to push the solar plexus really hard against a wall to faint...

stupid af...


at that time there were a few girls that developed well~~ so I "helped" them a couple times



yes don't judge me it was 400 years ago and I was even dumber than I am now it's not that hard to do with small girls



i-it wasn't bullying I swear


n-no i meant no judge


oh ok good


we must be at around the same age then, youth culture back then was pretty fucked up...


i turned 24 last month




out of curiosity, are you a russian chingu or no?


never fainted before but if i saw my waifu i irl i might


anonymity is a weird thing


on the internet nobody knows you %%love yoojie so berry much%


i've nothing to hide


why unfortunately? it's a good song


s-shut up it's a good song


do you also like nickelback? :jisu_smile:


stop bullying me because I like the song


i'm not bullying





no wonder we're discussing some weird shit again



did you get bullied because you're a fat person like the guy in the webm?



no, I haven't been playing in such games much


13. RUSSIAN OMELET - Cross enemy's legs. Fold enemy by pinning his shoulders to ground upside-down and placing his legs above him. Sit on his legs, folding the bass of the spine. Fatal.


not him, that was in the forum post sorry



not clicking that


I already fell for it


iuc no new material for 4 straight months


cx speech lost to bitrot

its over for me


UI of LynxChan is utter shit tbh

there is no even "back" button, how am I gonna go from thread to the board



what's up with that guy

did his girl left?



in the last ep he was angry because they were cried

no he's angry because they're not crying

are chinks even into logic


sure buddy


I mean there are two possible scenarios:

1. Stop acting and help the girl. You might be punished because you didn't let the "national producers" enjoy the show.

2. Continue the show. You might be punished because you're heartless moron.

How am I gonna guess the right option?


that chink has no manners, why is he yelling at them like that wtf...great example of the non-humanity of chinese culture.


should have been a meollae kamera but it was just some scripted shit



producers make image for them

they may call any of that options the right thing and you can't do anything about that

and they can change their opinion later in similar accident



now i think about it it seem like a scene from a drama



yeah that's why it's all scripted

it may not be exactly rigged in votes etc. but it's heavily manipulated


this is why i'm not getting invested in oppo101. saving all my tears for nekkoya48



...ever-r-y d-d-d-d-drop c-c-c-counts-s....



please watch only single show at time

I can't let the shit with unit vs mix9 happen again



i'm watching chink101 but i only pay attention when miggi/seaweed/a few others are on screen


did any of you watch the male version of korea produce101?

was it exactly the same activities as the girls?


why the fuck would i watch that


idk maybe you're a faggot


i only like kpussy



it's the common asian thing

though americans have similar type of teachers, e.g. watch Whiplash and Fight Club movies

only europeans are pure


7. TESTICLES - The strong, focused pain of a vicious low blow may cause shock, resulting in death.

can you really die from kick to the balls?



we need special kpg edition of oppo101 with only meiqi scenes kept


even her overacting is extra cute



miggi and xy in it to win it. what happens when they win though


that's the retarded one that is surprisingly pretty right?


I get it

that is weird chinese competition for the saddest face


xy is funny though, not sad


What are you talking about?


drama moment from oppo101 ep5


seaweed -- 1 of 2 billionaires from the kpop group known as cosmic girls -- she want's to return from whence and wherest she c*me


mq looks pretty clumsy from far tbh


thin shins and thick thighs


meiqi's face in the right place at the right moment

gosh that chink script is so funny


sexual relations with asian girls


platonic relations with asian girls


professional relations with asian girls


family relations with asian girls


nondescript relations with asian girls


dominance hierarchy relations with asian girls


The yellow fever is strong here

I bet you just can't get a white girlfriend lmao


but my ex gf was white, and so was the one before that, and before that one.


shit humor


having the same rhetoric as a SJW doesn't qualify as a joke, you need to actually be funny


I'm on episode 17/20 of that drama btw


it got a little complicated and long winded after about 8 episodes but I still want to know how it ends so...




it got a little complicated and long winded after about 8 episodes

actually same shit for almost any kdrama

you just getting tired after 8 hours of zero plot progress

I've dropped lot of dramas on ~8th ep



Same, I'll be honest, I think a lot of dramas start well but they fall flat after ~6. It's really sad.


yeah in this one the girl dies and has to get 3 peoples tears who truly loved her by switching bodies with a living girl. she has 49 days to do it until she finally dies. between day 40 and day 15 absolutely fucking nothing whatsoever happened that was about episode 8 to 16


because koreans don't realize they can't do catchy dramas with >12 eps

only dramas with ≤12 eps are watchable



instead of just developing the main plot of two characters, they went ahead and did 5, no wonder it took them 20 hours to tell it and it's too brief and too much so it gets confusing and boring



Yeah, I always check the number of eps now, if it's more than 13 I don't even try


liar game had something like 11 episodes right?

it was honestly not nearly enough to actually do the original liar game story but it was good nonetheless


I remember watching the first 3 episodes of The K2 and it was fucking great, then it fell flat around episode 8. It has some really good action sequences




though I watched one kdrama with 16 eps and it was quite good

but it was my first one so it doesn't count




but it was my first one so it doesn't count


I actually like the cliché corny coming of age school dramas tbh

it's somehow refreshing that even something like a kissing scene is a scandal and something extreme

I am way too used to seeing bitches fuck around in mainstream western shows


that's especially funny given the age of consent in Korea


love triangles are too boring though

and you won't watch them because of the idol unless you're cuck



why are you so triggered by choa?






and you won't watch them because of the idol unless you're cuck

Boys were never the target audience


i'm out





I was never able to understand why girls love female idols

that's so irrational


I'm not choa poster btw. it's literally the same file I got banned for when I first started posting on 8ch.

I didn't understand it then and named that picture triggerfile



They want emulate the idols, be like them, be desired like them.


Besides, gaypop is more popular than girlpop among girls anyway




that's not honest

they have both kpop and fpop and still trying to manipulate female idols (e.g. feeders, nolewd, short shorts, etc memes)

8.29Mb03:26Day 1


I'm mostly angry at how they enjoy half naked bodies of male idols yet trying to "ban" lewd behavior of female idols

that doesn't make sense at all


girls are also the future main consumers of both female and male products.

no wonder they get targeted the most

I'm not sure whether the envy and wanting to emulate their idols for attention is an adequate reason to explain the craze



you gotta start buying more albums then


didn't buy single one licensed CD in my whole life tbh


I have about 5 cds from my youth


I already traded with mp3s back then tho


I bought some albums from metal bands I like


I was buying movie CDs in 90s when internet wasn't a thing but they were all pirated


Hey Kagami,

Can I give you suggestion that would improve my experience in this site and most likely the experience of other anons as well?

My suggestion is: add a search bar for emotes.

Sincere thanks,



Do you think actual real behavioral character changes are possible for a human being within a short life span that every human has?

like those motivational shitty speeches for example, do you think a person could change how he acts long term by himself just deciding one day to be different?

It appears to me that adults only seem to change the way they act in this world very superficially if at all over time.




it already kind of has that if you write :"keyword" into the reply box it will show the smiles with the keyword in it



start typing :lol and you will see autocomplete bar


like :wut for example or :kyul


I got it now, I was just selecting emotes with my mouse. Thanks lads!


happi posting, chingu


I'll go to sleep now, think about >>130250 this till tomorrow


i don't like to think


thinking is hard tbh



i always end up at the same spot with those types of thoughts


that doesnt make sense



individuals can change their behaviour based on the smallest influence, this could be even be reading a quote let alone visiting a psychologist or some institution like a rehab.

in many religious text like the bible/torah/quran characters are willing to convert by simply hearing a passage/verse. people are a lot more malleable than others think.


i don't think i can change myself. at least not for long

but other people are probably better at that



in the short term sure but what about all the fatties orlazy bums that will never change their behavior even if they want to?



a religious conversion isn't very short term but maybe you didn't get my point, I'm not saying these are regular people but the human psyche comes in a lot of different configurations. that's my point.



you mean like archetypes?

Like I said I really dont know what to think about it because on one hand I see many examples in the real world of people being unable to truly change themselves for example theres a saying "you cant teach an ols dog new tricks" and I have certainly experienced that with my own parents. then there are mainstream obvious things like stop smoking or start exercising.

it seems to me that only certain few kinds of people are really able to do long lasting changes like that.

on the other hand theres the more philosphical side of me that thinks that if there is no true progress from within, how am I supposed to keep a positive outlook on life itself? I mean if the way upwards(whatever you yourself define as upwarss) is blocked by time restrictions or even just genetics, and the way downwards is open and in fact very easy to access, how can the world be anything else than eternal suffering?



you're using anecdotal experience to make judgement on whether people as a whole can change or not, that's not empirically correct. for example, I (or anyone else) could prove anecdotes that are the opposite.

the point is that you need to take a step back from your personal experience, and try to see the world objectively using through a combination of data and philosophical methods for analysing that data.

if you think the world is suffering it says a lot more about your own personal circumstances than it does about the actual world.

genetics is overrated in my opinion (except for figuring out ancestry), so far there's not a lot of proof suggesting that it explicitly affects the behaviour of an individual (maybe implicitly, but even that isn't sure). and i'm a huge fan of genetics and anthropology, but so far all we've done is associate a few genetic markers with conditions, and it doesn't really mean much in the big picture.


that discussion



you can change if you're young and open mind, or dumb

once you've got too many emotional experience the new "breakthough" quotes and philosophies don't touch you that much

I can say for myself that there were quite a few books/videos/people who gave me new mind concepts, but now I think I can only extend my knowledge

e.g. I doubt I may join some religious cult because I've heard about lot of them and understand their structure at some level, my brain won't let me oversimplify my life experience and accept primitive concepts of cult


there is nothing new under the sun

that quote also makes sense, think about it

it doesn't mean we as humanity can't invent anything new, it means there're very limited set of phisolophy concepts, that were also known thousands years ago

if you have have decent knowledge of philosophy and literature, I doubt you can find any new concepts in movies and motivational speeches, because they operate on exactly same ground

there're still lot of things that can change you anyway though, but they're quite extreme

e.g. war, death of your relativies or children, intolerable living conditions, drugs, breakthrough in brain/AI research


i just think about nayoung


1280×7202.84Mb00:08[Produce 101][101TVCh.Lee Suhyun] Who’s the most fashionable in private fashion!


you guys actually thought about it


we thought about it lots


good good


for me it's roa


my top 3 is nayoung, roa and rena

kyulkung, eunwoo, xiyeon, yehana are good too

don't feel anything special to yuha and sungyeon, though sungyeon is a bit better

and no comments for kyla


nothing special




was never able to understand yuhafags


no comments for kyla

check you privilege bitch


no bully edition


me at the back



So now you know you have to study more for the true exam, hwaiting!


imagine oppo101 ZT yelling at you



s-shut up I dont want to hear the truth


are you still learning Java?


its more general oop but yes

I failed at operating systems though




failed at operating systems

what was there


flow of interrupts/sys calls, scheduling and memory management



tbh I was able to understand what virtual memory really is/how syscalls work only years after my college days


I completely blanked on the memory management part, scheduling was the only thing I actually got right

fucking sucks, Im not really in the place I want to be at skillwise. If I continue like this Ill end up in the bottom half of the class or even fail altogether




in the bottom half of the class

what's wrong with that


I don't want to be in constant fear of getting kicked out and once I leave this place I want to actually be decent at what I do


you should spend less time on kpop then


spending time on kpop would be no problem if I just scheduled my life properly and stuck to it

ahhh sorry for non kpop related stuff




if I just scheduled my life properly and stuck to it

it's too hard, better use more effecient methods


like what


spend all time on single thing


you mean like spending all my free time on studying alone?


yes, or alternatively on kpop


but then this place would have about 80% less posts for the next few months


we may ask seolaposter to post more


hard decisions tbh


only 2 more days until new oppo subs


I just want to see that one girl fall and the rest getting yelled at


but we already saw it


I didnt watch the trailer


he didn't watch the trailer


I hate trailers they make everything worse


he hates trailers


d-dont do that


he doesn't want that


what does it mean


ready to do that



Roa, during her latest vlive promoting their subunit debut, told fans regarding the title track :" You will all die." She was so confident, she repeated that phrase 3 MORE times.


i want to make food but what would i watch

i already watched both kb episodes

no dramas please


how much social credit do i need to get ##there##


mei looks like a sexy bug


she is mine


loona 1/3 is still the best


replace olivia and yves with 2jins and voila, the perfect group.



don't think the world could handle that

not really a fan of gowon tbh would rather put lippy or haseul in there


i can handle it


what did he end up watching


whats the best way to start accumulating some of that sweet social credit™


be rich and give other even richer people some of your wealth


imagine hitting 1700 social credit and 3900 tencent credit and getting fast tracked for pic related


MOMOLAND comeback produced by Shinsadong Tiger

when will my faves


what's the most effecient way to achieve lots of credits?


Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. It was first released in 2011, and by 2018 it was one of the world's largest standalone mobile apps by monthly active users

wtf, why do they keep mention "world's largest"

it's only because there're lot of chinese people and they can't use any other app because it's blocked


its boring af


no, I like it, it's pretty smart


just watch community sesame credit episode instead


will watch it too, need to think about that credit system more



jump right in


I can already say that the way it's shown in black mirror ep, it's horribly unstable.

If people are free to rate you any time there're lot possibilities to abuse the system, like joining the special groups who would rate each other to 5 all the time.

Chinese system is smarter, only goverment can rate you.



should be about 2400 tencent credit for pinky alone



According to media reports (link in Chinese), users must input their real names and Chinese ID numbers to reveal their scores, which ranges between 300 and 850. The company breaks down that score into five sub-categories: social connections, consumption behavior, security, wealth, and compliance. It’s very similar to Sesame Credit, the social credit system run by Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial, which was launched officially in 2015.


between 300 and 850



how would I do that


i guess pinky isnt for normies, you really have to reach the stars to get in there


not to mention max level is usually raised with extensions




max level is usually raised with extensions

how do I do that


he was trying to unzip her pants with the tooth


I believe smth like how to protect yourself when dog attacks your


your leg


your p     


Watched Black Mirror, Community and Orville eps



And what are your impressions? Probably I will watch it this evning.

Now I have finished Mindhunter. Generaly, psychological serieals is my favourite



I like the Black Mirror and Orville eps, though it's obvious from the start such systems can't work.

It's not actually the criticism of Chinese credit system.


It's actually the critisicm of modern european society, SJW, mob stupidity. We've seen a lot of examples in IT community where you can be witchhunted for slightly conservative opinion regarding gendered pronouns or marriages. Chinese people are smarter than that.


did i miss anything worth reading here in the last 2 days?


tldr; we're searching ways to gain a lot of Tencent credits


With this system, how can a poor person with their cheap items and low-rank family ever escape poverty? And how about people who make mistakes as kids or teens - will that follow them forever? How can a former convict rehabilitate themselves when their punishment continues outside jail after they've served their time? What about the victims of social media smear campaigns? There are SO many ways of unintentionally and permanently ending up on the wrong side of this system. It's basically extrajudicial punishment where an algorithm is your judge, jury, and executioner. All these interviewees cheering for vigilante justice because "I never did anything wrong", but what they don't realize is they won't be the ones to define what's wrong...


imagine being chinese cop so you can survive on Cheng Xiao and Kyulkyung


imagine being chinese cop so you can cop Cheng Xiao and Kyulkyung


rather be airport security so i could strip search them


I think he means their hand bags and hidden pouches


yeah that's probably it


that's the only valid place they could hide drugs except for shoes so yeah



that one girl really earning her Alibaba Credit™ in the interview


i felt like shit earlier, then took some medicine and rested for an hour and now im ok again



about the social credit system, I think on a smaller local level with a homogeneous people and the system being heavily restricted with automatic escape mechanisms so it's not a sentence forevereverever.It could also be used not to punish unwanted behavior but to encourage wanted behavior. For example like hitler did for families that have children get their mortgage written off a linear amount per child raised.

However the entire concept is very obviously prone to abuse and tyranny if not implemented with the highest possible care. Which makes it a idealistic tool of governance and therefore inherently dependent on the populace of a given nation.

interesting stuff though

Is Chengie still doing tv shows in china btw?



same except i smoked some meth, kfapped and i'm now i'm 100%


she disappeared after missing her happy camp appearance



this is not helping my developing tucked in shirts fetish one bit...




encourage wanted behavior

the problem is: people are stimulated to get higher score, not to behave better

basically there is no much sense in doing kind things if you do them unsincerely

sure it's better than doing awful things but still stupid



yeah trying to micro manage peoples behavior on such a detailed level is a really bad idea, but like I said if you just do it like an incentive for wanted behavior like for example building big families.

governments do such things already with things like taxing cigarettes and alcohol to make their people healthier and getting insane amounts of money


mfw explaining soft power to my parents

1280×7201.22Mb00:06After School Club(Ep.236) TWICE(트와이스) _ Full Episode _ 110116

governments already give money for them childerinos

certain kind of families rake in some sweet, sweet cash through the system


although single parent families get even more $ so in the end its worse than not giving out money


universal basic income is a good idea when you really think about it



chinks social credits is a bit more than encouraging of healty life though


You won't be considered for public office


You'll lose access to social security and welfare


You'll be frisked more thoroughly when passing through Chinese customs


You'll be shut out of senior level positions in the food and drug sector


You won't get a bed in overnight trains


You'll be shut out higher-starred hotels and restaurants and will be rejected by travel agents


Your children won't be allowed into more expensive private schools

I bet this is just the beginning, to not fear the citizens. I heard there're plans to make AI in driverless autos take decisions based on your score. I.e. should it kill you or person you're being bumped to. Really scary stuff.



Even though the current system of family aid is very different from the one I talked about. getting a fixed amount of money per child per month is not the same as forgiven debt up to a certain point, you are right, it is being abused and does more harm than good but that's a natural consequence of the current situation. For social programs like this to work, there are many specific requirements.



influencing countries by forcefully importing foreign culture and buying up real estate etc


everybody in the world is learning chinese~

pic of yamy


<chinese language>




watching ep4 i thought the subber didnt know what they were talking about and wrote <chinese language> instead of <ching chong>



you better start to learn Chinese tbh


muh globalist agenda

chinks have no shame


probably the opposite, they talk about wanting to promote there own culture instead of getting americanized


it's shit no matter who does it.

fuck mcdonalds and starbucks and fuck chinese real estate buyers




instead of getting americanized

they failed it then


you guys have absolutely 0 cultural influence in my country so you are good in my book

896×5044.39Mb00:05[Dreamcatcher's Note] EP. 20 드림캐쳐 '악몽 -Fall asleep in the mirror' 팬사인회 현장-7cMnYZl5sps


well, yeah...

not a day goes by when i dont think about him


п-пожалуйста, можем ли мы starbucks а также mcdonalds также?


russians and north koreans are bffs. china too


우-우리도 백인을 가질 수 있습니까?


请让我们变成白色!! !




don't even drink the caffeinated jew

636×360397.17Kb00:04Shimazaki Haruka AKBINGO 21 Funny Compilation PART08


look at this cute hat instead



no you mad russky, they are both poison for you


the nearest starbucks is like an hour from here

and i don't mean going by foot


I don't drink coffee at all, only tea



It's over you're a globalist puppet now

have fun drinking "hot chocolate", loser


cold iced earl grey tea during summer is actually very popular in korea btw. have you ever tried it?



I mean without sugar and stuff, literally just earl grey tea cooled down with ice in it




are we globalist puppets because we like kpop


no, globalist puppets watch anime instead


i don't really like kpop, i just like cute asian girls


I came to appreciate kpop as a higher art form


a-at least we don't listen to fagpop


lol word


i genuinely like some kpop songs, but they're like very rare


i appreciate good production in all forms but i hate pop music and pop fans generally


I hate safety shorts and all that safety culture


word censorship is bullshit


censorship protecs childerinos

go ahead and watch porn instead


listening to <chinese language> again it's very clear that they used lots of artificial applause tracks


ive been listening to kpop since 2009 and i like approximately 3 gaypop songs




ive been listening to kpop since 2009

how many waifu have you had in total?


i've been into kpop since gee and not once have i ever sought ought a fagpop song, posted on onehallyu or read a single kblog



post something straight then

being gay will cost you a lot of social credits here


at first i only had 1 wife but then ioi happend


I only like some rap songs and the early songs of ziont

I don't consider this fagpop since they are solo artists and I only listen to the music


please don't deduct from /kpg/ credit for this



seulgi is to good for red velvet but im not sure this lady is the answer



don't he will do evil things with the information



this. based rainbrobrow seeing the forest for the trees likely from experience acquired over a very long career




kpg social credits

how much do I need for a least attractive idol?



You need money and a good appearance for that


we need idol list with tencent credits written behind each tbh



haven't seen the latest updates but all of fromis, april, loona and elris are core members of the list