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#15 The Return Of The Cings Edition


#15 The Return Of The Cings Edition

764×7202.88Mb00:08170219 우주소녀(WJSN) [너에게닿기를] 부산 팬싸인회 직캠 - 팬싸 종료 후




i-it says right there in the file name...


>>130800 ➡


all of fromis, april, loona and elris are core members of the list

did it on Somin and Kim Lip tbh




cheng xiao looked so healthy and full of la vie, why must the shelf life for idols be so short? damnit

116.97Kb00:06[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 1-ejvf6weIvbA



she just saw a really overweight kpganon in the crowd and it made her worry for his soul


Perfection does not exi-



she is really a kindhearted one



dnb ladies



you are really making a good argument for me finally finishing revel up season 2, anon...



Do it for her


i forgot which episode im on season 1 and its too much effort to find out


are there any other redvelvet varieties or shows that are worth it?




3 days ago


we dont trust Alibaba or 马云(Alibaba's boss,i dont know his english name),even he look like alien。but we trust our government,if 马云 want to do bad things,government will stop him,and sent him to jail。


if you want to know why we trust government? learn ccp 's history,you maid understand。i think the same you trust Washington(the father of usa),i dont know you trust him or not,i assume you trust。




1 month ago


You can only post this comment because you are either using a VPN, or are outside of the internet censors control. Don't write off the rest of the people in China because you have it good. That is a big deal. How can you not see the failure of the CCP when nobody from China can even see this? Will your social score go down a lot when they catch you using a VPN? is that a risk you will take in the future when your friends and family can be hurt by your use of a VPN? think on that.



talked with a chinese exchange student once, he said that most people know their goverment isn't the best but when the alternative is a huge revolution that would cause a shit ton of deaths and poverty for a long time they don't really feel like doing anything

china has had something like 80 changes of government in it's history, and pretty much every time it resulted in mass deaths and poverty


yeah i probably won't, didn't want to get your hopes up


just tell the truth in future, anon. We can handle it most of the time


damn i'm such a brainlet, just realized you meant that the government will take care of him


we can handle it




I love feelpop pictures


I can't feel sadness anymore tbh


sure real life is worse than you could imagine but kpop used to be the escape



sure, let me know if you beat my score

it's harder than it looks, even if i know a group well it's hard to write down all the members sometimes

they changed it a bit though, added some new groups I don't know and removed some of the disbanded groups i knew, would probably get less if i tried again



do you need to write them in order or just any names you know?

if the latter then you can probably bruteforce some names, can't you?


fun game to try


lets try bruteforcing



not in order

yeah sometimes you have to try a few times to get the spelling right



I realize that real world life is much worse than my stupid feelings

don't know how to explain

I just don't think that my feelings are important enough so I ignore the sadness


you could try bruteforcing all the three letter names if you have some time left, but even with three letters there are 18278 combinations



why bruteforce letter combinations if you can just write random korean names you've ever heard


just find all korean words used in names in american romanization



too bad nobody knows what song this is


spam it on various music forums, someone should know




already wasted it trying shazam or whatever its called



you're not autistic enough

spent 2 days searching for song with tune similar to BP Rania's song and actually found it


why do you ask


I can help you a bit

this is the original webm which I took music from

if I remember correctly it was posted on at Feb 13 2017

now go find the music source


are you chingus ready for new oppo101 subs tomorrow at exactly 9pm cest?!


my meiqi is ready


barely holding it together anon


barely holding what


i got it together, but i enjoy sulking's a healthy expression


why not


still don't understand what "it" is



all lewd posters will be imprisoned without right to correspondence



it says hippity hop culture, not raeppeu

remember the blue haired girl who had to leave the entire show after going blue hair, they deemed she was bad influence





My brain is fucked up and I spent horrible amount of time trying to remember all the members of bands. I know them but it's hard to list them all, few of them slip out of my mind all the time. Also I don't know correct romaji for some members.

Need to drink black tea and use different strategy. But I'm not sure is it honest to retry the test


How many tries have you had to get 208?


ok, will try anyway

I'm not thinking about the bands before the test, now will just hit all the names I know in random order to get max result




that's probably my max with brain pre warmed-up

huge issue is that I don't remember correct romaji of the names, also "Minah" for GD's Mina, wtf


this show is so freaking amazing

secretly watched a bit


I'm on first minute


tfw phlegmatic Mei Qi trying to show her feelings


wtf they're speaking too fast in this ep

I can't read subs that fast


don't look there


is wang ting also odd eye%circle%%d or is it just me


damn it i just realized i was watching this in 720p


caught secretly filming a woman in a public unisex bathroom in Gangnam on August 2016

wtf i hate hidden camera now




not using mpv which chooses the best format automatically


that arrows


how does it make sense to choose something you're not good in, in case of competition

stupid girls


how does it make sense


lol Yamy is anal retentive just like we are


adj: capable of physically taking in a liquid


don't you learn Freud in school?


a bit, but not in english


both Xuan Yi and Mei Qi are dancing



first team is quite balanced


bother me most in this phone tbh



probably like 3, i just tried again and got 187


how many girls do you like on oppo101 btw

imo 5 are really beautiful, 5 more are attractive and the rest are just ugly


they're so shy

what if they meet Hyuna


гоша рубчинский


god i love the rain



is this the gay propaganda that putin was warning us about?


When will Putin leave the government?


once he's dead


I think they will put him to Lenin's Mausoleum


I think the most interesting part in Produce 101 is to watch how young ladies are trying to hype. That's a pretty complex task, they do their best to attract attention in a non-anonnying way :iu_huh:


was is she doing?




no, no that's not it


I just can't make out what she's actually doing



see that's what I thought she was doing at first too but then it hit me, it's something entirely different!


I know, I know~~

I just wanted to look at her doing that more~


I think she's tired af being ~innocent~


was she ever being innocent?


all lovelyzians are innocent


that's not how it works


yet it does~~


post an innocent mijoo then go ahead


looks pretty pure to me


imagine woolim producers punishing mijoo for her extravagant behavior


when is bo-time again


what is bo-time


damn it

to soon


have you not prepared food yet?


how do we save chaoyue


tfw you have 20 minutes left but you want kdrama instead


oppo101 is the same as kdrama but with more crying


and more boring


n-no u


no you're wrong


punished mq


don't do that


she just wants to the toilet


imagine punishing mei qi


stop that


stop baby don't stop


I'm happy


so am i my anonymous friend



can she teach me the <chinese lnguage>


how many <lessons> do you want


enough to be able to tell her to come back from the shithole that is china


but Korea doesn't have social credits, what's the point



about that, wouldn't it be interesting to try a sort of "social credit" on a chan with very few users like this one?

For example:

higher score gives you the ability to request new smiles or higher data limits per post or the right to create new threads



can't say, I don't know much about kdramas


how do you know her?



might be cool

no in a practical terms but funny as a stylization



I guess a practical implementation could only be achieved by user accounts though, which is kinda an antithesis to an anonymous board.

you could also make it so everyone can post like now but if he wants more privileges he can make an account kinda like the account system already here that nobody uses



gosh, working conditions in korea are fucked up

I can't believe gooks tolerate all that humilation


Is mera an official SM camera guy now or what's going on here?


can I contact with Joy using something other than eye


of course you dummy just use your heart instead


I mean like in physical contact


oh you could send her a physical letter to contact her I guess


cant wait to collect some "karma" by getting "upvotes"


no fuck the reddit system, it should be a hidden score to others and only BO should be able to give points


bo likes the less aged tho, like busters


busters aren't even really that young they just look like 11 year olds


04 liners are definitely too young


dont a lot of idols start training really young?


I think bo-nim is drunk on nosie right now :

1080×760496.90Kb00:03[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 5-4aafqp7-8o0




is it too late for my wife to make it


my waifu is your waifu




unit is screwed up because of ZN and ex-April


that's how things go


how did it come to this


my waifu is your waifu and your waifu is my waifu


I only wanted to become a better me while looking at qt kpops


kpops just dig the hole deeper


where do you get earth back to stand on and climb out?


i wouldn't know


tell me when you find out


I don't know exactly


did i miss anything here in the last 24 hours?




i guess you could say that


loona is the best


after seeing that one cheorry video yesterday I'm thinking about actually learning about them



But I don't know where to start


loonatv episode 1


they have almost no fancams right?


careful now, pervert


I like fancams/fansigns more than group varietes to learn about a group tbh


loona tv's are quite a bit different than normal varieties, each episode lasts only a minute or two and they're pretty comfy and fun

my attention span is so bad that that's the only thing i can watch



I'm the opposite, I want to sit down 3 hours at a time but I'll give it a try


ah ah imagine



peutin with a non-shit song


its going to be amazing sweety


even better than AOA this time



i-in his defence if you read a game of thrones theres gonna similar scenes with 13 year olds


The complaint states that in one video, “the child is sitting on the lap of the defendant [Hernandez] and the defendant has his arms around the child. The child is wearing a light colored bra and dark colored underwear and separately charged defendant [Taquan] Anderson pours a cup of liquid on the child’s breasts and grabs the child’s breasts with his hands.”

lucky son of the bitch



nayoung's rap part seems a bit shy

eunwoo's solo is the best so far


non-melodic rap is is a mistake


anyway I don't think they're gonna get a lot of show awards with such song

gooks prefer something like Bboom Bboom and ballads, melodic dark concept is too hard for them


at some point i gave up on the awards meme

gooks can only focus on a few ggroups at a time in any case because of the bandwagon effect


sulky daisy does not exist


Chorong reveals that Apink to make their comeback in July

why are they still relevant



only popular groups can play with concepts (like Blackpink and Red Velvet)

half-nugu's best bet is innocent concept


its all part of a bigger plan by kpgent to justify ioi reunion as a supergroup to save them all


b-but rena, roa and eunwoo are not ioi


hey kagami, will you ever implement a change rate feature for boram?


what a sluggard


tfw I haven't watched ep5 yet


it'll be out on friday if the episode is less than 2 hours


don't understand why gooks and nips are so betrayed to USA tbh

can't they see they're just lackeys



the spamming i dont mind, deleting whole threads & then removing any reference to that is taking the piss though






deleting whole threads & then removing any reference to that

what threads?


I didnt know russians did vacations. I thought they would just work less hard for some weeks of the year


workers associations are all about those yearly vacays tho



your picture about working conditions in Russia is wrong tbh

we have tons of holidays, 1 month vacation and don't work that hard


if i was getting a track suit which one is the most official

should i go for the standard black with white stripes adidas



so they transfer from the usual work kulag to a vacation kulag for an entire month a year? that's pretty neat tbh

where do russians go on their vacation?



that thing no longer exist tbh, since middle of 2000-x

you're out of the trends


what's funny




I'd rather go camping in north eastern siberia


it's one of the cheapest holiday resorts

also Egypt


dont zoom there


walk into your room


see chaeyeon passed out drunk in your bed, wearing only a thong

what do you do?


that wouldn't happen


I won't


why did you link to a video without the 2 dias?



the latter hyuna song has the dumbest choreo of any song ever


imagine telling Xuan Yi about sex

1004×7202.76Mb00:05[4K] 170708 우주소녀(WJSN)(선의) - 응큼쟁이 선의 @일지아트홀 직캠 Fancam By 벤뎅이

pretty sure she knows


maybe she heard about that something but I don't think she understands


didnt she already film the movie

322×182435.12Kb00:14Inuyasha OST - Affections Touching Across Time┃Cover by Raon Lee



the one where she keeps having literal, unironic sex?


it's a body double


TL;DR: the scenes will not appear in the final movie, and a body double was used for scenes with nudity.

stupid morons


youre a stupid moron



I'd watch it if it wasn't chinese


I can't find that movie, wtf

did they actually released it


why do they keep naming it topless

stupid gooks


whose between karl and lenin


Engels obviously


she wants it


stop lewding an innocent oppressed girl please


Release date was rumored to be July 20, 2018


i mean the girl



ah that makes sense

hope to see bed scenes with Xuan Yi in 4K soon


She becomes involved with university student Cong Li (Zhengting) and local gangster Xiao Qin (Yixuan), losing her virginity with Qin

can't wait


why are you posting months old trailers?



better quality than >>131270 but had at least one additional recompression which is bad


chinks so stupid

they can't even reupload the trailer

imagine quality of the movie they're gonna release



it's pretty nice to have more free pixel space

I would rather buy 30" 4K though, because on 27" everything is too tiny


i cant do 30 because i use full screen mostly




I just use multiple workspaces and tiling, don't like managing windows between monitors


2x27" might be good option too though



i used to have two shitty monitors but now use single 27 1440p

plus a telly for watching shows from the couch like a normal non-add person




plus a telly for watching shows from the couch like a normal non-add person

need to buy one too

better to mount it vertically for watching fancams


I still have a very good 24" 1080 monitor tho, don't want to scrap that

I thought maybe putting that permanently in vertical position for fancams and IDE


ive been trying out jetbrains products for a while, seems good

gonan also test


i have two 1080

better than one but id rather buy one 2k or 4k


and watching vertical fancams on flipped monitor looks shitty since youtube uses pretty low bitrate for videos







no its really bad compared to watching on nonflipped monitor


why cant we have all the raw footage of kpops

they should leave editing to kpgent



so this is what girls do when left to their own huh


nah they do other things


although rewatching the seola vid it might be another brand that they use


don't watch seola, watch xuan yi


I don't watch people I don't respect


sure after they release the full scene july 20th


you should respect XY


why? least respectable wuju by far. I even heard she was a closeted racist





i-its not raycism, shes just laughing at the less fortunate of her own people


tbf, it looked exactly like yamy, she's talented

1080×760496.90Kb00:03[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 5-4aafqp7-8o0



this <chinese> scrolling by is too fast, I should start to learn it like everybody


i searched why they can do ching chong and eye pulling


Actually if you do this in China, most people won’t realize it is racist, because this behavior is initially targeted at insulting American Chinese.

god damn americans ruin everything




least respectable wuju

she's filming in real movies, not shitty kdramas like most of the kpop girls

you should respect it




multiple sex or nude scenes in the first movie ever done

respect +1



that's called courage

other girls are too prudish to do anything more than kiss on the cheek


tfw don't have motivation to finish ep5


chinks are stupid anyways


please don't post 2018 arin


i like the bones in her face though


2018 arin

what happened :iu_huh:


they put her on a diet


has her ass gone


only bones and skin are left


anybody have a sixteen playlist?


Why does everyone love Goblin kdrama? I read description and scrolled through several eps and it looks too boring

Also don't like that Gong Yoo.




Why does everyone love Goblin kdrama?

I watched 6 episodes and found it extremely boring


nevermin youtube qulity is good enough


what's the point of reviews and ratings btw

all top ~100 positions have exactly the same positive reviews and good ratings, how do I know which ones are really good

I'm not going to watch all 100 of them, I want the real gems, and top 10 isn't representive enough


just watch the show love rain


what's so good there except yoona


why not watch some real films?


you wont watch anything I recommend anyway



I would, just don't recommend some random kdramas


I only recommended what I've seen before in full, its not random


I'm feeling sad for xiyeon, yuha, sungyeon and yehana tbh

poor girls, is there still chance for comeback for them

they should pray for subunit to be successful



it is a nightmare and it will never end


dont worry feeder-nim you still have kyla


arini is still cute



no one likes kyla and there's dozens of us


i like kyla


did i miss anything here in the last 24 hours?


you missed out on people doing other things except posting here


cut his wrists on a live stream

the madman


some malepop


tfw have class when new pristin gets released


3 hours uwu

1676×21605.79Mb00:02[MV] PRISTIN V(프리스틴 V) _ Get It(네 멋대로)--z3iyydFevQ

based roa


I like the part when they're spreading legs


when did hyejeong get so massive breast


bingle bangle~~~


gangle bangle~~




right in the nunu


I will take roa and her belly button


eunwoo looks best so far tbh


roa is more femine though


waiting for nunucam in nunushorts


I don't get why they didn't redo the roots to be fully blonde

looks washed up like this




if ure asking about rena she wanted a "dont care" look


I mean come on...


memehair is a nono anyways except on nunu







lulu is a pussy


really want to hit the idiot who invented that nicknames tbh


not using pet names with your waifu


imagine going to party with roro


mr kag thinking he can just take a vacay smh

we cant even post without him


today is a good day for kfappers




you heard me



they show their appreciation to ceo-nim



the first thing I did was compare the tyranny of police between america and russia


ourlad mrj


just need a good tummypic now



you seem to know what you're talking about


did i miss anything in the last 17 hours?


nunu is sexy



roro needs it aswell


who and nugu?


I like how the russians have deep philosophical discussions over in the forest while we discuss things like nunu has a nice bubu and roro can get it etc


h-hey we also have deep discussion whenever kag and that other guy start talking


me likey pit and thigh :kwangsoo:



the other guy is me and kag is fucking turkish bitches right now


did he go to alanya again


I'm really curious did you use machine translation and what actual impression did you get of our discussion :nay_blin:


I'm just a really fast learner


translated my own post to english via google translate

wow it looks quite solid


I like the daily forest news, quality journalism


don't worry about it btw. I'm not spying on you or anything


The jarliq to the metropolitans affirm the freedom of the Church from taxes and tributes, and declare that the Church's property should be protected from expropriation or damage as long as Rus churchmen pray for the well-being of the khan and his family.

v cool



someone linked wikipedia when i have work to do


please send your thoughts & prayers to kyulkyung btw


does she even believe in God


what dod you do?


she does now


is she catholic


to the brim


do russians call pinky kyulkyung


her name isn't pinky


I guess they call her bubu pinky


not calling pinky pinky



what's your word for "faggot"?

they never want to translate it properly


kyulkyung to the brim doesnt really work, it needs to be pinky to the brim


her name is juju



will you go to the gulag if you say it out loud?



but what if I get hard on while walking on the street, just by looking to girls legs


there's always a chance they will suck you off right then right there, be glad


that's not how girls legs work


need to migrate to muslim country, girls don't reveal legs there


move to germany instead, same thing but immigration is easier


but you have hot girls there



it is, but people who spend most of their lives on the internet may have some different standards there


literal, unilateral, unadulterated, unironic full-blown sexual intercourse with nunu


sat next to a girl today, she wasn't even pretty but had a full blown boner for at least an hour

that's what kpop + a technical uni does to you



i would take a literal pupu on your unironic face



I thought they wear shorts for dancing



no, it was at uni

pretty rare to sit next to a girl, got 300 guys and 20 girl in my field



I've seen literally 2 passable girls at my entire uni so far it's depressing



word there's 20 girs but half of them look like guys, half of the rest are fat/ugly so that leaves 5, and they are all taken of course




she likes me

maybe send her a text



there's a dirty SEA girl

literally a worse human being edition. fat ugly and about 1.4m doesn't speak the language and needs thick glasses



maybe shes good at school

which country has only one seapeople


been listening a lot to that FACE rapper guy someone linked recently

really like the sound of russian



it's a fag and popular with you -> fagpop



its pinky, calling her kyulkyung is like calling jackie chan sung ryong


pinky's pipa


I just like how she is and looks and acts don't care how she's called as long as it's not pupu or some retarded name like that


I don't like the other name of Cathy tbh because it's hard to remember


kyulkyung isnt a good name either tbh the second k just doesn't sound right


it's ok in russian - кёль кён


tell me the word for faggot already


because we don't use swear words


tell me something about nunus torso



Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: 123ms



the hero we need


just one message how do we save him


I don't understand the last 5 posts here


do russians not know about ourguy mrj



did he go to prison for that?


we don't talk about it


he deserves the chair for that tbh


for looking away I mean


just imagine

nunu is naked under her clothes


tfw 60 word essay due tommorow



imagine being with seola, inside her is the endless scary space of nothingness


its the 60 words meme again


imagine you need to write 60 word fanfic about your date with Roa


anyone else thinking about them or is it just me

why are they sooo cute


I have listened to almost every genre available, from the most iconic groups in music history to the most underground before getting into kpop. Plus working as music technician helped me to understand music in another different level, and my visual-artistic side complemented what I learned. Based on my knowledge and experience I must say, in terms of music in kpop world, Loona are way way waaay above other kpop girl groups. You can have your likes or dislikes, it's based on your personal taste. But objectively talking, Loona is a complete group. I hope one day you can understand music as me, then you will get why groups like Loona are literally gold in kpop.


Ive listened to 4 songs so far and still only like girl front. change my mind