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#16 Best China Edition



best china


thingken about nunu's omobutton


i love her voice


thinking of the original


what % of pictures posted in /int/ have been chinese

too lazy to tally but it seems like a lot


just wait a few more weeks until c101 is over




really waiting for that Marna movie tbh




post sulky Daisy



what is she doing now




>>131694 ➡

mrjkpop, he used to have a kpop music review/react type youtube channel

got caught requesting lewds from underage fans and sending them dick picks and even though he denyed all of that there hasn't been not a single sign of life from him on the internet ever since




got caught requesting lewds from underage fans and sending them dick picks



you should ask her first just to make sure


ask her first

imagine taking to Yuqi privately


now we just wait to see if iuc gets the girl

more excited about it than ep6 tbh


did i miss something?


he said he got a boner because of some girl in his uni


plus the girl likes him and smiled at his boner




smiled at his boner

maybe there was other reason for that


my memories get blurry really quickly and i thought he called her fat and ugly but that was another anon

on the topic of girls at uni, a normie friend of mine told me i should go to lectures i'm "interested" in and eventually ask the girls there to come over to "study"

language lectures are good for that but obviously korean girls wouln't be in korean lectures and so on




my memories get blurry really quickly

you need to eat more vitamins




and eventually ask the girls there to come over to "study"

not gonna happen



maybe i just didn't really pay attention reading


just need to find a girl who loves female kpop so she would cosplay idols for you


y'all need jesus tbh


he doesn't exist though


he doesnt know


stop it


Im bored and cant watch videos right now. entertain me please





cream on somis face and iuc


that's my cream


I've finished watching revel up season 2 by the way. It was absolute garbage, I hated 95% of it and whoever recommended it should consider suicide

seulgi a cute tho


canned laughter


they are so fake and boring it's unbelievable




It was absolute garbage, I hated 95% of it

why didn't you drop it then



I was promised I would like it eventually but the good part never came


m-maybe channel p will come back



oh yeah this going to be bad


why are they even relevant

100% nugu


bo likes them

anyone know what happened to that filippino girl bo was interested in


I like 1 and maybe 3 and 4 is the lewdest nugupop I've ever seen

how do you roll here again?


1 (1-5)


it's destiny




bo likes them

does he request lewds from underage girls and send them dick picks?





the lewdest nugupop I've ever seen

that was Stellar


stellar isnt nugupop


how do you categorize it


stellar would be fappop


they were designed to be slutpops unlike busters

810×14404.60Mb00:09[직캠] 171224 버스터즈(Busters) 지수 - 랄랄라 <>

unlike busters


busters were designed to be bo-pop or pedopop


you shouldn't speak ill of people who don't post here or does he post here now?


I like bonim and dont mind his taste better than all you weird knee lovers


well then how about this


weren't you going to post the lewdest nugus?


there called peiborit

was going to check peutin on the show and i had to download the entire show


she forgot her pants again


theres a lot of nugus, kind of sad



there must be some lewd pictures hidden in the forest


what kind of a name is ugi


a cute one


ill buy into the mouse soon

keep posting


don't spell it ugi that's ugly


it's like igu but reverse



too bad you dont have autism then

think of all the webms we could have




why kyulkyung is being angry again


thats not angry its desperately horny from the 10 months of no dancing on stage


from the 10 months of no sex


be realistic


no sex


she allows it only when producer gives her new song


she needs lots of people to watch her


imagine she forces you to do that in front of the window


stop thinking about that idiot



she seduces me with her dance movements

1280×7201.94Mb00:01[ENG SUB] 170209 WJSN Private Life on HeyoTV (EP 2)


im on it


hey anon~



wtf they should have blurred the knife

I'm calling the cops


when are we getting them subs again

i feel like its been ages since i watched ep5


they are withholding subs so that, by the power of wuju autism, you will learn korean


who is this girl?


I haven't finished ep5 yet


any good girl front dance covers lately?


spanish are really loud i can barely hear the music

in any case i am the lad in red


i did not know spaniards were so dark...


wtf how do they guess song that fast

I need like 30 seconds for that, random read speed to my brain's memory is rather low


im coming, im coming, im coming~



I want in


it is not in or on but only to


how do I to


still weeks and weeks before p48

do they get more practice time now or whats going on


did i miss anything here in the last 17 hours?


no, not really


we are just waiting for news from iuc




just vomited my 2nd breakfast vďaka




if you say so




she might be a little arrogant



he phrased it that way deliberately

what a pervert



she just copied talking style of typical teenager from hollywood movie




i wonder how many picture you have

is this one of those questions girls like to ask that you literally can not answer in a way that won't upset them



she said "i wonder what kind of pictures you have"


I heard


I wonder what kind of pictures you have

but i have tinnitus and bad hearing so


you're right i'm esl


i used to think about nancy every day. then i took an arrow to the dick


slowly unraveling this goose mystery inch by inch



I'm wondering why half of their group knows english pretty good and other half can't even simply greet

it's like they learn english only optionally

800×4502.36Mb00:06꽁냥 커플 재결합 조타, 낸시에 '다정다감' 붕대 감아주기! [내가 배우다] 7회_edit


I think daisy would count as native English speaker too



imagine putting your left hand a bit lower


ywn have uzbek wedding with nancy




no idea, the only thing i know about momoland is that nancy is hot and daisy has ears



Ahin learned at international school in Shanghai. Jane idk, they never explained her above average english




Ahin learned at international school in Shanghai

seems like there is no way to learn english in Korea lol

the ones who can say anything above memorized phrases are from english-speaking country or somthing like that



don't wear revealing shorts next time if you don't want others to know your little secret


do we have any fromis experts here? which fromis is this?



that's gross hair, definitely not going into the hair porn folder


knee porn folder is the best


we don't talk about that





no thanks



what's that


мазик? we call mayo "мазик"


imagine if you had to whisper in russian

every word has s in it


imagine if you had to russian


imagine being unable to thpeak any language well


post mouse


who is mouse?


hate bp but jithoo's complete inability to speak english is adorable


post frog


didnt frog quit


i didnt know which frog you wanted



did ever see the video of the monkey and the frog? me as the monkey btw


got em


post lizard



post tasseled wobbegong


post crocodile



post dinosaur


i cant help you if you don't tell me who she is


i don't have much of her anymore




don't look there




to her curves


don't lose your so so so quickly



that stupid tattoo


makes me like her more


such a waste


i don't see the problem


must be nice


it feels very good right now



is this her?


sleep wont find me anybody still here?


no, no one is here


thats too bad


some day i will kill the people who made those massive led backgrounds for stages


you will die a hero


It's just one of the products that I distribute


I also put DICKMANN into her body

1280×720730.62Kb00:02[ENG SUB] Ghost Story City - Ep. 11END <>

do you also distribute lifesized somi dolls?


we don't do instagram models sorry





still amazed at this

just how do they do it


its ok


whose diaper is this



literal loonashitters



waiting for that iuc update


w-what update


... about the girl you said likes you


wasn't me


was it bo


nice to know people still aren't able to identify me at all



are you the self-identifying pole then

would match with lack of seas


nice detective work, i'm the 'self-identifying pole' and the guy who posted that blogpost yesterday

i prefer to keep a low profile though



not sure, i'm a true pole, even with a noble blood line but a guy said that since i was born in canada i'm not a real pole


's just banter m8


is iuc german then


kind of sad what happened to loona after oec

the last 4 are from the streets trained hastily in month or two so they could stay in schedule



that's not true, they had something like 40 trainees competing for the last spots


I am


i only knew eu tz + pole jokes = german


polish also steal in the uk a lot


what is eu tz




still no korean girlfriend


hah, what a loser




tired fucking kqts every night


what a life


there are no kqts in alanya



file (hide)


dont do that


can I hide only face but keep the other parts


dont hide anything


I won't be able to do that otherwise


i do it to daisy all the time without any problems


going to im coming x3 to clean my eyes


they are talking about doing it again


what's wrong with doing that

it's healty thing you know


I don't know



why luda is so funny


more of a pic related myself



just a few more days now

how the time flies


a few more days until?


d-do we have to worry about you?


pic implies a good sniff of stinky chinks = new c101


everything they produce smells though

854×4809.92Mb00:52SNL KOREA 7 3 minutes younger sister [I.O.I Nayoung & Sejeong cut] 아이오아이 Ep 11 (ENG SUB) <>

speaking about smell



be honest, would such behavior be a positive or a negative for you?


I would have an instant boner tbh


those toes would be in my mouth. not even a foot fag at all


not just the foot into face thing but also the food on shirt and generally acting like a dude also ok for you?


she just needs a good fuck



if that's how she is comfortable at home why would it be a problem


Some like more feminine girls you know


so you wouldn't date sejeong?


that's not the question




imagine sleeping


that would be great even without somers tbh


im coming, im coming, im coming~


1920×1080618.35Kb00:05[MV] 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA_yyxy) 'love4eva (feat. Grimes)'-tIWpr3tHzII

how do we solve mouth breathing other than by ostracising


plug the hole



after that movie part I can't consider her pure anymore


I think she opens mouth only because it looks sexy



that was cherry

whoever this latest girl is physically cannot close her mouth without exerting her facial muscles



you can probably read from the other girls faces...

nose hair filters out at least some of that yellow dust floating around



your nose is specifically there for breathing why would you use your mouth


I would pay for special photobook with Lua and Rina tbh


word but not through crowd funding


I can't stop thinking about that Lua's nip tbh

was it intentional?


come on there is a search bar on this literal site just for this


search for idols


no search for posts


just like idols


but those member profile sites are aids

1920×10804.53Mb00:13[V LIVE] [말이 없다] 프리스틴V 나영 편 (Na Young of PRISTIN V)-72715

if you know what i mean


she would shoot herself a lot


shes just making sure it hits the target




she has some great targets to shoot on iykwim


i do know but it never hurts to reiterate them

#132449bella fan


hey, that's my shirt


I have a feeling that oppo101 subs wont be ready by tomorrow evening


what is the medical basis of daisys and mqs situation


anyone know what time bos watching party is

i think i need to watch it from the couch first



01.06.2018 at 21:00 CEST(not cet)

but subs might be late



nothing really interesting going on

I can't do anything for a long period of time anyway, need to shift occupations really often


just like with motivational webms


I can watch e.g. 5 seasons of tv series in a week but can't watch 10 series being aired once per week because I would stop consider it interesting after few weeks



I get that, hate the usual tv series airing too

most people are like that, that's partly why netflix became so popular. Bingewatching really gives your brain that stuff you "need"



how would it help me to keep interest? :iu_huh:

that show doesn't have any useful information after all, just purely entertainment

my brain just giving me opportunity to find something new instead



Aren't you the guy that likes reading random wikipedia articles? I just thought I'd give you an interesting one




but lately I'm trying to gain my knowledge only in ares that I already know well

there is no sense in learning random facts, it fills your brain with useless information



I just keep it in my head

I don't have motivation to follow precise plan anyway



you should write lists with the stuff in your head. not to follow it like a plan but to get it out of your head might help your autism

helps me at least


if you write things down it makes them seem more significant in your head and it you're more likely to remember



might be but I find for me if I have more than about 3 complex problems that I currently think about during calm moments it takes a significant amount of effort just to not lose progress I made so far. I think about it visually as a forest of trees that each have connected vertices which represent a step of the thinking progress. So if too many different trees form, I tend to forget how I came from point 2 to point 3 and I have to do the work again. I don't write a diary or something like that but if I have to really think about something complex more than once I usually write down the thought process.

This in turn kinda helps me sleep because I don't have to go over every step over and over again


time to im coming^3

its the only motivation i have left


how to gain access to nunus nether regions


random youtuber gets more views than my waifu

its over


although maybe animu songs are just good compared to shitty kpop



I love it tbh. you never have to worry about if the next song will be absolute shit or just a little shit.

And she covered some really nice songs so far. I don't care if some of the songs got picked as anime intros, they usually don't get produced just for animes


just realized i could have been an animu kid instead

imagine a world without disbandments, sales memes or rap sections

ive made a huge mistake



however kpop fandom is better for your social standing because if you were an animu kid you would own thousands of shitty figures and merch of your favorite degenerate anime

602×710556.70Kb00:03180407 이달의소녀 고원&올리비아혜 팬싸 포토타임 + 엔딩 멘트 올리비아혜 focus



world without disbandments

But you would have to deal with cancellations


sales memes

Also happens in animu


or rap sections

Ok, this one's true


ive made a huge mistake

Kqts > anime "girls"


kqts need to fix there monetisation strategy so we dont haev to worry about el disbandment

im not sure crowd funding money for your 15 million dollaruus in debt company is the answer though


raon looks good in non-meme hair




so we dont haev to worry about el disbandment

most bands being disbanded because of generation interchange, not because of CD sales issues

322×182435.12Kb00:14Inuyasha OST - Affections Touching Across Time┃Cover by Raon Lee


yeah she looks great


keep going back to the loogirls song

what will happen to mouth breath nim


how would you ever notice that

polite people don't look to girls mouth


normal people look at girls faces

not there, its just a meme


you don't look at girls mouths?


is that considered rude in your jungle country?


I look to other parts


link me a good raon


a good raon song or?



%%are there other stuff%


not that guy but she's really good, thanks for sharing


glad I can help


never understood the msrp meme but this is amazing


what's msrp?


asmr maybe


it's completely different characters though


think im gonna go to sleep

not even laon can keep me awake


she can serenade to sleep as well


sleep is not too bad even if its for a few hours only


but the loona song is stuck in my head so i have to watch that again



best hapa


best hat


i want to squeeze her face


please pray for oppo subs


how do i solve this loona situation in my head


what situation


can you believe the situation?



I still wanna know what situation



what's up with their old-curtain-dress


i cant really into latagirls except ugi and soyeon


where is she touching her


you should like oppo101 more than p48 tbh

btw, thinkig now about that last voting at original p101, it was utter shit with all that crying

chinks are doing much better and I'm afraid nips will cry as natural babies again


all that crying


chinks are doing much better


they almost don't cry


I'm at that moment for an entire week already

don't close the mpv window but don't want to finish either


coming coming coming coming coming

what did they mean by this


there is recent changes by tistory and the program is no longer work to download original pictures


is there a good kpop related 😅


subs coming in any minute now


wouldn't watch unless meiqi undresses or something like that


supposedly they were originally planning to but because mq has other skills to market herself they will undress xy instead




they will undress xy instead

we can see it in her movie instead


thats what i mean, they switched roles


I would rather watch to undressed cheng xiao tbh, she has some curves unless plain xy


she needs to crash her career to fall that desperate


but that would give her huge ratings, what's the point of hiding your curves

that's like wasting your money for no reason


maybe im just behind times

i wish you luck


whats the best way to watch raon songs in chronological order


imagine if she sang digimon - braveheart


the first three or four digimon openings were dope


actually imagine how amazing these covers would be if you were animuboy


oppo subs still not out


there twitter account inactive since ep5

this is why i was looking for increasingly nervous kpop reaction



is this like a best of

gonna watch them all chronologically first so i can see her growth


just downloaded her entire channels, now i just need to delete the vlogs



im just out of ideas waiting for spotify discover weekly to update


is she dating this pelle lad


no just making more youtube money with "collabs"


anyway, sounds pretty good

why cant kpops harmonize, its always the one line per girl and then round again



the producers always use shitty autotuned "harmonizing"


thanks I worked hard for it