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#17 Arirang Edition


#17 Arirang Edition



first for best girl


it was time for a proper korean edition


thinking about watching OMGs reality shows


this is all the omg reality you need


how busted are you willing to go?


I dobt care how mean you are to arin, I still like her


will the subs arrive today


the subs are cancelled


gonna fully move on to im coming^3 then

yubseyo will never let us down


can someone with better math explain why they missed a spot in the arrangement


they can export beautiful girls though


time for some raon x pelle




Summer Open Registration! ...till 10th June 2018. Share the news, invite your friends!

you may register at avistaz now


is her name raon ri or laon li


imagine travel to the past to build romantic relationship with young Xuan Yi


what if you get outed as a counterrevolutionary


you have to learn the communist theory first


( . ) ( . )


never was able to understand why a lot of people follow such streamers tbh

it's just a common girl with a bit of fanservice, what's so interesting might be there


i havent into camgirls, is it worth it


koreans are even more freaky than japs tbh

panties is haram

boobs is haram

midriff is haram

but shaking 15 yo butt right in front of the cameras is perfectly fine




it's just a random girl

go better read some good book anon, I believe in you, hwaiting



shes cute

why do you spending half of the day on imageboard?

or watching some kpop shit

everything here is wasting of time



I'm talking with people here, human needs that


its just an excuse

would be way better if you d go out and talk with some real people

you just wasting your life here

and you cant admit it to yourself




would be way better if you d go out and talk with some real people

how is it better?

so far the best way to absorb new information is via the computer connected to the internet

it's not healthy but we have to deal with it

1920×10804.53Mb00:13[V LIVE] [말이 없다] 프리스틴V 나영 편 (Na Young of PRISTIN V)-72715




i didn't even realize that was arin when i saw that posted earlier

at least jiho is still cute



its "i raon" if you read the hangul you see theres no L. its just a westernized name because americans were too dumb



i-its just the lighting

i swear!


hi Seola~



lighting can make even the cutest idols look weird

please remind!


why did they choose you for WJMK unit? :wend_hmm:


i guess we're posting here...

stupid maintenance on my oppo101 day




i guess we're posting here...

I'm always posting here


this is the best board


smiles > everything else




is there still hope for subs


I think they always release it in the eu morning so I guess not today


gonna listen to yyxy

i already forgot about with the power of raon


whats a grimes though, sounds like a bad guy from childrens story


heard she's elon musks girlfriend

maybe they'll loona make a mv in space, that would be cool


oh, i thought peoples were memeing




the power of raon

youtubefu successfully shilled


i think ill move on to loona, bbc has infinite money and no other groups so at least they wont get after schooled

maybe they can fix that chinese member too



absolutely disgusting


they couldn't decipher the code


i mean, ill always love ioi the most but theres literally 0 ourguys here




but theres literally 0 ourguys here



I love my wife the most

yuqi is also very cute


you'll never truly know


does loona do vlive, just realized i cannot into loonatheworld


she's not that bad when she has a normal smile





she's not bad or anything but I've been taught that people with open mouths are dumb and I can't shake off the prejudice


dumb girls are better than smart girls tbh

1920×1080618.35Kb00:05[MV] 이달의 소녀 yyxy (LOONA_yyxy) 'love4eva (feat. Grimes)'-tIWpr3tHzII




It started with that one angelina jolie movie tomb raider I think

since then I cant help but dislike open mouthed people. I blame my parents tbh


accepted into the collection


and who's the second from left?


her mouth is closed here btw


i only collect these, i swear!

it was that chin girl from omg i think


this girl



have you really never seen oh my girl? are you new ? whose is you'are waifu?



just havent learned there names

i know arin


will we get fancams for wujumiki?


yes, they're doing full promotions on all shows iirc


I kinda like their clear cut blue outfits and style. they all look good in the mv



what? it somehow cut off your sentence right at the end there


damn russians meddling in our affairs again



yes, but it would look big in her small hands


post your desktop backgrounds, it's suprisingly hard to find good horiztonal pics with enough resolution






i have to switch every week or i get bored


i have a non-kpop background because i need to hide my powerlevel


I use eye friendly standard backgrounds, kpops would just be a distraction





virgins don't die


purest kpop girl actually



please pray for arin



what're you looking there



luda is pretty pure, lewda on the other hand...




you know she wants it

832×5402.97Mb00:09160514 우주소녀 (WJSN) [MOMOMO] 대전 팬싸인회 - 팬싸 종료 후



it was just hot, nothing really lewd there




that gaze as she's tugging it


flippy's smiles are named "chen" and not "cheng"

i'm glad i don't browse this board, my autism could never have survived that



it's alread brewing, but if i avoid hovering over it i might be fine

832×5402.37Mb00:04160514 우주소녀 (WJSN) [MOMOMO] 대전 팬싸인회 - 팬싸 종료 후




that's because most smiles are 2-4 chars length (first part)


this is spinning out of control please calm down everyone~~



okay okay... THIS then

512×10801.31Mb00:03【偶像練習生】導師合作舞台:程潇導師《24K》直拍 <>

don't mind me, just posting a granny trying to flip like she used to in her youth days


she just wanted some fagpop boys to touch her




implying she didn't do a magnificent flip on that super junior show

back off, fagboy


m-my name is not fagboy


and what is your name then



imagine getting right behind her with your pants slipped down


its unimaginable


but you need pants to fend off nature and any views from onlookers. I can't imagine that


you have been thoroughly exposed both here and there now....


lied tbh, it wasn't him


I know what's going on as well, haha no secrets for me I totally know things yeah



i haven't been there in like half a year, has it gotten any better?



i-is this from the idol producer thing

top kek, i forgot to watch it


imagine touching her butt accidentally


imagine if you did it on purpose


imagine she pretended she didn't notice


imagine if you imagined it before did it


i do what i want



I will complain to Startship they will sue you






and to yuehua too

500×4813.75Mb00:17160920 After School Club - WJSN



you don't type much if you think that's funny


funny how


I'm start


i still don't get it


don't worry about it


why koreans are so bad in english


because they dont care to learn it, learning languages takes a long time and if you dont care it wont happen


learning a foreign language after the age of 10 or something is hard as fuck



any language really, compared to pre-10 years



how many things that youve learned is school do you remember?


imagine punishing Eunseo with ~sticky sensation~ for each pronounciation mistake


english is the language of the devil


he doesn't know



all the theoretical shit you learn in school only helps you pass your test

to be half fluent in a language you need a lot more practice than what would be possible in school


I kinda regret spending so much time learning english tbh imagine being a normie that learned useful things


i think you mean learning murican culture and word




to be half fluent in a language you need a lot more practice than what would be possible in school

lmao this is fucking horseshit...



still they can't even read the simplest phrase in english after school

it's like wasting your time if you can't even read


they learn about 5000 hanja characters in school. they just don't have much time to learn english


I don't really get why they are so bad at it, their korean language courses in unis are really intense and helpful


it's because English isn't mandatory and is only taught at college me thinks... basically every civilized 1st world country starts teaching English in middle-school at the latest, in my country they start at the age of 7.


South Korean primary schools abandoned the teaching of Hanja in 1971, although they are still taught as part of the mandatory curriculum in 6th grade. They are taught in separate courses in South Korean high schools, separately from the normal Korean-language curriculum. Formal Hanja education begins in grade 7 (junior high school) and continues until graduation from senior high school in grade 12. A total of 1,800 Hanja are taught: 900 for junior high, and 900 for senior high (starting in grade 10). Post-secondary Hanja education continues in some liberal-arts universities. The 1972 promulgation of basic Hanja for educational purposes changed on December 31, 2000, to replace 44 Hanja with 44 others.


Debate flared again in 2013 after a move by South Korean authorities to encourage primary and secondary schools to offer Hanja classes. Officials said that learning Chinese characters could enhance students' Korean-language proficiency; protesters called the program "old-fashioned and unnecessary".

some useless shit tbh

english is much more useful


Produce 101 China Subs


42m42 minutes ago


We are trying very hard to bring you guys episode 6, but youtube is refusing to process our video. We will continue to try and resolve this problem, for now please be patient 🙇



we have same in Russia

actually some parents even force children to learn latin alphabet and simplest words yet in kindergarden



OH SHIT it might actually be ready tonight then


9pm CEST is ON



almost all korean names are written using hanja in official papers



we need to (((Respect))) our american friends


no we dont


apologize to our two americans


the owner of the channel is an american though




I may even watch it live this time

because I don't care about the show anymore





I mean without 30sec pause


don't destroy his world view




kagami is still in turkland


I think this is oleg orlov we are talking to

1920×10801.17Mb00:03슈퍼TV.XtvN.E12.180413.IPTV.H264.1080i.AC3-MLT51.ts <>


i thought you meant live on bos thing


I'm just happi that subs will be out after all


hopefully it wont be out until morning so i can watch it from the couch before bo stream



yeah but that stream starts in 1.5 hours....


b-but i dont want to watch from the keyboard


im just watching all the loona mvs now

yves song seems really familiar but its called "new"


kinda jealous of the people just getting into loona now, i've been waiting almost two years for them to debut



and you'll keep waiting until you die

hate the concept of loona tbh



i rewatch all their MVs after each new MV


I haven't watched all loona MVs yet tbh


im on loona tv episode 105


ooh so like luna

it makes sense now after all these loonaposts



이달의 - this month's

소녀 - girl

이달의 소녀 - girl of this month


picking up chu but non-sexually


how do you pick up a girl non sexually? asking for a friend


avoid using the cunt as a handle



if kpg has taught me anything it's that absolutely everything will be viewed sexually. for example imagine picking up luda by her armpits


mmm pits


exactly, now imagine picking up luda with one hand on her shoulder and one hand under her knees


imagine pickup luda up by her toes


why should i imagine something like this


imagine touching all of her sensitive bits


imagine her touching all of your sensitive bits


stop imagine




see it's literally impossible to pick up chuu non-sexually


don't touch me



I agree, that's why you shouldnt pick her up


nice helmet faggot



imagine being in the costume and you cant really see out right so instead of patting her head you punch her in the nose


imagine being in the costume so instead of patting you touch her butt


imagine doing that in real world


I really like the collective imagination of kpganon


no those other ones


ahh, these ones



pic already looks over-saturated to towards yellow so idk


that's a drinking cup not a hat silly luda





<I should not have mentioned ludas body parts and touching


luda, body parts and touching mentioned


dammit I said it again


let's imagine about bona now

474×4961.85Mb00:06[V LIVE] [설아/루다/보나/미기/다원] 에뉩니온 유닛과 함께하는 즐거운 시간 ⏰💕 <>



the topic is still lewda and her lewd body parts


lewdas lewd everything...


The thing about luda I like the most is her smile tbh looks just like taeyeon



i-it's not an insult it's a big compliment


be strong


do we get a new luda p every time 8chin goes maintenance


imagine if wujuautist took a blender course

the possibilities


saving ps as JPEGs

what the fuck are you thinkg about m8



no there is too many because there is like 10 years worth of good pictures


just use png sweety



unironically posted all those pics on 8ch before, should be nothing new ~



I only saved the collage you made but that individual picture is really nice, do you actually have the original with the rest of the body?



do you understand how lossy compression works?

you literraly losing your precious pussy pixels when resaving as JPEG

yes, bmp/png would be better

(though YUV->RGB is lossy too… something like TIFF should be perfect)



i really don't, never been a computer nerd


nunu filtering out those yellow dusties like a true nosebreather



yes, and it allows to store pixels in YCbCr model while png doesn't


don't worry it's a nerd shit


theres a mole above nunus monolid

with zoom you can look everywhere



I really love the zooming function on this website, so many possibilities


posting for inspection



though you output to monitor as RGB anyway so this is an inevitable step

if you do something more than cropping, e.g. enhacing and don't plan to make video from it (which would require YCbCr again) you can convert to RGB right away

better to use more than 8bits though, e.g. 16bit PNG or even 64bit per component EXRs, otherwise you may get banding



stroking yuris cheek hair ever so slightly~


Inspected properly well~~~


get told to save as .tff


can't even save it at that after screenshotting a vid in mpc



just screenshot as PNG


post pics for inspection


just screenshot as jpg with 95 quality and don't listen to nerd shit



love that meme tbh, just use -xd -1200 vc - 250mhp -MPC - HDX240


jpg with 95 quality

100% pleb

you don't even know what subsampling it has


don't call it nerd shit


you literally cant tell the difference between jpg 95 and tiff if you look at it



i literally just saved 3 pictures in jpg, bnp and png, zoomed in very close and i couldn't tell the difference

fuck you guys


only if you zoom at 500% at compare side by side



post em


please don't swear


send error


unsuported file



no bmps? kagami...


you don't understand the process of compression

you will cumulate color errors all the time

first step - video was lossy compressed by camera (a lot of lossy steps here btw)

second step - video was lossy compressed by youtube

third step - video was lossy compressed by video player when saving as JPEG

fourth step - video was lossy compressed by image editor when cropping and saving as JPEG

fifth step (optional) - video was lossy compressed by cloudflare (if polish feature was enabled)

the point is to keep the original pixels as much as possible



3 out of 4 parts are already up


parts? motherfucker


jokes on you guys, i can fap to pixelated p's


can we use that in cytube?


why cant i download these on youtube-dl



best way to eliminate most of compression issues is to get RAW images from camera

we need to sponsor korean cameramans for that

there is no much point in searching ps in compressed to the hell youtube videos, harm was already done


oh i was just running an old version~


part 1 alone is 2.1gigs


are you the cytube owner? be sure to download the proper 1080 version


telling BO how to do his job


just want to be safe, sometimes he forgets his vitamins you know


i cant join you, gotta make food and watch enjoy every part of this


I can't watch this because DM doesn't have WebM version and Chromium doesn't have proprietary decoders


orlov is full stallman



bo get in here and stop the video for us please



cool just found out you can do some nice search queries in windows explorer, for example for it to to only show pictures with more than 5k pixels height

i have some absurdly high res pics saved but almost all of them look like complete shit

really need to sort the huge archives i downloaded but never looked at sometime


explorer is actually amazing

mac os finder for example is complete and utter shit



I just don't use proprietary Chrome and that piece of shit called Firefox doesn't support ALSA

what a morons


bo isn't here



but it supports apple script, quicklook and other stuff



explorer doesnt even have a tagging system


the windows filesystem is still utter shit compared to the linux one


put a pizza in the oven and take a shower now

then to p101land


cuckchan mod banned me for falsely submitting a ban report


the post i reported was [deleted] and it's a ban evader's post

have to laugh tbh


he's banned me for ban evasion like 4 times, even though i never evade any bans


fresh choerry pics for once


what a loser



is it true that dark knees mean you kneel a lot?

if yes then looks like only chuu is pure


damn orlov will see oppo101 before I do and he will even do it with food and a fresh shower



remember though, he pauses every 30 seconds... and the episode is 3 hours long


he could at least make webms or take nice pictures for us


do russians even know how to make webms?


you are posting on the board of the guy that made the popular webm application boram...



of course and they even write software to make it more easier


damn it I got memed again


summons BO



it worked last time



even the audience has to shill shit

480×360597.99Kb00:07JEW TRAP!!!



what is their endgame

where does yuehua come in all this



seola is so happy in this pic

she thinks she finally made it


post crocodile


congratz you got the little monkey


just count from right to left


not how it works


whats her endgame






trying to escape jewish slavery


tfw you now only ~4 loona names and can find ~1 on the pic

I'm getting too old for kpop


yes hello is this the thread for people who love wjsn


who's asking


a humble bloke from down under


i fucking told you he'd show up after 30 mins


he's here now

god dammit


it's okay i'm leaving now. byebye



it's a shitty picture

i knew all of them instanly, even the ones with covered faces

don't know if i should be proud or sad


ok i'm going to be sad thanks for the advice


anyone have that webm of bona fondling exy's tits?


who cares about loonas other than choerry



I can find all pristins or rainbows with covered faces

but loonas are too young and there're too many of them

I don't have free brain memory anymore



I don't listen them, just watching some clips when they're out



oh no, what will you do if they visit your country and you see them in some random restaurant near your place. you won't be able to seduce them without knowing their names!




you won't be able to seduce them without knowing their names





it's better to play it cool and pretend you don't know them anyway




I'm not grabbing dudes, that's gay



what if they ask you to join or ask you about some local point of interest







he is actually the one deciding the volume of things


that's stupid


it's always okay as long as you say no homo


no, homo



you can do that and even ask for their names while you're at it


post a single kqt


imagine being a manager-nim traveling the world with your kpops


imagine doing things with your kpops while producers don't see


imagine getting your balls cut for accidentally touching your kpops



not nearly as bad as being a hapa male


imagine switching bodies with kqt


Imagine being pristin's manager and having to be all like "damn, Kyle, you fuckin' fine, all sexy with your tight body and horrific androgynous monster face. I would totally have sex with you." when all he really wants to do is fuck another 16 year old kqt in his dressing room. Like seriously imagine having to be manager-nim and not only sit in that chair while kyle flaunts her disgusting body in front of you, the favorable lighting barely concealing her stretchmarks and oily skin, and just sit there, take after take, hour after hour, while she perfected that dance. Not only having to tolerate her monstrous fucking visage but her haughty attitude as everyone on set tells her she's STILL GOT IT and DAMN, KYLE LOOKS LIKE THAT?? because they're not the ones who have to sit there and watch her mannish fucking gremlin face contort into types of grimaces you didn't even know existed before that day. You've been fucking nothing but a healthy diet of kpops and supermodels and later alleged rape victims for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Korea. You've never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that's breaking out on her fat stomach as she sucks it in to writhe it suggestively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to get paid to sit there and revel in her "statuesque (for that is what she calls herself)" beauty, the beauty she worked so hard for with personal trainers in the previous months. And then the director calls for another take, and you know you could kill every single person in this room before the studio security could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you're fucking manager-nim. You're not going to lose your future kpop career over this. Just bear it. Hide your face and bear it.


you have imagination talent





i... wanted to do another imagine but i cant follow after that



that would be pretty hot, but shed probably walk outside panicking speaking a language no one understands and wind up in a mental institution



you should write a blog about the daily life of you being the pristin manager


how the flying fuck have i never seen this pic before...


it's just the foot, calm down


stop it


her knees looks like she worked hard whole night


all those dances


try to get some low angle light pics to see better


let me blow your mind here for a second, panties are also just special shorts



do you mean there is nothing under those special shorts


Mexican oppo101 contestant getting shilled by chink celebs on weibo now

it's all over, she's making top 11



i thought that was sunni

non-macao mexican seems to only talk about being fat and ugly and coolwithit



sunnee is more of a tomboy icon

too many icons nowadays


ccpofficial-nim need to solve this asap


so the commie chinks didn't manage to isolate themselves from the (((subversive cultural commie))) stuff huh


once that shit starts spreading it will be like wildfire

asians are all about that bandwagon


imagine 2 billion very small and smelly blue haired yelling chinks


interestingly they did throw out that one chink for "ploblem at home" when she went blue hair



I thought maybe the retarded subbers did the hat thing wtf are they thinking?


tfw you go through a picture album for the 4th time, looking for pics you might've skipped or forgotten about


it never happens


nah blue hair was just too much but not being overweight mexican


who is mexican


wang ji


the one that looks like a brown mean fattie



somebody got herself some extra dessert


you really love zooming in don't you?


i think he just wanted me to watch it first

ill work on it~ was just demoralized after wangju interview


we should ask that he makes us able to stop/start on that channel too


did we just go through a 500 post edition in less than a day btw?!


8ch is down for maintenance


yeah but our 311 editions usually last 2-3 days at least


it varies a lot tbh, some days we blow through a 311 in half a day, other days it takes 2-3 days as you mentioned


it's a bit faster to post here


I mean the 8ch downtimes is the reason I came here in the first place so


because everyone from 8ch came here so we're all posting on one board instead of 2 with a split group


still like this site more


it's not for me, no one posts any pictures


its the smiles

everything else is amazing (and doable) but smiles directly cause a reduction in kqts


eh, I rarely post pictures on any site because there are 2-3 autists that are up to date with the newest stuff and post them anyway


the secret to 8chin is wujuautist

its also why theres almost nothing else than wuju there


what about iuc



yeah he's a big asset tbh

but I also like to post with russians sometimes tbh


i dunno about iuc, he chats here but doesnt post oc

maybe he does there


maybe we need to revisit the memecoins tipping for posts idea when kagami comes back from alanya


i think implementing upvotes will just make us more like reddit


every wuju pic on 8ch is wujuautist

this meme need stop.. i literally cut my posting in half months ago because of complaining



you wouldnt see how much a post was tipped

jsut a little motivator for poster of kqt~



it's okay, my OC is complete shit anyway~~


i have a few k in memecoin that dont make sense to move to eur as tax authorities wuold come after me

would be great to use for tipping~



you mean actual tipping with some bitcoin alternative? that would be quite an incentive for quality posts


yes, something like monero would be nice

you cant see where the memecoin is coming from but transactions can be named to post id for example



2 problems


-user group size probably too small


kpganon has always been 1to 3 guy, but why does that matter


well lets say we are about 5 core posters

if we are not already very active and somewhat high quality the board would just die out completely very fast right?

an Incentive system would have the goal to motivate some that maybe lurk more to post as well


Idk it was just a thought anyway



won't work since we're split into two different sites, not everyone posts both here or at 8ch and vice versa



it wouldn't be too hard to make BO-nim also BO-nim here, he could just ask kagami to give him mod powers. but I think we aren't enough people even when not split


totally random kpop post



fuck no, thats the worst idea i've ever heard.

if you want to suck him off go back to that place, this is a new community and should be grow organically.


maybe call it something else since tipping is a bit of a curse word



hypothetically speaking though, would you be actually willing to voluntarily give a small amount of cybercoins for posts you like?

1280×6222.92Mb00:09[D-9] [두니아~처음 만난 세계] Character Teaser #1 루다 <>
1280×7202.71Mb00:03[D-9] [두니아~처음 만난 세계] Character Teaser #1 루다 <>

Luda's show airs today ~~




only problems with payment is convenience and anonymity

games only needed convenience so steam won even over literal free stuff (piracy), in here we need anonymity as well



I have absolutely 0 experience with cybercoin, is it really convenient?



getting the initial usd->memecoin conversion is ass, but once you get over that you can make for example a browser addon that does a thing with just a click


8ch is old news in every way, this site has a way better user experience and uptime, let the chips fall where they may...



it would probably have to be a chrome/firefox addon specifically for this site to make it really convenient (and some backend code to share receiving addresses)

though kpgent does have an in-house development team so no problems there~



chu is so weird

does anyone know where she came from


well let's make this idea more controversial, would you be willing to for example recruit discordfags to increase the potential capital base and organically regulate their behavior through the incentive system?



the stork brought her of course, dummy


now i have to watch yyxy again


watch it


i dunno why discordians would ever leave there servers

advertising is probably a bad idea, we can only take few people at once so they can be assimilated



yeah only 1-2 people at a time would be useful

don't know discordfags was just the first thing coming to mind



the best way that i could think up is that clicking the tip button generates a cryptocurrency wallet, this site waits for confirmation that some amount has been transferred to that address and then gives the other guy the keys to the wallet via a notification




this site waits for confirmation that some amount has been transferred to that address and then gives the other guy the keys to the wallet via a notification

how can the site check for that?

I guess you could deposit the key in the user account



havent thought that far into implementation


wife sent me this

gives 1 meme coin to myself



every wallet is composed of two keys, a public key which you can use to recieve cryptocurrency and a private key which you can use to send cryptocurrency

the keys can easily be generated, the first guy just gets the generated public key so he knows where to send the crypto and the other guy would get the private key

you can check if a transaction went through on the blockchain, by searching if the public key recieved any crypto, can also use many website's API's to do this (they also check the cryptocurreny's blockchain)

not an expert on crypto but that's my understanding on how it works



so it could technically work like the other anon said with the site letting such a checking site check the public keys and put the receiver key into the user account of the poster


would be best if posters could set there address in options which would be stored on the server

and when you sent money to the post you would send it to server who would receive it and forward it to original poster



i mean, i guess kagami already knows which posts are from the same user so it would be ok to store the wallet address



and then in the future when this site is bigger kagami can run off with all the crypto that people left in their wallets and fuck turkish whores for the rest of his life



I guess you couldn't just openly put your public key in every post because you couldn't post anonymously anymore



nah, us regular people would send it to servers add with post id as message

the server would have the post id -> address information


also people would use there own mymonero or whatever wallets


the thing is as soon as you make user accounts mandatory, kagami will know exactly who you are even if you anonymise your posts for other users.

however that is actually also the case for us now because we are so few people from so many different countries that he can just look up the ips


user accounts are balls, just add a field in options and save it in local storage

and yes, kagami already knows

and changing your wallet is basically the same amount of work as changing your ip so if you want to do it you can with relative ease



with saving it in local storage you mean like cookies or what?



something like that, whatever he uses for language/theme options

each post would then get marked on the server with the wallet address if its used by poster



that would work too, it's also possible to generate thousands of different public keys for one private key, so a different one could pop up everytime someone wanted to tip the same poster


so in the end from a users perspective you would do the following

-create a wallet and buy some memecoin

-activate the option on this site to receive memecoins yourself

-click some icon on a post you want to tip and trust some shitty server to redistribute the tip to the public key of that post


it sounds amazing tbh

idea being that its a relatively low amount so you dont really give a shit, more of a fun factor



yeah of course we're not talking about 5$ or something like that




- option would be activated by default

- server wouldn't redistrubute the tip, would just generate wallet address and send it to the other guy


generating wallet addresses generates too much effort, then the receiver need to move it from there to his own wallet

imo it needs to be opt-in, the poster would have to create the address and set it to make the post tippable



well yeah not redistribute exactly but it's the same problem, you have to trust that it won't just send it to kagamis address

would you be ok with that risk?would others be? I mean of course you don't really give a fuck if it's 0.05$ or so but still on principle it's a problem


kagami is one of the top ourguys and regularly parties with turkish whores on mediterranean beaches

we dont need to worry about him



would also create fun moments when you could lament over someone forgetting to set his address


I find social engineering things like this idea very interesting but it's a bit gimmicky for such a small thing tbh would try it though


we'll revisit this idea later this year when our team returns from summer vacations

gonna wind down with some c101 now, hopefully with less wangju later in the episode~



you're still watching episode 5 right? did mextex-hoe already complain about her shit ranking?


i mean i really appreciate you guys are being innovative and useful to our community here, but i'm a programmer for a living and I come here to unwind, so it's a bit let down to read all this technical stuff.

i come here for the qts..



there's room for both you know



it's 4am, even later in russia

everyone gone to sleep i guess

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same here, maybe i should try not sleeping today at all to reset my schedule



I have to do this but I also want to be awake for the oppo viewing in the evening



memecoin is the best idea i have ever heard in my life. where do i invest?