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#18 Emerging Economies Edition


#18 Emerging Economies Edition




You guys better start investing in the future




because of the implication?

#133440bella fan



regarding payments for posts. there are several options:

1) require be logged in for sending post you can pay for. that way site would need to store user ID of every post even if other users can't see your nick. also you need to check whether user was logged in to send payment (to get the wallet address) which partly deanonymise the posters.

2) generate session with wallet for each user and store its ID for every post. can pay for every post but site will always know your ID and which posts you send. there're ways to do it now as well but they're not stored in DB. though site can create new IDs e.g. every day so you won't be able to pay for post elder than 1 day. there might be also issue with session invalidation e.g. if you don't refresh the page and just sending posts. you need to get new session cookie even in that way.

3) generate wallet for each post on client site and send its address to the server. so you can pay for every post and client can get the money with its private key stored in e.g. localStorage.

4) same + give the option to specify your wallet generated offline. site will know your ID but there is no way to steal your private key even with malicious JS.

#4 seems to be the best, though site can cheat by showing different (its own) wallet on sending payment. there is no way to really avoid this because it might be done only for small part of transactions. even if user will complain he didn't receive anything, he might be just a troll. and you can't prove it with screenshot. it might be partially avoided with publishing key near each post so if you see it's different (e.g. from different IP) you can start complaining right away.

if you specify offline wallet it's almost the same as ID though, because it would be the same for all your posts. but it's more secure. though if payments are not that big (<$1) and you move them right away from your in-browser wallet to your main wallet it might be ok. also it might be not so convenient to have tons of wallets if you post more, it's tedious to move the funds to your main one.


logging in is balls tbh

just store wallet address for each post if poster has it set with his own address at time of posting



it's almost the same as user ID though

other users can see your wallet address and see it's the same for all posts you send

#3 is best in term of anonymity but site can steal private keys with malicious JS. also not so convenient to move funds out.



only server knows wallet addresses for each post

other users only know kagamis wallet address and send money to him with post id as payment id

kagami will forward it to user by matching post id to poster wallet address on the server side



you need to trust site a lot in that case which is not so good. also there is network fee issue. afaik it might cost you more to just send the transacation than small (e.g. $0.05) payment.

also what if user didn't specify his wallet? if you want an option to provide it later than it's almost the same as #2. site will know ID of each poster.



we just need to find a fitting memecoin, one that cannot be followed from tipper to poster (some monero alternative) and low enough transaction fees

also the whole point of the system is so we can laugh at people forgetting to set their address before posting and missing out on their precious memecoins




forgetting to set their address before posting and missing out on their precious memecoins

I don't think it's funny if reward is good enough

and if it's not then #3 is perfect, you just have new wallet for each post




nah, its another brave browser meme where you dont even know if anyone will ever bother to take their dollaroos

receiving payments is better opt-in, that way you at least know its going somewhere




that way you at least know its going somewhere

if you store all post<->wallet's private key pairs on client side you can always withdraw your funds


internet microtransactions are all about convenience which means people getting a web wallet or whatever and setting it in options is better than a thousand separate wallets

whats ur fascination with #3, they already tried that with flattr and brave, noone will bother




which means people getting a web wallet or whatever and setting it in options

it's stupid and insecure

even if particular site won't lie to you there might be security breach

only offline or at least client-side wallets should be used

also you need to find good anonymous altcoin first. because your scheme won't work with bitcoin (you can always see to what address kagami resend the payment)


whats insecure about it

you set your public address on options, it will be sent to kagami, other people send money to kagami and kagami sends it to the public address you set earlier

your private key never comes on this site, you can use whatever offline or web wallet is available for said memecoin



kagami's infrastructure is the weak spot

payments should be p2p


at our rates it shouldnt matter...

if you have enough autism you can try to do your complicated scheme but it needs to be convenient above all so 1) i care enough to tip posters 2) posters can look at there memecoins stack



your scheme is even more complicated

it requires anonymous altcoin with low fee (at least lower than the typical payment)

find one first so we can talk



mine has 2x transactions, one from user to kagami, another from kagami to poster

yours has 2x, one from user to generated wallet, another from generated wallet to posters own wallet


i like your autism but the implementation is too complicated even with our in-house team




another from generated wallet to posters own wallet

that's optional

you can buy something even with your generated wallet


I was watching lower than the t-shirt tbh


looking there



the only thing worth looking at :jim_smile:




what is she doing

why does she have stockings


im forced to post the same pics and vids twice because we're split on two different sites

i'm tired robbie....


make a bot


bot THIS asshole


mq wanted to get out of the stupid chair and instantly brought in yami


every time i see luda it makes me want to punch something


yourself hopefully


imagine luda's p being too small you can't even use it


she's not for lewd


btu its already stretched out by nosie's nose



but it would make your [spoiler]p[/spoiler] feel good


I don't like crying girls


one day you will, im sure of it




stop posting that hot white bitch with almond eyes


stop baby don't stop


p-post it



what is c101 thaigirls back story


post mouse


i only have rat what was lata girls group name again


rat bery qute

maybe someone else will post mouse



they fear you more than you fear them


I have few rat pets in my childhood

they are quite soft and nice but the tail is horrible





why is she so smug here

1920×10725.41Mb00:21[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 6-PaZj1dFWt_c



based chink girls

so modest


I am awake again


if it wasn't for those shorts i'd have dropped that show a long time ago


what shorts


the ones /ourguy/ designed in korean season 1 and used ever since to make even fat old mexican girls look young, hot and fresh


need photo samples


look there then


rotta is a genius


i want to slap it


you need to buy more CDs for that

1280×7205.19Mb00:40[Makestar] '스텔라' 티타임 팬미팅 현장 공개! / 'Stellar' Tea time fan meeting!


stellar are pure


I'm hyped for oppo tonight


same thing


im hungry

maybe something for c101


it's a 3hour episode so you better prepare


I'm too lazy to eat something tbh

might just drink tea instead


my waifu sent me this


send me her number, I need to ask her about something


over my dead body m8


hey orlov-nim, what's written on chaoyue village girls hat at ~47 minutes in


thanks chingu


don't sniff there


you can't stop me


chuu took off her shoes for that exact purpose


girls socks never smell



Imagine laying your head down on Yves’ lap as she cradles your head with her pale slender arms. She looks down at your face and smiles warmly and asks “Are you hungry?” You nod your head. She raises up her top to reveal a beautiful breast with light brown nipples, and leans forward to bring her soft nipple to your mouth. You begin suckling her nipple and delicious warm milk fills your mouth. Yves hums melodically and you close your eyes as you continue drinking her milk.


delicious warm milk fills your mouth

im not sure its that easy


would have tipped memecoin for the post tho not gonna lie


its a copypasta


nayoung looks like a sticc now

i swear there's a conspiracy against nice bodies in kpop


imagine kidnaping luda, throwing her into your van, restraining her, then doing what you want



looks like my wife finally did a thing (barely)

took 5 episodes


imagine putting your blockchain in luda


what's with this recent luda lewding?


listening to raon non stop ever since you posted her


what's your favorite raon song?



good taste, her desperate singing is great


watched oppo101 well~~

was a good episode



we will always wait for you

our kagami~


kpganon official waiting list:




polebro update


get an avistaz account and drop that shit site

thanks, ill watch it later~


isnt that a closed site? its not bad they are very fast with this show


some lad said its open now


what do you want from kagami btw? we should let him enjoy sneaking turkish sex workers to his hotel room


just an affirmation of love~



just registered on avistaz, do you know how this site works?

tried registering on mobile and it showed an error that I was trying to duplicate an account. only worked on desktop now. hope I dont get banned right away because of pic related



they are paranoid regarding torrent resharing like all private trackers



reading their "rules"

you have to post your ip and vpn provider to use a vpn without ban

is the hassle at least worth it?



they have lots of kdramas and movies in 1080p (with subs), and many seeders, so if you watch them a lot it's kinda convenient

just get few TBs of upload with freeleech torrents



it's been like 10 years since I used torrents, what's best to use right now?


or just use qbittorrent


qbittorrent doesn't have ltConfig


I just want something that will "just werk" with a vpn no extra shit


if you want torrent client to "just work" buy a seedbox

because tons of seedboxes will make your home ISP channel highly unappealing

you need to understand how bittorrent works otherwise you won't seed well


motherfuckers don't let me download ludas new show



read the guide above

you need to make good rating with featured/freeleech torrents first


I-I'm not that good at russian


anyway I'm doing old knowing bros episodes now to test things.

I just limited down and up speed to about 50% of my total


don't waste your download slots for torrents with low amount of leechers


why give a shit?


I will get banned anyway because I'm suddenly living in romania


you won't make a good rating then

there is no sense in private tracker if your rating is poor


that's probably geo IP of your VPN

as >>133616 said they may ignore this, i.e. it's probably done not automatically



so I should download something small that is currently downloaded a lot and let it seed for a while or what?




not necessarily small, huge freeleech torrent with lot of leechers might be better

and you need a lot of them, at lest 10-20


just read that new users have 5 downloads/day limit

472×360495.75Kb00:05[V LIVE] [다영] 다영이의 요리교실 🍳 Ep.03 <>

thanks for the advice by the way.

have a new cute dayoung


random nice picture of wife spotted


I think he didn't get the right album card or something

800×10721.75Mb00:06[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 6-PaZj1dFWt_c

if you know what i mean


me as the prosthetic hand of the girl slapping mong meichis butt btw

512×10801.31Mb00:03【偶像練習生】導師合作舞台:程潇導師《24K》直拍 <>
1920×10727.74Mb00:28[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 6-PaZj1dFWt_c

xy and xiaoyu showing cx she just needs some new pads



those were the products they censored in the last episode lol



they are saying


oh nooo I can't dance properly because my safety pants are full of blood


wtf, have you not tried the all new packaged "brand name" pads?


WOW cool now I can do flips and shit

1920×10725.41Mb00:21[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 6-PaZj1dFWt_c


can you do this too


the program no longer works due to tistory changing how their URLs work

buy-buy Turkey




how far


as far as your imagination will carry you


seems a bit too far

thats my wife you are talking about


well your waifu is fucking hot


I think she is also able to fuck at a mild temperature


are you her manager-nim?


I wish


whose your eye situation fu

does choerry still have hers


do you ever get that annoying feeling when you want to search a certain pic from 8chin but cannot remember what text it was posted along


those fuckers just voted for the single girl to get her in but because of that redacted also got in



nah it was shit

sometimes you do remember the words like a month ago i distinctly remembered a certain video and another post below it with just the words "oh my"

then found it




oleg would just delete my post

what's there









kek, saw this before

always makes me laugh





button girlz are back



i checked

its allowed and even encouraged


check again



maybe tomorrow








one day we will meet again


she is mine



absolutely based


ive always wanted a insert gameboi edition here but im afraid i wouldnt be able to play pokemon without emulator speedup



these third party flash cards let you run pirated copies of games

you store them on a regular sd card, the sd slot is what i highlighted in the second pic


my wife better make it or ill set myself on fire


seems a bit too scary to try

maybe just jonghyun myself


Any attention it’s gotten has been positive right? Subunits don’t usually chart (esp with this new ranking system) so that’s okay and the physical sales are good!

wtf i dont have to kill myself afterall

ther is still hope


hello counselor is ass though

cuts also suck ass but here i wouldnt mind a yoojie+seola cut


only 4 more raons to watch



time for some pelle (kqtslayer/all around madman) x raon


I can't find anything special in raon tbh


dont worry about it


gonna wind down with something but what


peutin showcase looks like


why is it so quiet tonight


just woke up, are there still chingus around?


i'm here


how are you doing?


just trying to kill a few hours before i go to bed, haven't really been keeping up with anything because of work...I'm just waiting for yyxy tv appearances.


I started trying avistaz

have you seen snsd and the dangerous boys?


snsd got me into kpop so i remember the title but idk what it was about, i guess it was some reality tv show



it's some sort of reality show I didnt know about yet. there are only 11 episodes so it's gonna be lit I think


its probably fun to watch, i remember all the variety shows back then were grea but then again it might because it was still a novelty.


brave girls hayun, one of the most underrated


please post lots of pictures that can be displayed sequentially really fast so it creates the illusion of movement


i'm afraid i'm not that meticulous, i just save whatever i like, not really sequentially


I meant a video


apologies for my autism, it's hard to read between the lines


that's okay, I'm used to deal with people that have


i was being tongue in cheek, i'm antisocial but i'm not an autist...



you can't be antisocial if you seek out other people to talk with


my primary objective here isn't to talk but to look at pictures of qts

636×360397.17Kb00:04Shimazaki Haruka AKBINGO 21 Funny Compilation PART08

so having to talk with me is annoying for you?


I never said it was annoying, just said that's not the main reason I'm here....

also thanks for the nostalgia trip back to 2012 when AKBINGO was actually good.

636×360978.69Kb00:16Shimazaki Haruka AKBINGO 21 Funny Compilation PART02


I just saw a highlight clips video of this girl and it's pretty hilarious

1920×10802.82Mb00:07170826 다이아 DIA - 다이아가 쏜다! (핫도그 역조공이벤트 풀영상 FULL MOVIE)

akbingo was probably the best variety show from 2009-2012, shame it died down after they changed members and hosts.

shoujiki shougi was a great segment too, loads of hilarious moments.

I've got like 3 terabytes of old AKB shows stored on a hard drive I should probably be seeding but I can't be arsed, ever since the torrent tracker changed from hello-online I just became too old for that shit.


how did you find this place?


were you a 4chan poster before?


i was a 4chan poster since 2006


I'm 4chan poster...



I like that this place is a meeting ground for 3 communities


another newguy

he'll be out in a day


mee too actually


not sure why i combi words scantily clad



where did you find that "sync/local"?

I can't find documentation for that


hm, you can't login to tistory with normal daum account

and you can't use tistory API without tistory account

what a stupid kakao

also, I can't find information about API rate limits


Yeah you need invitations


you gotta keep your eyes on this page



the blogger part says which bloggers are giving out invitations, you click on their blog and look for the word 초대장


what you have to do is leave your e-mail on the comments, some people will ask for you to say why you want a tistory blog too, so make a few phrases and leave it handy for whenever you see new people giving out invitations


you need to be fast because each blog only has a limited amount of invitations and a lot of people need them


I succeeded in getting mine after like 3 days trying lol goodluck!



pelle has 30 albums of albums on spotify


i was an idiot and fell for the text editor meme

jetbrains is amaze


friendly in cherno



i was checking the pastebin hr has for saving full res pics and a guy there mentioned it in the thread

i have no idea how he found out about it either




i have no idea how he found out about it either

maybe he is developer of tistory


better keep this a secret


hm, stop, there is if you add ?original


though there is one more disadvantage: you're limited to 16 threads max with aria because there is only single server for links


then again does anyone that uses a gui to download images have more than 16 threads



 -x, --max-connection-per-server=NUM The maximum number of connections to one
                              server for each download.

                              Possible Values: 1-16
                              Default: 1

there is only single server in case of links so it's 16 max




I can't choose between t1 and cfile

$ host is an alias for has address has address has address has address
$ host is an alias for is an alias for is an alias for has address

it seems to be only 16x4 = 64 max though, if I understand aria2 logic correctly

but the t1 url has only single IP

not sure is it worth to have more than 16 threads

need benchmarking


Hm, t1 seems to be much faster CDN so 16 threads should be enough. Ok, using first option.


oh shit kagami is back? how was the beach and the bitches?


quite a few people from here vacate in alanya too, its like an alternative for costa del sol



glad youre back chingu, you missed some good stuff


give him a break he just came back


zero expectation as always ~~


can we really attribute it to iuc tho


who makes the memes here?


New tistore Lua edition


going to watch snsd and the dangerous boys tonight


i dunno about the makeup

is it to make her eyes seem more far apart

i also hate the weird eye makeup they put on yami sometimes


i was going to recommend a better show but then realized my disk from those times was bricked


did you at least watch hello baby



I think I watched that back in the day yeah


oh did you watch seohyun on we got married? prime korean entertainment



absolutely based thanks. idk what we would do without (You)


are the megaupload links on soshifyed still maintained

i should probably download everything before its destroyed


Im downloading 24/7 since I got that account on avistaz yesterday


what's your ratio?


i think hes going for free leech torrents first


I'm just curious how much he was able to upload

it's not that easy to compete with seedboxes


yeah i can barely keep up to 1 by using meme points


idk will look when i get home


I'm 50.46




not dling from gookweb directly




it's comfy to download everything in one place in good quality and with eng subs




eng subs

it's like i don't even know you


빌어 먹을 짧은 두뇌 녀석


stop swearing






give me invite to tistory if you're so experienced


show me the money



give him a break it's almost 11pm in zelenogorsk


I thought russians were well behaved




my ratio is 0.56 but I just started seeding, it will be fine~~


are you babo

it's 6 PM in zelenogorsk because it's UTC+3


its not kagami or oleg at least


checks [redacted] after 2 year hiatus

not bad


my memes really catch on fast




I literally told you already what I download and everything else too so you could've just asked



not bad

you'll become member in 6 days



there's nothing special you can find from avistaz account

I was just curious what's your username is


he has still to learn from stallman



there's list of online users at start page


nothing to fear if you've nothing to hide


damn you are autistic, it's not even alphabetically ordered





you need to check only newbie ones

gosh, that's so simple, why are you so surprised


already have bonus points for seeding HUGE ctorrents


what to watch when all out of c101



have you seen episode 130 of knowing bros with seolhyun? she's lit


what should i dl if i have seedbox?


how much for someone to go download everything on soshified and make a torrent


waiting for free download





is it just their tv shows?



dunno, registering at some rare private trackers to download marginal shit no one is really interested in



dozens of people are interested in old fancams of their waifu


second batch of knowing bros episodes queued



i meant avistaz. i never use it because most of what i want is on jps/gook torrent sites/yt/gd/etc


it's neatly packaged and youtube deletes stuff



dunno, I use it only for kdramas and some kmovies

jps is music-only, different thing

yt has shit quality

gd is just reupload from different place


p2p is shit for obscure media. just make a ddl folder from google drive



that's why you backup it by yourself

torrent won't help you if no one seed



I trust in humanity, someone will seed

I need to create my own :happy: smile


you will seed



well i only watch kpop variety mostly. kfilm/tv makes me want to blow my brains out. yt bitrate sucks but it's fine for oppo101 and stuff. the only good thing on avistaz imo is the performance packs but nobody makes them anymore


once I become member and downloaded all the big stuff I want I will use it for new knowin bros episodes and ludas new show


maybe nekkoya48 will be uploaded there too




well i only watch kpop variety mostly

they're mostly being released at youtube/dailymotion so there's no much sense in avistaz yea

but e.g. uni.t was released on avistaz (reuploaded from some site I guess) in much better quality

also youtube content is being deleted pereodically


kfilm/tv makes me want to blow my brains out

there're some good ones

i.e. avistaz is useful in following cases:

- kdramas/movies in good quality

- collection of things to download fast and with few clicks

- some things that were deleted in other places and/or with better quality

it's like jpopsuki: you can find anything there in other places, there's almost no original content except some Bugs uploads or CD releases.

But once you have good rating it's much easier to download everything there, gook/open sites are shit and slow. Also contain shitty ads, like k2nblog.

E.g. where would you download IOI eps? kshow have them in so horrible quality you will rather poke out your eyes.



if yubseyo will upload it directly to youtube then it's useless

because subs would probably be hardsubbed and you won't be able to use them with better RAW

i.e. it depends what's the source of the content and how it's released


Miss Sexy Back 2014 HDTV x264 720p-TrendE



don't watch it as in don't look there or don't watch it as in don't watch it?


the former


will not watch it well~~~


waiting for someone to post mouse


I only have dinosaur


oh, i cant im so sorry


motherfucker you can scroll frames with mouse in boram

why didnt anyone tell me



I don't even remember about that feature tbh

always use "," and "."


i kept using the time field all this time



kyulkyung looks like lizard too



kk is cute



full set since so many shows missed it


it's also possible to make slow motion videos with boram but I doubt you would wanna know how


literally the only reason i dont



you also need to specify correct number of frames because setpts filter will affect -t (or multiple -t by setpts factor but that might be not frame-accurate)




do you guys into khan


what is that


not a fan of blackpink or anything but jisoo can get it



what does get it hit it kill it mean


i know now


me too





I don't


"it" is referring to their pussies typically from the back in what's known as doggystyle


basically pristin v wants you to murder the p


as in pound it viciously until it's broken and lifeless


I don't want to murder cute cats wtf


what about uggo cats


what about evil unfortunate and mischievous looking cats? who draws the lines here


we need the guy who



i draw the line at busters but not here sorry


do you mean busters are included or no?


the preview pictures look good tbh


not sure what time it is in gukluvrznogorsk but kagami if your here, how hard is it to write a website similar to for making pic related templates? it's been down for months and there are no mirrors TT.


did he rape them too?


don't ask questions. questions are bad for your health




said the anon just before getting suicided and swept under the rug


kpop for that feel?




if you look there you go to hell btw


still amazed by that jumping split move


fuck I looked there


kind of dumb to only have screenshots of my wife because cant into weibo





how did you do it

where are the photos posted on xiaohongshu using Oppo R15™



bendy pitmodel

1000×8001.67Mb00:04[FULL ENG SUB] Produce 101 China Episode 2-XWCf_uMvcek




ok I'm not looking to jeans


remember newguy?

yeah... he's out as expected~


he will be back to look at kqts again don't worry


any progress on :iu_happy:?


haven't started looking for it. I leave this sort of stuff to god


downloading the great girls day summer party btw.



I don't look there


post more so I could not looking there again


I will do no such thing!


Seolhyun doesn't have forbidden places tbh


there is one or two...


name it


knees and pits are forbidden


im coming^3



make new thread


do it yourself idiot


not very thicc



did you see what happened to hyunjin


did you see what happened to all the other thicc idols? nothing


I'm gonna eat thicc idols


fat asses are for niggers


literally brainwashed by american nigger media


lmao what's with this pol guy?


who is pol guy



we still waiting for that update


what if he died


did he at least get the girl before that


i'm here all the time but i told you guys she wasn't pretty

i saw her one more time and almost wanted to say something to her to give you guys a nice update

finished that course but maybe i'll have something with her again next semester


what about the thigh thing then




software engineering combined with a ton of low level stuff

sometimes i feel like kpop is the only thing that keeps me from killing myself after programming in assembly for 20 hours straight




programming in assembly for 20 hours



I like Roa and Rena most tbh

1080×19207.93Mb00:07180303 프리스틴 (PRISTIN) 은우 (EUNWOO) 위우 (WEE WOO) BY 철이 147Company - 라디오공개 올림픽공원(직캠_fancam)-pjL-pQfO06Y


roa used to be pretty cute, but i don't like her that much anymore

maybe it's the meme hair

for me it's eunwoo

after that pinky nayoung and yuha are real nice too

pristin is a stacked group, probably the best out of the post ioi ones, visual wise


he could have saved me


saved from what


they are small


just right


okay, you're allowed to look

but just once, you understand?


looping it well


damn why do only slut kpops get titjobs

imagine if every kpop, even someone like jinsoul had DD's


meant jinsol


definitely wont imagine


she is pure



although jinsoul with DD's would also be nice

she's already the thot loona, might as well get a titjob

#134857'd tits never looked good to me

it's like they want to have bad proportions



what do you do if nayoungie has a small mouth


just jam it in



dunno, always thought hyuna had nice ones


guys please stop im on nofap day 34


this is bait unless its polebro, then i believe him


TIFF this motherfuckers


Unsupported file type


tfw someone actually failed to my TIFF meme






im glad i didn't failed for the "just use -xv 2599s -x -a hd20 -vcrt "username x archive" meme


tfw two smart too fall for the webm meme


what is webm meme


the meme where you upload moving pictures in the .webm format


it's not meme, VP9 is much better compression format than GIF


what about those animated pngs


APNG? it's lossless and weights even more than GIF


I'm picking AVIF


internet explorer supports TIFF but chrome doesn't

chromecucks eternally btfo


how is ticket age related to format :iu_huh:


what is iu doing right now


thinking about moi


kind of feeling liek peutin vlive


20 minutes of yuha, should be enough for me to


to do what?


imagine a momo sister


I like the yves copypaste more tbh


post it, i havent seen it yet

i doubt it'll be as good as the momo one though



kek that's a pretty good one don't know how i missed it

feel bad for that guy on his 34th day of nofap


going to sleep

thinkning about yves laps and warm milk~~




a fucking gif

end yourself


all gooks do is post gifs not webms, and i ain't gonna convert it to webm if its within the maximum file size

also suck my dick

676×12001.48Mb00:03160319 우주소녀 (WJSN,Cosmic Girls) 미니팬미팅 [성소,보나]Cheng Xiao,BONA 애교배틀 직캠 Fancam (상암mbc) by Mera

not finding the source video and webm'ing it yourself


i prefer making webms that are unique, not those of existing gifs. It's a waste of labour and time.


I am now awake




It's a waste of labour and time

more like gif is a waste of disk space and time to download

also looks shitty


can some cool guy post this as nunu_boring2

never to much nunu


it's probably the source of smile, just mirrored


you have worse vision than me


which one will arrive first, ep7 or peutin weekly idol


lol yes


time to make some food quick


hating gifs

bad taste chingus


loving gifs




gifs looks sharper than webms tho


Webms are just videos, they don't give the same feel gifs do



gif is the sequence of the frames

literally same as video


i love nunu and pristin_9 so much


what about pristin_5


nunu ⊂ pristin_5 ⊂ pristin_9


she likes pristin_10 more tbh


1080×19202.67Mb00:03[MPD직캠] 프리스틴 V 은우 직캠 '네 멋대로(Get It)' (PRISTIN V EUN WOO FanCam) _ @MCOUNTDOWN_2018.5.31-Sh30Pm9APTY


finally got that one raon cover out of my head

but now i feel like listening to raon again


I want yves milk



which one did you get out of your head? Im loving all the "arranged" ones she did. her sound guy really did a good job


I dont quite get it yet


at a certain age (its different for everyone so dont worry about it) you will feel a tingling sensation

then you know


then you will feel sticky sensation


Chingus, I am pissed! It's about 4000 degrees outside and I've seen less than 10 fit girls with a crop top today! WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with this world?


are you living in arab country




move to mother russia :jisu_smile:


yeah right... I don't even know anybody there


Come to Brazil, it's cold right now


I only want to see fit asian and white girls with crop tops, not fat assed latinas


and white girls

Bad taste


n-no u



quite the meme hair


too bad I already dropped nancy


kpganon is a strong guy, I can pick her up again but I won't


Your loss

1080×19202.87Mb00:03[MPD직캠] 프리스틴 V 레나 직캠 '네 멋대로(Get It)' (PRISTIN V RENA FanCam) _ @MCOUNTDOWN_2018.6.7-jBOMRDJjs0M

setpts did nothing


don't look there


-vf 'setpts=2*PTS'

-t [time]*2


all the russians out looking at fit girls wearing crop tops


russian girls are alright


that's why orlov and kag are all out looking at them


who is orlov


the one other russian chingu hanging out here sometimes


I thought it's only me


well are you kagami?


take a guess


what's your favorite smile?





if you're not kagami then you're orlov


I thought you're calling kagami orlov for some strange reason