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#18 All Look Same Edition


#18 All Look Same Edition





mother grandma daughter


can't tell them apart


cathy is the hottest of those three tbh



give me an outline


nice girls

616×7801.87Mb00:19[Celuv.Tv 셀럽티비] I'm Celuv - Red velvet Live Show(1080p)



im scared mom



t-that nose looks michael jacksoned on


thats not what you should be scared of


"thinking about a new name for the third russian chingu"


we are anonymous, don't name us


hes just role playing


stop that




do you have to say anything about this chest?

483×6001.02Mb00:02170927 경기대학교 축제 - 은우(프리스틴) 'WEE WOO' 4K 60P 직캠 by DaftTaengk-LCO3kwJHf3E


I want to do that



why does she point to her eye


she is referencing the famous babylonian law "an arm for an arm"




why all kpop songs are about love or excitment

it feels so stupid to read the lyrics


reading the lyrics

there shit m8

also idk, maybe some healthy porn type of stimulation


treating kpop like real music

ya seriously the lyrics are nonsensical at best


b-but I want to know what my favourite idols are singing/talking about

and when I know I regret that



all pop music is about some sort of emotion like that

it's just something that's easy to understand and relate to for everyone while also being not controversial at all


just watch vlive or something, the idols are hardly ever involved in writing the lyrics anyway


i can barely make sense of english when hearing a new song

gooks probably have 0 idea what people are on about, maybe it doesnt matter to them either



too marginal to enjoy european bands

not enough brainlet to enjoy hedonistic kpop


especially with random english words thrown around, i tried reading peutin v song lyrics but it didnt make sense




that's easy to understand

can't understand love tbh

I mean I know what's it all about but it feels too stupid to apotheosize it all the time

it's just human emotions, nothing really special or mysterious


chins are interesting, wouldnt singing make the lyrics complete nonsense

ive never seen a chink mv without lyrics overlayed in chinese




just watch vlive

in vlives they're talking about even more stupid things

also make stupid childish jokes and gestures

it's just because I'm not the target audience of kpop



i just switch my brain off and enjoy, it's nice to kick back at times

must be really hard always having to overthink everything




i just switch my brain off and enjoy

nice advice


i've been overthinking things my entire life, can't stop now


im overthinking about things right now

like should i find a new job


what's your current job


coding web services alone


you are me

what languages?


it sucks when they coud just buy a readily made service but "its are too expensive" so i have to code a thing but it will never be as great as the service a dozen people are developing full time


who cares as long as you get the moolah



you can code service which suits better for one particular task though

the more audience you're trying to reach with your project, the more leaking abstractions or complexity it has



nah there are fitting products out there

also maybe if i was a contractor but im full time so the projects live and keep changing


dunno I like reinventing the wheel

it feels great to build something by yourself


web services are sad stuff that constantly change and have to administer over when you could just buy product at monthly rate someone else develops and administers

c# projects is nice tho you can finish them




someone else develops and administers

so you're being depend on someone else


i would be thankful if my company didn't replace me with outsourced indians tbh


you can't really finish a project tbh

if you don't fix bugs and vulns no one will use it


i dont care figuring out how to do gui outside visual studio plus you can do core in f# so dont even need to touch oop garbage



use electron

do you realize windows is garbage by itself?




not writing native apps


it's faster to write one crossplatform app

it sucks but somehow works


the projects are for internal use

no stallman here requiring js apps




it sucks

well yah thats my point, i wouldn't care to electron app if i got $$$$ either.




writing windows-only apps



wxWidgets looks pretty nice though, I think I will try it next time


how do we get out of the vicious cycle of waking up


there are ways


the absolute demotivation

at least theres oppo101 tomorrow


I have 3 big things I have to do this weekend

looking bleak....


Nana unofficially confirms her idol career is over

acting ruins everything


I want Hyemi


tfw no australiasian girlfriend


maybe you could into chen fangui


speaking about "switch my brain off and enjoy", isn't that dangerous for your mind?

it's hard to switching all the time



i wouldn't know i don't really do things that require a lot of thinking at the moment


I mean dangerous for your morals, point of view

what if you fall into hedonistic propaganda they're showing us all the time



interesting point

I've always kinda thought asians would be too stupid to propagandize their entertainment to westerners


one more week


really need a thing where we can do our own group before it starts to look how mainstream we are



what is Sohye doing now btw?

iirc she doesn't even act anymore


being a cellebrity

ads, occational television appearances, media events, sponsored clothes

this latest ad managed to trigger rebbitors, can you guess why?




ads, occational television appearances, media events, sponsored clothes

how long is it gonna last? If she doesn't have new big events, she won't be hyped and actual


it's going to cost you


put it on my slate


it worked within only 40 minutes



what you have to do is go play Town of Salem

then you choose a fairly mainstream kpop group like redvelvet/twice or apink

and magically people will talk to you about kpop

literally 3/4 games today

ask them their fav group and if it's some fagpop shit you're talking to a girl ready to be seduced by kpganon




ready to be seduced by kpganon

what next?


I have literally no idea


h-has kpganon never seduced a girl before?


I told one to come post here btw


what did she say


is she beautiful


she is probably too dumb to copy the link and actually post here because shes a girl


imagine she's reading us right now


imagine how weird and disturbing it must be for a normie girl to read the filth here


almost the same as reading crazy fans comments about fagpop


they write like us?


yeah, but their grammar is even worse


I'll find kagami-nim a woman


I need a beautiful one :jisu_smile:


sure buddy I'll send them to the forest for you


best if tied up


what about the turk lady who waits for him to come back


kagami is a player, he doesn't care about turkish whores anymore afterwards


kqts dont like nappeun namjas


you are wrong


nappeun namjas


I have GREAT news


My monitor no longer flickers


it flickered for about a month now and got worse over time

now it's just black and doesn't work at all anymore

7.70Mb03:19Iron Boy


hey, thats pretty good



I think that's because of sticky sensation your monitor experienced


just change the capacitors sweetyheart


yeah right as if a modern man was capable to do things on his own anymore


monitor boards are big enough that you can just the ol tin and iron in 5 new capacitors and its done


how do i find clip of mininunu on kland got talent show


give me a playlist


like the raon one?


youtubes/spotifi/torrent/äpfel music/google music/idk

ive listened all raons like 4 times so i cant do much more raon


i guess i could buy but its 10 bucks a month for white noise



idk whatever service is fine, im all out


I'll put a small one together for you later


cant even try out things on spotify because my only lifeline (discover weekly) would get affected

its like when i used a login on youtube and couldnt watch videos because recommended would go to shit


tfw only download music from torrents


i'd download from torrents if i could, but is dead and the only good drum and bass private tracker, deepbassnine is literally impossible to get an invite to

all the sites selling invites for less than 500$ are scams

soulseek usually has what i want, and if it doesn't i use my google skills to find it on russian blogs


have you tried rutracker?

anyway I just don't listen to marginal music so I don't need some special trackers


if you switch because of big bad microsoft owns it, you better not be switching to gitlab...


only ever used bitbucket



sort of messanger for discussing github projects



github is still useful for collaboration or finding a job

sure microsoft is awful and I expect nothing good that's because we need to start developing federated pull requests right now

github's monopoly was horrible thing anyway because it's a closed source platform


finished the first task of the weekend


any good streams lately



I am so ready for the new oppo episode, even bought snacks


should probably hit the store although i guess it wont be live until tomorrow


does anyone know any good black desert online kqt streamers?

i remember watching a cute one but i forgot her name


they are posting spoilering pictures on 8ch


its probably wujuautist taking a sneek peek before subs


I won't be able to look there if I close the eyes


imagine there~~


what goes on in there


I'm going to have to delete it if you keep asking such questions...


you can't


I'll do it in my imagination~~


I'm still looking there


as long as you let your imagination take your mind for a ride I succeeded


what? some anon said he had troubles shutting his brain off properly


iuc gets off of other people getting off?



we had two #18 editions in a row

remember to make the next one #20




we had two #18 editions in a row


and still no heehaw/hayong scenario


looking at the pic i sent them


your dick?


not gonna say



this edition DOES look like the other one


i am nunus boi



damn the zoom feature here is so nice

are their any scripts/extensions to make it work with pics on other sites?






imagine being the fat fuck at the start of the video encountering a clearly far superior being than you


nunu are you okay?


the weekly idol episode is great


gonna watch it again since bo is out for the night and no ep7



just focus on the math to regain your span






i post like 10 times a day, the web browsing i do on the side is really light too

you can always pause


weekly idol is 80% dancing anyway




there is nothing important

what's the point of watching it then


i can't even watch 9 fancams with nunu i just download


why do you download instead of just mpv <url>


i like to keep favorite stuff by my side


Just imagine...


Is it weird to be attracted by renas voice btw?


which one? common or rapping one?


there's a difference?


pelle has an entire album of pokemon

when will raon


the mad man


i search angry pinky on every new music show but have to make a stop on latata~




i search angry pinky



wish we had a mouseposter but i guess its also cool that everyone knows each other


another missed opportunity on music bank




i guess its also cool that everyone knows each other



oh people were posting her earlier on 8ch


small bit of nya

1920×10801.65Mb00:06이달의소녀탐정2 #ac (LOONA TV Prequel2 #ac)
1920×1080968.99Kb00:03이달의소녀탐정2 #ac (LOONA TV Prequel2 #ac)


someone should acquire some high resolution picsies of her




these eyes on #4




wonder if theyve met at the cubes


of course

1920×810876.56Kb00:04[MV] LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE 'LOONATIC (Official Lyric Video)”


wonder if they played rat and mouse games with each other


one day you should focus on posting ugi

no pressure tho take ur tim


gotta go to sleep soon

iuc never delivered although i did like his webm



Sorry, I went to play some shiity game after my webm was misinterpreted


did kagami-nim ever read the the ideas about tipping btw?


i thought about incentive systems a bit again

came up with the idea to include a counter under every image that shows how much times it was dowlnloaded

don't know how easy it would be to implement though, and still think it makes us more like reddit

the board is fine as it is tbh



the only thing that should be addressed is the lack of pictures but it's not really this site's issue since many anons opt to post new pics on 8chan instead of here



well reddit has a rating system that puts posts in a hierarchy, that would be retarded for an anonymous board which is why the tips or whatever should be invisible to other users


cant wait to see daisys new style




many anons opt to post new pics on 8chan instead of here



sounds like a pretty pesimistic mindset you have there


we just need our very own autist

plus reaction pics instead of smiles to keep the flow


dont let this become bant 2.0



he posted a single image today as webm, i checked


what about diaautist


should we try fiverr


we should just find some indians and outsource kqt posting to them



i-i dont know where to hire autist so fiverr could be an option

or make it a mechanical turk task to crowdsource it



he likes a raw brain with robot doctor aethetics

of course


its a site where you pay indians 5$ to do some shiity task


I'm the real wujuautist


word see you tomorrow

pray for oppo subs


github will be skyped


don't worry we will have federated pull requests soon™

640×3603.63Mb00:50[Eng Sub] Innocent Gfriend Sowon & toilet paper 여자친구 소원 @160214 My Little Television 마이리틀텔레비전


When will you guys start posting the cute girls?


i will right now but it gonna cost you


i still miss short story bro


tbh I don't like purely romantic stories

need at least a bit of sexual tune



i just checked twitter and there aren't any new good pics

here's some old pics of bona though


looked there well~~


tfw you've watched that 24 hours performance with gu nayoung thousand of times and still like it


please pray for hyunjin



Yeonwoo is fat now


^ tryhard


at least its a catchy song


Perfect pits don't exis-


my waifu has the cutest mole of all time




imagine mouse

i mean, just imagine as i really dont know how to search for idol pics


media event gig


awake btw



awake but there is a tingling sensation

is this bad


maybe it's skin cancer?


how do i check

i havent seen any kpop nurses in ages




downloading right now

what to eat tho


"waiting patiently for tonight"




downloading right now

why do you download


damn, that place bought an entire segment


what segment


I thought it's pads ad again


things are happening in this episode

1920×10801.41Mb00:07PRISTIN V IN 10 SEC <>









what a beautiful lady you got here


we waited so long for her


imagine being a harvester of young girls


the qt with the voice

she can sing downpour for me every night


what if she has a sore throat?



oh, she can just-

hey.. wait a minute is this a leading question


haha got'em


armbands btw, yes/no?




is bo planning the event for tonight or nah


if he's going to sleep then he should at least give one of us the rights to start/stop it on the site


when do britbongs watch telly

is it after eight



british english sounds so gay



too bad idiot firefox doesnt have default volume setting



sheeeit. uploaded wrong file.


looking through cloud storage offers right now and I've just insulted some business customer assistant chat bot that might have been a real person

1920×820752.87Kb00:03[MV] 이달의 소녀/최리 (LOONA/Choerry) 'Love Cherry Motion'


imagine what


imagine oec comeback

1920×890311.38Kb00:01[MV] PRISTIN(프리스틴) _ WEE WOO-wLfHuClrQdI



I'm still not sure what exactly they meant by this

1920×10804.53Mb00:13[V LIVE] [말이 없다] 프리스틴V 나영 편 (Na Young of PRISTIN V)-72715


they needed a week for 2 hours with 50 people


what are you guys gonna do for another hour


day dream about my waifu



EA has their bullshit selling PK at E3 right now


lol kg


when is the thing again oh no



1920×8043.38Mb00:03LOONA (Olivia Hye) - Egoist


when it aint no oppo r15-jun


no wonder she was kicked out

1920×1072591.49Kb00:02[FULL ENG SUB] PD101 China EP 7-uWakfiA272c



j-just find there surnames and compare the hieroglyph



ok fine i checked its memer

shes wondering why she so round


seems like only her face is fat


and her


her what


the area that you see when she's bent over naked and you look at her from her backside



you gotta be optimistic man


우.모.프 (Woo.Mo.Peu) WJSN+Momoland+Pristin will perform 'Just Do It' on Inkigayo


halo halo hey


yamys teeth....


cute teeths


watching a movie


it is in her imagination


it looks sexual to me but I could be wrong

1280×7204.30Mb00:14[V LIVE] 과일 먹어야딩~~♡♡-58083

something to do with eating strawberries and white stuff raining down

we would need an expert on this


also lots of things blasting off for some reason


there is something in that apple. after she bit into it she started hallucinating about making out with yves and after a while she passed out




there is something in that apple

apple hip?



no it's just really not interesting in the least. I don't know why exactly


personally im kind of sad about the vivi

seeing 0:23 makes you wonder what went wrong, im sure everything happens for a reason but why this in specific


fucked up ps?





why even bother



cheorry and chuu are the only loonas that trigger interest for me personally


i shuold probably download all the videos from loonatheworld and make a playlist to make it watchable



didn't one of their international no life lgbbq fans do that already?


europe like the rest of us


it will cost you about half a months paycheck in total


what if i dont know anyone, polebro is obviously not going


you can meet new chingus there



how do you know?

loona is my second favorite group


polebro posts here



he is one of the more famous people here

though didnt want to go to dcatcher concert when it was only 50 bucks or so and in warsaw



hes famous in a blogpost sense

he doesnt attach his persona into any pics (if he even posts them)


I would like to look at some jessicas tbh



8chin had a newguy who posted jessica earlier this year

newguys never last tho, he was out in a day just like the rest of them



so you were talking about me?


I've made like 40 posts at most here



is she still married to that one lad



в каком треде можно писать - пацаны я пьяный?


#Spycams are everywhere in Korea - so easy to install. Here are a few examples. So easy for a guy to look up a girl's skirt in subway as cams can be inserted inside shoes...


b-but stay here too


moar pics



imagine a future with a few more oppo101 and a full p48


9000 lumens


ever since seolaposter was gone im left with the same seolas



whats up with official xy

she is super professional in china


she's boring me to death tbh not even top3 in my ranking


is she expecting acting to take off and plan accordingly

i guess that could make sense but she did so much in gook shows its weird


I should make a list with my personal top11 oppos

1920×10726.05Mb00:15[FULL ENG SUB] PD101 China EP 7-uWakfiA272c

not sure what she meant by this tho


I wanted to ask for your best jessica fancams but I guess it's over


remember them by heart instead














I think that would be my group (not in any order)

1920×10728.78Mb00:23[FULL ENG SUB] PD101 China EP 7-uWakfiA272c

i only remember ones i love









whats gonna happen once c101 is done

will we ever see them again without diving into some chinktube



it seems that he has left





I'v been here for a long time, I just don't usually post. I can't follow the conversation most of the time because of different time zone



thanks~ i had a feeling someone has been posting our seulgi for a while~



Fine, I was watching the E3 but there was nothing interesting



Do you mean American football or Soccer?


no muricans here

we dont like them!


the one that you play with your feet only


I'm not a big fan, but I'll probably watch World Cup. My team will probably get another 7-1 again.

Are any of you going to watch it live on stadium?


it's in russia this year maybe orlov or kagami will go watch it


I thought most of you were Russians


he can't identify every poster by writing style


2 russians post on int

kagami is on another vacay and orlov out for the weekend



wish taeyeon sat on my bed like that


she sat on my national train transportation service system once


I hope she release new song soon


when will she come out with another dance song


found a nice wife picture in the forest


11:11 was comfy too


maybe one day