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#45 Noonas Edition


#45 Noonas Edition


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tfw the only thing you want more than saving the white race is a kgf

my life is a joke tbh


no we are thinking too little



I got sad after posting this image cause I'm pretty sure that's the only thing she ate that day



Isn't taht just an older people thing ?


old people are weird


Wendy isn't racist

she is just pure



I like that some kqts are to pure to know what racism or social justice is

they just think that blacks talk in a funny way and say it


my ex-gf

normie out


it was 6 years ago



i already said i liked it when someone posted the mv

and no i don't really listen to kpop




and no i don't really listen to kpop

that's pretty lame

what are you even doing here then?



I thought gashina and heroin didn't fit the mood of the album



Siren sounds pretty similar to Gashina imo


thought so


not him but I saw them on some live show I liked their other song better than woowoo


do I have to like all dia songs to like this one?


I just want to know if you are here for music


I'm here for the whole package


how is that the whole package if you only know one their song?


the whole kpop package




are you like an elite fan or something?



maybe because she is playing on some meme instrument that isn't even real instrument tbh




that dude is obsessed with how hot they are tho?



I-I'm that guy and that's not true how many times do I have to say it



Someone use to play it when I still was in my village orchestra though


what's up with that dude who quotes my posts and adds smiling smiles to them?


you're just funny


make the thread


I hope new edition will be very nice


I've made the last few editions

someone else has to do it now


alright let me think


I'm scared I'm gonna fuck it up


i dont make threads

not after they removed yooj and bibi smiles


just do it amazing




not after they removed yooj and bibi smiles


WHAT THE HECK you removed yooj_wut


I don't like white pixel in top right corner


just 5 of them

nunuju removed about 30 of them once


I won't, it's quite funny emotion


being neutral is funny?


but the thing I like the most is when someone makes a new thread