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#48 Gloves Edition


#48 Gloves Edition





is pristin alive or what?


there's a rumor pinky will now do acting in china

so no, it's over

[sad nunu pic]


"watching things from the old edition"




Fei and Jia didn't leave


Ryu Sera read my comment on her live stream today


I can't tell you

it was a personal conversation, honestly it's so much better when kpops can speak english

1280×7202.73Mb00:04TWICE 6

wtf is this place why do you guys post here

1280×7202.85Mb00:06160419.Mnet.Twice's Private


2 threads a week? whats the point


what's the point of doing anything?


how do we finally solve newguys


it's just some oldguy memeing

newguys don't exist


i like the concept, but it's way too dead


we don't need rude posters from /mu/ and psychos from /trash/

648×8822.74Mb00:04180915.NHKG.Shibuya.Note.Presents.TWICE.Request.LIVE.1080i.MPEG2.AAC.KUMAMON.Zard_1 (2)


i dont go anywhere near those lunatics



if you haven't figured that out by now i don't know what to tell you


nice meme



get that shit off my screen


we only like noonas here tbh


fucking plebs, we love cubuggo here


just check the previous thread and you can see his/her blogposts and sluggo pics


yikes there's enough sluggo on /mu/ already



is he the Kyungri poster?

he complained about /mu/tants being rude to his waifu (Seulgi)



no, the kyungri poster is the homosexual from /trash/ that cums on his laptop and posts it on the internet




I guess no namyu friends for me



I mean will



don't be mean it's not my fault you have this project


Im just projecting tbh


what is this?

star wars?


in a way...

instead of spaceships you have dicks and they shoot cum


we really need filters here


bibs in the studio



don't reply to me pedobro


say something


bibi doesn't like lewders


no one likes them


lewder is here


tfw not there for lonely bibs


bo posting his nip shit again



Depends on what you call comfy, I like it there though


no one likes you posting there tho


I kinda like being anonymous

I can call you a retard if I feel like it now and tomorrow we will talk about Slug like the best chingus anyway



kinda hyped but those Chungha's pants look really dumb


sex lizard tho


Has rv ever won gold ?


her name is Lizardqt


I want KISS Moon Hyuna


I want FUCK Moon Hyuna


she is married you moron


and shes old as fuck so I actually dont want to fuck her


i'd hatefuck her tho


i'd hatefuck her tho



leave for three hours




just don't leave again


I'm getting a little nervous



for me it already came true I wont tell why though because its not safe for blogs right now




alright I'm home and work mode is off



don't worry there is still plenty of post space left for you to get on the list


I've already posted really good pictures you dumbo


if you posted the OP I'm sorry I tried to include it but it didn't for some reason


no I'm not the OP

leave me alone



well there are only 5 spots for one Best-pictures-of-the-edition-so-far-post

maybe you'll make the next one hwaiting!~


I told you to leave me alone you bully


tfw no one is ever nice to your girls



dont post uggos, it's simple


Kyungri and Hyemi are uggos?

fuck you


sex lizard is nice, idk who hymei is tho


pretty sure someone called kyungri cute. You're just really needy


Kyungri is cute


I just wanted to be in Best-pictures-of-the-edition-so-far-post


post her lewd and you'll get there!



are you bragging or complaining?


there's always the chance of forgiveness just make an account here and you' could get into paradise


Im Yoona






don't tell me I missed my chance AGAIN


slavs at least poles and serbas were pretty good at BTFOing turks in the past so maybe in few decades they will conquer western ex-europe


debate between terrorist-nim and nationalist-nim when?


I do not negotiate with terrorists


dreamcatcher euro tour 2.0 when?


if you don't want me to post just say so




all gidle posters are welcomed


guess I'm gonna wait until bibibros stream goes live



but do you see the definition? she must have worked very hard for anon to achieve this


Being a skelly helps a lot too


whatever you say negativitybro

binnie a perfect tho


if you can't see the belly button it doesn't count as tummy


one kpop

forever kpop



apologize to Betsy right now!


did you know that Betsy, Skelly and Uji debuted in EXID?


Betsy's hairstyle was fucking daebak



placenta worship used to be really popular around the whole world



I have a datalayer directly interpreting my thoughts into pictures



idols private IGs/twitters




twitter and tistory

i try to save everything from fansites directly


on the topic of that



yeah i think i switched ip too quickly

it says new accounts will also be suspended if i make them so i'll see what to do


what do you guys think of putting the rules in the edition post from now on?

maybe it will help newguys


what rules?



i think it would be a good idea

rule one and two would probably confuse newguys though, don't think they would take rule 3 seriously if we included those


muh rules

lmao get a load of these shitters, probably the same people that were namefagging before and upset because there's too many people here now so no one can recognize them anymore


lewdster is here



would something like this help?

Rule three: No insult idol

not ok:

cub is ugly trash (idol name calling)

cub? more like ugg (idol name calling)


stop posting cub you retard (insulting another poster)

I dislike cub (expressing opinion)

I think this hairstyle on cub looks stupid (expressing opinion)


how about you just stop being a little bitch



that's too long maybe it's best to just have them be plain and simple



stop behaving like this is your board now, you've been here for two weeks



heck it I'll still post these two adorable ugis


fuck I can't even leave this thread for an hour without it going to shit



what's up with all those toys during fansigns?

idols aren't little kids anymore


don't only blame newguys btw

the lewdster was here before I got here


I wonder what happened

I didn't take part in any coordinated migration


how do you like the weather eurochingus?

finally that dumb bitch summer left




4 new guys

so there were -2 people here before that?


how come blé could integrate in like 2 days and all others just fuck things up? really makes me think things


because my mom did a good job raising me



you should call her tomorrow and thank her


I don't know how to express my feelings like that


luckily i still have my cute bibi



on which akbingo episode are you already?


hktbingo ep4


im probably getting new internets tomorrow so could stream if theres a reasonable way

they are ts files so cant into drive tho


twitch stream is 720p only maybe youtube idk



don't plenty of people stream in 1080 or "source"

or does it cost something


exy thighjob until climax



you only get 1080p when you get partner status or something dumb like that I think


I want to like exy but she's a rapper



not by choice, she got vocal nodules and was forced to rap to not lose her voice forever


why must streaming bee so difficult


youtube seems to allow 1080p but


We’ll make sure your account is in good standing and verify your identity with a phone number.


Lime and Woori are rappers too and they are cute


also Irene


why do you want to stream things anyway?


synced up viewings of kshows are nice


someone really should do some webrtc service to stream directly to peoples without needing dumb twitches in the middle


never done that before

what's so nice about it?


pretty good stuff on right now




blame the stylist unnie, not me



I hope you did great my fellow slugbro




but to be honest I'm posting pics from her IG, if she didn't want me to look she wouldn't post them


you just have to study more




you're always posting photos like this




here it's not "photo like this" so I don't "always" post them you liar


it's amazing for low delay but I couldn't find out how to do 1080p


it's not wasted if you learned something/enjoyed it/did something that will help you in the future


I learned nothing and hated every second of it and it ruined my future because I had to create A FUCKING MICROSOFT ACCOUNT AHHHHHH



maybe it could've solved the streaming problem


aren't there lots of webrtc video call services

why can't one of them do video stream just need to stream to two people max



at least now you know it won't solve it

you've learned something



it was a reference to HV song's lyrics you uncultured swine



i don't know what it's like where you are but it's bloody boiling here this week



it was 4 degrees last night

fucking comfy




terrorism ruled kch today


slugchingu bombed his exam


the streaming problem could not be solved

what a shitty day

thanks for trying to make it better



I'm never negative because electrons are negative and electrons aren't even real


yeah fuck electrons

neutrons is where it's at



electrons are real

much of what we know about the universe wouldn't work if they weren't


ha look at this mad conspiracy theorist

next you're gonna tell us santa clause is real or the holocaust



if they are real try measuring their momentum and position at the same time

you can't? that's because they are fake



purepop is the worst music genre

ladypop is the best


going to bed will blogpost more tomorrow







I love pak to the cho to the long and Hayoung but purepop music is pretty bad

if you want we can argue about it more but it will have to wait until tomorrow because I have to sleep now


it's funny how the "regulars" here condone lewdposting, yet wasn't here at the start when our literal dear overlord kagami was lewdposting like a fucking maniac



i dont see the problem

some were made for lewd, some were made for pure

shurely we have room for everything



tell that to the "regulars" who try to control everything that's being posted here



I dont mind lewdposting like suggestive webms, p pictures or saying an idol has a nice butt

but nobody wants to read about you wanting to dickslap an idol and impregnating her or your tributes



this is an anonymous board though, exactly for that kind of things....just ignore one's forcing you to read it


lmao just look away

just turn off your monitor bro


also - writing about wanting to impregnate kpops have been around since the dawn of need to go to OH or twitter if that shit "gross" you out



why not go to some 4chan /gay/ board if you want to talk about your dick with others?



what if two posters share that fantasy

pretty gay if you ask me



i don't think that's very far-fetched


That doesn't matter. You're literally making up stuff that has never happened before to push your point


everyone who doesn't post a kqt in the next 5 minutes is gay



literally none of those posts are in any way "bad" or "gay" except the last one



i think there's only about 7 of us who post here

and it's not me



idc if the posts or you are gay I just dont want to read about dicks and cum on a kpop board

all of these posts were just made for provocation anyway



and I don't want to see a Japanese idol posted in kpop threads, but we can't get everything we want



those are fine though, I'm talking about Japanese idols that aren't in kpop



the problem is not that dicks and cum isnt kpop but that its gay shit you fucking faggot


lmao why are you so angry?


also not a single post you quoted here is actually gay in any way


so i'm not sure what you're rambling on about



Why does japanese kpop idols look so different from japanese jpop idols?


hey what's up.


post qts you raging homos






call others homos


post gay pride picture


the gays don't own rainbows



now that's more like it



hmmm yes i agree



now post jooeun's hair porn



It's almost time to go to sleep already :(


i think of nunu so often now

why did we have to lose her so young



i just woke up thinking about nunu

how could they let this happen




tyme to dayomiblast

720×12802.94Mb00:08[MPD직캠] 우주소녀 다영 직캠 ‘부탁해(SAVE ME, SAVE YOU)’ (WJSN DAYOUNG FanCam) _ @MCOUNTDOWN_2018.9.20 (1920p_30fps_VP9 LQ-128kbit_AAC)

just do it


work mode engaged

praying for a better day


why is this dude so obsessed with cum?


there's many of us moroni


you are not autistic enough to be Choashitter

and he sometimes was actually funny unlike you


if you don't wake up in the middle of a dream you won't remember having one

you dream regardless



Even when I sleep 10+hours I always wake up in middle of a dream


what makes you wake up in your dreams?


It depends tbh but often because I'm feeling too hot and also I tend to wake up when notice I'm sleeping


I have very healthy sleep schedule and I don't remember my dreams


if i dont blast for a while i usually get a nice dream involving some kpop



Not really a meme but I believe it's hard to have


If I could lucid dream I would dream about Moon Hyuna gf 24/7


why would you dream of some old hag?


I get that talking about dicks and cum turns him on but what does he get from insulting idols?



imo naked lags like this are lewder than naked tummies but koreans don't ban them



i wasnt born yet


I was wondering why are kpop putting blanket on their leg when they are on variety?



think of it like putting a baguette in grocery bags in movies

so you don't have to think about what's there


dont look there


I don't like when they hide their legs though


they shouldn't hide what makes me buy their albums


I like legs but I respect kpops decision to cover them



you don't see upskirts all the time when they dance and you would see them all the time when they are sitting




what's so special about them?

they make me think


they make me hard



it's not upskirts (because they wear shorts), just legs

you can sit even in true skirt in such way your panties won't be visible, it's basic girl's skill



if there's nothing to hide why do you want to see it so much?


they can also put blankets on legs to keep them warm


lewdster is right this time

I've seen a lot of anti-fap protection in kpop




anti-fap protection

it's quite stupid given type of clothes and dance moves they use

I mean you're either pure or sexy, there is no point in doing sexy dance pretending to be pure



there is also lady pop

btw you can be sexy in many different ways


stealth slutpop is whats in right now




you can be sexy in many different ways

it's ok to be a bit or a lot sexy, choosing proper dance and outfits

but when you start with ultra-short skirts and seducing moves, then trying to make it "not lewd" with safety shorts and blankets, it's just absurd


fun fact: purepop groups show their buttcheeks more often than slutpop groups





yeah, right

but that's plain stupid because everyone realizes 90% of their content is sexual fanservice for female fans



female fans love sexy groups like 9muses



i think they're just separating their performer and off-stage persona



I don't get the concept of safety shorts at all

why do they show us only legs, skirts are meant to cover your underwear

it's like you mimic highly sexual appearance and ruining the point of that fanservice at the same time



safety shorts are for covering buttcheeks


yet they come out of safety shorts anyway


some girls just have big butts

or they hope to make it thanks to their butts like Hani did


Hani has great leg too


prove it


I'm in class right now


god damn it

we are talking about legs but not a single legs pic was posted


this is the only pic I have on my phone

no legs but it's still cute


need to add kpop to that article



Chunha's pants make me angry

good song tho


chungha makes me angry


Seulgi makes me happy

448×12802.92Mb00:07WJSN 우주소녀 설아♡♡수빈 직캠/Fancam @ 180926 4K 분당AK플라자 팬 싸인회 by 까리뽕삼 <>

soob p

720×12802.90Mb00:08WJSN 우주소녀 설아♡♡수빈 직캠/Fancam @ 180926 4K 분당AK플라자 팬 싸인회 by 까리뽕삼 <>

soob ass




Stop lewding seulgi


Seulgi is for cute


for cute breeding


she is for protecting and loving


tfw no noona wife and slug daughter


tfw no yeojin wife


tfw no gum blasting bro



shut the fuck up, there's no bullying allowed here, learn the rules


wjsn posters are fucking weird



so you would use the identities pure-idol and lewd-idol instead of male/female. each identity has a seperate kind of fan(pure-fan/lewd-fan)

and a scenario would be "a lewd-idol signals deceptively as a pure-idol with the intent to get attention from the pure-fan.

in this case a lewd-signal could be butt cheeks revealing dance moves and a pure signal could be to cover the legs with a blanket

not sure but somebody should do a paper on it


I'm still waiting for my T-ara webms



go away grandpa


grandpas like grandmas


I'll love my waifu forever even if she becomes old and busted


based masochist



from all T-ara members only Qri and Boram are older than me



dreamcatchers are the best dancers in kpop

1280×16462.96Mb00:06[4K] 180926 WJSN 우주소녀 宇宙少女 부탁해 SAVE ME, SAVE YOU 루다 RUDA @ 분당AK플라자팬사인회 By Sleeppage (2160p_30fps_VP9 LQ-128kbit_AAC)


no it's not



it's never unsafe for some yomiblasting


dreamcatcher are actually one of the best singer groups in kpop.


Dayoung looks like that one MC from Hello Counselor



go back to onehallyu you little bitch


i've probably produced liters of c*m to yomi


you hear that princess? LITERS






go Kavanaugh go!


A pink songs are pretty lame but the girls are pretty cute


are you lowkey asking for a tribute with those pics?


almost looks like it



I'm pretty satisfied with my english knowledge

I don't want to spend any more time learning that pretty gay language


I'm not your friend


I really like Yoohyeon.



I like jueun too I don't understand..



oh you are that dumb avatarfag

that explains it


muh wife!!


Jiu is my DCfu


what are you doing this friday night?


dont feel like blogposting right now




what are you listening to right now?


your mom's moaning lmaooooooooooooo


I've just checked and she is still in the kitchen you liar


i dont like hoymin but this song is fucking great



It's chill af

You have a serious case of bad taste


it's just dancing


Hyomin is just like Hyuna


Hyuna is way worse



can you come to the o ld p48 streaming place and check something



this was literally the best line up ever

no wonder some members left after they didn't make it

korea was just too gay for them



did you know that After School had a fanmeet in the same park?


that move at 1:35 is really cool


you know that simple things can be cool right?



if it was so obvious you would explain it to me

but I guess you can't do it because it's not obvious


white BBB outfits were pretty good as well


I wonder what happens with those clothes after promotions end

look at pic related, they only wore those outfits like 2 or 3 times

looks like a waste of resources



what lol? if you mean designer clothes then yeah, but stage clothes that are all themed like those photos are made completely for comebacks



where can I rent clothes like that?


alright I'm back let's post some nice kpops



I've been posting nice kpops whole day tho?


is this jpop general now?


don't get your hopes up tho, its a bunch of inside j-jokes

but at least theres bibis face


kpops on vacay >>>>>> jpop



he is just justifying his behavior

pretty sad



webms from the mv were already posted and theres no promotions or performances


also Uni.t, Dreamcatcher and Weki Meki posted teasers today


tfw Uni.t won't help DIA and Sonamoo


Elle Magazine did some great yoona shoot



there she is~~~~~

I'm a little busy unfortunately




ftw had class the whole day and couldn't post



moving pictures are pictures too rudebro


Let's stay comfy


got 3 (You)s in top5 of the day post and still complains


what is she doing now


I'm just protecting 9muses' honor



every time i read yebin i think of the ebin meme


violence is not a solution


cracks knuckles


kpganon is always full of energy



maybe this guy can help you, wantingToBeBetterChingu


dont post your jap shit here bo



I wanted you to write it yourself to help you reflect well~~


who are you meeting iucuck





it's your punishment, duh.


i havent done anything wtf!


post long hair Yebs


make a refreshing new edition for the weekend



I got those out of it


no we're out eating right now.


post the button or ill get upset

1100×5502.92Mb00:06[다이아] 예빈이가 놀라서 무대로 달려나간 이유는

you can't always get whatcha want.

you can't always get whatcha need.


post button or we will riot


watching fapcams to see if she pretends to sing



truly living up to the name sea monkey



looks like sluggi is loving power up comeback and her dance team now she can finally dance with all shes got



Sorry I don't have much more than that other time



thank you kind chingu your frogs are very precious because they are at risk of extinction


take this, anon!



pretty nice beat but i lost absolutely all interest in tiffany tbh zero attraction



Just checked her account it's kinda amazing that she gets so little view




Always there for my brothers


did you know that Keumjo and Luda are friends?



the most difficult style

I still have problems with it



I will sleep HARD after seeing this pic