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#80 Post Your'e Waifu edition


#80 Post Your'e Waifu edition


part 2 - the correctening

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T-ara's Soyeon once got and Iphone from her chink fan

it was infected with some virus and the chink could take over the control

and take pics etc



is it though? i've only used it years ago and it was pretty bad. couldn't stand the lack of files and plus i like using termux so i can use youtube-dl on my phone



who fucking cares?

yous hould support your country no matter what




by order of the people's congress


Pyo Hyemi drives a Volkswagen....


so she hates the environment?



I don't blame her, the looks are very important in the kpop industry and koreans designers are mostly very bad, just look to hyundai cars from 10 years ago, or samsung/lg products from 10 years ago. They had to hire a lot of western designers to compete.



the backup dancer on the right in the thumbnail is very OMO

Seulgi is very omo as well



I wanted to say that new KIAs are amazing but they had to hire ex-BMW designer to achieve that


I own a japanese car but it's made in my country except the engine. does that mean I am a traitor?



that's what krauts got for losing WWII



they should never have been allowed back in



that his point about gooks being shit designers still stands




that's a bug

currently you can change profile images only if you're at board

I'll fix that later, thanks for reporting


nunuju was responsible for the site's design

but he's not contributing anymore and my design skills are not that good

I can try to fix styles of tabs a bit though




why jisook?

watch I live alone with jisook, it's pretty daebak


do you think that idols watch their own fancams?



i should think they watch everything they do, to see what gets good reactions



yes, thats why yeonwoo keeps wearing shorts that show off her 도끼라인



that would mean that likes to look lewd




korean weebs

Isn't that contradictory? A korean fan of japanese culture is a traitor.


korean weebs are just koreans with good taste



I can upload 720p NEXT with engsub to mega for few Pyocoins



horrible quality

you need to pay pyocoins if you want extra







kagami delete his dox post




i accidentally hovered



Ever since we got the loona guy and the minju guy the thread are way faster



i just don't want to know your name and now i won't be able to forget it and whenever i see someone with that name i'll think what if this guy is a kweeb



koreaboo is the preferred nomenclature


i thought it was an epic meme because of the urbandictionary: daebak tab


I swear if you scare off newfriend Im gonna be mad



hi matt

post some Somi's private pictures


Eduardo Benitez


next eeition is approaching fast


yeah it's all because I am on vacation



yeah who will have the great honor of create it?


you make it, i fucked up the last one


can I make the new edition?


I think Eduardo deserves to make new edition since he is great at entertaining


it will cost ya some pyocoins if you heck up tho