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#88 Red Carpet Edition


#88 Red Carpet Edition


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I won't tell anyone else

you can trust me



you could get him one of these high quality figurenes of an anime girl like pic related



or just buy him a 3D printer

he will make himself whatever he wants



I'm not spending that much money on him


get him some pokemon cards then


see that nose? this is what happens to her when she gives me a cold soup


just checkd the email and yayy I picked the rich brother for secret santa



I don't know he filled out his wish list with autistic techie stuff he would buy anyway it feels really really% bad boy%%



forgot the picture for yeonwoofriend





same dude what kind of gun would you like?



doesnt matter what kind, the barrel just has to fit into my mouth, but if I had to pick id take glock maybe? or is it not good


I like that anon

he made me laugh really hard


we need an online kpop board game, playing with chingus would be fun



I've only shot 2 pistols so far one of them was a glock 17 and the other was a sig 220

I accidentally squished my finger under the trigger on the first few shots with the glock and it felt a little cheap tbh. then I tried the sig and it has an outside hammer and actually fit in my big hand


no suicide on my watch btw if you need help just pm me



thanks, I will keep that in mind when picking




we have 3+ seulgibros and NONE of them managed to create good :smiles: so far


we are on smile strike until we get :wonyoung_bored:



I don't how edition works, I can't even use paint properly unfortunately

Rec me some good video courses


make 5(five) high quality cool smiles and I will send kagami some bitcoin to add them


we already have to many smiles


There's no such a thing as "too many smiles"


make a list of 5(five) :smiles: to delete then


classic kovac


>>too many smiles

im out


I use about 25 smiles actively tbh




I don't how edition works

you mean like how to create a new edition here?


we should do some statistics, I bet some smiles never get used

it's a waste of space


This one should be smug instead of smile:

This one should be a laugh

This isn't even a smile lol:


never once seen these used on /int/





i usually dislike those but that's really cute



look at post commie euro countries

still white and respecting their traditions and look at capitalistic france, germany and UK

full of shitskins and degeneracy

still think capitalism is better?



post commie euro countries are full of russians mostly

and russians are literally white niggers


poland and czech are both based