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#90 Floral Head Wreath Edition


#90 Floral Head Wreath Edition


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sounds like fun

my expectations are very high now tho


ohh is it lewd day?


left - 2014

right - 2018

pretty daebak



you don't get medals for being cute tho?


it's just the manager-nim


her curling skills need more practice tho


ok I leave now



Blog Post Alert

I've been waiting with buying a book about our mighty chinese overlords because I wanted to find some other cool books to buy and not pay for shipping twice and now that book is sold out


I wanted to spoiler it

I'm a fucking retard



try the little printer icon right next to the smile menu


are you actually trying to learn chinklish?


at least it made kchanon laugh and laughing is healthy


it's about their economy in the past 100 years and stuff like that



not too much



no problem

remember to stay hydrated btw



I'm sure that looking at a cutie like Hyeri is very healthy as well


Imma hit you with that DuDu DuDu Du for your midnight thinking session:

If I'm a human,

And humans adapt to the good and the bad,

why should I strive for the good or fear the bad?



as a good paganchingu I believe in reincarnation so I strive for the good to not waste all the work I did in my past lives and leave something good for my future lives


the answer for non pagans could be like this

humans evolved in groups and if the group is going to survive the individuals have to cooperate and support each other, that's why people like good and honest people

so if you will be bad, people won't like you and you will be alone and if you are going to be really bad you will go to jail

also being nice feels nice



so you basically see yourself as ahostage of the past and captor of the future?



I'm not a hostage of the past

think about it like this

your parents raised you so you treat them well, you don't have to (you are not a hostage), you do it because you feel it's the right thing


a little late...



never to late to post some Bona



that answer is not possible for this problem because of


And humans adapt to the good and the bad

so yes it feels nice to do something good but you as a human will adapt to this feeling and it becomes your new normal. So now the motivation for doing good is not there anymore and therefore it's pointless hence the question


why should I strive for the good?

same with the bad things. humans survive torture, hunger and cold because they also adapt to the bad. so why should I fear being alone or in jail?

this problem belongs to one of the two essential utilities of nihilistic reduction, doubt



you can assume that you can adapt to anything but it's not true, maybe some people do but not all of them, you often hear about for example soldiers having problems after coming back home

if your adaptation theory was right they would be doing just fine


kpop btw

sorry for off posting





she is my second favorite after Cathy


Honestly I liked DIA since day one and I kinda felt that they wouldn't make it but I'm still pretty disappointed

I wish I could adapt to all my favorite groups flopping



all people are allowed to have their own favorite girls

don't act like this



good answer tbh

there are people who adapt to unfathomable pain with breakdown and nonexistence (suicide)

the answer is only for the bad part of the problem though so what do you do about the good?



elimination process

if you have good and bad and you can't do bad you do the good



no it's two questions

why would I need to fear the bad?


why would I want to strive for the good?


what if I told you neither cathy nor chaeyeon have the best butt in dia?



I didn't bully you but you know what?

go HECK yourself!

you are acting like people liking Cathy over Chaeyeon was somehow weird, that's insulting to Cathy



I would agree because Eunice is for that kind of stuff



what can I say people posted some good arguments



ok so I'm answering the second question

you should strive good because if you don't you will end up bad and we already answered what that would mean


what does "the best butt" even mean?

what if I like flat pure butts like Chorong's?



that would implicate that the world works in a duality of good and bad which is not a given

I mean such a thing as apathy or neutrality exists

if you look at modern politics actually most of the people seem to be in that category.

the second question is more of this kind:

no matter your situation if you do something good (and you can define good yourself if you want to) you may improve your current situation for a time (like feeling good after helping an old lady over the street) but this feeling will fade and in order to achieve it again you need to do even more good so you always end up at the starting point so why not just stay there without spending that effort of doing good

I'm bad at explaining


I didn't realize it was that late




you are right

imo there are good, bad and neutral people

so I think that you should do good because


you may improve your current situation for a time (like feeling good after helping an old lady over the street) but this feeling will fade

but if you don't do something good there will be no feeling at all

just because your favorite puppy died doesn't mean that owning it was worthless, at the time it made you feel good and you created precious memories thanks to it so it was worth it

being good is like that, you do good to feel good from time to time at first but later you will also have a satisfaction from being a good person

you can say that it will fade away but if the argument with adapting to bad things isn't right I would assume that it's not right with good as well so the satisfaction from being a good person won't fade away at least won't fade away completely



this police officer seems rather pleased, guess I was a good citizen



she is pleased because she will get a rise if she gives enough tickets to pabos like (You)


diversity post


Yura is in charge of pabo in GsD and she isn't ashamed of that

stop acting like being a pabo was a crime

It's OK to be pabo



he deserved it

he indirectly implied that my wife was much worse than his wife

that's rude



I will protect Cathy's honor whether she likes it or not!





imagine cathy reading this edition right now


It's diversity that you want?


I want a new edition