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#94 Fruits Edition


#94 Fruits Edition



summoning iuc edition


posting my favorite fruit


do you know other sites like fiddle, that post quality pics of various groups?


legendary pic


brb again


k I'm back.. forgot something..



it will have to be edition unrelated

are you cool with that?



yeah I know but I don't have anymore edition related Minhas



I'm here to protect her purity even from herself



that guy earlier said we are allowed to look there and there is no way to take that back so heck you I'm looking!



he said it's ok to look there IF there is covered like it was in that Bona pic

here there was not covered at all


how is kpop so good?


Country roads, take me home

To the place I belong

South Korea, kpop mama

Take me home, country roads



idk, all the pics have similar style so probably it wouldn't affect my posting

but you could say if you like official photoshoots more or maybe you prefer selcas because that way you can imagine that she is someone you know or something idk






yeah that would help me

it's #3, I like #3 most because she does a little smile unlike the other pictures




I like smiling kpops because when they laugh I'm also happy

nice, that's the feedback I've expected


did you know that Minha is a talented kpop?


I want to be played to sleep by her


she is also a sportswoman


her nickname is Giraffe because of her long neck btw


sleepy kpops are the cutest


we've spent lots of time together


I wanna hold the chin of my super cute kgf when she's falling asleep



maybe he is just tired from staying up to look at kqts

happened to me once or twice..



and you think that playing games instead of paying attention to the teacher will help?


that's not good, our waifus would want us to study hard and have a bright future


what if I told you that Minha was smug for most of the time?




that's not good, our waifus would want us to study hard and have a bright future

you're right! i'll sleep right now, fighting



Well it's more like we work on the computer a few after the lecture so it's hard to be productive if I didn't get it beforehand



you can always try to figure it out yourself or ask someone for help instead of playing solitaire


this is the first Minha's SNS post ever, posted at 2011-02-27 16:08:08 GMT+01

and I will end my Minha's posting with it


playing solitaire in solitude surrounded by supposed friends thinking about your inner darkness in bright daylight

yeah... we all know that feel


not the game maybe.. but the life


anyway here's some yeonwoo to make you happier than drugs ever could make you



Do they only perform for 10 minutes everytime they have a concert ?


because nobody could last longer?



made me pretty happy but drugs made me feel like the universe and I were one



why would you want that?

it made me feel like yeonwoo and I were one and that's enough for me




why would you want that?

it felt pretty good

but since then I feel like universe was created just for me



tfw you find your memepics being used


we're not kpganon anymore




funny face




I've heard you guys liked kpops playing music instruments

what do you think about this?



that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen and I've seen yura talk


I am NOT nojam



I laughed at the fat girl with the flute


and I've seen yura talk

reminded me about this btw


I believe him he seems believeable



thanks but I trust my trusted #1 news source, newskchanonbro


K City Camp Jakarta on Dec 9th at Istora Senayan Jakarta. Guest: #GFRIEND #CLC


Chungha officially certified platinum by Gaon Chart after 'Roller Coaster' surpassing 100 million streams + she's currently preparing for a new album


!unsubscribe gfriend, chungha


Former Girls' Generation member Jessica has dropped a teaser for her upcoming holiday release 'One More Christmas'.

It looks like Jessica is taking on a winter princess concept with a party vibe as she lays in glitter and holds up decorative letters that say 'One More Christmas', which is due out on December 14 KST.

Stay tuned for updates!


!unsubscribe christmas

!lookup pristin


PRISTIN’s fandom now protesting outside of Pledis Entertainment’s building

The saga of PRISTIN‘s inactivity continued today literally on the building of Pledis Entertainment, as fans of the girl group took their protest direct to the source.



#1 - 07.12.2018 Evening

#2 - 08.12.2018 Morning

#3 - 08.12.2018 past 2pm

Pledis just took it down without any feedback


Apparently fans of some Pledis gaypop group are attacking Pristin fans for it because it's their oppars turn now



good consideration but let's face it... they dont work there anymore


seventeen has 3 good songs and nuest are boring produce101 popularity leeching fags

Pristin fans are btfoing gaypopniggers



pristin aren't just a great gg but also have a great fandom? WHY DID WE HAVE TO LOSE THEM


does pristin live in a dorm?


they live on the streets


b-because they so gangsta r-right?


I for one know for sure kyulkyung is a big house swimming in a money pool IN CHINA




chengxiao sleeping in the guest house with only a money bikini to swim in the money pool together with pinkys onepiece out of money


Never trust the chink


Maybe iuc went to korea to protest against pledis



tfw pristin had more activities before debut than after debut

really makes you think



Seamonkeys love pristin all their stuff got vietsub


Hyomin is drawing something

I bet being a rich kpop is fun, you just travel, draw, sing or just drive your super cool car when you feel like it



bit bummed out cause I watched the spoiler for the UFC 231 today instead of watching the event

also some pabo is saying bad thing about yoona so i'm a bit



better watch some WWE like a real high testosterone white male



ugh what were you thinking? classic beginner mistake

don't worry deep down everyone loves yoona



so you're saying binnie? I'm down with that


too bad there are no fancams thanks video game nerds


new 26 minute comfy*live




you better not look at any of the younger members


what group are we talking about?


lets just say he is a wise one...




chengxiao in a money bikini


pinkys onepiece out of money

you have no idea how much i would be willing to pay to see this

that's right, ALL the tea in china


you know bonsai trees are perfectly formed, intricate little versions of trees

luda is like that

she's a bonsai girl



I dont mean it like that I mean I miss anons posting about the latest uju



alright which one of you is the guy yelling


I would never scream at pretty midgets


Luda is CUTE!!!!!


she's PURE SEX


>>193984 ➡

belated (You) because you deserve it

i want to bully kyungri for her driving



that dog is luda's version of a great dane



I've just noticed the caption on her t-shirt


Lee Luda with Lee Keumjo


which to order? sour cabbage soup or tomato pepper cream?


tomato soup


get some creme of mushroom soup


ordered sour cabbage anyway, come on it's winter


literally top 5 best soups of all time




soups aren't even real food

eat some meat you twink


my wife




good idea


yeah all luda needs is big cocks


they wont fit


Luda likes cute korean feminine butts tho?


eunseo's butt is firm and muscular


prove it!


anyone wants to play guess who's eyes are those game?



is that 2nd pic broken for anyone else

anyway its meant to be ryujin



far right a cute middle right looks like a jiyeon






it was probably something on my end borking out temporarily, not the server




uh oh


doesn't look like lenses to me



re-aved the image so i'll try once more

is weird 'cos nothing was corrupted on my end, it opened fine in various image editors


open in a file editor and save as another file


genetically engineered kpops with blonde hair and green eyes when?


i like brown eyes



sorry but that's a little scary


that's even worse

ice cream cake was terrifying


did someone order some waifubots









<girls next door

yeah i wish


no, that's just sohee



nice mouthbreather



mouthbreathers can hold their breath occasionally

it's not a bad thing


p101 itsp autoplays as i'm eating dinner in a warm bed

comfy level hitting the roof




i'm eating dinner in a warm bed

do you like sleeping in crumbs/stains



it's ok but compared to moonbyul it's nothing



her mouth is often opened because she smiles a lot



just don't eat like a pig and that's not an issue anymore



I watched some of that before and just remember her being quiet, somi and moonbyul dominated conversation

Also the premise was boring, I need a modern day invincible youth/heroes


out of all p101 i miss hyeri and sohye the most


I haven't seen Produce 101 and I don't miss any of them

once again not taking any action saved me from suffering


yeah i've not watched any of those shows after p101 either, not worth it



I can't do that

I have to pretend it's still 2012 and T-ara scandal never happened



it's going to have all the side characters that will never make it




There's no suffering as long as you pretend it's still 2016

Guys do you think the new pledis group Pledis Girlz is going to debut soon ?

I hope pledis learned from their mistake and don't let them inactive for too long

After school could come back anyday btw


There's no suffering as long as you pretend it's still 2016

ok bros i'm doing it




Yeah but thethe only one really worth your time ends up making it into izone



it's very strange

wrong content was uploaded to the storage (26kb, but cutechan has ~120kb for that file in the db)

and I can't see any uploading errors in the logs

anyway, I've deleted it, try reupload it again




it's completely different file on the storage

I've downloaded it though, so we can try to compare the data




Euijin cut her hair




it's different culture, at least try to understand it you pabos

it's like with aiming guns at fans during fansites in a*erica no one would do it




lesbians aren't gaypop




it's like with aiming guns at fans during fansites in a*erica

why americans are so obsessed with the guns

it's too dangerous




[ETC] AFTER SCHOOL 'First Love' Dance practice&Their stories!




See, rates go up after those first three civilised countries


rates go up as nigger population goes up



it's wrong to compare US and Yemen

but you can see clear correlation for Serbia vs Finland vs US




like 10% of her tits max

good enough


I wonder who's fancam she is watching


no idea how old these people are actually, please keep that in mind



I've been a nice guy the whole year so I really hope that I will get kgf from Santa



imagine being in one room with Krystal and Sulli



I don't need a wrapping tbh

some cute christmas clothes would be cool tho


tfw ywn spend christmas with mommy


maybe pristin will do a christmas special


tfw ywn


I hope we will all suport Mommy's comeback here




she's so cute





Fruits Edition


Hyemi eating grapes during her stream

coincidence? I don't think so


If yoona was a tiny bit more talented she would be the greatest idol of all time


im glad my fren made it

i-i really am



I don't believe someone who come on a russian website to post korean girl can make it



They are probably busy for the upcoming exams

no way they left r-right?


1 (1-2)



he shouldn't have tried to fight the police during those manifestations...


I really miss him

he was one of the good one




No because i'm sure iuc will come back

I'm not so sure about pristin



i remember when he appeared on 8ch and i honestly dont get your infatuation with him

he was just some guy, like the rest of us


I like you guys as much as I like iuc or even more because you didn't leave me


It's snowed heavily in many places ❄️


It's becoming colder and colder~ Everyone wear your warm inner wear and hats before you go outside~ We will make our move when the spring comes and our supply lines are no longer threatened by the cold winter~ China will grow larger~


#주결경 #周洁琼



these yuri pictures incresed the power of your hey~ posts by at least 400%


think ill watch some comfy*zone vlive and fall to sleep and possibly never wake up like iuc



be careful it's dark outside and diversity can lead to chaos around these places


is it a real picture?



well I apologize for posting it again


i'm not complaining

just it was a while ago & there was a good clip of it you may be interested in watching over & over & over


bad girl yeeunie


pretty kpops


its what we do best


good morning blogpost:

I fucked up something at work and will have to do multiple overnights to hopefully make up for it. its gonna be a week of shitflinging and social power plays wish me luck


we should mail her some eggs for christmas



It's okay if you don't make it you will be able to post here more often



I am sure that you will Do It Amazing


yes hi is this the roastie backup channel? we love red velvet here correct?


where is red carpet stream?


which awardseu are we talking about


well looks like ourgirls already done with red carpet




guys can we do a happypop edition next? We had enough bad thoughts lately



yeah but we will have to be a little creative since we already have a smile edition


I know!

We can do a winter holidays edition



winter holidays are the most suicidal of all the holidays...


I still have not found a good gift for my brother for christmas



this is too much pressure for me to handle alone



same for me and my austist cousin

What's your budget chingu ?



hes a tech guy and rich so he will already have one for 5 times that budget

I thought maybe inviting him to go shoot or something else personal. or maybe something for his kid idk



Since we do it between young people, most of us are students and some underage so I think they choose a max of 20 euro


Inviting to do something with you sounds cool



her back will hurt really bad since she has to wait forever



20euros is almost nothing. you could get him some magic/pokemon/whatever cards



Just found divinity original sins 2 is a bit under 20 on amazon so i'll get that and call it a day



Well can't deny it but I don't think it's the kind of game you play with someone else and I also don't like him very much if I'm being honest with you



oh shit lads they gave best of next meme award to g-idle


are they really gonna give real roty to i-zone

is this good or bad

its gonna be bad


la la la latvian rose


and the award for best waifu goes to

drumroll please


my waifu



who's gonna tell him


and the award for best FMBs goes to...




wuju latexgirl


ourgirls roty but now HANN only won best of next meme award



me in the front



what? WHAT? you cant do nothing stupid police


fiddle already has some award show pics up

this guy


luckily soyeon looks happy

she can make hann vol.2 now


led-nim ruined all the perfs

one day he will pay for his crimes



you can do it! I believe in you! I trust you with this 100%



they are not ablve the knee but not as low as the ankle -> medium sized


the only way she could achieve that is by walking like the girl from the ring


heej tits don't sag


we are talkinv about foot wear you IDIOTS


Im thinking doyeon today


is it broken




maybe they have filter for naughty videos




this is what happens when you surrender to americans


why would he do a lewd filter


luckily eduardo will help take down am*rica and akamai once and for all


eduardo should add me on kakao




who the fuck is Yang Wiren and why does she look like Tzuyu




sm chink left for china long ago


sm trainees are popular enough that they dont even need to debut to make it in china


no she's a yuehua trainee, was on pd48

you might be thinking of ningning, pic related, but she left SM



because Korea is only for getting their career started



they are just being loyal to their country if you think about it


china has too many chinks, they should let us keep some




i think it's trying to communicate


Seulgi is the only good thing about her variety show


There's a black on the show, I'm not watching it



It's like a monkey paw thing


wish for a seulgi show


it's one with a black dude