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#99 Exercise Edition


#99 Exercise Edition



no come back!


good thing he left, gonna post my best pics now



uhhh, round two it is then...

brb again


4 minutes

based fast bro



pinky did a vlive 30 minutes ago

whats gonna happen now


oh it was the obligatory birthday vlive

stupid me






p.s. dont look there


she's friends with sulli so it should be ok


everyone's friends with sulli

can't think why anyone would want to get close to someone with such magnificent boobies



whats with the beard? dbz fighters dont have beards


I'm not happy that Cathy is a fan of Sulli tbh


Cathy is a fan of Sull


what if the rumors are true and Cathy really is into girl love?


any of you want to watch something soon?



I can't I have to clean my room, sorry


"cleaning" your "room"?


yeah, literally clean my room

you should try it sometime


I should try that sometime


cleaned my room well

are we watching something?


happy Keumjo day



fromis & weki meki show playing by the way


playing weekly idol DIA vs UNI.T


belated jooeun get post


I just want to let you know that I like Doyeon more with every Weki Meki show I watch








I thought it was the same dress Jiho wore once but I was wrong



pinky wore the same dress once, anon probably has the image



I know, and I hoped more idols wore it


2018 is coming to an end

what were the 3 most important things for kch/int this year?

#1 would be the fact that it was created for sure


Fun Facts About Jiho

1. Among the group, Jiho trained the longest

2. Jiho can speak Japanese.

3. Jiho trained for three years

4. Her nickname is "Nyang" before she looks like a cat.

5. Jiho can play the guitar.


fun facts about kchanon

1. he loves jiho



how did you know?

I've never told about it anyone



idk but the first edition on /int/ was created 7 months ago


SNSD's Sooyoung to release her first solo digital single album '겨울숨(Winter Breath)' on December 20th



wasn't me asking either but since i'm a nice guy i'll say thank you anyway



no problem chingoo


did they not publish pinkys vlive

i swear to god if they dont publish it wtf


tfw Doyeon and Yoojung live in one room and all the other SIX members have live in the other room

ok, I'm officially sad now


tfw Jisoo's room is bigger than room of 6 weki meki members'



well, i dont want to say bad things about the other members but...



I would happily marry Jisook but I'm talking about BP's Jisoo



She's talking about the pristin girl who were not in V


i wish i could pick bibi up and hold her in my arms


good job for making us all sad instead


I hope this will cheer you up


should I post more cute Jisoo or are you happy again already?



my head was never hit hard except that one time I've got beaten up in high school



I was thinking about it since I first saw jisoo and I think Im now ready to say that I like it too



things like that happen, I've just bullied the wrong retarded kid



I was just a normal high school kid, bullying is pretty common in high schools here

I'm a nice guy now tho



it was me or them back then, you would do the same to survive



she is a pabo when it comes to speaking english

nothing wrong with that, not knowing some language doesn't make you dumb


don't tell anyone but I like Jisoo way more than I should like a girl I've never met and I will never meet




don't tell anyone but I like seulgi way more than I should like a girl I've never met and I will never meet



last one because I don't want to use too much kags storage space but damn dudes, she is so freaking cute


Hey guys it's me Kagami

you can post more jisoo



NOOOOOOO you can use it all up post more cute jisoos





actually you should say never pretty often



I will never disrespect my mom

it's important to know moral boundaries


last two because I need to start chilling before bed


I want jisoo poster chingu to post cute jisoo every day



there is lots of cute girls to post

I can't focus only on one unfortunately


some of you guys have a very unhealthy mindset when it comes to cute korean girls posting

when cute korean girls posting stops you get sad because you want more, instead of being happy that it happened

you get greedy and that's not good


it's 7am in korea, Seo Jisoo is probably already awake

I wonder who she is thinking about



what if cutechan converted uploaded gif files to mp4 or webm similar to how twitter does it

640×3601.19Mb00:12村川 緋杏(HKT48 チームTⅡ)2018年06月25日22時01分06秒~ 【SHOWROOM】-xqtYjg1THGU



is bibi the only akb without gra*re



probably not but there's like a thousand of them


what was that akb place on 4chin again

maybe i should ctrl+f bibi once in a while


and they never saw him again...


their thread is actually quite nice but i just don't like jpop


JPOPS GET BUTTONS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


jpop makes me


very few threads are archived there didnt find more bibis


recommend me some bp jisoo vlives to watch



I hope that I will have a cute kpop dreams tbh



setup different software, read articles



I've been looking for BP Jisoo's vlives because chingu asked me to recommend him some

and when I was looking for it I've noticed that Jisook has her own channel and since some people enjoyed watching her I live alone show I linked it here




are there any good BP ones with fun banter

like apink stuff



I only watch Jisoo, Jennie or Jisoo + Jennie vlives so idk but they sometimes make fun of Lisa

#1 Jisoo drawing Lisa

#2 Jennie talking about her bday gift for Lisa


you know what?

I'm setting my alarm clock on 8am and I will get late to work, fuck it



don't get me wrong btw

I like Rose but there are only few kqts interesting enough to watch their individual vlives




except if I'm lucky I will have a kpop dream and I will remember it after waking up



if the kqt is qt enough then i'll watch her watching paint dry



I use to really like sejeong but she looks worse ever since she joined gugudan



based egoistic bro

you want him to wake up because you want to have a kchingu to post kqts with

you don't care about his dream to not wake up again


workanon announces he's staying late


everyone else announces they're going to sleep

poor bloke



one of the guy announcing that he is going to sleep is the workanon (me)



it's not egoistic

if he doesn't wake up it will be very bad for him in the long term


just wanted to post I'm gonna stay up for a bit so you're not lonely but yeah go ahead and leave


i'm still here for a bit



oh okay

in that case i'm going to visit the dreamworld to spent time with my waifu as well



I want to have ~8 hours of sleep, sorry

here's a kqt so you don't feel lonely


sleep well




support MeiQi

i will support her when she comes back to korea


oppo has really good phones especially if you want to use the camera





it's a bit dated now though, there're better phones released


ai beauty

never gets old


good thing my waifu(s) are not needing any ai beauty


who actually wants their phone to scan their face and mine biodata



unironically everybody that matters

people want convenience and nothing else. front cameras are convenient for normies


is it possible to unghost peutins ghost filtered vlives


do you guys think you can produce more if you stay up for three hours, sleep for three then work 8 hours

or sleep for 6 hours then work for the 8 hours



if the work is easy first option, but if not second one will be better for sure



it depends if you have a deadline after those 8 hours of work and if you have to learn new things in the time



Blonde Woori was the best



its a news article about my wives

polygamy is now legal


Is it already morning in europe amigos?






looks like they put out another article to clarify the situation


i-zone joyuri-kimchaewon 'love anon very very much and would not marry some weirdo'


good i'll keep them safe from all the weirdos out there



couple of years younger & a few kilos heavier, by the looks of things



I have started to see her in 2 and 4, but 3 it really doesn't look anithing like her.


how do you recognize which kgirls become pretty



technically in the gif context the man is not alone. he is teased by 3 girls. compare to me, i've never experienced the girl that close paying attention. it's like i live in the wooden crate with rats at the ditched storage house


Almost got run over by a car on my way to uni today

you guys shouldn't drive and post qt at the same times



you shouldn't walk and post qts at the same time anon.


is it just weight that blinds us, im looking at kid pics right now and dont see any ugs


There was a good 20 meters between me and him when I was on the crosswalk but retard didn't stop


are you as emotionally alone as yena in this pic, seeing her wife cheating on her




that was low res anyway


low res, high heartbreak


when did we start having a s exy poster



I guess you really liked the gif I posted



Hot beaches and cheap fresh fruits and vegetables.

Weed is meh, you can grow that shit in yor bedroom and cocaine isn't that good, the good stuff is still coming from south america.



pffft, what is that, a picture for ants



what about the korean empire?

of fuck I forgot there wasn't, they're a free country only since 1945


actually there was a korean empire

for like, 1 year

then they got invaded by japs



it works!

just refresh it, works for me

it might be CDN's node issue this time, not the network one

fuck that CDN issues really piss me off




smug kpop



if this is manly then i must be a gay



8 years actually, and whose only territories were... the korean peninsula, kek.




im not the one looking at jinsol


kchanon is currently listening to Rainbow - Tell Me Tell Me







I've watched fromis at VR-park

The is opening the badass one next week near my house

I have no k qt acquaintance to ask to go with me have some fun



i just want to become one with yuri



first you have to become two with yuri


two yuris


Soon we will unite the mainland and strike down those who would not release my vlive


t. pinky



probably talking mad shit about pristin


maybe it's something to do with her playing pristin's demo version of glass shoes?


is this how girls listen to music?


arf arf


I want to see pinky dance again


fresh kpops for my chingus


Happy Nayoung Day


omo happy birthday kagamiwife



I like the cold it brings out the best in us



cold weather is literally the best

you wear comfy clothing like scarfs and hats, snow looks nice and it just feels good

the only bad thing about winter is that I have to clean my car windows from snow or ice sometimes


Happy nayoung day !


Moon Hyuna's painting

what do you think?



I'm wearing warm clothes, scarf and all that shit, but it's still cold as fuck

Especially because you go out from the warm building



in the fresh kpop updates I post the best IG/Twitter updates from the day

I sometimes don't really care about the girls I post

but I like Elly, she is cute



see you are doing it wrong. when you leave the warm building you need to go into the arms of your warm kgf



it means your clothes aren't warm enough

warm shoes are the most important thing, what shoes do you have?



I don't know

but I wouldn't overthink it, triangles just look cool and I bet that's the reason she used one

all the alternative house musicians I listen to use triangles in their album designs, that's what cool kids these days do


elly looks like she would cook all day on christmas to feed your 7 hapa children and all the cool kpop friends you invited


log on


elly lewding





if you are a lewdster everything is lewd to you

he is a sick man


does he like a quick quack?


someone just implied pumping her seven times no?




sex is a meme bro

kids are brought to parents by a stork


well then i'd meme in elly while pulling her memehair anytime thanks


does she like sausage


this is a trick question don't answer it


pristin comes on


everybody leaves


I left because anon was mean to my waifus


it's your own fault you like some busted grannies


yeah so.. kpop right? what a magical thing



im out for the time being


me too


come back please


I have one another idea what might be the problem with the broken files



Does seulgi get money if I buy converse ?




I'm still not sure what thing doesn't work

cutechan gets correct file

file and its thumb on storage are broken


thumb size = 0

src[128k:] = src on storage

128 kilobytes, hmm that seems to be definetely not by coincidence but I'm still not sure what's the reason




five is only for some of my wives and Nana




Pristin V - Get it is the best song of 2018 and literally everybody knows it



it's some western site

you really need to be a two digit IQ pabo to take them seriously


we should make our own hecking top 20 2018 list everybody would take us more serious than those retards


claiming #1 spot for Pristin V - Get it!!!!!!!!!!


so we got in our top 20 in no particular order

get it

wow thing



into you


oh my mistake





9muses - Wild was 10 years ago

it's a banger tho so it can stay on the list imo



it's not going off the list as long as the list isn't full and a better one could take it's place


ok but where the fuck is my vlive


i swear to heavens, like the supreme ancestor before me ill kill them all for this


t. pinky





just put latata in there and be done with it


honestly 2018 was one of the best years in kpop ever and that dude couldn't find anything better than wild


we are only at 22 songs so far btw


please don't fight , i shared this link just for congrats to RV


you want a fight? you're getting it




we are gonna heck you up buddy! I got chingus who fought in the cold war



finally something we can all agree

that song is a banger

I especially like that







ok, I pushed the fix

let's see whether it occures again

but I'm 99% sure it's the source of the bug


omg - twilight

elris - focus

iu - bbibbi


only songs with MV count


stupid internet



I was only posting title songs because you won't listen to the b-sides I post anyway

I can add few more if you want tho



why not?

I have headphones and most of the office took this week off to basically have 3 weeks of vacations so it's just me and other dude in my room, he is too old to know what kpop or internet is anyway



it didn't so far so I'm good

tomorrow I will listen to something else tho


I hope that Lime will post pic like that again

it totally worked when it comes to kpop songs


I dont want to sleep yet


tell me something interesting and fun



By 2020, the Tian Fu New Area Science Society plans to launch an artificial moon to light up the night sky. If the plan goes through, the so-called “illumination satellite” would orbit above the Chinese city of Chengdu and glow in conjunction with the actual moon, but shine eight times brighter. The organization says it will launch three more satellites in 2022 — potentially replacing streetlights in urban areas. The plans were announced by Wu Chunfeng, head of the society, at an innovation conference in Chengdu on October 10.


that is interesting but not that fun



if launching an artificial moon to replace street lights in urban areas isn't fun idk what is

would you like kpop related news more?




Pristin will comeback soon


Doyeon is a super qt


Seulgi and I are getting engaged


Wow thing and Oh GG live performance for christmas



it's kinda depressing tbh because our science people aren't allowed to just do insane shit like that because of foreigners




our science people aren't allowed to just do insane shit like that because of foreigners

that's why chinks will rule the world and we will be their slaves


BLACKPINK Fans Petition YGE For Better Treatment- Before Moving Onto Boycott


Luna reveals her family has been scammed by KakaoTalk phishing

Luna expressed frustration and anger, stating, "Someone has been hacking my NAVER contacts to approach my friends and family to ask them for money. Everyone please be mindful of these fake KakaoTalk profiles of me. Please do not be fooled. If you look closely at their Katalks there is a red globe symbol, which means they are phishing.."

I hope everyone will learn a valuable lesson from this



I think they want more songs or something



I'm sorry for not working hard enough for the kch community.

I will reflect for the next two months and I promise I will work harder when I comeback.

Please look forward to my hard work in the future.



thanks~~ I knew you would understand


so now that I bullied away our most valuable poster(MVP) what do we do?


The same thing we do every night, Chingu - try to take over the world!


Lets get ready to Rumble!!!!


loona poster is here



we are called Loonabros and there is lots of us





I like the song I like the pictures but it has been done better by the russians tbh



yeah can't really beat that masterpiece nunuju was a genius


did he die the same time as pristin


idk I only heard the tales

it must have been top10 russian anime tragedies of history


me on the right



Roro it's me Yuyu

let's release a duet




the audio sounds very hq, I don't remember my GTA IV sound like this.


Can somebody actually tell me why pristin isn't releasing anything anymore ?











i love you pleas ecome back



its been 2 months since the + + teaser



most of pledis's resources have gone into managing the stone music/off the record groups, fromis & izone



you misunderstand, i was just complaining about the fact it's been so long




i dont get it


I get it


damn paparazzi keep following me & my gf


where are you?


on the right

or is the camouflage confusing you



oh I think I see you now cool jacket dude


kpfpeople on kch


la la la la vie en rosé


that choker :mmmmmm:


waiting for you~


TopStarNews reporters pick jang wonyoung as the prettiest active idol

what did they mean



lol don't go too easy on him like that or he will feel patronised


sorry for shitquality but sohee is even in some coed group now

she's going all out



too much effort, but its from 181216 inkigayo


not even posting the source


they have youtube channel but i guess it was deemed too coed to put there


I hope bella-pen-nim wont be mad when he sees it



about a dozen fromis, three april, two dia, two omg, two sunmis and a couple loona - i think i might actually be short of 23





we are saved


good morning kpop


friendly reminder to stay hydrated, wear warm clothes and eat well


and dont forget to blast to kpops, it's good for you!


Every time you kfap god cries