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#100 Chuseok Edition


#100 Chuseok Edition




we need a #100 special with kqts and various games




probably memehair edition

I really like memehair




Major harvest festival in Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the August of the lunar calendar

can i ask why we're having this edition on december the 18th

i love hanbok btw so it's good




can i ask why we're having this edition on december the 18th



it's a traditional korean festival and #100 edition is a beginning of a new era

and I want to build a new era on traditional values


too many cathys on previews tbh



we love Cathy here so I would say that it's not enough Cathys on previews


happy 100th edition amigos!



remember when rest of peutin members always arrived with cake n shit on birthday vlives

any second now...



nunu & yuyu & roro going to appear and sing happy birthday


o-oh it ended


happening getting ever closer


LOONA is nominated in the Rookie Top 5 category in the 2019 Global Vlive Top 10 awards

loona has vlives?


Fiestar - Mirror

good song



it's elris sohee for my non hangul bros


solo slutpop





what's next



because of her f(x) died

I will never love her again!


some kid also went to see noona with the boobs in real life


Hit me once so i get angry


Like this?




[Sulli is happy]



ok im sold

but do revel varieties still have a laugh track




what do you guys think if irene and eunbi compared boobs



imagine having this much cuteness in your life every day




she only needs a katana or something and could start slaying fantasy creatures




not using fiddles thigh res picture




she looks too good to be real

she is probably a robot



she's already an anime character


Happy 100 edition kch!



stop that

they're pure

and my thoughts aren't




i watched some of that show

you know more than i do then


she has many jewels because she is like a princess



That's because chinks have a lot of money


I want to send her a dress



no but I never really cared about Fiestar before

and apparently they have good songs



the outfit was picked by him


Jennie's thighs omo


*how is yg allowed this?






yeah but her legs are healthy meaning she is in the perfect balance between sticc and fat



Jennie being beautiful doesn't mean she's healthy you BIG BULLY



I did NOT say that Jennie is healthy

I've said that her LEGS were healthy and that's a big difference you BIG PABO



nakko could play doom and make it a cute game



you've attacked me for something I did NOT say and now you post a sad :smile: and play a victim

you won't fool me like this



i remember that pathway from apink news



well she got her driving license like 10 years ago and she drives her cute Volkswagen from time to time


top jap



every single country singer sung it better



Is sunmi had healthy leg she would be omo


sunmi is just fine as a skelington



Careful the healthy legs madman might bully you


since we are open and honest today I might as well say it

I dont care about sunmi







if we're being open, I don't think she cares about you either


i'd feed eunbin




nah, that's just someone else's leftovers



she should accept that she has small boobs and stop pushing them up so much

it looks ridiculous


theyre plenty big enough for me


i want to be a pillow at this pyjama party



I want to be that girl on the left and hug other girls


I want to be yeoreum and get hugged by the other girls


Jueun's cat is pretty cute



I like Sua a lot but she doesn't look good with that hairstyle

she should have a hairstyle like on pic related all the time



what about extreme temperatures like 5000 or 0 Kelvin degrees?


those too

my only weakness are bullets, knives, radiation and temperatures outside the survivable range for humans


what about being stuck in a well filled with cum?





he is talking about his sexual fantasies

don't worry about him


thats it, i'm making a wink folder


unless you have a specific get out of a well plan cumwells are one of your weaknesses


... oooookay


my only weakness are things that would endanger my life, cause me harm and/or negatively affect my mental wellbeing

apart from that i'm invincible


just kidding

fuck america





wow that's a good gift tbh




talking about gifts

kchanon still didn't post that project for me


i'm a polygamist




how many waifus there?

I guess I need to roll


I have 0 hyunjin pictures





thanks Yoona

I will always work hard for you


they won't stop dismantling my perfectly crafted harem


keep rerolling my dudes



and she's got that perfect lewd face tight body combo that drives me nuts

ofc i mean sujeong




it must be density

first they take my waifus

then they take my spelling mistakes

is nothing truly scared any more


friendly reminder that high IQ individuals post their rollfus



but I already have a threadfu


i'd swap a siyeon for a chaeyeon anyday thanks


it's not rude if it's true



first time you didn't get chaeyeon threadfu?





that is suitably nihilistic for me thh


saerom is perfect



I prefer to earn in euro than in rubles tbh

but thanks for the advice



here's a threadfu for you for not paying for rerolling



something something somi something something stroking her something


something something somi something something stroking my something



i have to go to the football in a moment so i'm ending my stay with some hq somis




the football



less than a week until Jaekyung's bday

if you want to buy her something it's the last moment


so it was just me and football-nim the whole time.....


erping on skype





omo iuc is back


this ain't iuc



No it's because she loves her mother really much



made me feel something I don't want to talk about because it's depressing


it means that every action inevitably leads to suffering



why is lisas head inside the circle of sadness?



she is friends with the most loved threadfu



it's a kqt thing, you wouldn't understand


don't add anyone from here on kakaotalk




don't add anyone from here on kakaotalk

I have one kchanon in mind I want to add



notice how their socks match their individual rainbow colors


I was talking about adding myself sorry



it's 5am in Korea

Jaekyung is sleeping

btw Jaekyung's rainbow color is red



is this why she has been dancing less energetically lately?


No that's because she's lazy and doesn't love her fans


that's what rude posts do

they kill the thread


I'm watching a dumb hollywood movie...



it's about HANN Solo but so far neither idle nor jennie were shown


Jennie's variety show is really fun




it's about HANN Solo but so far neither idle nor jennie were shown


a gift for comedian anon



I'm gifting you a picture of a cute korean girl because looking at pictures of cute korean girls feels good too


so will we watch a show or?


or what?


or jewish brainwashing continues I guess



read a book instead or watch a kpop show alone


Stop being mean to kpops please.


Is there any other padre except eduardo?



be careful outside, pavements and roads are really slippery these days


umji has plenty of friends but umjichingus are just anons who happen to love umji



i did something horrible watching #1



Then tell me, Maria, why I see her dancing there?

Why her smold'ring eyes still scorch my soul?



Like fire, Hellfire

This fire in my skin

This burning desire

Is turning me to SIN



friendly reminder to think happy thoughts no matter what


It's not my fault

I'm not to blame

It is the Seulgi girl

The witch who sent this flame...


It's not my fault

If in God's plan

He made the devil so much

Stronger than a man



Call seulgi a witch once more you moroni and see what happens



stopped reading right there, fuck christcucks


I know this is probably not the best of times but here we go...


kchan fifa tournament when?


I don't think kch plays games


I used to play COD4 16 hours a day

good times


I used to play with bones from pork brawn.



i do (used to mostly) but the games are too obscure to play with chingus i guess :seul_boring:



so you're playing fortnite and are too embarassed to invite us?


I liked FPS games the most because your brain can rest from thinking when you play them


what does she do?


she dances and sings in a group of korean pop idol singers

her group is managed by fantagio and they get booked to do fansigns and performances on stages around korea. On the side they are also promoting individuals from the group as advertising faces to gain money and grow the company


where do you get all those pretty pictures?


I imagine them and scan them to the computer



mistakes are a part of the learning proces

don't worry



Well.. it's simple math.

I'll try to take that punishment with grace


1 today is 1+1*(1+x)^e in the future where x is the minimal amount of pleasure you derive from it


I still have my #1 for pleasure


friendly reminder that e = 3


friendly reminder that math is for nerds


wew I almost felt dumb for a second there


actually math is for the cool kids


reminder that being smart is s*xy


brainlets unite


me as yeonu getting bullied



you don't deserve to die yet

there is still suffering waiting for you



(my team) won

to celebrate, here are some cute elrises


maybe we both have a great taste in waifus

maybe i'm one of your alternate personalities

or maybe you're one of mine :



just be yourself and do you best and everything will be alright


Fans were surprised by AOA member Mina’s academic history it seems. On May 11th, netizens stated that according to her description on Wikipedia, Mina had dropped out of Jaesong Girls’ Middle School. The page listed various facts in regards to Mina including her full name, birthday, debut date, group name, label and more, and for her education category it reads, "Jaesong Girls Middle School (Dropout)."

I've found a perfect waifu for my brainlet chingus



omo I forgot about this one

it was stuck in my head for the next day after I heard it first



jinsol left school at that stage too iirc

so that she could attend a dance academy full-time


then again dropping out of high school when you're 24 is quite an accomplishment


it helps


one day I will make a mainstream kpop product and get infinite money units from dumb westerners


the person who solves girl group monetisation wont just get rich, he will likely rise to nobility in kland and be celebrated for a thousand years


[T-Photo] kpganon's wife jo yuri - kim chaewon 'who is who? pretty twins'



back when they debuted i couln't really tell dia's chaeyeon and jenny apart easily



i don't know her pleasure/pain threshold...



when it was sweaty jguy time to receive award all the qts had to be on stage





i think it was a preliminary award for making p48 happen

all the setup and then he just said "thanks" and went home with the qts


he's so fat because he doesn't have to walk anywhere

he just gets carried everywhere by a horde of jap idols


how does one just start a idol producer company? I mean the know-how and capital you need to achieve such a thing alone is massive



winter air makes her skin look so good in #1


how does one start any business? you get capital from a loan, investment or your own fortune and just start



the big ones, sm jyp & yg were started by former musicians

lots of the other ones that come along now are other types of companies, often acting agencies, that are trying to expand into the idol market

basically you'd need to either be a successful star who can convince investors to support your new company & build from the ground up, or be an already existing company that's looking to diversify (and if you have some overlapping resources then that's a bonus)


no reason



it's pretty cute but this one is my favorite olivero yhe picture



if you dont tell me Im gonna POUT and you do not want to see that!


actually this is the best olivia newton-hye pic



it's been statistically proven



lol the stamp doesn't even have the department name and there is no date are you trying to fool me here or something?


I prefer Chuuseok tbqhwyfampai


damn so that picture is really the best oliver hey picture?!


if she's so tough then how come she passed out and died in the snow



she's not downs

she's ups


how old is chuu?


no, but im sure she was at some point


those are all horrible are you chuu haters or something?



on your way home


15 y/o chuu walks in your way


bump into her accidentally


she falls flat on her ass

wat do?



I'd give her a pat on her cute head tbh



is she really playing pokemon on the public train?


on your way home


10 years old haseulie bumps into you


a literal piece of toast falls out of her mouth


she starts sobbing

wat do?



tell her to call me in a few years so we can go to the pub


you will NEVER

be the girl version of faker

and get a chuuhug


it's better with sound, chingu



i could tell you but would you believe me? can you believe anything you see or hear? how can one truly define what is reality, and what is not?


tfw headsize envy


are these the only threads here

why do you move to new ones


ok OK chuu is cute but can she do anything else?


chuu can shut up


I need to clean up my kpop folder


they don't post their waifu when somebody asks them to nicely

fine don't



but your view of reality is, by its very definition, subjective: influenced and moulded by your perceptions. how many truths are you presented with daily which you defer or deflect as they do not fit what you have previously ascertained as 'facts'? what is one more truth hidden amongst the inundation of information one is constantly subjected to?


it's chuu or nothing





I don't like reading this so it's obviously not reality.


tfw 2 loona threads now


this is not a loona thread you're gonna go back to 4gay in a few minutes



looks like i win the internet


i am content with choerim


gonna watch this on repeat and pretend she's next to me in bed in order to soothe away the crippling loneliness

good night






already have



and is even better when you quality encode chingu


chuu is great



well why would you want to be a fake carrot?


don't worry about it


dont tell me what to do


gfriend's on idol room

a quality episode at last


don't tell me what not to do


I will anticipate it


lunatics are kinda dumb tbh


we're orbits now


it can't be helped


they don't even like :smiles:



we like: gowon, yves

we do not like: chuu, oliver hey


yankees out











cute girl wearing a cute hat

that's what I like!




binnie looks cute as heck

word chingu


which kpop would look best bald


my wiafu looks the best no matter what so I would say it's her


She wouldn't want to touch me


new thread when


why do you guys even make new threads



Post more cats on the twitter and he might bring it back