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#102 Cat Ears Edition


#102 Cat Ears Edition



aah neko


naky mentioned





I don't know for me it's something about her nose but I can't tell you what



i can't find the full vid yet but she bascally did an entire interview pretending to be a cat




she bascally did an entire interview pretending to be a cat


im not sure about cats or dogs but ive never seen a kpeople who looks like saurom

someone should find her kid pics for more research



it was on yubseyo's channel but that all got deleted can't find a link now

but it was brilliant, trust me



I never trust people online but I will do an exception this time



yeah and those fake bunny ears are cute too



Jeonyeong peaked when she had really short hair and meme hair


posting cute dancing girls because I feel like it


me on the right




what's that supposed to mean

i'm working my arse off trying to find this damn saerom/nakyung cat video



thank you for your hard work anon

and hank you for those cute pics



don't get me wrong it's nothing personnel but he said he would NEVER trust ANYONE on the internet




you are not being memed

you ARE the meme


posting my cute girlfriend


hey toby are you from the americas?


should we tell him about the mexican


Eduardo is a bully and a pabo



holy fuck

It's past midnight already and I can NOT get late to work tomorrow

see you in the morning

626×3604.04Mb00:02[V LIVE] [엘리스 in 이상한 겨울방학] 놀이공원🏰🎡🎠 <>




hurry up na na na

it's a bit brain washing



I think there's only the chingu poster and me the others seems that have fleed


Go to sleep yuros j




that's against the first two rules of this place

how does that contravene "don't look there" and "don't do that"?



I like to see the thread not having moved at all since I went to sleep



I don't like missing out on what my chingu may be talking about



how did you even hear about this place then? surely somebody told you about it



I hate when they make kgrills do dumb stuff like thus like it's some kind of talent



I said omo because it was really surprising how long her neck was



I came here once in a long time ago when someone posted the link on 4chan but only remembered it this afternoon



no-one's making her do anything & they love doing that sort of random talent because it can garner them attention


that was easy


Alright it is time for a shuteye

Goodnight yooros



you should make a gif out of these two pictures it would look funny



I've been told I'm very funny so Im kind of an expert in the field




i don't speak russian, but from the picture i presume it's something about the world's biggest bukkake event?



we should really go to russian 101 classes on mondays


the only russian stuff i know is



lev yashin

ja vas ljublju

cyka blyat



i think 'ja vas ljublju' means 'i really like Salisbury Cathedral'


i only remember

pobeda budet za nami


I only know goddess богиня



yoori pouts best pouts



i heard that posting 5 kqt pics helps prevent cancer

is that true?


i wonder what posting 5 jqt pics can cure



do you think i should post his favourite jqt


perhaps posting 5 cqt pics will end world hunger




remove the japs

led belbet agree with you


one day ill tag all my pics like tag-nim



just organise them into sensible folders & remember to de-clutter occasionally


workin on it boss~


but if i-zone didnt show that part at mama why did they practice so hard for it


i decided to sleep

whats a good at least 15 minute show to sleep on


can't help you with that


literally nothing to watch so watching p48

but its too exciting and keeps me from sleeping


for some reason most izone vlives are about 15 minutes too


for some reason


not every group can offer 7 hour bus ride videos


well they fucking should


calm down no need to curse or you'll wake up the policechingus


GIRLIES!!!! WW@??!?!



croc 🐊




:smiles: are 🔥 DEPRECATED 🔥



my beloved Cathy in the middle


Dayomi friends, what is that?



talking about water

remember to stay hydrated



drinks some sea water


you keep sea water at home?


great edition



it might be because storage server is in europe and it takes some time before CDN node in America downloads/caches the content you watch, especially if there're too few people using that node for that content

don't know how to solve that properly tbh

manual precaching might help, but I'm not sure it will be cached on correct node, there are lot of them


also, the problem with the old storage was mostly due to slow upload speed

even if ping is high, you will eventually reach good speed because of TCP congestion control, it should definetely work for webms

with pictures the problem is that they are too small in general and before congestion control cathces up you will download them (with low speed)

why networking is so hard

maybe it's better to make my own CDN that will precache recent files on several nodes with good upload channel? I don't think we need hundrends of nodes, Europe/America/South America should be enough



or maybe his problem is that he opens the files just uploaded

it's hard to improve that, because if you upload file to the server in Europe, you will need some time to copy it to server in America


i want to get a pizza but is there a show to watch


how much is the wage in sea

maybe i should finally hire someone to get all the shows for me, especially because if i dont keep downloading everything every day bit rot will take them away


ill try village survival and get the pizza

its probably literal garbage but i cant figure out anything else



if you like weki meki theybhave 10 hours of a subbed reality show

you can also watch girl's day or aoa's one fine day


could be good im not sure yet

but jennie likes money for sure


watching 2016 mama now

back when there was still hope




how do we solve (((him)))



That was good

I just really dislike pick me and very very and never bothered listening to their other song


nomu was the best of their post-debut


i just really dislike objectively good songs


in pick me the dubstep part is so obnoxious


heck you know what I'm doubling down IOI's songs are just bad twice songs


not that bad, come on


that Produce 101 song 24 hours was the f*cking jjang





does rumor have this non-commentary version



but she's the one who fucked over heejin on mixnine




village survival

just watching that now

im soohyang is a top qt


- Seulgi’s upper body doesn’t move when she walks

- Seulgi can’t wink

- Seulgi su~its everything

- Seulgi has lots of drawings on her body

- Seulgi looks the prettiest when she smiles




- Seulgi has lots of drawings on her body

wait what


waking up with eunboobs


waking up to bibi




eating breakfast off mina's tummy



perhaps, but neomu neomu neomu is as close as it gets



I was supposed to work for my exams but didn't do anything





nice jacket

you can be sure she won't get hit by a car at night




from all the kpop girls he posted my threadfugf

it's destiny


💦 cum


waiting for normal chingus finishing work


i'm normal



thinking about watching some twice shows





thinking about keeping my thoughts to myself in the future


good idea


I wonder if Toby watched that one knowing bros episode



friendly reminder that there is still 10 days left to make it



In a way it's true since 2017 was the worst year of my life


let's pray fam




whom are we praying to?


you wouldn't understand


give me a chance

I'm not a pabo


I'm praying for pristin comeback


I'm praying for happiness for my girls



she's annoyed by that midget host as you can see but she still claps and looks cutely at the camera because she loves her fans


oh I'm sure of it


Lime mommy vol. 2


what's the problem anon?

glad you asked the problem is luda has not been posted enough


he should honestly it's a good place to hang out


friendly reminder to drink lots of water


seolaposter is weird


they always are somehow



smol and lewd, just like Lewda

who is taller among them two btw?


that's decent height for a kpop


Betsy is a healthy fully grown woman



you didn't even roll her this edition so...




just kidding btw


BAN his ass!


see you in 6 months




Pabo ya messing with kagami will cost you your waifu




kagami can't ban people

how else is he supposed to collect our data




I had to look at east euro whores and a poo


why did you have to do that



just look at a picture of random west euro girl


posting korean beauties


The Korean Beauties


dianips i-i~



is Toby gone already?

classic newguy



he was there this morning

don't start bullying him


tfw no famished wendy gf



me as the cashier

thanks for the tip bro


Hyejeong is my favorite AOA member


aoa boulderhead best aoa


my mom once banned me from using computer for a week because she caught me watching the purest form of love


isn't her sister some pretty nugu btw?





I like big girls to be honest



jesus fucking christ how can she mog her so hard? this is ruthless


picking her over roro and yuyu


my daughter and her girlfriend


sungyeon > yehana > kyla > pristin



I actually wanted to say my wife on the left but I'm sleepy as hell and I can't focus because I can't stop thinking about korean beauty is shorts





heyyyy kchanon-nim so Im coming over to dinner next sunday right? your daughter will be there? no worries I'm sure we will get along just fine



she is going on a trip with her gf so she won't be at home

but you can come

we will watch some kpop shows together


kagami giving a shit about some dumb foreigners

kek@(You) tbh


Kagami is a nice girl


if he doesn't care about us why did he create a paradise just for us?




I will take yeonwoos then since she's a pure girl and definitely does wear it


I mean *not take ...


I love yes




Should I invest in seulgiCoin ? Its value can only go up


imagine sleeping

how great would that be


same it's gonna be a long night again...


maybe one day i can have that long, final sleep


everytime at midnight




kpops dont sleep when active so how could i


ill give myself more time

its too late now




Stay strong yurichingu


croc 🐊




good morning


reminds me to watch that taeyeon and sulli clip again


bona a



that's why I've said "for most of her career"

Bangs ruin everything




feels like -18°

bye chingus


chinese century is not in motion


there is NO chinese century in motion!



see you and remember to wear warm clothes



if there is no chinese century I don't have a reason to live tbh




wish they would resort to rotta

SET5 $441.40
1. Honorary producer certificate (Digital)
2. Limited edition DIA Photobook
3. Listed on photobook-credit as StarMaker
4. ONE DIA Digital stamp * Photobook making film and photobook B cuts included
5. Morning wake up audio file SET (Digital) * 1 per member + 1 Group Version
6. Autographed polaroid photo SET * 1 per member
7. photobook sticker SET
8. Special Event with DIA * Secret EVENT / Talk + Game + Photo time

quick rundown on that secret event?



not like this

why couldn't I save my beloved Cathy


$440 for a "secret" event



so if I pay 450 I get to fuck the frog?


tfw you couldn't protect her smile




Special Event with DIA * Secret EVENT


so it's not even a comeback but a photobook?





it's a cover for the special secret even you pabo


even if she acted happy for us deep down she knew how bad things really were

jueunbro never told us the makestar thing was happening and he is long gone too did he not know or was he just putting up an act



she is a good girl

she should have made it



why is she so happy then

it's not from me


when DIA debuted my chingus on /mu/ told me to NOT get into them, that MBK group wouldn't make it

but I didn't listen to them




when Pristin debuted my chingus on /mu/ told me to NOT get into them, that pledis group wouldn't make it

but I didn't listen to them


new thread when


do it faggot



what's wrong with that nose Kim M.D.?


kagami in mickey mouse suit


Kagami teaching Eunseo Golang


He better should explain her how pyoCoin works



I would if I could


are you guys NEETS or americans?

I've heard that being a NEET fucks up your brain and that would make sense




are you guys NEETS or americans?

most are neither afaik








But this burgeoning classification will soon become the darling of right-wingers


not a neet btw feels good


coming home and cumming to kpops feels GREAT


I knew it would be like that again but Im still sad about the lost newguy


no new newguys


oldguys leave

2019 will be better I hope


a twice poster would have been great for kch diversity


how come terror-nim is still here?


maybe we could do kch marketing in 2k19 to get some more good posters



I think that a bigger community would require moderation and moderation on small chans like this one often sucks



I guess but 1-2 more active posters like gordon wouldnt hurt


we should just ignore lewdster, maybe he will get bored eventually and without him getting new quality posters would be much easier


also a world filter option would be cool

just filter "cum" and you are safe


word filters are kinda dumb



you're a "lady"? oh ok, I guess that's why you hate cum so much


I'm a playgirlz tbh


word filters are not a good idea



so, in your imaginary world men like cum?

are you some sort of secret gay?



and likes to share about that feeling



he should talk to brazilian slugbro

I've heard they had lots of feminine dicks there


dont bother I dont think being gay is an insult for him since hes not normal in the head


Cause there is no real world person with wich he can be sexually interacted. That kind of frustration leads to deviating behavior




Cause there is no real world person with wich he can be sexually interacted

what about his uncle Bob?


We had once russian chingu who liked to type about fluids. After a while he was exposed in homosexual relationship with a kazakh man.



who knows. ignoring is probably better than trying to hurt him




I will never (You) him or talk about him again



you mean the guy and the kazah both created a board of their own



Yeah, but they were helped by some crazies.


To be honest, their internet marriage didn't last long

That was an upset for all of us the spectators.



don't you have that faggot hunter in russia? you should have let him know about those two


maybe learning russian would be a good idea after all

free drama shows



the faggot hunter is haunted by the faggots in jail for don't remeber how losng exactly


btw I thought that faggots only ruled in US prisons



the russian jail faggots invented the rule that the one with passive role is the real faggot and the other one is a victim of circumstances


classic muslim logic


I dont think Ive ever met a real russian

lots of serbs/croats and poles tho

oh and one of my new neighbors may be russian



idk maybe. all I know is

poles steal

ukrainians are hungry

serbs and albanians are light skinned turks

and croats have pretty girls


Russia is diverse, there were collected near 3 hundred assimilated tribes, throughout documented history


what is the most mono-ethnical country in europe anyway?

I mean the "original" citizens no those migrants that got there after II WW or recently


does iceland count? maybe vatican city




pinky vlive subbed

subbed where

it's still not re-uploaded to their vlive





she could betray my penis all day long i don't care

i just want to know where it's subbed



The sub team disbanded since there were no new content i think


i'll link it once ive confirmed its safe to watch

wouldnt want the expansion plans leaked, lots of china opposers here



If pinky was from Taiwan pristin would be active


pro tip: other pledis groups have active in chyna stinky chinkies just fine




image of after school


reminding of the situation



because to do any sort of promotion in china you need to partner up with a chinese agency, due to the protectionist policies there

so whatever issues there are with the korean agency wouldn't apply there


reminding of the situation



thank you

maybe i should download it before it's struck down by the people's central cultural examination certification bureau committee


i love pinky

she's innocent