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#103 Wizards Edition


#103 Wizards Edition




yer a kqt, harry


do witches count as wizards?



they're all against the bible's teachings

so yes



i was gonna do a xmas edition but the rate these threads go it'll be finished before then


eye of newt

leg of snake

and poof

we make loona's scheduled comeback disappear



yeah sorry about that

hope this satiates your needs (just don't look there)




'oof' is an onomatopoeia sometimes associated with being hit

so maybe he means he was hit in the heart



it is bad enough to remove presidents



post 5 kqt pics a day

to keep cancer away




rude comment



I don't get it


virgins over the age of 30 years become wizards, it is known



yes they have a great deal of wisdoms




what's wrong with that


Bad music


i like a few of their songs like jelly jelly



go tell that to that r*ddit poster, idiot



i've not liked anything since TT






im going to RAPE this FUCKING crocodile I SWEAR to FUCKING god






something work related dont worry about it. but it kept me up a lot and took way too much time away from kpop activities




emphasis on k, not pop


there would be no kpop without pop so better respect it




not knowing about the 36 hour newguy rejection window

toby's gone


Pristin have big pristins compared to other girl group


don't forget about those qts btw



how about you post some pretty girls instead



oh no kagami oppa is going to be upset


didn't get yuyu



Hey no matter where you go

(Geu eodil bwado)

The pretty girls are AOA

You know (i know)

You know (i know)

I'm good I'm hot I'm fresh I'm fly

Brave sound


we're all dying


I can't die






they will remember Hitler-nim even after 1000 years and no one will remember those people who ruled frnce or UA at that time (I don't remember already)




I'm sure you will find yourself a cute gf too




frnce or UA

kch ruins my post yet again


I will look at these pictures well when I get home


i'm still at work for another 2 hours



I told you for that project but its over now on to the next one




I was promised a cool project by kch anon many days ago

where is it?


someone explain the crocodile I don't get it


me neither its kinda lame


going to brb on Rena


you don't need to tell us that


Cathy unlike IUC will never make it



that is rude even if it is true


Chaeyeon will make it though


i can say with absolute certainty that cathy is much more likely to make it than i am



you might make it together who knows


pristin is not going to make it but you already knew that


the only making that matters in the end is making friends

and Cathy already made that


2 (1-2)

1 - keep posting Cathy

2 - don't stop posting Cathy


post her hairy pits


that worked? cool.

now post her posterior


and post her exterior as well


You should spend more time on your own happiness. I hope you won’t spend so much time hating other people, and instead spend your precious time thinking happy thoughts, even if just for a short while.


quints and my waifu makes it


quints and my waifu makes it


!roll1-1000 trips and DIA makestars it



if you are not a cute girl don't even (You) me again


home any minute now cant wait to see all the kqts


he will be back soon

how do I delete all the pics I posted ITT?


green text


no it's a bullet point


Ok Im home whos post should I look at first?



math is fun tbh

nothing feels better than solving a difficult math problem


don't look at old posts just post new ones instead


its a rare animal that really smells



so just solve simple math problems

they will be hard for you so you will feel good

I've once spent 12 hours on creating a formula for calculating mechanical resistance of all spinning parts in an gasoline engine, when I've found out it was correct the next day it felt good as heck



somebody you can trust with your credit card number


why Rena is so good and sexy



I wish they stopped putting her next to roro yuyu and nana


all Pristin VII members are beautiful



her proportions look meh compared to the 170cm+ goddess


bbcream papapa


bbcream papapa


bbcream papapa



and I still got a better gf than you


did you know when your internets are ogre for a while and you reconnect kch will skip a bunch of posts so you need to refresh



Sometimes it says it's reconnected but it doesn't refresh anything so I feel lonely




Sunmi might release my favourite kpop song

her mini album is AOTY


hann vol.2 with dark hair ugi soon hopefully




literally only good songs

kinda funny how her current music is better than when she was under JYP

JYP must feel like a loser


is microsoft memeface worth it

i hate my mac laptop



f*cking NPCs



I had a Surface Pro 3. I gave it away because it was pretty shit.

Now I use a Macbook Pro 13. What's wrong with yours?



I'm still mad there wasn't a sunmi seulgi collab


my waifu is 27 (korean age) and she looks as good as always tbh


my waifu is 15 (korean age) and she looks as good as always tbh


wonyoung is my wife


my waifu's butt ia ridiculous


alt+f pyo



as soon as I get home everybody stops posting kqts




it's #1 because she seems like a very nice person on that picture



she looks like a nice person in all of them


I knew you would take it the wrong way


I'm getting richer and richer every day looking at cute hyemis

feels good chingus




their song is in the top 5 2018 for sure




going on a watch list for a low res


only below 13 qualify as loli


work as hard as a koop trainee for my project


finish on time


Deadline was supposed to be 20 min ago


it just got delayed and is due for next week


it's now only 5% of the exam results

What did he mean by this



i'm sure you learned lots in the process



I don't want to be that guy but dude

you do NOT finish projects so close to the deadline, you have to make them earlier



at this part of your life you have to sacrifice that in order to get a better future

if you keep working hard you will be able to give away mac books like the rich chingu



then stop working that hard

you are already rich


if Black Hawk Down had some kqts in it, it would be literally the best thing ever


if any non asian media had some asian quites in it it would be the best thing ever


shit movies with kqts wouldn't be the best thing ever


but theyd be better



but they wouldn't be the best thing ever


why is there no movie about crocodiles? imo they are cooler than sharks



i'm sure there was a movie about a 🐊 from a town in scotland

it was called "crocodile dunfermline" or something like that


5 irene pics a day to keep the doctor away


now 5 jo hassle pics


now for some nice collarbones


finishing off with some jooeuns before i welcome the flitting, fleeting world of dreams that passes by each night, filling my mind with ungraspable wonders and emotions that will fade away once more as the real world rears its dreary head in the morning


why THE HECK did J only sleep barely 8 hours? I stayed up over 30 hours yesterday this doesnt make sense


might as well post a joy since nobody is awake anyway






dance party with sohee


drinking with yein

laying with chaeyeon

sounds like a good weekend plan



where's cleaning your room and self-improvement?

you just can't chill with kqts all the time



I wanted the same keycap as #1 but I read those are annoying to type on




not liking pissing off all your chingus with your super loud keyboard


It obvsiously helps playing better




not liking pissing off all your chingus with your super loud keyboard

It pisses me off much more than it pisses off my chingus


Santa left a gift for me early this year




hearing your keyboard even though you blast kpop in your head 24/7

what did he mean by this


archery looks like fun


blind spot detection system


safety first


what is this?




Binnie in those boots and that hat




she was just having an innocent and pure fun and you have to make it lewd for some reason

please reflect



I still don't what it was about but it was of the coolest videos I've seen this month




not her fault that you have a lewd mind

and see lewdness everywhere



why do we have so many stupid dance challenges

it's not cool anymore




why do we have so many stupid dance challenges

post other dance challenges


did you know what Bona is a lewdster?



you idiot I want to watch kqts dance



you only get a blind spot if you don't know how to align your mirrors properly



do you even have a driving license?

not everyone has dumb looking mirrors like pic related




I hate popular culture

i don't think kpop is for you, chingu


yes i have a licence

having a 'blind spot' is a myth perpetuated by pabos



kpop is not popular in my country, but that stupid dance challenges are



modern cars have tiny windows for safety so you need electronic aids to not drive into the car next to you



move to hong kong

according to that video there's loads of kqts randomly dancing in the streets



those huge A-pillars really piss me off

how the heck am I supposed to notice cyclists or pedestrians with that shit?


I hope that in 2019 all my favorite kqts with get individual IG accounts


i hope all my favourite kqts will send me nude selfies


kgf just sent me this


5 kqts a day keeps the leukaemia away




in that case, er... maybe? i dont understand the question


on a date with my gf




it's dead

are you out enjoying life ?



no, to my family home

I just got out of the car actually so I will spend some precious time with my parents if you don't mind


L-lewd outfit


no https




is this the only thing that you found weird?




i posted the jpg file i found on twitter on accident again

it's a tenth of the filesize but i can barely tell the difference

is this the power of png?


weekly weki meki post




how do we solve the leds


what's wrong with LED lights?


I'm 80% sure it's Nayun and I would be rerolling but I think she is still in the top half of momoland



just done it so much to nancy and yeonwoo already and theres plenty of daisy pics where shes quite blastable tbh



it damages the quality because video encoder spends most of the bits allocated for the frame by RC on the stupid leds in the background instead of the kqts


uncompressed video juseyo


unfortunately video cameras what are being used to make typical fancams, save already compressed stream to the SD card

it might has bigger bitrate and less blocking artifacts than on youtube, but problem might still persist

we need to make them record videos in lossless or with a very high bitrate and provide original files


video cameras record at ~200-500 mbps range, there shouldn't be any artifacting with that kind of bitrate right?



omgs shuffling in heels tho

no pants wujus tho

nosie dancing right next to all the people coming at her tho

luda tho


that's a lot of tho


filter it to desu



depends on the resolution, fps, codecs settings, quality/compression tradeoff, etc.

e.g. if you record 4K 60fps with the simplest MPEG-2 encoder 200mbps might be not enough

also you need to have fast enough SD card to handle that amough of writes per second

but something like that should work, yes, need to have fast card, set the highest bitrate possible and grab the original files

need to sponsor some fancammers for that

imagine Migliore 4K fancams in original quality



she looks like a UN ambassador talking to monkeys in these pictures



Id pay good money for those fancams And we need AV1 in cameras!



this room looks like it's straight out of matrix 2

I imagine the kfapper wearing a big coat and dark black sunglasses




I imagine the kfapper wearing a big coat and dark black sunglasses


memehair fans will enjoy this hopefully



how am I supposed to post kqts now? I need a yes or no information here dammit


I like slutty barely dressed qts


who isn't


maybe this will help you



cute granny




this is not re

what did she mean by this ?




how did she know about the domain change?


Would explain the DIA shilling



I thought that was her since she looked like a bit like IU when she's casual clothes



see that's why I wrote it's weird

I bet if this wasn't a video but some pictures you would like it



I'll make the new edition



who is this prettiest of the flowers?