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#110 Victory Edition


#110 Victory Edition


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I hope all will be ok



In worst case we would use old upload backend without CDN.


make new thread when it's still possible


i like lithuania-chan

everything so fast and instant



but CDN is cooler

I'm not sure we would be able to restore files that was uploaded after the migration to the CDN btw

I have idea of another CDN though; I don't like it much but we don't have other choice









nothing, I'm migrating old backup back to the lithuanian server

I need to find a way to restore files that was uploaded after the migration, I didn't have time to backup them



maybe put up another nginx server in america that serves images but if image is not found it downloads them from lithuania, like a bankrupt man's cdn

put it under the same domain so americans round robin into using it

then optimize it later if possible so muricans get their files faster



it looks like a target attack, though in support they said me those two servers belong to different persons


yea, I was thinking about something like that

will consider few more options though

the biggest problem is that size of uploads grows pretty fast and I'm not a fan of deleting old threads

so it's hard to find at least 160GB VPS for small price

I know where to rent a storage server but it won't be distributed across countries

maybe it's worth to find/implement a real CDN server that would cache files being served only for small time, so you won't need a lot of storage - such VPS are pretty cheap

maybe it's actually for the better, because our current CDN isn't ideal either



what about putting you're files in here havent tested but i always thought it seemed cool

then serve them directly or via small nginx vps servers that dont have to keep all the files but can forget/download as needed




then serve them directly or via small nginx vps servers that dont have to keep all the files but can forget/download as needed

that sounds good, if I remember correctly nginx even has cache option out of the box so you don't need to write a single line of code, just configure it properly


that looks interesting, thanks

I think I've seen it long time ago

there're bunch of options for cheap storages, but upload speed would be pretty bad in general

so you need some frontend cache server anyway




I'm running backup script to download files from CDN cache that are not expired yet

there are 6038 * 2 files between the migrations, some already gives me 404

at least something will be saved



ffs i have idea for new webm

810×14404.49Mb00:09[MPD직캠] 씨엘씨 엘키 직캠 '어디야(Where are you?)' (CLC ELKIE FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2017.8.3 <>



what happens in the mist, stays in the mist


I want to get lost in the mist with Elkie


be careful, the chinese mist may just be smog and you would die

#209502## Admin ##

Saved 4654 files out of 12076 so far


damn we post a lot of things...


I have a file list, need to do an advertisement, "have you seen this file?"


if theyre hash named maybe they will get reposted eventually



dunno, sometimes I read old threads, it's pretty cool to have entire history preserved


yea, or just delete broken files from posts

there are not too much of them



stop reading my old posts they are not for consuming more than one time


lucky lewda


2 weeks


only 2637 files missed so far


none of my cool webms got lost


you can give me some cool small 404 image and I will show it instead of the broken image


looking for pics for Happy New Year Edition

please look forward to it


not creative enough to beat 404 lewda


it seems that kqts aren't celebrating new year as much as I thought

I've only found one related pic so I'm not making the thread



it's a very good 404

it's probably impossible to beat it



there should be a second lime on her shoulder saying 2019 will be better


19991231 is a pretty cool date



her year 2018 was very better

lime was right


I liked 2018

I don't want it to end

and I'm scared that my girls will disband in 2019



don't worry hey girls can just make it as a dance group meme


I wonder who will be talked about the most here in 2019

2018 has been a lot of pristin and dia and 9muses


why are muses in the spoiler?



because it was pretty much just bles shilling


I hope that in 2019 DIA will top the melon chart and sell lots of albums




bo peep bo peep 2.0 will save DIA



I don't want to argue with people who disagree with me again



I'd like this better than a new year edition



Cathy's legs are very nice


i prefer the bit where they meet


make it "Fuck 2019 Edition"

I'm staying in 2018 to be honest


he has a point tho



hyeseong is really nice to look at



i'm still stuck in 2016