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#111 Looking Into The Future Edition


#111 Looking Into The Future Edition


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don't worry it will be okay


at least i hope not




we have Old New Year (yes, exactly like this) on 13th of January




she wore really cute outfits for live performances




c u t e


cute outfits


did we get the biggest cuck of the year already on the first day?



maybe it would be actually profitable


honestly first Krystal and now Jennie

lucky gook



already has a backup plan in motion

he will pick his new waifu on televion Q2 2019 in a new gg survival show




Q2 2019 in a new gg survival show

after mix9 people still want to work with that guy?


SBS Gayo Daejun


KBS Gayo Daejun


MBC Gayo Daejun

which one is best?



that was just mishap; he got tricked into having lads in the show

new one girls only



tell me about YG

why does he wear a hat?


Happy Sonamoo Day


I lift my glass to our charming waifus!


sounds good


walks into your harem


"i like girls that are cute and looks like there's some of them here"

wat do




I thought my headset jack cable was broken since I often have trouble with it but turn out it might be my phone jack that's broken



Thing is my current phone is a lenovo zuk z2 and since it was such a great value at the time it's hard finding mid range phone that are better



I think my next phone will be one of these old motorolas that you can clip in


You cannot watch vlive on that



those were the coolest phones that have ever and will ever exist


My grandpa has a better phone than this


ho wmuch longer until loonies comeback



your desktop looks exactly like one of those the normies at uni have


the real question is

what is your favorite kind of pie, pie?


I just want to show my seulgi chingu his work is appreciated



double spaces get removed automatically

same with double newlines



they usually have some video game or anime background

please don't keep your passwords in an unencrypted text file like that btw


I believe pristin peaked during their predebut as pledis girlz

no bully


Cisco Packet Tracer


Visual Studio





too expensive for me







Isn't common knowledge that before creating this place kagami made rutracker ?


I always read that as nutcracker and laugh a little out loud





because it's stupid and takes time

why dont just get everything fast in one place with streaming services?



just use the web version with a free acount and ublock



it's easier to download album anywhere with a single click

with torrents you spend more time on thing like searching the release, downloading, seeding, copying to the phone, syncing for all devices, etc


also there is no reason to use the discord client unless you need push to talk and the overlay that never actually works




you're gonna pay twice for data

you can download album to the device when you're on wi-fi connection

it's still easier than torrents


please dont discuss it too much, that screenshot is from discord

im not cool like that pieguy



I use new pipe

it's great for watching yuyu live



it's a youtube client on f-droid

it reduces data usage if you only listen to music, has a good background player, allows high quality and 60 fps videos and can do live streams

and you can download everything with it too

I would literally pay money for it it's pretty great


downloaded this with youtube-dl from termux on my phone



ah, I've heard about it

I've seen they use youtube-dl (just like boram) and fix youtube breakages pretty quickly

can it download entire album though? it would be tedious to click on every track and I don't want to spend too much of my mobile traffic because it's expensive





I was reading about it too, when searching ssh client for android

haven't installed it yet though


dont shill such things to much or big boys will force youtube to use drm



it's really cool, you don't even need root privileges

sometimes i use it to read manpages


maybe he means playlist


Just download the album


I'm not sure about downloading playlists but you can make your own without youtube account




01.11 21:31

blockberry announced the exact minute and everything



sunmi should have done a collaboration with cheryl tweedy instead