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#116 The Color Of Purity Edition


#116 The Color Of Purity Edition


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chill dude

it's just a croc, don't let him get to you


how do we solve the croc


we don't

you don't wrestle with a pig, even if you win you will be covered in shit


there is no solving the croc, it has no variables it's only a picture and a croc


720×1280 = 921 600


China should conquer Korea

build a HUGE Colosseum is Seoul and make gaypops fight in it with swords and spears

that would be lit


South Korea Autonomous Region



China should hurry up and conquer Europe already

can't wait to score some social credit points for being a good citizen


do you have enough social credits to afford Pinky though


They're training as medics and actor Park Jae Min is attending to an "injured" soldier. Part of procedure is that they talk to the patient to keep them alert etc. He asked the guy who his favorite girl group is, expecting him to say Cosmic Girls, since Eunseo is right there. But he surprisingly blurted out, "I like IZ*ONE!" Park Jae Min said "Who?!?" Guy answers, "From Produce48." Eunseo facepalms and starts laughing. Jaemin: "Is there a song from them that you like?" Eunseo starts singing Nekkoya under her breath (her guess). But the guy starts belting out the chorus of Rumor in a broken voice like he's really hurt lol.

IDF btfo





what a based individual

I want to watch this show too now


pictures for ants


Honestly whoever chose soyeon hairstyle during produce 101 is the biggest pabo ever


long hair with kind of bangs? seems pretty standard




ill have to start watching real men to find out what idfgirl is up to

dm me if you find bellachad


-Their hairstylist annoys me so freaking much.. They should've dyed her hair dark..




fake exists for several years. real was made a little over a year ago


What idols do you think would get along really well?


Song Hayoung and Lovelyz Jisoo. Same sweet person vibe.





25 january PREMIERE SHOWCASE of album for cheshirs. No more other details



she is a Harry Potter fan so maybe it's pic related?



she also likes overwatch and curling and you know what?

it's none of your business


last i saw this device was in laurel and harry from like 1920

who knew it would still be in use





curls, bowls, snookers, taekwondos, plays guitar, piano and overwatch



author of that program was denied to travel to USA because of the domain

true story



I used to watch ever snooker tournament when I was younger



the chair is to high, her hands are a higher than where they should be and so she has to slouch.

You should tell her to be careful for her back



I got 12.5/20 at one of my exams chingus



is that good?

we needed 3/4 of points to pass most of exams here


maybe he did all the homework so teacher bonus point makes it 3/5




tfw fluid mechanics profesor had 0/1 scale

his point was that at work you have to do everything right or something won't work



depends on the work I guess

I have to



| Percentage  | Grade  |   Meaning    |
| 91–100%     | 5      | Excellent    |
| 81–90%      | 4      | Very good    |
| 71–80%      | 3      | Good         |
| 61–70%      | 2      | Satisfactory |
| 51–60%      | 1      | Passable     |
| 0–50%       | 0      | Failed       |



the girls left/will leave agency but it's not disbandment

just like Rainbow