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#141 Memento Mori Edition

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post best omo



but she loves her fans so she loves me!


i dont have many omos it seems


still thinking about Soojins tummy


will they make it after the scandal



how do you know that?

I thought it's blondie second to the right, she was first reacting


post pristin

The Nootster
0:09 Was it Gaga 😭😭😭💀💀💀💀 I can’t stop laughing

zom .d
It is Aurora

The Nootster
Gaga acted the quickest that’s why I thought it was her 💀💀💀💀

which girl farted was it the blonde one with green yellow shirt that has bangs?

top row: loha, chaebin, gaga, aurora
bottom row: uchae, lu, haru, sunshine, saebom

most people say it's far right, yes

but I'm not sure

need more evidences

Phaner Phạm
Haru accidentally farted during NATURE's livestream on V Live. =]]

zom .d
You need to observe the situation.
Look closely at the state of the Aurora

it was definitely gaga

saturn is a guy who knows them all

he is probably right

it might be not aurora!!!


those names are pretty stupid


it's either gaga or aurora, 99% confidence

but I'm not sure who exactly


Obviously the blonde girl second from the right in the back is the choice most people are going with as she reacts immediately and seems embarrassed by it as the other members look in her direction. However, as a person who has accidentally let slip a few escapees in my time, I posit the culprit is the blonde girl first from the right in the back, as she has the most genuine reaction to accidentally letting one rip by being initially mortified instead of confused and also one of the last to laugh about it until everybody else is. To support my hypothesis, she is leaning forward at the moment the fart rips through the studio like super typhoon, and we all know that giving your farts room to escape is key.

fuck, I suspected it might be not that easy


I'm precious to her



didn't really pay attention to the back row but she seemed to roll her eyes before the others reacted

the one next to her also seemed to think it was her and she seemed the most embarassed



gaga already reacted while you can't see aurora's reaction yet

thought that seems to be true, because of other reasons


My junior detective skills tell me it's the blonde girl on the right in the green jacket. The three girls at top look right at her. Everyone eventually burst into laughter while she tries to continue on. The girl in front of her slaps her arm. It was an involuntary slip as she bent over to sing. Mystery solved. And it was cute btw. Lol.


I never get those

is this 4th march

or 3th april


4th march

all sane people use YYYY.MM.DD format


isn't it different in burgerland ?


they are insane obviously



burgers are pabos

they don't even use meters



sorted by importance

for example if you name files like that and sort them by name they will be in the correct order


burgers can't sort


should have released 3th march

it's park chorong birthday




sorted ascending




Uploading for replay. Please wait…

i just wanted to fall asleep to this

it was streamed 9 hours ago, is that too much to ask


one ticket to paradise please



in your folders

bring them by posting them



could have been worse, you could have brought really bad posters on accident



your double OO status has been revoked. please leave the badge and the kqt picture on the desk on your way out


did you know: yoojie is my wife



you knew? you sound smart


if I can't bring newposters here I will prevent old posters from leaving. the treason will be punished by death... starting from IUc


A stands for absolutely adorable


something has to be done about those news sites for ants



I know I'm sorry but she looks great so I had to use them



its ok

we'll put them on the list right after LED-nim


i just want to know the name of all these moves

564×780734.99Kb00:02이달의소녀탐구 #357 (LOONA TV #357) <>

gimme some of that loonaperf

i like it so much




its the one on the right

she presses some sort of trump noise button on the phone

thats why red looks at her


dont the world sometimes amaze you


i will never be able to take that childbirth dance move seriously



for me its when i see amazing kpop but there could be other things too


faces are the best

legs are second

and tummies are #3

you can argue with that but you will be wrong



she presses it to make the noise

nobody actually trumps



yeah sometimes I'm amazed by kpop songs/MVs/qts

like when that anon posted Laboum's Love game



I like them of course but those 3 are more important




see?? her back made the entire room omo while her legs were exposed the entire time without any omos


don't look there btw


backs are pure


not the way i look at them

practice what you preach



gooks have a shit taste

if Sana and Nayeon were in a room they would omo at Nayeon



more of an "oh thats unexpected" than omo



alright alright I give you that but what about butts? kpop butts are a joy to the world!


make lewd edition