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#169 Blankets Edition


#169 Blankets Edition


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this guy


how does he do it


blossom blossom


shu doesn't even use the blanket



good song.

I dont know why but again and again I summon PTSD and cry


blanket gowon




JSON.stringify( => === JSON.stringify( =>

help, i feel like i should kms myself how do i make it not idiot


Sowon's noddle legs are scary



good for you

at least you can h*cking compare arrays then




she gained weight recently :iu_huh:



You can do anything on excel, why learn this shit


i'm an engineer


What's with all the hackers in here?



I don't feel stupid and useless about not understanding a bunch of gibberish numbers and letters and neither should you.



you can also have not completely valid but working most of the time code:


only 24 chars

you can replace === with == if you know that you compare arrays of same type

hoping for nice reward



there is no much sense in comparing [1,2,3,undefined] with [1,2,3]

that's almost non-possible case in real program



that's not really rotta related

if anything rotta's pics were less lewd than what thair agency made them do



i just realized for the first time autismbro didnt point out arm turning "wrong" way from elbow

just where is he looking



a call for help


they flopped on debut and then were forced into an overly lewd concept by their agency

none of them renewed their contracts so they disbanded in 2018



the "strong independent women" thing was forced by their agency

pretty freaking disgusting

you can look up interviews from after they disbanded, they will make you feel bad though


Same for viki


It was Stellar that went to Bhutan, right? I remember looking for the spot from one of the pics on Google Streetview



even mijoo doesn't like being told to do lewd stuff

just look at what happened when that gook told her to lift her leg




just look at what happened when that gook told her to lift her leg

Post it




just look at what happened when that gook told her to lift her leg

she lifted it three times


whats the latest on jisoo (the good one)


oh shit


look at me

I'm Shu's husband now


you know what they say about shoos

theres always two of them so you'll be fine


My beautiful wife



Yeah, I'll hit her while drunk and make her work for the both of us


wow you really triggered all of us

gotem good

yikes on us



I'm angry now