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#174 Me On The Left Edition


#174 Me On The Left Edition


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shoulders are pure and I will keep looking at them


what does Lego mean btw



no wonder you don't live in a favela, they don't like homosexuals there



not him but you said it when you first came here



agree with him


he tells me to shut up

why are seulgi posters so unfriendly?



da chiugo Pump up the volume! (Up up)

deudgi sirheo Pump up the volume! (Up up)

galsurok deo byeonhaejil geoya ah

dokhage eh eh eh oh deo~




**chhodo Pump up the volume (Up Up)

kucch na sunna Pump up the volume (Up Up)

dekhna mein badal jaungi puri tarah

aur uh uh uh uh uh (×2)**



with "we" do you mean seulgi posters or all the posters here?

1920×10801.37Mb00:04CLC autism


10 seulgi posters



I meant all but I guess it's even more than that but not online at the same time



i said 2 seulgi posters are 20-30% of all the posters here

that would mean there are 6-10 posters here which isn't that far from your guess


I will reflect and do better in the future


There are 4 seulgi poster


actually she does it for fame and money



those are brand new shoes so it's not that bad




I always hate when they don't take off the shoes

that's purely am*rican tradition and since gooks are USA servants so...


she wants to be punished, that is why she is wearing them on the couch



I'm talking about South Korea of course

and Ye-in is from South



I don't think she's an Amero--Zionist puppet either




your daughter yein coming home from school


ask her how she's doing


f-fine she says before hurrying to her room


not so fast, missy


I need to see your report card


she hangs her head and slowly hands you the card


F's... All F's




you get up and grab her hair and throw her over your knee


WAP, you begin spanking her




she starts to cry


your hand starts hitting her on the vagina more than the ass




she starts to moan and lubricate




you keep spanking her on the twat until she orgasms


afterwards she hugs you


you press her against your erection and grope her tits before sending her to bed


should've written


Eps, all Eps

at least


who was she paying respect to?



the sisters cheecks are slightly bigger making her face quite round for a kpop

im sure you can find your way around it if you try tho


I won't post her anymore


please continue

I like when you're being angry because of "chubby"


why are you saying chubby tho? she looks very slender and elegant tbh



but they are very high up in the face so it's cute