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Can we stay in here now that 2chen died?

1112×10804.13Mb00:08200825 musicるTV OH MY GIRL

1280×72013.34Mb00:12200821 Music Bank E1041

2140×21603.55Mb00:05오마이걸 OH MY GIRL _ SUPADUPA (천천히 해봐) _ 뮤직비디오 비하인드 스케치 영상-zsGsTEW_8u4

get ready for her solo


guess i'll try this place out for a bit


not sure how i feel about yooa solo

2040×2160658.47Kb00:02오마이걸 (OH MY GIRL) X 뽀로로 _ 바라밤 _ 뽀마이걸 (PO~MYGIRL) _ 뮤직비디오-cTA5jBZNYiY


actressrin is so bold now

804×8582.34Mb00:10아린이도 반한 BYC 국민양말!-kQIxvTFbb1o


it was really nice to see number of posters active tbqh i miss that



wished I had the knowledge to make my own chen*



OMG is doing kidpop now

I bet it will be pure



I won't miss the live typing

at least now no one will see my typos

884×800438.06Kb00:06[주간아 미방] 오마이걸 아린 '살짝 설렜어’ 직캠 l EP.457-KKNzGzlZloM





would be funny if CUBE spent all the money gidle made on a CLC MV with actual helicopters and stuff



I honestly thought they were in the road to disbandment, but now with the new logo and stuff and Yeeeun doing great, maybe they'll get many more releases




I honestly thought they were in the road to disbandment


but the amount of promotions they get this time is more than they got the last few comebacks, I'm only a bit suspicious since it's a single album

maybe they want to give CLC proper promos and see if with the right handling they can do alright

if they don't CUBE will probably focus on finding trainees for a new group


it seems September is a month of miracles

CLC and Fromis both having a comeback, who's next? Sonamoo?

1376×10801.43Mb00:06OH MY GIRL - NONSTOP -Japanese ver.- [TIDAL 1080p]_RAVIXX

month of miracles

I like how that sounds



it's been a year of miracles in that sense


Mijoo has been watching weird shows



I was extremely weirded out when Nayeon made that one farting ad, but seems like they don't mind



I read somewhere that gooks talk about shit causally

in the west people will ask you how was your breakfast in the morning, in korea they will ask you about your poop


can OMG go back to making mysterious master pieces like Closer or Secret Garden?




one of the ONF guys was having a vlive recently, and there was some music on the background and he panicked


idk what to think about a solo

I would prefer if they did a sub-unit for example with Arin, Binnie, Jiholy and Yooa and for example the concept of the sub-unit would be similar to


if you pay close attention, you can even hear the words "cinderella"


tfw no flac/opus support




i hope binnie and arin don't grow out of each other (like i did with my best friend)... it happens too often... especially now that arin is maturing...




especially now that arin is maturing...

thanks Gahyeon and Dayoung...



Seems like it already happened with Mimi, she was complaining Arin didn't rely on her that much recently.



love cherry bullet but their version of that looks a bit cheap



covid removed the main source of income for small groups so I'm not surprised



Binnie is probably watching every performance of DC now that Dami looks really good



poor mimi, she's always chasing arin too slapping her butt and stuff



ah, I don't have anything, but the bangs and her overall style looks great with this comeback


I was checking to see if I could find some Dami but I found this omo


checked DC's twitter

it seems Dami has boobs



not a fan of Juicy but the girls look amazing



Dami really got hot if Sua started molesting her



I like the less edgy dreamcatcher more



based fiddle-nim picked up Ahin

he seems to be less active lately tho



I wonder if they're actually planning on releasing something like that, Nancy seems to be posting a similar style



honestly idk if slutpop can save them

it seems they had their literal 5 minutes of fame and it's all gone now


Nancy's dad looks like such a nerd

how is his daughter so hot?



lmao he looks like a priest, I think I've seen recent pics and he looks in his 50s now



fuck Momoland's agency tbh

they had the best visual of our generation and they turned her into "the buttcheek girl"

bunch of morons



they really went overboard with the slut concept

not showing as much keeps people interested and tuning in, like with irene



even super sexy groups like HV or Dal Shabet weren't showing butt cheeks

I mean it probably happened once or twice but it also happens to groups like OMG or Lovelyz

in Momoland's case they were showing them every fucking performance



that was only recently and the slip wasn't really as much as showing your buttcheeks in full glory day in day out


la la la dong


what's the favorite group of you chen people?



for me OH MY GIRL, and if they're not promoting then it's ROCKET PUNCH and Weeeeekly



i'm not against the idea of a solo it's just the timing. kinda feels like secret garden + BAM again. i guess it all depends when their full group comeback is though



how come OMG mogs every group digitally but their physical sales are kinda weak? 34k with last album



honestly, i have no idea. it means they have a small/weak fanbase but the general public likes them. last gen, it was similar with groups like exid and sistar. but why does omg follow this pattern? no idea. maybe they're actually slutpop like the two other groups mentioned



I wouldn't call Sistar a slutpop

4minute was like that as well btw


the only truly slutpop group was stellar


i think you're just splitting hairs


slutpop just sounds bad

I would call it sexypop




the chads only look at fancams

vertical rotated CCW 90°


720×9321.55Mb00:07[V LIVE] 21번째내생일🎂헤헿♥️-135158



Binnie has really cute cheeks



from what I understand, digitals are related to the general public and physicals to the size of your fandom; if you have huge digital numbers means regular people are listening to you or that your fandom is streaming the song nonstop, and since IU, BTS and Twice are giving OMG shoutouts saying they're awesome, it was only a matter of time

even though if they don't win anything for Dolphin, it seems like that's the song of the year in Korea



shows how chill Sua is

kpops usually go for cute/sexy cosplays




even though if they don't win anything for Dolphin, it seems like that's the song of the year in Korea

I hope other groups will copy that instead of muh gurlcrush


i mean i respect and like the concept and the sound but the da da da da da da da thing is not my cuppa tea



really? to this day I still can't stop jamming to it

that melody in the bridge is amajing



da da da da da da da da da da*


it's a song that has artistic integrity for sure



yeah I've seen it

honestly they are in the top 3 most entertaining groups I've ever seen and I've seen a lot


also the pajama party was so cute



early DIA

at least on variety shows, they seemed to be really shy in front of cameras




I like girls




it was very forgettable unfortunately

426×492568.24Kb00:05151117 MBC Weekly Idol E223 - Oh My Girl

rewatching this episode from 5 years ago


finding every single lewd bit of it

I have become a disgusting cumbrain....



there's only one cure for that

watching 5 lovelyz MVs per day


short hair kpops

based or cringe?


btw I think Yein copied Eunbi's haircut



yeah, it really depends, but I personally prefer long


I think short hair give nice mommy vibes



I actually wouldn't mind that

she suits them better than RP for sure, Lovelyz will be 7yo next year tho....



it would be a tragedy if it was the end of kpop career for her

I also hope that Minju will join some group, she is such a precious qt

1420×10805.39Mb00:11[OH MY GIRL] SKETCHBOOK EP.48-MQ1en6Ljuk4



rip kidrin, now we have womanrin


we're not here



neither, the CEO has managed groups for a long time, he made a group called Papaya in the 90s (Aing is originally from them) and before making OMG they hired some ex employees from Starship, so they had proper management from the start



LMAO they're using the word helicopter, I'm in

I'm a pilot


I also wanted to show a cool and mature side of me, yet people thought whatever I did was cute and it made me sad.

you are making her sad bros



what a hot woman

I hope she's happy now


Dayoung corrupted both Arin and Gahyeon

we have to keep weeekly away from her at all costs


her face got prettier but her body got worse as she became womanrin

1420×1080985.54Kb00:03200825 musicるTV OH MY GIRL



but her body got worse as she became womanrin


Arin, Gahchubby, Cheng Xiao... All those thighs will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

what's up with kpops losing weight after turning ~20



Jiho said it gets easier to lose weight the more you do it, maybe that's their life now



I've been dieting this year and I can confirm this

you get used to not getting enough calories but that doesn't mean you should keep dieting without an end just because it's easy



I guess they need to do it since it's part of the job, but it's not healthy that's true


nooooo I'm a woman now reeeeeeeeeeeee


also Arin

1504×5762.91Mb00:13[4K] 190530 우주소녀(WJSN) 부탁해(Save Me, Save You) @아주대축제 직캠 fancam by DDUKKEONG <>



it's not healthy that's true

it also looks worse imo

I don't like them too fat but thighs shouldn't be too skinny



solos suck tbh

idk why but I'm just unable to care about solo idols



the other thread is posting some normie shit and I want to find a normie free safe space



Chorus is catchy and nice but the song doesn't go anywhere so it's pretty boring without the dance and show to go along with it.



She can but she'd never get GP popularity. She'd be a C/B-tier soloist, struggling for popularity. That's not something I'd want for her.


Siyeon apparently likes Jiucy so I like it too



I enjoy watching the performances but when I'm just listening to their album it's one of my least favorite songs




That's not something I'd want for her.

Well, if we're talking about what I'd want from her...


200826 MBC M Weekly Idol CRAVITY & CLC E474 H264 1080i.ts

isn't a bit insulting to share an episode with some rookies? they're 5 year old seniors



apparently Yunky talked about being a fan of Dreamcatcher since their promotions overlapped at the beginning of 2020 and DC heard about it and reached out to Rocket Punch this comeback

I hope we will get some RP + DC pics, it's unlikely due to corona tho



still, it'd only be ok if they were from the same company (or are they?)



damn, DC is very close to OMG in having tons of friendships (including between each other), as it should be



speaking of C-tier solists...

apparently there's some reboot program for boomers and Subin joined it



no idea

joining a girl group with gaypops is retarded

I don't mind when two girl groups share an episode, the idol rooms with fromis+loona and everglow+dreamcatcher were great



Jiu said she wants to be friends with every girl group

I hope she will catch her dream



different than it was when? don't forget she has been in kpop for ~10 years




Jiu said she wants to be friends with every girl group

I wonder why



from their last comeback with Dalshabet, but it could be just makeup because I can't tell right away



their last comeback was in 2016 and she was 22 back then

she is just transitioning into a noona



I miss fansigns, kpops with various props were my favorite



because Sera definitely looks the same as I remember, just a bit older



damn, we are complete opposites

I think Sera definitely had something done... I bet it's her lips...



Weekly Idol is pretty trash these days.

For 2020 they've had:

21 BG episodes

2 Co-ed (including the upcoming CLC ep)

10 GG episodes

1 Clip show



also the hosts are annoying fags

I miss my niggas Doni and Coni like you wouldn't believe


post a better Binnie picture

protip: you can't


Is the new Doni quiz show being subbed and has anyone watched it? How is it?




“Idols Above Quizzes” will invite K-pop idols from different nationalities to take part in a unique quiz.

won't they run out of idols like in 5 episodes?



I'm watching all the girl group ones, it's subbed by Kocowa so subs come out the next day

right now it's my go-to show every week, I won't miss it if there's a girl group



I get them from, they're also on avistaz and jpopsuki



is that screen form that show?




I will look into it then

I love April and some Lovelyz


April's last album was their first to break 10k on hanteo

HANTEO: Daily chart (200824)

#April - Hello Summer: 1,017 copies (11,656 total)

they are making it



I wonder what DSP spent all the KARA jap money on

it seems that for a long time they were unable to promote their groups



if it has dudes it's gaypop

if it's gaypop I don't care about it

simple as



I think the point was to cater to the shipping crowd, but it turns out they are far smaller target group than possessive teen girls and uncle fans




I don't even know if my favorite group's agency has a gaypop group


the chorus of We Must Love is a masterpiece



I honestly have no idea about their lyrics, but from what I heard Secret Garden has very beautiful rhymes in Korean


i almost never read english lyrics to kpop songs, i enjoy them more not knowing what's being said



same, only when people say they're particularly good I check them out

like OMG's It It Said, it's pretty weird how happy it sounds and it's a song about being bullied



Same i feel like i enjoy the song more if i don't know the lyrics. Except that one time when i was listening to Guckkasten and one of their songs included part of Hitler's speech I had to lookt that up to understand what the fuck was going on


I I wannana be a banana


somebody here is REALLY bad at quoting


Ha Hyun Wo says: "Hitler is the epitome of an individual driven by ideology and desire. He fulfilled his desire and fell because of that. He is symbolic in that sense. And when you think Hitler, you think his speeches, so I decided to put it in, as a symbol of sorts."


anon fighting, one day you'll be a right-quoting free man



lmao couldn't he think of anyone else who's driven than literally hitler


Hitler for asians is probably like the rising sun flag for us

you've heard it's bad or something but damn it does look cool



I like the lyrics of songs that idols made for each other



His band is called "Guckkasten" , his album is called "Tagträume"

Thad dude is obviously infatuated with Germany in some way


who posted CUNNY in the other thread?!


b1a4 - rollin'


omo Bora


how long has been running?



probably all lewd comments before they it was banned

1500×159015.26Mb00:07아라 Ara - ' 오마이걸 _ SUPADUPA (천천히 해봐)' DANCE COVER %232@ 200826 가로ver. (4K 60p)-GGK9t1wKJ_M

my new waifu





me too chingu, it's perfect length right now


arin watched the kissing booth

n-nooooo i hope it's a pure movie...


i mean she's already familiar with the concept of porn anyways


she's already familiar with the concept of porn


Apink's Hayoung once admitted to watching porn on an Apink variety


I can't hear you

I can't hear you

I can't hear you


my waifu doesn't even know what s*x is



we didn't care too much since it's just acting


i remember half-accidentally watching my big brother's gng bang prn as a little pre-pubescent kid and it was quite traumatizing and not enjoyable at all

i imagine that's how idols react to it as well?



I would say Ellin is an exception

how many ex-idols end up as boobie streamers?



they are striking while the iron's hot


no, Wony is too pure for that


your waifu isn't pure and that's okay


how do you guys define pure?

I honestly don't mind if the girls I like are dating, dating is a natural thing for humans

what I don't want to see is my waifu acting like a slut




what I don't want to see is my waifu acting like a slut

i want to see my waifu being sexy. i don't want other people to see her being sexy



so you are one of those people who think idols are their gfs?



no idc if she dates. i just don't want weirdos online to be creeping on her



weirdos will lewd her no matter what she does

those sick fucks on kpg lewd even Zoa



so I think we can both agree that sexy is good but slutty is bad?



that's for sure and the line lies in a different place for everyone

for me there were only few slutty groups/solists

Stellar for sure, Hyuna, Hyolyn, CL etc


any love for CLC here?



this webm is cut in such a kino way... props to the artist who made this



Binnie's pit is really pretty


do you think that 2chen's admin posts here?


sometimes i get jealous at how well asians eat


what's stopping you from eating well?


koreans seem to have really great food



looks like some hollywood movie trailer


September will start great with Lovelyz and CLC


i suddenly want a red convertible bmw





nation's sexy little sister...



because of that one coomer



their collab with some DJ and some singer, pretty chill I think



chill af

I honestly love it, it somehow makes me feel really nostalgic

908×8002.21Mb00:06151117 MBC Weekly Idol E223 - Oh My Girl

I actually have the special edition of LOVE&PEACE, it's pretty cool



oh right...

from new groups I only like DC's jap songs but they are basically jpop



based af

I loved their jap albums, and their jap concerts will never be topped



can't... get... you out of of my mind

cuz I never felt this way before~



I got used to it and I think it looks cute



Ive just checked omg youtube channel and their videos have subs now

when did this happen? last time I've checked their yt content wasn't getting subs




no eng subs on youtube was the only thing stopping me from truly getting into OMG



it's just natural to lewd them, but not the homoerotic type, that's gay



i want yonhi to pull her pantsu down on the stage and moon at the audience



chaewon and eunbi, some say even hitomi

I doubt it, but Yeonhee looks worried nowadays... maybe they're close to announce it, maybe Juicy was a throwaway song waiting for the big release



Chimpy will suit them well

adding eunbi would be weird since she would be older than the leader


for me it's Yena joining Everglow



Yiren and Yuqi are different

they will stay faithful



didn't you see the news? Yuehua was penalized by China for doing something a bit pro Korean

it's only a matter of time




it sucks, I wonder if Everglow is delaying it's comeback because of this

I'm worried it will be over for Everglow when gooks find out about their apology for performing at a k-army festival


I hope Everglow is too nugu in korea for gooks to care

but they are so autistic about the army it can be a big issue



It would be weird but I don't think it's completely out of the question. Adding two members to a six member group would be such a big change that they'd basically be a new group so changing the leader might work, especially since the age gap between Eunbi is so big that they'd probably feel more at ease trusting her to lead. It would probably take some time to adjust but they were all trainees together before produce and probably thought they were all going to debut in the same group.

Unlikely but what else is Woolim supposed to do with Eunbi?



luckily they're big internationally, not so much locally, so it's fine for now




Unlikely but what else is Woolim supposed to do with Eunbi

sell her to Happy:), DC needs the 7th member and she would fit there well with her age



she'd fit better in Minx tbh

Maybe they could just debut Eunbi and Chaewon as a duo. I'd buy that.



oh no, the problem is not like with T-ARA, some new trainees ruining the dynamic of the group, the problem is the fans accepting the new members, and it's not like they dislike them, but more like things are good as they are now



Loona, DC and Everglow are interesting cases

I wonder what makes i-fans like them so much and why gooks just don't give a f*ck about them




she'd fit better in Minx

shame coomers don't buy albums so sexy groups are never coming back




that reminds me, Seunghee was imitating some disabled character from a drama recently, but luckily all the twitter crowd is full of casuals and they don't watch vlives

good thing we still have that




Seunghee was imitating some disabled character from a drama recently




ah the fans, forgot about them. Still Rocket Punch are only selling around 10k albums as of now, how many fans would Chaewon and Eunbi bring? It's a multifaceted topic




how many fans would Chaewon and Eunbi bring?

you never know, Chaeyeon didn't really save DIA

and Weki Meki isn't that popular either




Rocket Punch are only selling around 10k

HANTEO: Daily chart (200826)

#RocketPunch - Blue Punch: 289 copies (16,373 total)



that's true, it all comes down to making money so maybe they're practically in

1920×10803.22Mb00:05[오마이걸] KCONTACAT 2020 SUMMER 주민도감 오마이걸 cut-f9rpw0PMvug


when IZone disbands, Woollim should disband lovelyz, take Yein, Mijoo, Sujeong, Jisoo and Eunbi and make a new classy sexy ladypop group and their debut song should be Something 2.0





Chaewon is popular right now but I think Eunbi is ranked pretty low among the izones in terms of popularity. Guess we'll just have to see what happens.

There's also the pretty high possibility of an extension due to IZ*ONE not being able to go on a huge concert tour so that might change plans even more.




There's also the pretty high possibility of an extension due to IZ*ONE not being able to go on a huge concert tour so that might change plans even more.

if the people running kpop companies learned anything from IOI they should just let IZone go for years


Captain Romsae and her team are coming back in September

are "we" hyped?



oh i thought that was a meme. niceeee. i hope romsaes butt has grown bigger



Romsae's body is LITERALLY perfect, don't be too greedy bro


Saerom and Elris Sohee are the hottest kpop idols ever and everyone agrees



I didn't save it, so it's safe to say it's gone from the internet

894×10301.79Mb00:05[오마이걸] KCONTACAT 2020 SUMMER 주민도감 오마이걸 cut-f9rpw0PMvug

how about this



i have it but im too lazy to post it on mobile



have you ever seen a non-thicc Jisun?

btw new Jisun ASMR will be posted soon

I'm pretty hyped



it gets posted at the last day of the month usually


the people want mouth sounds Jisun ASMR


tfw Naeun saved April


tfw Gyuri saved fromis_9

good timeline




actresses are saving groups instead of killing them

boomer here but I have to admit

3rd gen > 2nd gen


are pics loading slow af for anyone else?



I probably already have that but I'm saving it again



I actually wanted to get Arin so I'm happy



the 18 mb arin loaded in 3 seconds for me, so maybe your connection is dying



I've just opened a fancam and it's loading nicely in 1440p but pics here take ages to load even if they are under 1mb


1920×10804.14Mb00:09[V LIVE] 아린이랑💘(미라클일루왕!♡)-163947




tfw no Aringf to wake you up like this

992×10801.18Mb00:05[OH MY GIRL SKETCHBOOK 2] EP.07 걸스카우트 화보 촬영 Behind-VO8kSOznKMI




maybe I think they look similar because they both have this mysterious/sexy vibe



now saebom is definitely one girl whose eyes remind me of kyungri



I've been looking for Kyungri pics and I've found some old 9muses esquire photoshoot

comparing it to the Arin one it seems korean magazines got purer



i remembered #2 especially and of course #3, the most legendary picture in the history of kpop


I want to thank the guy who posted the new OMG song here

had it on repeat for the past hour



I guess she has a beautiful personality since she still found some guy to get married it

and that's something even a fit girl like Taeyeon couldn't do



Hitting the wall like a race car at 280 km/h



the guy married her for her potential

if minha got that fat, i would still marry her for the past memories and her potential kek




if minha got that fat, i would still marry her for the past memories and her potential kek

have you seen that Minha vlog with Pyo and Sojin btw?



If it has Miyeon, I am in. Even if I couldn't give a flying fuck about LOL




If it has Miyeon, I am in

simple as


it's lit


you know its gonna be good when the white girls part is good and the soyeon and miyeon part is gonna be that much better


i got all the boys on me





holy fuck it's a banger


i think kpop mvs should do more premieres



I'd take Soy any day of the week for that sweet sweet royalty money


The fuck


I feel like it was missing half of the song


the song is great but the people wanted a music video




yes i love /ourgirls/

Pyo showed her perfumes on it and you know this imagine the smell meme right? so I thought that buying them would be a cool idea but they cost like $200



200 is 200 but imagine the smell..

in other news, i love miyeon's angelic voice once again




you know this imagine the smell meme right? so I thought that buying them would be a cool idea



I wish we were getting more online concerts tbh

I loved the DC and Gidle lives



i love miyeon's angelic voice once again

Miyeon ASMR when?



im gonna pay 200$ for the asmr vid, im taking one for the team


I'm not a 12yo girl but I absolutely love this only took a minute for me to get what you had line



what the fuck no but you made me consider it, i didnt know they exist



at least I don't know how to do it

maybe you can find the recordings on the phone storage but I'm too dumb to do that



I will never talk shit about MMT since I saw DC irl thanks to them but those guys are a MESS

first this shitty online concert merch, then making people pay for shipping for every album copy they order and now this



tell me about it, i paid for the concert and vod, couldnt see it live and i dont even have the vod yet... lol




I will never talk shit about MMT since I saw DC irl thanks to them

And we would have seen them again this year if it wasn't for that fucking chinese flu



oh wow finally.. i stopped checking my email for it lol




yeah Siyeon said they had a global tour planned this year

I still haven't touched Handong and she would have been there this year



S. Korea lifted this Wuhan people ban like two weeks ago but she still isn't back

what is she waiting for? second wave of corona?



that's good

I've heard chink TVs pay artists way more than gook ones


2.5 bucks for the idol alarm, hmmm


westerners really hate purepop huh?

I've just checked pre-orders on ktwon4u and CLC has more of them than Lovelyz



I will probably get some Siyeon recording too since her voice is top tier



i would wanna see if i can preview them to know which one to get



Kpop is audiovisual experience and the audio part of purepop is usualy as boring as ballads



this is a hurtful and untrue meme originating from kpg

I used to believe it too so I don't blame you




Come join me for a breakfast

This would give me existential crisis right the moment I wake up



I can only imagine the Sua wakeup call








earraping you with megaphone

while singing break the wall


Boca is a fucking banger. I can't stop listeing to the Gahyeon/Dami part lads


sorry I had to




tfw Sua said she couldn't share a room with Gahyeon because Gah was too loud



it is most of the time, but it works in the song



for me it's Can't get you out of my mind and Intro

listen to them few times a day



Not gonna lie, I expected the refugees to be absolute degenerates like what you can see on /mu/, but I have to admit it is a bit of fresh air.

Maybe we aren't that different after all



as someone who posts on mu, wood and used to post on 2chen I have to say people from all those places act like elitist

you all think you are better than people from other threads and it's hilarious



2chen was alright because the admin was around most of the time, so all the obnoxious posters stayed in 4chan, seems like they didn't migrate here either



I'm a refugee from /wood/ in a thread for refugees from 2chen

isn't that messed up?


maybe not now but we should merge the threads eventually



this is a retarded idea

I want this place to exist so I can come here when you start blogposting/techpoting on /wood/


damn wood and int are confusing me



more activity less blogging

also, stop nagging so much, you're like a middle aged woman


we got two new great songs today


non of them have a MV

a bit sad



yeah but its making me wonder which threads i used to come to, these on int or the ones on wood

i honestly dont know


200826 ITZY - New Honorary Ambassador of Korea Tourism Organization(KTO)

getting this gig when tourism basically got canceled is a bit sad


go up





I meant speaking voice, I guess I see and heard them constantly in songs because I like to watch shows



finally lyrics about important issues not love for oppar or something dumb like that



oh yeah

I only know speaking voices of groups who have subbed content on youtube



mechanical engineer bros

we only like mechanical engineering noonas here




all those back up dancers

CUBE really not fucking around this comeback

they even got this dumb icon on twitter for CLC, kpg says those cost like 1 million USD, I wonder if that's true



k-air force will love it



it has to be pretty expensive

except CLC only huge groups had those before



they did for Oh My God if I remember correctly



She is solo carrying a company on her back. She is the final boss of kpop right now



Hyomin designed outfits for T-ara

Sua did a choreo for DC

together they wouldn't even need an agency



when Soy becomes CUBE's CEO she will call her group like that




As far as i know Soy also is included when making the Gidle choreo

wew lad



stop following me in different threads


the new mamamoo still haven't debuted

Weeekly is so close to getting the ROTY



She is a very good dancer. Kpop god had to nerf her so he made her a midget and no that pretty



as far as I know she discusses the concept and overal feel with the choreographer but it's still the choreographer who comes up with the moves



Where the fuck have they gone, the individual teasers were like a month ago



As I said, I wasn't sure about that one








how come east asians are so bad at english, don't they learn it at all in school?..



they're not that bad, Koreans are worse


why lern whiteu piggu langage? It's not like it will be useful when they move to a different asian country or go there for holidays



what's the deal with it tho?

it's not on youtube, it's not on spotify, why are they keeping a 10/10 banger hidden like that?



releasing based on time zones. i don't even know if there will be a youtube release or not



yea i think the producer's company was primarily in charge of the release



someone asked Seunghee who was singing certain part of the song (in the teaser) and she didn't know, she guessed it was Jiho

looks like they're not that involved




someone asked Seunghee who was singing certain part of the song (in the teaser) and she didn't know


I guess they just sang some lines and forgot about it



yea seems like it. i wonder what the producers were expecting out of it when picking to work with omg


omg's next comeback better have a nice mv. they've been using sets and green screen for fucking years now



Nonstop was supposed to be filmed in Dubai, so if there's corona around we won't get something different

another windy day kind of MV would be nice, though



still, it's risky to film

luckily, Yooa's MV was probably filmed weeks ago


one thing i definitely don't want is a bunch of random clips/scenes thrown together with no real connection or theme


i'm trying to think of an mv that i really liked recently but i don't pay enough attention to them



too much of it is them just dancing in different scenes. it's like a special dance practice video


Young Wife 2020 720p WebRip H264 AAC


Another's Wife 2020 720p WebRip H264 AAC

I guess Koreans have a type




recent ITZY or Gidle had cool sets and I don't think they were filmed abroad


i'm trying to go through some mv's so i can talk about what i like about them. not done yet but i just watched taeyeon's I. she looked so cute and happy back then. waitress taeyeon, countryside taeyeon, lead singer in a band taeyeon, all so good. looking at her now, it's so sad. makes me wish i could have done something to help her



the guilt is killing her

she should apologize to Jessica, maybe that would help



she got more work done which made her look worse and she just seems less happy now




she just seems less happy now

She did say she was struggling with depression. As far as I know she knew both Hara and Sulli so that didn't help either

508×8741.26Mb00:04200721 더 짠내투어 오마이걸 아린


when kpops says they can cook they mean making instant ramyun usually


funny how Gidle's collab with LOL is 10/10, OMG's collab with some DJ is 10/10 but BP's collab with that wester roastie is utter shit

based Big3 does it again



you can hear everyone except arin. as for most, not sure


apologize to selena gomez. i liked her in wizards of waverly place




apologize to selena gomez. i liked her in wizards of waverly place

I will never apologize

I mean that song is about sucking dicks, if that doesn't qualify as roastie shit idk what does


it's kinda fun yet infuriating when big groups play the "how much shit can we put out and still be successful" game


arin was literally dropped

the heck bros



oh you mean she has no lines?

she was to busy with her lingerie CFs and such



it was right before bungee. they even did a few vlive videos. you looking for the whole set?




you looking for the whole set?



I'm more into pics but thanks for this

Arin's button is always welcomed


Babysoul mogging



as expected from someone who is friends with those DreamCatcher racists


is dying bros?


itzy's not shy has been my favorite comeback out of the recent ones


mixed fillings about Arin being the MC

we get lots of cute pics but she spends a lot of time around g*ypops



better to get her face out there and known instead of staying home



definitely better than most other releases. i think i would prefer a non-instrumental chorus


one thing i don't like about this site is how things enlarge when you click on them




top right corner


click the gear


uncheck "Media hover expansion"


oh you meant click not hover



why does she want to be a nigger so much?



i thought this was gonna be about jessi


jessi is too repulsive

I wouldn't post her


i wonder what bora's up to. i feel like i've heard the least from her out of all the sistars


i'm still going through mvs and this was from sistar's loving u. why'd they pick a dude with braces? LMFAO



isn't she an actress now?

actress never have any updates



if I was a gook I would be pissed about all those white dudes in kpop MVs



imagine it the other way around, having random gook men in western pop, kek it's never going to happen.



maybe if some roastie made a song about incels or manlets lmao




arin made made lingerie ads become pure




it was the purest lingerie add campaign I've ever seen



Chadsae can be the fittest idol tbh



passionate hands holding with Saeromgf



taking it extremely slow with saeromgf


dating Saerom even tho you love Gyuri because you are too scared of her colonel father


naked haggy slipping and falling crotch first on my erect penis


Yooa's solo is going to be wild



obliviate sounds really promising

I'm hyped



pure by kpop standards or pure by yooa standards?



i unironically like rom coms, would like to snuggle with arin and watch em



I wonder if she really just eats whatever and orders food now that she lives alone, sounds very unhealthy


1 min vlive from Binnie

n-nice I guess


watching kissing booth with arin and getting mogged by that main character chad



well alone, but in the same building as the other girls (except yooa and jiho)



sure, but I don't think someone like yooa and arin are besties


have to shower<