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The 2chen Reloaded


The 2chen Reloaded


ROTY and Arin edition


why do weeklies look so different? are they even korean?



I think we have to make new threads more often

they bring new life into the community


3000 posts in one month

how is that compared to the last month of 2chen?


wasn't 2chen up like a week ago? I posted here once



nah, that was a flawless OP, I didn't remember we could post 2 pics as OP




it was slowly declining, at least the people from /wood/ come here to post, over at 2chen we were alone with the guys who migrated and that was it

the original chen2 was much more active



I think it's some new thing

has nothing to do with the old 2chen



just slow, not dead, the /wood/ thread has a very different dynamic, so this thread makes sense now that I think about it


pure korean bread, all kpop groups should be like that, even though I love some chinks and japs




pure korean bread, all kpop groups should be like that

very true

T-ara and Weeekly are my top groups for this reason



it was:

a thread like this one, with even more posters

a thread for gaypop, with even more posters than the hetero one

some generals, with a bit of activity

it was also down a lot lol, and with the same format of "live posting", which is fun




a thread like this one, with even more posters

where did the posters go?


isn't fromis purely korean too? But they look so different compared to weeklies, I dont get it


I think that guy took the "arr rook same" seriously



returned to /mu/ I think, someone was shilling chen2 every single day, even the site was blacklisted on 4chan




returned to /mu/ I think,

I've tried that recently but apparently you can't say nigger there anymore so I got banned on the first day...



Jisun looks a bit Japanese, Gyuri a bit Chinese, they could be mixed


dropping Dreamcatcher now that Handong came back

it was fun while it lasted




Jisun looks a bit Japanese

I don't see it tbh



Jisun looks like the personification of femininity


Is yeris room worth watching?

1920×1080197.41Kb00:02_ <>


sorry but she already gave everything to Haggy


hey, last thread has 3000 posts and 1062 images, that's an interesting ratio, the text posting was more dominant though



she needs it to grow bigger

she gets brutally body mogged by literally every fromis member



like few months old

it was during their long hiatus with no comeback in sight so she let herself grow bigger


proper size mentioned



I don't think they're taking the dance seriously, also those outfits are damn nice

I read SECRET... and thought it was SECRET NUMBER and was about to skip it






doesn't think of Hyosung

what a zoomer...



they have an Indonesian? member, I think, she alone has more views in fancams


rest in peace, both of those puppies




they have an Indonesian? member, I think, she alone has more views in fancams

Gidle has Minnie tho?



and they're 30% more popular compared to if she wasn't in the group


on the other hand, SECRET NUMBER is 100% about the Indonesian girl



without Soy even 5 Minnies wouldn't help Gidle

they would be as "popular" as CLC


recommend me some nugus with really cool choreograpies

if you don't know nugus just post your favorite choreos in general

1280×5442.91Mb00:20My Love My Bride 2014

Yellow was a top qt




but apparently you can't say nigger there anymore


fun fact, someone from 4chan actually sponsored Pungdeng-e, he paid for their plain tickets to go to some Korean festival in America



what about the guy on the left in the thumbnail?




he paid for their plain tickets to go to some Korean festival in America

what did he get in return?



as far as I know, to spend the day with them, I remember he was only able to see them in the festival, they're actually not a group for that kind of sponsorship



was thi before or after orange caramel?

they definitely remind me of OC



I think OC was before, they debuted in 2012 if I remember correctly





I've watched this... one of the weirdest things I've seen this year

idk why but I felt really anxious while watching it




one of the weirdest things I've seen this year

don't forget, they're so nugu that basically sponsored by some random 4chan guy


The undefeated, undisputed, memepop champion of the world!


Rainbow Pixie was better tbh


very false

Rainbow Blaxx tho...


Imagine if WJSN copied Rainbow and had two sub-units too

one for memes and one for sexy


who would be for sexy except Exy


Sexy, SeolA, Nosie and Bona

with a concept similar to GsD's something



the name is dumb af but the concept is top tier



reminds me of that "girl" from blade runner



they aren't allowed to have pretty age 25


Hinapia was such a shame anyway


another W for the CCP



so many pretty girls lost forever

Pledis should pay for this


I would sponsor Hinapia girls tbh


wish they would offer escort services


too bad YG hasn't managed them



go google "kpop ass" if you can settle for anything



well she was quite fuckable back then


October K-Pop Idol Brand Rankings


1 Gaypop


2 Mamamoo Hwasa


Chinks really love cosplays huh?


this is why feet are the red pill

can't cheat with padding and weight loss doesn't affect them



you know, it's actually funny how they were implying "you have a nigger nose and it looks funny" and they got away with it lol

978×8003.07Mb00:08180410 SBS MTV The Show.Oh My Girl Banhana (Binnie, Arin, Hyojung) - The Q.1080i.H264





she is a chink, working in china

she is posting on weibo, and she is quite active there



if you have twitter just follow something like "cheng xiao updates" or "cheng xiao pics"

I do that for all the chinks I like since using weibo is too tiresome


Cheng Xiao reveals that her body fat percentage is 28%.

it had to be like 40% when she was in WJSN



28 is on the border between acceptable and obese by American standards. No way she has that much. Another case of Chink propaganda

940×8002.19Mb00:08180410 SBS MTV The Show.Oh My Girl Banhana (Binnie, Arin, Hyojung) - The Q.1080i.H264


nice new thread

992×10801.18Mb00:05[OH MY GIRL SKETCHBOOK 2] EP.07 걸스카우트 화보 촬영 Behind-VO8kSOznKMI




is it really a song? isn't a generic background music just to avoid copyright?



it's a song. someone asked about it in 2chen days and i found it. i was hoping someone had it saved cause i felt too lazy to look for it again

1280×7202.29Mb00:08200424 오마이걸 X 우리의 밤 (Our Night with OH MY GIRL)



they probably use it a lot in variety/reality shows



was this something you only saw in cartoons or something?


fun fact

it was Aisha's idea to use those outfits for untouchable



pretty cute

but for me, it's dogs


is Yooa healthy again?



probably not. i don't think i've heard news about them rescheduling the video call event yet



what happened to her again?

I just remember reading about her going to the hospital


it obviously sucks but it's good it happened few weeks into the promos

it would suck if it happened right at the beginning

she preperaed two songs and they both had great choreos it would be a shame if she couldn't promote them



besides jiho, yooa seems to get sick relatively more than the rest of the group



what are the chances that Jiholy is a hypochondriac?

now with the virus around she always wears a mask + full face shield + gloves

so maybe it's all in her head and she just worries too much




she always wears a mask + full face shield + gloves

that's how behave, don't worry about it



my time in 2chen has taught me how to type quickly so that i'm not made fun of by others


my typing speed is 300cpm, I've just opened the thread


actually better, and my finger hurts a bit at the moment, and keyboard sucks, and I didn't train for a while



I also type quickly but I made lots of typos in the process... so I'm glad we don't have live posting here



you will be destroyed in few weeks, I will use wired keyboard next time



you're responding to a third-party spectator but i welcome the challenge



Yooa has 50% of OMG sales

that's really good for a solo


I wish they invaded my country



some pocket girls are beautiful though



so close...

btw that momox vlive series was 10/10

I enjoyed even the episodes of girls I don't really care about


How many TS artists are suing the company now?



Hyosung and two sonamoo girls already won so probably some gaypops


kpops are really scared of sun

is being tanned really that bad in korea?


orib's p



everyone lewds here don't believe them

they just do it subtly


I don't mind lewding but it's pretty boring in a long run


secret is to mix it up not just lewd 24/7


i'm watching omg on omniscient interfering view and the manager dorm looks super depressing


Is UNIQLO decent I wanna buy clothes...



wm has 5 managers, 3 for omg, 1 for b1a4, and 1 for onf. i'm assuming they're more like company managers and they get divided based on how busy each group is at the moment. but it seems like at least 4 of them live together in a dorm and it looks cramped


I dont mind posting here but I cant back at home because my ISP is banned

Whos the admin here its been over a year



jesus christ

I thought managers were just normal employees

do normal people in korea live in dorms as well?


soob with her next meal



if you got banned here it means you deserved it

I only know of 3 people who got banned here in the past two years and they were all super annoying on purpose



sure but maybe i changed so its time for an unban

we were meta posting

I was being bullied for being a 4chan refugee like the rest of you guys arent



i mean, it's not like a college dorm. it's more of an apartment unit that they rented out for them but still


they're eating delivery food together and not talking. that's another reason why it looks depressing (or maybe it's because they're on camera). but they're not talking at all, even about other stuff.



pretty sure it's because of cameras, they must be shooting the shit when they're off




sure but maybe i changed

judging by all those 12yo coomer tier posts ITT you haven't



we were talking about lewding and stuff

I dont remember now tbh


we don't want this to be like /wood/ where it's all adultlike and boring...




but they're not talking at all, even about other stuff.

maybe they have autism



but they could talk about recent events, or sports, or anything. but it's dead quiet. just the sound of them eating



Oh yea I remember now

I think kpop general was in /int/ then they switched over to /wood/ when I came




but that horny dude isn't even funny and he never posts any pics/webms


Rose forgot to wear pants again



yea i guess since they're just regular people who aren't used to being in front of the camera. the living space still looks way too small for 4 adult men but i guess it might not be uncommon for cities with high density populations



bro leave me I alone I only have a 64gb drive


is Lunasolar the best quartet in kpop?



he was the second most annoying poster this site has ever seen

#1 was some Sana hater who got so triggered by people posting Sana that he started spamming gaypop pics




imagine being an adult working man and sharing a room with two other dudes

idols at least get fame and cool gifts from fans, idk why managers do it



to spend time with the waifus. i'd be down to do it for like a year



I wasn't annoying, I was argueing with facts and logic and got banned for it

You people lewded all the time but acted superior and hated on refugees, idk if that is still the case



Yes Im supposed to only say omo and an emote

still takes time to learn hidden rules not my fault I was new




I was argueing with facts and logic and got banned for it

you wouldn't notice logic if it kicked you in the balls


one thing i did back in 2chen was talk about ramming my small pp into a belly button until both were mangled and unidentifiable. i don't plan on stopping here (in this thread) if the opportunity ever arises



the mods of this place would probably say this unironically


nice argument




still takes time to learn hidden rules not my fault I was new

you were told to stop talking about cum like 50 times before you got banned



Yea I don't remember now tbh maybe you're right

not my fault kpops are so hot


this reminds me when i would occasionally check the eternal snsd thread on /hr/ and some dude kept asking to post cum tributes. it made up like half the thread


if you want to post on a kpop chan you have to peak between coomers and blogers/avatarfags

and for me coomers are the lesser evil

at least they talk about kpop instead of their daily lives



my work is starting to run at a lower capacity because there were like 3 people with higher than normal temperatures. i'm just waiting to see if i'm scheduled to go in tomorrow but idk when the information will be sent out


ok back to lewding



Why did you assume I have been here for over a year

I came here cause I'm bored at work. I prefered 4chan and 2chen (rip) to here

I know its some Russian guy I saw his pic somewhere




I know its some Russian guy I saw his pic somewhere

was it this guy?


if your waifu hasn't posted a pic in hanbok this week it means she hates korea



wasn't mukpg similar at some point?

I think it got less mentally ill when /trash/ was created and the biggest psychos moved there



well not nearly as bad as that but lewder than these days yeah, though maybe someone else remembers better, it's all become a bit of a blur for me...




but lewder than these days

Isn't mukpg like 50% gaypop these days?



it used to be full of gaypop few years ago and that's why I stopped posting there

but now gaypop is like 1% of the posts


confession time

I thought Choabro was funny and imo threads were funnier when he was in


post her pucci



there like 5+ different kpop threads on /trash/ and yeah one of them is a loona general



well LOONA the group itself is catered to the mentally ill so there you go



I don't think they did at first but now yes


Loona have a sort of less commercial and more artistic leftfield vibe to them, which attracts a different type of audience imo



they have a lot of non koreans in their MVs





you mean autistic with the bullshit loonaverse thing that got scrapped in the end because the guy responsible was fired



i haven't followed this what happened? was the loonaverse thing 'tistic somehow?


The LOONAVERSE is a universe that exists on a möbius strip.




Reminder that 90% of the loonaverse theory is made up shit by the autistic fans and the producer literally just tried to tie all the MV's into one cohesive story.


bros i'm looking at pictures of a möbius strip and it's blowing my mind right now


It's like all the movie theories like "Han Solo shot first" that is made up by fans that take movies way too seriously and the producers then just nod because they don't want to anger 3000 smelly nerds on the comicon


who is möbius and why does xhe strip?


Jaden Jeong inserted so many clues in the MVs that he triggered the turbo autists to overanalyze them

Then twitter roasties found out about it and pretended to understand everything so that they seem smart



I really tried to get into loona but the sane people make up 0.5% of the entire fanbase


yyxy inhabit a 'utopia', known as 'Edenism', beyond earth and the middle earth

but only the elves and ring-bearers are allowed there



as long as the girls are hot/ the music is good I don't care

Mamamoo also has a retarded fanbase and the girls are ugly but I still listen to them





we dystopia here



I hope the new comeback will have a lot of shorts/skirts


what the fuck did I just read


They need to come out with a song better than So What and more in line with their solo songs



A condensed manifetation of LOONA fans' colective autism

I think even Jaden Jeong would be surprised what an intricate and deep universe he has created



we are having a nice loona discussion here

don't let one (1) post trigger you so much



judging by the quality drop they had when he left it seems he was at least alright



just rich pabo

he could have just bought JYP stocks instead of creating own group




I dont know if its meant to be ironic or not but I see statements like "why do i even bother" and "im so tired" used by twitter roasties so much when they come across people with differing opinions about their holier-than-thou loona



Jaden Jeong was creative director, not the CEO, wasn't he?


speaking of wasted hype

when is purple kiss debuting?


love woollim girls


hate comparing kpops

both Sujeong and Yeonhee have beautiful bodies



this is one of the worst takes I have ever read


trump has aids



go to /mu/kpg


reply "post her ass" to a random post


someone posts her ass

that one guy should try that place

he will love it



Hayoung's from fromis

I just wanted to see if it would work there since this guy keeps asking for stuff here and no one posts it for him

1600×8382.82Mb00:04181017 MBC every1 주간 아이돌 377회 프로미스나인


something cute to counterrest


biden tested negative for corona

rip trump's campaign


inb4 both prezzie candidates die from corona


the thought of seeing even the slightest hint of my waifu's underwear omo


the difference is that you're not supposed to see her underwear, it's a forbidden fruit


yeah if they just show it freely then the magic won't work


bee why see



I want to put a baby inside sakura



kinda shame it was only 4-ara but it still made me really happy



are Hyomin's thighs HUGE or is it just some optical illusion?



let's be honest, they're the best t-aras, and Boram was my favorite member for some time



I agree but it's not about best and worst T-ara

it's about the T-ara bond


Jiyeon debuted 11 years ago


she is younger than (You)

this feels so weird



and its a 4k stage, what a time to be alive



31 and no wall in sight while others hit it in their early 20s, of course still would



she is amazing


shes not the standard of a pretty face in korea but i think her face is attractive, and her body of course


holy shit nice



it was her first ASMR ever and you could really hear that

she is pretty bad at it, she got better tho


love this little chigga like you wouldn't believe

1280×7202.86Mb00:06[OH MY GIRL SKETCHBOOK 2] EP.23 아린 '뮤직뱅크' MC 데뷔 Behind




god damn I don't want my life to end up like this but I know it will...



does it get easier after 30? I'm approaching it fast and it seems so scary

512×542428.77Kb00:05[V LIVE] [Special Clip] 우주소녀(WJSN) 2nd Anniversary Message <>



MQ and CX were good for blasting but XY had the personality and for me it's the same, ultimately the personality matters the most



not him but at least for me, I feel the same as when I was 22, a decade later, and I feel it'll be the same up until my 40s



she was the only reason I've watched WJSN content if we are being honest

I like Eunseo, Luda and Bona but not enough to watch WJSN youtube content


I bet Dahye was seething that she left EXID and couldn't save Bestie with her butt


Eunice looking good



look at the posters in #2

the girl with Bona is a member of Emerald in that drama



this is some top tier shitposting from mbk.. wow


4d chess :kwangsoo:


Weki Meki is coming back in less than a weeek

I hope their album will do well



why are you posting white girl blonde lucy when we're not getting it



we also aren't getting green hair Elly but you aren't complaining about it for some reason


considering how "popular" Hello Venus was, Weki Meki is doing great for a Fantagio group




i love lucy

I bet you say that about every pretty kgirl


my favorite clothing brand




weird choice because she's not talented and they were keeping her in wjsn just for the memes



you like people for their personalities/looks not talents




i do

knew it!





thanks for posting my waifu

you've literally never posted her here, how is she your waifu?



I post in every thread on and the last Rina post I've seen was probably months ago



I just don't want to miss any important kpop news


me inside the computer



what about yooyoung? she is from fantagio as well


oh shit pewdiepie posts here?



sorry but I've already used all my Weki Meki pics quota for today


Weeekly is coming back in less than two weeeks

I hope their album will do well



I can do that

cross group sub-unit is a really based idea



starship is terrible at picking memebers for sub-units

I mean who thought adding Soob to that OC 8.0 thing was a good idea?


fun fact

SeolA and Sexy were supposed to debut in the same group with Kyungri, Woohee and Lime



Rhey should have picked Thighnotes for that IOI feels



he just talks about Loona because twitter loves it

he actually only cares about SNSD and Yoona is his waifu


ISAC this year was pretty bad...



I liked the doggo competition more than almost all the normal disciplines

1020×9002.91Mb00:07200124 MBC 2020 설특집 아이돌스타 선수권대회 1라운드 (1부).1080i.H264.AC3-DG


yes, very much


ISAC? more like I Surely Am Cucked because my waifu talked to gaypops there



is Elon Musk into kpop for real? if he was into SNSD he would be myguy for ever




tfw permanently cucked, because all my waifus talk to managers, tv hosts, cameraga crew and producers and those are all men




implying all managers are ugly and old

Ageist and ableist, get ready to be cancelled



I will try but I like so many kqts it's impossible to post them all



Gowon is the godmother of XAEXIE-12 or whatever the fuck is that kid named



she is into kids so that doesn't matter


elon naming his kid some weird ass robot thing and making Loona it's godmother

WeirdChamp poor kid



No, but it was such a big meme even news sites reported on it :lol



because the subunit name was related to some LGBTQPIZDA shit right?




This journey is about the ego of the youth. Being in love, hurt, broken, but still stepping forward, the girls capture moments of youth to complete an ego. They express that ego is falling in love with themselves, and that they must first love themselves before loving others. They declare neanthropic chromosome yyxy, different to xx or xy chromosomes.



isac is only good for the idol interactions. the actual events suck

1000×10341.53Mb00:05180216 ISAC


I used to make a lot of webms of the event, then OMG stopped going, then there was a lot of esports and futsal, and now it's only esports


women sports are only worth watching when you can see their butts

like in volleyball or long jump



I remember they did curling few years ago

that was based



I like archery and I liked bowling when Girls Dau was playing




but only because they are too weak to KO each other so they are often more aggressive and there's more blood





I remember when Pyo and Kyungri were on

Pyo was basically playing against 3 people because Kyungri was really really bad


one time i scored like 40 points in bowling





wasn't that cancelled because fans thought they were fucking the gaypops?



Something was canceled but Hayoung loves footy so she just joined some other footy related thing


chinese car copies still have a long way to go...


Arin is so popular nugus make songs about her




ngl it's pretty weird having those paparazzi photos there but i suppose no harm in it

i would prefer having some family photos if i had kids myself

626×3601.95Mb00:21[드림캐쳐] 서프라이즈 DreamCatcher 2020-10-02


that's really common in idol's houses




I just searched my folder




nice detective work

yeah I also have those, nounous pastel is pretty famous among fansites, like for JIho is NatJiho or for Hyojung was Mammoth Bread



yeah... he was honestly too talented to be just an idol photographer, 95% of his pics were good enough to print and hang them on a wall



I've never seen an armpit from this perspective before

I really like what I'm seeing tbh



we learned so much about the human body with kpop



some fansites would upload dozens of pics while he posts one or two

it makes him seem a lot more impressive because he skips all the mediocre ones and just uploads the ones that make you go wow

even still, his best top most other fansite's best



that's true, and it's how it should be

I also save a few pics if they're good, not full sets

1546×10801.89Mb00:02201001 2020 Chuseok Special Idol e-Sports Championship - Part 2 (1080i IPTV h264 AC3)

binibros nooooo



some things never change

btw have you seen Narsha's performance? she looked like some alien milf


Narsha looks like she smells like and





you will have to find some YG idol to do that


Narsha is the divorced wine aunt with a son that teaches you the college student about life and how to please a woman



you're thinking of Kahi

btw pic related is her tummy after two pregnancies

1280×7202.88Mb00:06[OH MY GIRL SKETCHBOOK 2] EP.23 아린 '뮤직뱅크' MC 데뷔 Behind


Did you know there's a cult following of this one performance? There's even a discord channel for this one performance alone

I think if Dolphin was released by, let's say Seventeen, it'd have been 10 times as popular.



I did not know but it's probably shippers which is kinda disgusting



doesn't seem like they talk about Arin much, many are not aware it's an OMG song


4k an improvement, yay or nay?


left 4k right 1080i



I thought Dolphin was really popular in Korea, also since when is TXT popular

the whole thing is sort of bizarre


yeah it's a lot better, even just the colors, but idk if screencaps tell the whole story

the board owner knows a lot about this


shame these F!L releases are fake 60 fps, they look good


also, this Binnie outfit is extremely lewd from the back



I don't know much about this stuff since I'm a tech brainlet but from what I know kagami the guy who owns is some kind of an expert when it comes to video formats and stuff

I've even seen him mentioned during some scientific conferences or something



judging by the binnie webms I see on kpg she often gets lewd outfits

or those guys are just cherry picking





omo... I bet her hands are soft as heck


arin was made for going on a date, getting slightly tipsy and then going to see the night view with her


binnie was made for going to a bar, getting shitfaced and then going to her place and watching her vomit until the sun rises


tfw no Binniegf to get drunk af and ruin your family dinner during christmas



chances are he will see it if you just post is here or on /wood/

also somebody else might know an answer


not sure if board development is the right thread



We usually just yell KAAAAAAGAAAAAAAMIIIII and post Nayoung pics

1280×7191.78Mb00:05160415.Mnet.프로듀스 101 비하인드.e1

(all I have)


Any idea why I'm getting terrible bitrates while using CRF for VP8? I've been using Boram for years, but only recently this started to happen, although I'm pretty sure it's either me or ffmpeg. I'm getting averages of 200 Kbps when it should be 3000-4000. Using Manjaro btw

Looking at the arguments, there's nothing out of the ordinary, I even try deleting all the extras and using the very basic ones with no luck. I'm also thinking ffmpeg probably deprecated something and it's messing up the encode.



To post in 4chan and keep my favorite idols in circulation, also I tend to make them in VP8 if they quality is not that important for the clip




Using Manjaro btw

could be libvpx regression, if repo devs have updated it recently

try to check libvpx package history, and downgrade/compile&install previous version if it's the case



oh interesting, I have 2 libvpx packages, one called "libvpx1.3" when the latest version is 1.9, maybe that's creating a conflict



oh crap, that's required for Steam lol



wasn't I.O.I rigged?

if it was fair and square she would have made it for sure



As far as I know IOI was no rigging/one member pushed in. They were just testing water with the first series




one member pushed in

that means one member got pushed out

you just know it was Cathy




Heehaw was way too low in the ranks to be the one pushed out. If anyone got screwed it was Han Hyeri


that escalated quickly



please transcribe for eslchingus


and what's gonna happen if you ???



there were few videos where Jane looked really angry when Nancy was talking

I didn't save them though


what the fuck?

I hate Jane now!



they literally HATE each other!


Jane hates Nancy so much she denied her a free shower




she has to simulate friendship because the industry demands it, you know that well

also, those picture might have been taken before the incident


me? i'm a lifelong Doosan Bears fan



that's hell of a nice midriff for someone who never shows it

1280×720580.62Kb00:01[OH MY GIRL SKETCHBOOK 2] EP.23 아린 '뮤직뱅크' MC 데뷔 Behind


now that Nonstop and Dolphin were such huge hits how can OMG possibly do a comeback that isn't a letdown? They set the bar too high...



i hope you're right... they have to work really hard to come up with songs as good or even better



they won't try to top it

that's how WM works, it's their strategy, just release good songs, they have never tried to "keep the momentum" or to seize the moment, next comeback will be something according to the season, just like Nonstop didn't try to amaze anyone



she was sitting on the floor, and no idea about the outfit, yesterday Yooa also had a vlive and she had full makeup too, maybe they have some schedules



I knew I would find it on kkzz


bini is a very good cook


hyojung has the best decorated apartment



looks comfy, I'd live there

arin's bed is huge though, mega plus



1920×10803.01Mb00:04[OH MY GIRL] SKETCHBOOK EP.23

Yooa was extra cute with black hair tbqh




maybe when I get an 8k TV in 20 years



omg should tread new(?) ground and make opening soundtrack for some big name anime


next dragon ball super with OMG, would be epik

878×8001.60Mb00:05200910 Idol Picknic Ep. 7 with OH MY GIRL




tfw arin will never count on you for some task

532×638624.75Kb00:04오마이걸 아린이는 라이브 방송 중! (feat. BYC 촬영장)-ZatxS-l-o7E

usually CFs are nice, but this BYC partnership just keeps on giving

920×10801.86Mb00:09오마이걸 아린이는 라이브 방송 중! (feat. BYC 촬영장)-ZatxS-l-o7E



it doesn't need to be a big anime. i just want a more peppy song

1840×18606.29Mb00:05[4K60P][Face Cam] 180916 '내 얘길 들어봐 Listen to my Word' 오마이걸 유아 OHMYGIRL YOOA 직캠 Fancam-qwNzhWDH8q8



jiho/yooa is the cutest bond in omg


1280×72015.88Mb00:05[ILOGU OHMYGIRL] SPECIAL CLIP. Playing Flower() Games I 아이로그U 오마이걸

1600×8962.52Mb00:04200807 히든싱어 6 오마이걸 효정,미미,비니




should be very easy to tell their voices in hidden singer i think



yeah i guess so, probably yooa singing?


actually nvm yooa is there in the audience as well, im tarded

2040×20607.89Mb00:06[4K60P][Face Cam] 180916 '내 얘길 들어봐 Listen to my Word' 오마이걸 유아 OHMYGIRL YOOA 직캠 Fancam-qwNzhWDH8q8


400×7743.44Mb00:08201009 OH MY GIRL Arin - MC cut (Music Bank E1047)



1876×183418.58Mb00:08[BIG영상][4K] 아린 포커스 오마이걸(OH MY GIRL) 쇼케이스 현장-Q8iGsiZyggc

1280×7202.87Mb00:05[OH MY GIRL] 효정의 토끼버전 비밀정원 @해요TV 오마이걸의사생활20180123

600×14152.88Mb00:07[60f] 160929 오마이걸 (Oh My Girl) 효정 (Hyo Jung) Windy Day (윈디데이) - 광주 7080 충장 축제 직캠 [fancam] by ecu


tfw it's never candy hours

1000×16345.26Mb00:05180706 오마이걸(OH MY GIRL) - Windy day 지호 직캠 (Jiho Focus) [강원도민대축제] 4K 직캠 by 비몽-kptp1Mi7p00


1280×720575.25Kb00:02[OH MY GIRL] 효정의 토끼버전 비밀정원 @해요TV 오마이걸의사생활20180123


we're too dead to have any hours...

2026×308416.57Mb00:08190720 오마이걸 유아 다섯번째계절 김천포텐나이트 4K OhmyGirl-UHB4viia9Hs

hottie leader

1640×17604.89Mb00:07190802.오마이걸(OHMYGIRL) 유아(YooA) - 불꽃놀이(Remember Me) @진주수상뮤직페 직캠(Fancam).by.Shaytyen-uAg-d2IR4-I

650×928341.40Kb00:06[OH MY GIRL SKETCHBOOK 2] EP.14 '살짝 설렜어' 둘째 주 Behind-ZjkwUKVb3PE

1080×11701.82Mb00:05[MPD직캠] 오마이걸 비니 직캠 내 얘길 들어봐(A-ing) OH MY GIRL Binie Listen to my word Fancam @엠카운트다운_160811


1840×206012.08Mb00:16[4K] 190803 오마이걸 아린 직캠 '멘트 모음' Oh My Girl(ARIN) Fancam @DMZ POP 콘서트 양구레포츠공원 By 벤뎅이-zgWehq9yO9g

wtf I love water now

1280×720413.66Kb00:04아린이의 좋은 노래 알아가는 방법


lol that's actually arin, first i thought it's some budget arin no one ever heard of. mimi got shopped pretty hard as well



that is one tenacios pimple

3840×216011.95Mb00:06180204 '승희에게 기습 뽀뽀하는 유아' 오마이걸 OHMYGIRL 비밀정원 팬사인회 직캠 Fancam-AGsjJ511bqw

me on the right




posted to the wrong thread but enjoy the Minas, seems like you like monos anyway



noooo let's save it, we can do it!