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2chen with characteristics


2chen with characteristics


Sino Edition



its a huge shame, the chinknity was so strong


chinese girls are alright



Xuan Yi was hilarious on varieties

Cheng Xiao was flexible

Mei Qi was omo

I'm really suprirsed WJSN kinda made it after losing those gems


that miggy ed sheeran webm really hits me in the feels


im surprised they kinda blew up after that, i can only imagine what they'd be like if those 3 came back with their new popularity




that miggy ed sheeran webm really hits me in the feels

I don't know that one



it gets posted here a lot, i dont remember where i saved it


xy can be so omo


what the fuck

Sika from fanatics is chinese

I wonder if she has good relations with Chiayi she is Thighwanese



no way it got posted here a lot and I didn't see it


she is mostly omo these days


chink noonas are cool too



yes she is 50% chinese, 50% japanese and 100% hated by gooks and she is fluent in jap, chink and gook


not here, the other general on kch



and she is the best winker in the known universe




50% chinese, 50% japanese

what a combo


100% hated by gooks



shes one of the most unique kpops imo, i really pity her so much because shes so unknown but so talented and pretty

i dont know if you knew but she used to be a jyp trainee, the leader of the J trainees that made it into twice actually


XY is cool but her dog looks weird af




i dont know if you knew but she used to be a jyp trainee

I did not know that

what happened? how did she end up in a nugu group like fanatics?



that's a pretty nice talent



i read about it when fanatics debuted so my memory isnt fresh but iirc she decided the idol life wasnt for her? and quit, went back to china or japan (i dont remember which) for some time but then realized she should pursue the idol life again




she fucked up big time, I hope she is at least enjoying the idol life


Mei Qi is a mortal combat character now




she fucked up big time

d-don't put it like that , i agree though... i love fanatics but they are so fucking nugu

she seems happy in the vlogs/videos but then again thats the idol image and i doubt she truly is

this is a great c/jgf vlog , i highly recommend it




she seems happy in the vlogs/videos but then again thats the idol image and i doubt she truly is

Jiu said she was happy during Minx days so being nugu doesn't necessarily mean that you are unhappy

and being popular doesn't always give you happiness just look at Hara and Sulli


i highly recommend it

I'm watching it right now


30 seconds in and already this




right, she might be happy if you think about it that way, she seems like a really modest girl that doesnt really want much so maybe she is... i just hope the shady company management doesnt affect her much mentally


open a twitch stream, i'll simp for her

my theory as to why she left jyp is that jyp wanted to shave her jewish nose but she takes pride in it and would rather quit than get ps on it




jyp wanted to shave her jewish nose but she takes pride in it and would rather quit than get ps on it


I'm a fanatic now


open a twitch stream, i'll simp for her

or just vlive fanship, I've been thinking about it recently

it seems like such easy money but not many groups have it



right.. fanatics are definitely the ultranugus i pity the most, they need all the help they can get





weren't they bought by some chink company recently?

maybe they will upgrade to turbonugus now




i havent heard that news



maybe it's fake news

I think it came out few days after the slap controversy





not yet


Hong Kong

I guess you weren't paying attention to the news


you post so much HQ content today

I guess a new thread was all you need




I guess a new thread was all you need

I know right???

but I got cyberbullied for making it



be careful what you wish for

Weki Meki kinda tanked when chinks took over Fantagio, but it was a hostile take over so it's kinda different




but I got cyberbullied for making it

you took it for the team




also my social credit score went up like a helicopter for creating a sino edition



if chinks take over its always hostile


seems like I don't follow latest news of kpop anymore

I'm too old, 2nd gen was my youth




I'm too old, 2nd gen was my youth

we need Uni.t 2.0, so many good noonas could redebut



few more years and I will have enough for some discount Yiren chinkfu from Qinghai province



we have so many teen groups now, seems like even 3nd gen like Twice won't last long

it's over



2020 is the year when I accepted and embraced the reality




when I accepted and embraced the reality

not joking now, I started to believe that we're living in a simulation



I remember them well

I just think those two were the jjang, others were great too



at least Subin is still doing idol stuff

Woohee is just an actress now


just a reminder that Gfriend has a comeback next Monday



yeah the one with sojin, seems like it will be a recurring series and im glad we get more muse interactions, fucking love sojin



btw are you watching that show with failed noonas?

any new Subin stories?



fucking love sojin

she is a very talented girl... her rap is cool too



yeah im seeing those talents

uhh ive watched ep 1 and was gonna watch the others but i kinda forgot about it



it's funny that Sojin's IG is kinda pure but Keumjo is posting sexy pics

I thought it would be the other way around



I was looking for Sojin pics and I found the Sojin from Baby Kara




i wonder why i didnt really pay attention to it as much in namyu

she was overshadowed by other members



depressing even though i didnt really know her

hara and sulli hit me really hard last year


the sad truth, i also didnt really like some hairstyles on her like pic related




hara and sulli hit me really hard last year

I was never really into them to be honest

were they your waifus or something?


20 days until the concert and they are already dropping teasers

kinda early



they were both my waifus of their respective groups, i think hara hit me harder because i also saw some very old variety with her like a few months before and i really liked her personality after that

her ig live after sulli was very worrying and then some days after she looked fine but seems like she really wasnt




they were both my waifus of their respective groups,


I remember when hara stole a bike from some fatty on invincible youth, that was based



yeah thats the show i watched with her, very comfy and a lot of funny moments and a bunch of girls i liked

heck her ex for destroying her mental health



she was still young and fairly unexperienced tbh



dang i really wonder just how nugu kazoo was, it seems like it must have been 3 tiers below even fanatics or elris



there's some time in between each of these teasers though. i wonder if hyojung's ig post was the dress she wore in hers




i wonder if hyojung's ig post was the dress she wore in hers


they all wore white for it, I wonder if it's related to the concert outfits or if it's just for the aesthetics


Weeekly went on factinstar again

but I'm afraid Yves wasn't there since she is promoting


there we go. i like the pic on the left better. it's cuter




not a fan of ballads but dresses like that are really cool


Friendly reminder that the DC concert is this Saturday


wish i could delete my own dumb posts



because imagine the banter with manager

also we have to be realistic it's hard to just friend kpops like that



i heard there will be an official upload later so hopefully better quality


wtf. yooa's english wasn't bad


billie shin


rec me some OMG songs similar to Secret Garden and Closer


a bit faster, but somehow has a dreamy feel



I think Secret Garden is a successor of Closer, but there isn't yet a follow up to Secret Garden



they use similar people but it's never the same team, they like Swedes




they like Swedes


I guess they learn from SM


I used to follow producers few years ago

I knew S. Tiger, Brave bro, Sweet tune, double sidekick and some others

are they still relevant?



yeah I did the same, I was a fan of Shinsadong, I don't think anyone of them is relevant now

maybe Double Sidekick




yeah I did the same

idk why kpg talked about producers more back then, maybe groups working with the same producers were more common, I remember that S. Tiger basically made T-ara

also Sweetune made the best Kara and 9muses bangers

from new producers I only know Monotree and Leez&Ollounder because Orbits and Insomnias shill them hard



no idea if they worked with the same guy all the time but I loved Stellar's discography

also I forgot about one super popular current producer Gidle's Soyeon


I wonder how much more compared to other members Soy makes

Yuqi has some varieties but the rest are probably poor compared to Soy



GIDLE must be doing decently money wise, they're were doing great since the first song




they're were doing great since the first song

I think they were doing good since the first song but their sales and popularity skyrocketed after Queendom


they almost had a proper world tour too

covid fucked them up


EXID Member To Join Next Round Of “Miss Back”

did they run out of losers?

700×9142.90Mb00:07[앵콜CAM] 오마이걸 '살짝 설렜어’ 인기가요 1위 앵콜 직캠 (Close-up ver.) (OH MY GIRL 'Nonstop' Encore Fancam)-QqqCjHbupPQ



tfw Nonstop was supposed to be filmed in Dubai

we can only imagine now...





good thing it didn't happen then

I don't trust those rich sandniggers



that's true, while it was exciting to think it's Dubai, I also wonder why the fuck that place



dodged a bullet there bros


What if Jiho is dating some rich guy from Dubai?






yeah, seems like she's ok now

plus since the show is about releasing a new song, she'd fit perfectly



she popularity mogs all the others so maybe the got her to bring more viewers in



music bank releases good ones

hopefully her company has money for the big shows....


plus we're starting to see real fancams, specially Chungha for some reason


is talking about PS allowed on

I don't want to get banned for it




in this thread? yes


for some reason I find Chungha hotter with every new PS she gets, usually it's the complete opposite but Chungha makes it work somehow



interesting, do you have a very recent example of how she looks?



I think those are recent

I don't know how recent tho


still no e-mail from wujus

I think it's safe to assume I didn't win the signed polaroid



it was a good job, but I'm a bit worried about how are they going to look in 10 years



I've heard that lip fillers dissolve in few months

maybe they will just go back to normal?



I follow lots of older kpops and they were either all natty or plastic surgeries don't age that badly if you don't overdo them


they look 10/10 here imo



she looks much better with no bangs but the stylists keep giving them to her

720×7202.96Mb00:06dude yooa lmao

jesus christ

I started typing "Yooa" on twitter and the first suggestion was "yooa racist"

twitterroasties really hate omg huh?


twitter hates her

4chan lewds her

1134×10805.17Mb00:04181216 헐퀴 오마이걸


lol it's like that for me too



good thing they have mostly korean fanbase so they don't need to care about this shit



I'm going through the 4chan archive with "Yooa" filename search and she is REALLY sexy, I always knew she was the designated sexy member but damn...

1280×7201.67Mb00:09[슈퍼주니어의 키스더라디오] 오마이걸 유아의 CUPID 댄스타임♥


this is one of their first schedules, she was always a hottie



I guess I wasn't paying attention

also she looked like a very chill girl in the solo vlives I saw


unpopular opinion

in OMG I only like Jiho, Mimi a bit and one more cute girl I don't remember name of



that's cool but I don't remember asking



kastden.selca really sucks without the IG posts

it seems like they were ~70% of all the pics posted on that site



that guy is always on /hr/, maybe it's not an easy fix because he fixes stuff quickly

1080×14702.06Mb00:04170517 #딩동라이브 DingDong Live 오마이걸 OH MY GIRL (미미) - 컬러링북 (Coloring Book) [FANCAM_직캠]-hlpuIoO7bCk


nobody has ever said that before, it's always Arin, Jiho or Yooa, maybe Binnie too



that's even weirder lol, but I can see people disliking early Binnie

1576×20002.61Mb00:064K60p 170528 오마이걸 잠실 사인회 미미 ENDING-2 (OH MY GIRL)-Ql1FjigZT6w

well Mimi is great anyway

800×8821.09Mb00:04[이달의 노래] 함께 '불꽃놀이'를 가고 싶은 멤버는 _ 오마이걸 Ep.2--M2xvzNnQhE




yeah, he also made a lot of scripts for like getting the original pictures from tistory and stuff like that




but it also means the IG problem is hard af if a lad like him can't fix it


for me it's Womanrin, Binnie, Yooa and Jiholy



the nicknames for Yooa and Binnie I know are kinda rude



idk if it's her nickname but I've seen people calling Yooa an Alien

also for Binnie - Japanese grandma and Pinnie





well it's kinda her fault, she started talking about her love for pumpkin juice



she just can't stop herself from drinking it


I don't think there is a group where I like every single member


MC R-in




what could her thoughts have been seeing this camera work



she knows we like to see her legs and isn't against it, it's great



hecking omo




no but really, I don't look like him at all but my head is propably the same size, it's good to have a good comparison of how I will look next to ARIN



I usually ask females about their height to have better understanding of my waifu's size



luckily my sister is probably on the average idol height, so it's easy to imagine for me



they remind me of butterfly pants

those showed hips and butts as well



ahh I can't watch right now, wanna watch it




when I saw the selcas with it I thought it was shopped



definitely extensions, they look shiny

plus, they're busy with the concert, they'll announce their comeback at the end, most likely end of January


I thought DC would only use the live band for 3 or 4 songs during the concert but they already showed 6 songs during the rehearsals

I wonder if there will be more tomorrow


Will OMG charge extra for watching their rehearsal as well?

to see the 20 minutes long DC rehearsal you had to pay 40 bucks extra, while the concert ticket costs $20...



40 extra? so 60 in total?

I think the OMG is 35 normal ticket for the live, 50 for the rehearsal and live




40 extra? so 60 in total?

not really, it was only available if you bought the merch as well

they outjewed themselves this time


OMG is 35 normal ticket for the live

that's pretty expensive, is VOD included?



no vod, and yeah it sounds expensive but I think it sounds about right for what I'm expecting



Gidle was $35 and no VOD as well

I guess OMG and Gidle are more popular than DC, Loona or WJSN so they can charge more



I'm not expecting much lol, their usual set list, some special stages and maybe a cover or two

I'm very biased so their music alone is enough for me, I don't even expect a live band




I'm very biased so their music alone is enough for me

I watched concerts of some groups I don't really care about and I enjoyed them as well

it's pretty fun when you can just watch one group for 2 hours without having to skip gaypops or some weird groups



also, I think OMG is going to focus more on selling merchandise, they already released the prices, I want a hoodie for now, maybe a coffee cup that changes color, looks cool




coffee cup that changes color

I had one of those when I was a kid, it was fun

how expensive is the shipping? the DC merch would cost 35 bucks to ship so I didn't buy it



the stuff is from, so everything is $20 or free shipping if you buy more than $100

I once bought a hoodie from that site, but I waited until they had free shipping sitewide, because back then it was $50 for the product + $40 shipping




so everything is $20 or free shipping if you buy more than $100

I wanted to say that's pretty good but then I checked the site and the prices are really high

65 bucks for a hoodie... DC was cheaper




but it has their logo on the strap


in short, they're milking us


I usually prefer minimalist design but pic related is probably my favorite kpop merch ever


at least we're not obsessive, I was reading in the Weeeekly discord people spending $1500 to get into their fanmeeting, even though the group is not that big yet


I think OMG made it

I would think twice before simping for them, I'm usually more eager to simp for semi-nugus

1280×720413.66Kb00:04아린이의 좋은 노래 알아가는 방법

1090×1010473.86Kb00:03(Eng Sub) [ILOGU OHMYGIRL] EP02. OH MY GIRL Enjoying their Small but Certain Happiness I 아이로그U 오마이걸-s47yuj5Uf1Y





#Weeekly - We Can: 420 copies (16,548 total)

they still need to spend more

memes aside holy fuck, I wonder if they are super rich or super obsessed



I can't be sure, but reading how they type, everyone sounds underage there, so maybe it's daddy's money


also isn't simping for nugus better than simping for super popular groups?

I'm sure Twice has hundreds of turbo simps but for Weeekly you could be the first one, maybe noona would finally notice you?

1302×10801.48Mb00:05[왔다HELL😈] 🔥왔다헬에 오마이걸이 떴다!🔥 아린&비니의 스트레스 타파 운동! 김동현&양정원 EP.3 |라운드숄더 교정법!-E9Z_Ls-f9LQ





what if they're very rich fans, and they're keeping her from being homeless



made me chuckle



for Subin's sake I hope that's not the case


Hong Jin Young to return her master's and doctoral degrees after thesis was found to be plagiarized

oh nononono




her professor said it was 99% plagiarized lmao, I can write more than 1% of a thesis of whatever subject




her professor said it was 99% plagiarized lmao


She could just pay someone to write it for her or with a body like that I bet she had dozens of beta orbiters willing to write it for her for free


will purple kiss even debut this year?

I don't remember the last time when an agency wasted the pre-debut hype so well

1920×10801.17Mb00:03222171-[V LIVE] 가시나들



imo she was always pretty

her only problem is being lame



not all idols can be cool/funny


Super Junior's Kim Heechul to go into self-quarantine as he had crossed paths with someone who had tested positive for COVID-19









i can definitely yell "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" in a desperate, angry manner


gonna use it more then




other twice members could get it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Chinese virus mentioned



I think she is really rich


what is this from?

880×1320903.33Kb00:03[직캠 FanCam] 160817 우주소녀(WJSN) 비밀이야 쇼케이스(Secret Showcase) +모모모(MoMoMo) # 성소(程潇 Chéng Xiāo) by Athrun


for her I'd get super corona


if Yooa always looked like this she would be my waifu



those are for chinese billionaires only



well if you already get that close...



any kind of body fluid should carry the virus



mostly the hair but the glasses help for sure


what do we think about the new k/da album?

I think except the baddest and more it's pretty lame



now that you're saying it's lame I don't think I'll check it out



just finished it

it's 10/10, literal AOTY




but I love GIDLE


The Baddest is 10/10

More is great if you ignore Soy's rap at the beginning

the rest doesn't even have Gidle so it doesn't matter


Miyeon should wear the same outfit as her K/DA avatar tbh





I also haven't seen it on kkzz or kgirls net

it seems WM is good at removing things from the internet



Miracles won't share the paid content and when people get something for free they try to delete it

not cool



when we say our girls we mean ours not yours


that's it! I'm an OMG anti now

Arin is dumb!


didn't know WM was this based


do they have to literally manually go to r/kpopfap and tell the admin to take down something? doesn't that mean that they are aware of that subreddit?



they took down the gfycat video, they didn't need to visit kpopfap, I don't think you can take down something from the subreddit, unless it was someone like Sulli



I remember in the omg discord a lot of people were taking action and emailed WM about this, so maybe that's why it was quick



one of the first suggestions after googling my waifu in google in hangul would be "waifu name" 19

but it's not like this anymore, I think google doesn't show the lewd suggestions anymore


googling my waifu in google

fuck, I'm retarded



google would have to be flipping retarded to not know your waifu already


When I try to get akinator to guess my waifu he never does it...


googling Arin


American Registry for Internet Numbers



they're honestly all terrible, so it's fine


I'm getting "arin and soobin" as the first suggestion, but I never use google anyway, and the cookies for that domain are blocked



yeah they're fucking weird, bunch of 12 yo SEA girls



women are such cucks

it's always them "shipping" gaypops with girls, I can't search for Yein pics in peace because the search is full of shops with some gaypop

good thing Bing doesn't have them




trying to remove stuff from Internet

When will companies ever learn

1084×14761.41Mb00:02Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI 'Monster' MV-Ujb-gvqsoi0


they delete that webm here?



yeah it was nothing

but coomers gonna coom


idk if in this thread but they deleted it from the other thread


SM buy building in LA, base for future SMTOWN LA

Niggers in MVs when



brought Loona gaypop sound and too niggers with him back to SM



Meanwhile mamameme had like 6 comebacks since those trailers. What the fuck is going on in that company



maybe something happened, one member was troublesome and they needed to replace her




People take videos of me dancing, walking, or running in short outfits or outfits that are extra tight and make them into slow-mo GIFs. Please stop doing that.

is it normal that such claims only turn me on?



even in the pessimistic scenario where everyone got the $30 ticket it's 300k for one concert

it's probably still a lot even after giving their share to MMT, the venue and the live band




start in 7 minutes, DCfus hwaiting


then you should know that which OS those browsers are running on doesn't matter


I'm pretty hyped tbh



I think there is no restream again

but I didn't really search for one since I have the ticket







I have nothing to eat

I guess I can't watch it...


Don't restream

As I watch it on twitch


that instrumental during Dami's part


The cameraga is too zoomed in IMO


I like this version more than the original with autotune/megaphones


no subs



dc company is well aware of their audience



each member will have a solo stage



the translator got the song title wrong


the concert was god damn amazing



it was the best

I can't believe how good it was, during the encore I was uniornically as hyped as during the irl DC concert

now I'm waiting for the Live Album



%%dude, i lost my shit when gah did gain bloom, i literally listened to a bunch of BEG and GAIN yesterday, what were the chances

and then i said to a chingu, now all thats left is sua doing paradise lost and it fucking happened but it was siyeon, very omo%%




now all thats left is sua doing paradise lost and it fucking happened but it was siyeon

since she went blonde and started wearing dresses I was thinking that an omo Siyeon stage would make my year and holy shit it happened

I didn't expect it but I loved it

tbh today was my best day as a DC fan



it was fucking great, i recorded the entire thing and ill try to make some cuts of the gah and siyeon stages




i recorded the entire thing


some dudes on 4chan recorded it too, so we won't have to wait 2 months for a special stage less VOD



yeah i didnt even buy the vod this time around because i knew there ll be a ton of special stages



did you notice the fake tattoo on Siyeon's cheek that's the same as her real one?




wtf i didnt

also let me know if a link gets posted of the recording, might was a little scuffed at the beginning i think




I thought that when Leez said that Handong's voice gives DC songs a different color he was just being nice but after today I have to word it

there's something about her voice that just makes me feel good



Sua doing a meme stage


Gahyeon doing a sexy stage

what timeline is this?



was never a plan, i lose everyday with this environment around me


Setlist Order

Dreamcatcher's Online Concert Message Video


Break the Wall

Talk 1 - Introductions (Dreamcatcher)

Fly High

And There Was No One Left

Jazz Bar

Talk 2 - Introductions (Live Band + Director)

What + Good Night + Chase Me (Three Songs Medley)

Video 1 - Practice with Live Band

Handong Solo: AKMU - How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You're the One I Love (Vampire)

Yoohyeon Solo: Taylor Swift - 22 (Woody)

JiU Solo: IU - BBIBBI (Judy)

Gahyeon Solo: Gain - Bloom (Mera)

Dami Solo: Rain - Rainism (Boss Baby)

Siyeon Solo: Gain - Paradise Lost (Cruella de Vil)

SuA Solo: Hwasa - Maria (Hellboy)


Video 2 - Dreamcatcher's Individual Video Messages to Members + Practice with Dance Team



Talk 3 - Q&A - Three Questions from InSomnias - ReacttotheK

Deja Vu

Red Sun

Black or White

Talk 4 - Dreamcatcher's Thoughts and Hearts to InSomnias


Video 3 - Dreamcatcher's Individual Video Messages to InSomnias

Can't Get You Out of My Mind

Talk 5 - Goodbyes



Talk 6 - Group Bows and Goodbyes

Online Concert Credits + Video 4 - Practice



they picked the songs well

and the Encore picks were 10/10

also I liked the beginning with the sitting stages, really felt like a Jazz bar



yeah i think the only thing they could have improved with was a silent night perf but we ll never get that, perfect concert, would have regretted if i didnt buy it


missed And There Was No One Left and Jazz Bar

please link if a recording shows up




silent night perf

I kinda gave up on it tbh

still the amount of effort put in this concert was incredible, I won't point fingers but some groups just did the title tracks and b-sides and called it a day



I will

And there was no one left was fucking amazing, you will love it



yeah wjsn, i liked that one too but this one by dc clearly had a lot more effort in it



I liked the WJSN concert but when I think that I paid 30 bucks for both it doesn't feel right


I think izone and dc have done it best so far.

special stages are an absolute must and cool extras like live band are great.

I'm sure more groups will figure out how to make better use of online concert next year.

I could also imagine a hybrid concert with a live crowd but also streamed online. would be cool no?



really? but live audience gives kpops a lot of energy and fanchants are nice




I think izone and dc have done it best so far.

couldn't word this more

I think it's DC vol. 2, Izone and a pretty big gap behind them


I could also imagine a hybrid concert with a live crowd but also streamed online. would be cool no?

T-ara did this before and it was pretty cool


I think that in korea it will be mostly dudes


cute couple



we won



sexy stages always get the most attention but Jiu, Yoo and Sua made me smile like a retard


the video quality was so good

much much better than during the first concert



it was good, my recordings for the special stages look fine it seems


4chanbros are already uploading it


be sure to save them btw, i dont know if ill keep them on mega forever



if you have any other stages from the concert you wanna see let me know and ill clip them


thank you for sharing, I missed the concert like every single concert lmao



dwai m8

I will wait for the whole recording but that one guy wanted to see And there was no one left I think



wew bro

you fucked up, the live band was 10/10


kpop trending




so all you need to do to trend is a very sexy stage


Leez and Ollounder did great job with rearranging those songs



her voice is so cute when she says yellow C A R D




yeah its really just those 2 gain covers that are turbo


Handong looked pretty good as a vampire but yeah it wasn't even close



that's lame

uploading the concert in parts would be a solution but it would be much more work




you did your best

reposting the link from 4chan was a lot of work but I try to do my best for this community



I thought it would be Yoohyeon when this was posted earlier today



would make sense since yooh is the pupper of the group


why tf dont we get double group songs nowadays

like featurings

ideally 2 girl groups since gaypops nowadays arent based and would trigger some people



what do you mean?

im thinking something like dreamcatcher making a song featuring everglow, a bside that they could promote if both groups are promoting at that time, it would expose the fans of one group to the other group



having a feature with boys and girls is to add some variety to their voices or stuff like that, plus 2 medium tier groups are not helping each other



i guess even if the help isnt big, it would be nice to look back on in 2026 and say


i wish my waifu groups did collabs like they used to in 2020



yeah i meant full groups, im aware we get the occasional once a year collab of one member from multiple groups


the first T.T.L didn't have all T-ara members too

the first TTL was a mistake, TTL 2 is the masterrace



right now it got cucked by covid but I think sharing profits from a thing like that could be a problem

and could start some fanwars

Dal Shabet got ruined after Serri touched some gaypop the wrong way and the fangirls got triggered



i still dont know what dalshabet did but i know its gaypop related, never seen the incident

1920×10802.86Mb00:07[선공개] ‘갈색 팽이버섯 라면’에 빠진 아린, 백종원도 놀란 면치기!ㅣ맛남의 광장(A Palatial Residence)ㅣSBS ENTER.




dal shabet and rainbow weren't meant to make it, there wasn't a market for them like how DC has international fans now



if not international fans DC, Loona and Everglow would be starving

I hate twitter but I'm glad they promoted kpop




nowadays groups only interact behind the scenes

covid is a bitch

Sua couldn't even shake back up dancer's hand on camera even tho they share the same waiting room everyday




we even have idol on quiz now

varieties are not as cool as dance stages

1602×10788.02Mb00:15191006 최신유행프로그램2 오마이걸 아린


need aringf or i'll do THIS



there's the recent omg x momoland x wjsn clip, or yooa MCing some dancing show with rocket punch and cherry bullet



its not just covid.. it has been like that since this generation started


i guess variety is one thing where we can see 2 groups together often




it has been like that since this generation started

maybe they have other stuff to do now

or companies are not allowed to overwork kpops like in the past so we get less content




i blame fanwars

freaking kpop fans...


I'm checking out this weverse app and apparently Gfriend has 900k followers there




it has 5 million downloads, I hope joining it will get Dreamcatcher some new fans




simping for 22 bucks to get friendzoned


great lyrics




I did not know that

gonna celebrate by listening to it and watching some Hani fancams



this fact got me back in the exid listening mood

but for me, DDD is jeonghwa's era, despite hani's peak memehair that i really like


what's going on with EXID anyway?

are they disbanded or what?


i honestly dont know, i kinda lost track when they released that disappointing "farewell" song



yeah that's a banger as well

both EXID and Stellar are so underrated musically, everyone just focuses on their very nice butts


exid really was something else, imo they are the perfect bridge between 2nd gen and 3rd gen


nah i think with exid after they blew up people started looking past the fa*cams and appreciating them for what they really are

cant say the same for stellar... they'll forever be known for the fa*cams and forced concepts




imo they are the perfect bridge between 2nd gen and 3rd gen

them and apink



yes, apink even more so since they are still active and you could say they were succesful in both eras with different concepts



I hope we will get another comeback soon

their last 3 songs were amazing



i love apink, i wouldnt be able to pick between them and exid, i want them both back


for me, it's Jiudy Hopps


No this is NOT a disbandment song.Their japanese contract is extended for 2 more years and they are currently looking for a korean company where they can comeback as a group along with following their individual careers in different agencies. LE is also trying to buy the trademark of EXID so just chill and support their japanese as well as individual works for now

found this comment, i guess they still wanna continue but banana ent is done for so they r looking for other gooks



they could but to manage a group you need a lot of money and proper employees



but it's unique and easily identifiable. boss baby is just a suit



fucking tons of past/boomery kpops that no one cares about now





still waiting for that duo with Hyosung...

440×8162.22Mb00:06201106 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1051)

1280×7203.89Mb00:06201106 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1051)

camera guy: you know, the show needs a bit more Arin before it's over



I think that's a bit different, he established a full company, not just an agency for himself

1396×10763.69Mb00:08K-POP STARS sing in THREE Languages🎤_ INA_TAG_FRE _ Weeekly _ TRANSONGLATION-c7Sak-65xtQ



they are so young as a group so maybe covid will end while they are still active



for me, it's officer Jiudy Hopps



great jIU cover, she's so cute

but as a gainbro, gahyeon and siyeon really got me with their stages


cute stylist noonas

I hope DC is nice to them




that's really impressive, no wonder it has 7 million views



although I didn't mean she should be as good, but more like she should stand up and jump around


I see some IG posts on selca.kastden

are we back?




it's related to elections


it's all about US elections, the yejibros came to this site because 4channers think Biden will close 4chan



at the end they got scared because nobody was replying to their nonsese lol



from what I saw on kpg those were just scouts checking out if the site is fine

apparently they really like that the admin is russian



they were thinking that because one of his promises was "forming a group to deal with racism, extremism, etc online"

literally nothing will change




apparently they really like that the admin is russian

in russia the entire opposition is afraid to use vk and yandex

650×7001.98Mb00:02(SUB) 🎄로켓펀치에게 주어진 단 하루의 특별 휴가! 멤버들이 선택한 하루는! #카페알바 #타로카드 #VR 까지 섭렵ㅋㅋ [펀치타임 Christmas Edition] #1-nRvWA6hYGAk
596×632622.59Kb00:01하늘 아래 같은 레드 없다! 생기 풀 장착템 레드 블러셔 + 립 오일 틴트ㅣ뷰티사주 ep.12ㅣ함경식&홍윤화&우주소녀 은서
800×842531.58Kb00:03160715.OH MY GIRL Cut.韓ON! ファイティン!![MUSIC ON! TV]
582×8101.16Mb00:08위클리 먼데이(Weeekly MONDAY)가 ‘경상도 사투리와 월요일’을 이긴 사연! [TD습격영상]-zDHJwqzPAlw



literally nothing will change

very true

but watching the meltdown yesterday was really funny




literally nothing will change

I guess 4chan will start banning for n-word and things like that, but most will be fine with that

it's all about Overton window, politicians slowly shifting the agenda so that most people can't notice it and adapt to the new norms



I've been banned many times for saying nigger, but that's because that one nigger took action against me




I guess 4chan will start banning for n-word

/mu/ already does

I learnt this the hard way



don't look there too much or you will have to deal with Josh


date with gf, all went well



let's just say that after a nice dinner, we texted each other late at night



from some twitter comments, apparently they joke too harshly with her on vlive, so she doesn't want to do them alone anymore; they keep making fun of her Korean, of her no makeup face and telling her she's fat




they keep making fun of her Korean, of her no makeup face and telling her she's fat

gook fans are so fucking harsh sometimes

they are like the opposite of westerners who always praise idols



that's why Yooa never did vlives before, I imagine she was reading "stupid" every few comments




tfw all you see is "stupid", "come to brazil" and "speak spanish"

being an idol must be so tiresome



saw this translated yesterday but didn't want to post it


she's been getting a fair amount of hate, to me it seemed like it was mostly Chinese people

she stopped posting to weibo in July or something and a few days ago she said she doesn't want to be on vlive alone anymore



they joke too harshly with her on vlive

not sure if calling a girl 'fat pig' is a joke



one of those worked, they went to Brazil




she's been getting a fair amount of hate, to me it seemed like it was mostly Chinese people

fucking chinks, obviously it's because she is Taiwanese right?


she said she doesn't want to be on vlive alone anymore

I always thought Shu had thick skin but it seems with time you can break even stronger people




not sure if calling a girl 'fat pig' is a joke

those fucking bastards

I was reading about Seunghee dealing with comments like "omg disband" and now this Shuhua situation, I'm genuinely upset right now



you can see she is about to cry there


she can always turn on the comments and do a monologue but I guess vlive is all about interacting with fans



her butt is a mathematical construct




apparently they joke too harshly with her on vlive, so she doesn't want to do them alone anymore; they keep making fun of her Korean, of her no makeup face and telling her she's fat

good, seems like I'm not the only one who is tired of her narcissism