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thanks to fasting, I've been able to keep my weight being the same instead of up, but I still need to lose like 15 kg



you may not be wrong, im a fat fuck but if it came to a fight or whatever i could probably fuck up a 70kg man with some muscle despite not having any fighting experience, cant say the same about arm wrestling or shit like that, my arm muscles are so weak lmao



i mean its more of an endurance thing


hello fellow kchaners



ive never had a real fight but i think it would be a must have experience



Street fights are all about weight and mass until some experience/martial art is involved

I've seen dudes 20 cm taller and and 30 kg heavier than their opponent get dropped in 2 strikes like it was nothing


imagine fighting against that one depressed bro


oh yeah? that feel when no gf!!

he would start crying and I'd beat him up



i mean if you get a massive punch in your jaw or whatever and get knocked out thats it obviously



or the angry guy

just tell him that Kim Lip and Rena look the same and he will start shaking like that guy in Rain Man



I trained martial arts for few years

I would fuck you up brother


damn theres a kav scene in this movie




I trained martial arts for few years

me too but that was when I was like 12, I already forgot everything



I know, it was about somethign else.

My cousin attended European Championship in kickbox and he had a few street fights back when we were teenagers. He always described it as the opponent being in slow motion, since they are so shit at fighting.



i watched that recent tyson boxing match and it made me wanna start boxing

those guys are grandpa age and they're 100x faster than i am



I watched that too, Tyson still has some moves



I said it as an anecdote, I don't need to boast on this forum of all places

Especially since we are all fuckups



Ben is a manlet but I'm sure he knows some jewish tricks

1082×9002.87Mb00:05[4K] 170806 우주소녀 은서_보나 직캠 (WJSN_EUNSEO_BONA) - 사인회 엔딩타임_퇴장 @강남팬사인회(일지아트홀)_Fancam By 쵸리(Chori) <>

jews mentioned


this korean girl in the movie has really nice nips



webm unrelated?

Judith is 100% Aryan




Standing face to face with Ben


His jewish eyes staring me down


I launch from my starting position of squating down (like a proper slav)


Naruto run towards him


Using the fact that my hands are behind me I reach into my back pockets


As I close the distance I quickly move my arms forward and launch a hail of shekels at him


His instincts make him bend down and start picking up the coins


I knee him in the face with the full force of my sprint



that's all interesting but it ignores the fact that Ben keeps a shuriken under his skullcap

he would finish you off before you can reach your pockets



As if a jew would ever willingly throw away something as expensive as well balanced shuriken from glorious nippon steel



whoa the first ep has 400k views

Yuqi is really popular



I thought gfycat doesn't allow nudity anymore and moved that stuff to redgifs



she was asking him about that certain situation and i guess thats why


thanks to the kav chingu i really like korean nipples now


the yuqi show is hilarious

it's the funniest shit I've seen since god of music 2

even the filming crew keep laughing



the average poster here is closer to getting a kgf than we were to seeing her actual nipple properly


imagine the smell


tfw pilates magazine has way better photoshoots than most high fashion magazines

the absolute state of /fa/ggots



if you like bean you should get a ucube account

she is very active there, also it has Gidle which is nice as well


wtf I need to keep 3 tabs now



it's like a weverse for cube groups

you can give them a fake phone number so making an account is not that bad

and it has a nice desktop version so I don't even have it on my phone




desktop version

that got me, ill get it

is it free? also nice shoulder and omostrap



of course it's free

I'm not going to pay for selcas, I'm not a wiz*cuck


new thread was for everything you pabos


1920×10803.00Mb00:07Weeekly(위클리) star1 BEHIND

kpg is unusable nowadays



we are here sir >>519532

yeah I get the Subject is dumb but the op is a moroni