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got no time for corona



I read that backwards and I thought Ariana was covering Everglow




damn that would be something

Idk if I would like that timeline tho

586×8201.20Mb00:06[TD영상] 걸그룹 '다이아(DIA)'_밀착카메라 (DIA_real camera for fans)


I was expecting a DIA-related response




they are so dead

you will take it back in January when they have a comeback



posting bags on IG, going on bday parties during a pandemic

you know, they usual stuff



If it's like the last one then I will forget about it 3 minutes after finishing the song





actually she was possessed by a demon not depressed

you know, the standard MBK stuff



She looked dead inside on that one stage



at this point I'm not picky

I will be satisfied as long as they dance on stage again



don't give KKS ideas....

and I thought it couldn't get worse than Hug u

1080×10382.39Mb00:04(Eng sub) [IDOLHOUSE Weeekly] SOOJIN's Go-Home Mission I 아이돌집 I 위클리-pdtC1q6Su-0



that Soeun face tho



2nd gen chinks are making it too if they get to take pics with Mei Qi

1080×10384.68Mb00:09(Eng sub) [IDOLHOUSE Weeekly] SOOJIN's Go-Home Mission I 아이돌집 I 위클리-pdtC1q6Su-0


you better!



I'm sure it could be arranged if Jia asked her prince billionaire bf to do it


why is Pledis like this?

why did they let those groups die?



one of the few kpop things I really don't understand is how Pledis works with girl groups, like it feels like they're forced to create them to later ditch them, even though their popularity is decent enough to continue



my theory is the CEO does it for the lulz

I mean how profitable can it be to kill a popular group after investing in trainees etc earlier?



that would make sense if he's rich, like he gets bored of them and creates a new one


motherfucker made AS learn pole dancing and Lizzy broke her leg in the process just to ditch them soon after





I wanted to call her pabo for spilling, but then I realized it happens to me too so it must be normal and not stupid

1280× - dreamcatchers_vlog_4pMBLhErPj4_1080p


also she finished that bottle in 30 seconds

you really can't blame her for spilling a bit



I bet I can do that faster


am i doing it right




hfw she hears the pizza joke for the 15th time this moth




A kpop idol making a cover of this would be nice

post it again when it happens

maybe then I will listen to it





Siyeon was so close to winning that thing... the wuju girl with big thighs shouldn't even be there

it was a nugu show!

at least the show gave us a lot of cool covers



the Suyun song I posted has 200k views, and the recommended song is Siyeon's cover of Overdose with 1.4 M views



half of those Siyeon views are mine

it was my Cover Of The Year and I shilled it a lot


Friendly reminder to take the neckpill

904×8001.56Mb00:07[OH MY GIRL SKETCHBOOK 2] EP.27 겨울동화 - The Lost Memory VCR & CONCERT Behind-WoSFO2D24B8



not to be racist but with this styling those 2 look like they could be sisters



listening to Arin's laugh is a good way to start the day




the wuju girl with big thighs

she's omo though


stayc and aespa finish



*stayc and aespa finish protions


mcountdown is back

sorry, I sent the post too early by accident


Jiholy takes the IG business seriously

she's been posting everyday since she made an account


Yoon's legs look super skelly here


literally holds the world on her shoulders



this is what i need to be happy



i wish

i need that experience in real life, or maybe some sm-patented virtual waifu system


love this white girl



i always think about her weird ear ever since she revealed it. i still like her though



there's a mole on one of them at the lobe


why does she keep doing this..



what if Hyewon was jealous of those lips and that's why she did that?



just look at them

they are very pretty


When just one look is never enough, might as well upload some more 😽🖤



and she's willing to give the people that, that's more important




On the contrary, I'd kill to have her look at me like that



Imagine her saying


뭐라고 널 불러볼까


어떤 단어로 정의할까


너를 설명할 언어를 알려줄래?



Voice is a better song than why not but why not just makes me laugh when I hear some of the parts

I mean it as a good thing btw, it's a cheerful song



So What was full edge song.

Why Not is is a bit edgy but on some funny psychedelics drugs



Roughly translated


What should I call you?


What word can define you?


Will you teach me the language that can explain you?

I want to teach Olive my language



just teach her english bro

will be faster probably



My mom would beat me up if I had a wife she can't talk to because of language barrier



she would probably just be happy that you have a wife

mine would at least


Movies made from games for 2021


Monster Hunter


Mortal Kombat




Resident Evil

Have they not learned that movies made from games and games made from movies are fuckign trash




he thinks Hollywood makes movies to be good



I wanted to ask for a movie made about a kpop group but it would just be BTShit



Is that even a movie?

I thought it was just a documentary like the Netflix thing for Blackpink



This made me realize that we kchan would be fully on board with diversity hires in movies if it was just Gooks, Chinks and Japs instead of niggers and indians



As I said I think they have some documentary, but that goes without saying for a group that big



I have high hopes that this will be the case when chinks take over the world


netflix should make more documentaries on other kpop groups

my regular friends watched the blackpink one and now theyre fans


seungha isn't that popular on avistaz



Most people just get the best parts on r/kpopfap and don't watch the 2 hours of boring stuff with bad acting


Roje sent Jisoo a food truck to her drama shooting place



if I lived in korea I would start a food truck business

imagine how many cuties those guys get to see


PENTAGON’s Hui, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, And AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi Revealed To Be Producing Songs For “CAP-TEEN”

Soy is producing songs for everything



Not a bad plan. You can live in the truck and save up on rent, so that you can go to all of your waipu's fansigns When they come back



I wonder if she would make something for CLC if their fans weren't bitching about Gidle 24/7



She has already done a song for them I think

She produced "No"




best parts on r/kpopfap

yeah, looking at 6 square pixel cleavages



ah, you meant they watch only cut scenes with seungh

dunno, full movie is still better, don't understand why would you skip prelude, it's the hottest part for me, the actual sex is pretty dumb




how humiliating would it be to not only accept a song from your hoobae but for your hoobae to give you all the royalty money to you like some charity donation




how humiliating would it be to not only accept a song from your hoobae but for your hoobae to give you all the royalty money to you like some charity donation




It's also the first and so far the only song for which CLC gota show win



I think she holds the record for girl idols on that show


That show was hilarious btw. Worth the watch



she could've just anonymously composed it for them but cube had to just plaster "PRODUCED BY SOYEON" everywhere for better marketing

it sucks for clc




she could've just anonymously composed it for them but cube had to just plaster "PRODUCED BY SOYEON" everywhere for better marketing

I know you are joking but Soyeon is a well respected kpop, only salty CLCshitters don't like her



korea is big on the seniority hierarchy culture

no matter how much soyeon is respected, its going to be really embarrassing for clc regardless




its going to be really embarrassing for clc regardless

I think the source for this is literally "trust me bro"

Namjoo asked Soy for a song even tho she is much older



i want to see binnie vs olivia hitting that pad, though olivia would probably win. her bodylanguage when hitting that is absolutely murdering



I loved the interview where Olivia got asked about her strength.

Her reply was something along the lines of


I am not that strong, it's just the other members are weak as shit


But you are right. The other girls are just punching a machine, but Olive looks like she wants to kill it


I got Cherry Pepsi with my food order and it's shit. Why people buy this shite

1280×7202.87Mb00:06MMA binnie


or she would knock her out like this


olivia is so jaded she doesn't know when to give herself credit

1920×108016.91Mb00:39duchess hard



Chuu is the other kind of tard that doesn't have the strength but has the mental ability



I like Dubu's looks but she is too much for me


Johyun is a cutie




Not really. Lingerine model is way higher in society list of approval than softcore porn



So what era was great for that



I wonder if Mijoo is still mad at her



It's a nice field



I almost forgot how cool fansigns are

imagine if cuties like Weeekly had them



Hopefully fansigns can come back soon



If the vaccine does well we could be ok by summer


our cute and pure Seungyeon cut her hair




White people can't cook

Oh nonono, don't let the frogs and pastas see this



frogs can see this all they want

they can't speak english anyway


death to america


what are our thoughts on fanfics?

based or cringe?



Imagine laying your head down on Yves’ lap as she cradles your head with her pale slender arms. She looks down at your face and smiles warmly and asks “Are you hungry?” You nod your head. She raises up her top to reveal a beautiful breast with light brown nipples, and leans forward to bring her soft nipple to your mouth. You begin suckling her nipple and delicious warm milk fills your mouth. Yves hums melodically and you close your eyes as you continue drinking her milk.



I will never understand why Yves was picked for this

she isn't even that big



Her ibs bight be smol, but are nicely shaped

Also she has noona vibes even at young age



Also she looks like Sunmi 2.0, so that might be an influence




she looks like Sunmi 2.0

I don't see it but she really has noona vibes



She really does.

Yes she is only 23





Russian girls are alright tho



says there I missed you? but it's not like they were friends before



idk what she says but I remember some loona video in which Chuu says Kim Lip doesn't want to cuddle with her before bed and it makes her sad or something like that



I always enjoy watching loona content but for some reason I can't properly get into them

I blame Loona TV, those 1 minute long videos are a bad idea imo



LOL that's true for me too, I can't even watch their other stuff in their channel longer than 1 minute



I watched their Idol House episode recently and it was great

but the bts videos should be at least ~10 minutes long imo



I love those. Because they upload new video every day and since it is only 60 seconds I always watch it



they gave her and J memenames but left Seeun and Sieun in one group



Aisha picked her name to be unique and a year later a rookie picks almost the same name



Sunmi confesses she was diagnosed with a personality disorder




she said its borderline personality disorder, that one is often confused with bipolar but its more intense and more related to your life/experiences that made you like that, unlike bipolar which is mostly associated with genetics or just dumb brain chemistry





is this why Sunmi is a femcel?




the guessing songs part wasn't that good and it was the PD's fault, he should be ashamed



at least it wasn't the orange game

it's way worse


this place ruined milk for me

I always see it in that context now




but honestly, her answer was weird as fuck, even her members were like wtf



the snake one? I'm sure he would be fired nowadays



no worries, she's a mother now

or maybe her baby is the antichrist as predicted by nostradamus



yeah, Areum was a member of T-ARA, she was a later addition because the dumb CEO of their company wanted to have a 9 member group to compete directly against SNSD, so he added her and Hwayoung aka the one who destroyed T-ARA

Areum had big pretty eyes like Jiho, but instead of looking fierce and sexy she had a "I'm going to fucking eat your liver while you watch" stare; it was probably the drugs all kpops take to be able to keep going with the schedules





some commenter said she was there representing some fanclub that bought the albums tho it was a clickbait title



nothing wrong with working part time as a barista when you are 19yo


cool adidas clothes

no wonder russian chan likes her




not if you're an idol

nugus are like normies who are going to drop out of collage

it's not that bad


who is the grandma?



if I had to guess it would be some drug that's legal in US and illegal in korea

I doubt she was smuggling coke


mind virus reached DIA

I hope Cathy, Juchan and Yebin won't catch it



Jiyeon didn't look like someone who would get 15 tattoos either



maybe not 15 but im not surprised jiyeon would have ever gotten one

i would be surprised if yeb did though






jaw drops to the floor

eyes pop out

sound effect of "AWOOOOGA AWOOOOGA!!!!" places eyes and jaw back in place

regains composure



legit how are her curves so amazing, thats something dr kim can't perfect


for me it's Chic Moment



only a few hundred pics


everyone at KBS getting corona

it's over, hopefully our Arin wasn't in contact with them but she's an MC so the risks are high



and she was preparing that maknae stage recently

RIP Yuqi, Wony and Yuna



finally her time to shine, it's always Yuqi doing these things



Yuqi is the obvious choice for varieties

she is really funny imo

1080×10802.94Mb00:06[V LIVE] TJ-190526

2268×10009.54Mb00:09[직캠_FANCAM] 170811 오마이걸(Oh My Girl) 컬러링북(Coloring Book), A-ing, 윈디데이(Windy Day) @ 네네치킨 페스티벌-LUw-GMyGkLw




I would freaking hate that!



I was going to say she was in Miss Trot 2 but that video is from that




miss trot 2

they need a new Miss Trot after Trotfu got cancelled?



I'm sorry anon, but it's not like I'm projecting a fantasy, she literally wants a sexy concept but she's too cute for it

let's not make it a taboo, and it's not like she's Zoa's age or something


she is tired of being a Candy Leader

she wants to be a Sexy Leader now


[BREAKING] Oh My Girl Hyojung is preparing a Stellar - Vibrato cover for KBS Song Festival




I started lurking it and I found some sonamoo pics

I miss them



go complain to your buddies in the other thread



her and D.ana were top tier visuals



fromis debuted in 2018 and the contracts are usually 7 years long

1920×10802.46Mb00:02프로미스나인 (fromis_9) - 노지선 wanna have some fun


I know she was really depressed during the hiatus but I think she is doing well now



gonna watch that one recent video again, the staff doing fanchants



mfw I see booba



you better behave properly you idiot, Candy Leader is not for your dumb fantasies

888×5002.91Mb00:10201106 Studio get it beauty (Hyojung)

do you guy like fitness?

personally I'm a big fan when sexy leaders do it

604×7202.92Mb00:05190323 오마이걸 효정 (HyoJung) Full Cam - 불꽃놀이, 비밀정원, 내 얘길 들어봐 - 기아 타이거즈 개막전 [직캠 _ FANCAM] [4K 60p]-LZBVNRWSkAM.f315


now we know how she got that freaking butt




she's just doing exercises

I don't remember saying otherwise


:lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown: :lookdown:

820×1080423.17Kb00:03EP3. 승희&효정(OH MY GIRL)의 스펙타클 플라잉 요가 도전기!-pnL8ce8CZfo


calm down burh

she is just doing exercises


I'm ded


flying yoga is my favorite "sport"


he's searching her on kfap reddit to make me angry

absolute retard

1280×7201.95Mb00:05141221 SBS Gayo Daejun Lucky Boys - Entertainers


who are you quoting?



mijoo noooooo

or mijoo yes? only time will tell


I follow Qri on IG but seeing her makes me sad

she doesn't even look similar to the Qri I remember from early T-ara



I don't mind lenses

I actually love them, I think they are the main reason I like Bianca Volkova so much



those are normal lenses, just to look exotic

qri loves the "lifeless doll" kind of lenses, they're a bit creepy




qri loves the "lifeless doll" kind of lenses

maybe she wants to appear in the sequel of Lars and the real girl




also, the size and she's with them in almost every pic so it was weird



everything looks bigger when you are a kid

maybe it wasn't as bad as you remember?



that's true, I actually have terrible memory, and in big part is because staying late to watch kpop shows live, lack of sleep destroys your neurons



feels good to be an euro, all the kpop shows happen when I'm at work so I have something watch when I'm bored and I don't have to change my sleeping schedule


Moonbyul: Everything Hyojungie does is cute in my eyes😁💜


Hyojung: This is a sexy dance, I'm telling you..😢


1280×7202.93Mb00:07190530 우주소녀 설아 부탁해 아주대 4K WJSN{W_k6Lbe8hXU}


I'm satisfied with the amount of meat she has



i love bona but it could be a lot better if you took some of notes' meat


I will be bullied for this but Yeonjung is too thicc for me

1280×7202.86Mb00:06[OH MY GIRL SKETCHBOOK 2] EP.23 아린 '뮤직뱅크' MC 데뷔 Behind



I actually liked Kyla's voice a lot, but she wasn't thick she was fat. And not because she looked like it, she clearly had issues with following the choreo.



it was pretty good

just their title tracks and b-sides, there were almost no ballads so I liked it



She has basically no fat. It's just muscles that are shaped that way and nothing around them



I think someone like Luda has a similar body, but since she's small it doesn't look that drastic, meanwhile Wonyoung is very tall with long legs so they look like sticks



Luda has bigger thighs than Wony

also Hitomi is short and her skelly legs look really bad



She alwayus was this sticc. I think think she is getting skinnier.

She is not getting thiccer either though



*I don't think she is getting skinnier



you've never seen that pic before?


Hyomin if my fatphobicfu




no i think its a mix of him being rich and the evidence proving that the body was already dead before being hit, but with the korean police system and taking his wealth in consideration, that evidence might be questionable

960×5402.89Mb00:11131010 T-ara - Mnet Wide Open Studio <>


something like that




the body was already dead

"uh yes, the person was stabbed several times before being stabbed by the accused, so he din doo nuffin your honor"


I just found out that I share bday with Bona

also her real name is Jiyeon



The dead guy was on a motorbike and smashed into something and the gaypop just ran over the body that was laying on the ground iirc.

But it's funny isn't it? That guy came back from it and continued his career, meanwhile kpops get cancelled for bullying that isn't even true





That guy came back from it and continued his career

oppar didn't mean it



I think it was the dude from Big Bang that has eyes so gooky thst he can't possibly see properly



I don't think most people mean to drive over a human body, be it dead or alive


how did Yves end up in the pabo sub-unit?

she would fit in OEC much better



that makes sense

but they still did much better than Aespa, when SM realized avatars were lame they just went full :lookdown:




I had that one Karina video with her avatar recommended and it was so bad, I'm used to her real face now, she doesn't even look like ae-karina




with her avatar recommended and it was so bad


I couldn't even finish it

I hope they will drop this idea and we won't see the avatars again



maybe if they keep it up but independently of the group, like downloading an app and you get your gf experience there so the rest of us can just watch her fancams




like downloading an app and you get your gf experience there

I heard this upcoming Universe kpop app is going to have AI voices of kpops

pretty cool idea




AI voices of kpops


loopin Arin's laugh for hours every day

I'll never interact with people again



from what I remember, so far only Gidle, WJSN and IZone joined

I will make Yuqi insult the brave people of Hong Kong every day





but tell me it's going to be realistic with Shuhua's version of Korean






with Shuhua's version of Korean

that would be cool but I don't think the AI humanity has right now is advanced enough


Minju will wish me Jaljayo, Min-night~ every day


open it in multiple tabs



I want to hug her and tell her everything is going to be alright until she sleeps




tfw no minju gf to have comfy video calls at the dead of night, and for her to wish you min night at the end of it all


I'm falling for Yuqi and Shuhua, Miyeon a mega qt too. I don't think Minnie has a dedicated poster anythere in the chans.

1920×10801.02Mb00:02STAYC의 BTS 커버댄스부터 개인기까지! 입뽀 학교 접수 _ 휴방위 선공개-RNRNt6ZSTew

isa yodel


nancy said her dad doesn't speak korean

is that era over? there's too much competition for kwife now

i should learn some more words i guess



he must speak some, did she said that in omma appa dareureung? or whatever that show is called

I wonder how her sister looks like



that's crazy


dad's a coronel

I'll never make fun of her again



but one call and I'm done for


oh yeah, the kids at 4chan think they're posting anonymously lmao!

because I obviously would never talk bad about her in here since it's forbidden to insult idols



genetics are so weird, mix james may with lucy liu at 70 and you get a very pretty idol



then they call in an airstrike on your coordinates


that show with Eric Nam looks comfy




I don't think Minnie has a dedicated poster anythere in the chans

I think the competition in gidle is too strong

maybe if she stopped the bangs


that one channel on youtube with videos with titles like

HD Version: 12-Min Nara's Most Fapable Move 나라 헬로비너스 Hellovenus

has been PURGED

its too late to archive them all now



they keep talking

I keep walking


they have the same haircut






might be the lewdest content from normal groups that ive seen in a year


Sua really went all in with that bra...



yeah, seungyeon's outfit is a lot more tame and im surprised to say that



I think Seungyeon's outfit is about her buttcheeks and Sua's about her booba



for sure, the lesbian vibes were strong so im sure they'll like it too


I think Giselle was rude to the SM stylist

wtf is her outfit?


Minju and Nancy with the best outfits




BBC was picking the girls to debut out of their trainees durign the debut process. Olive was famously trainee just for a day in BBC so they literally had to get her around the time Chuu was debuting.

There are several "blurred girls" that were on LOONATV and presumably were other trainees taht didn't get to debut. One of them even was on PD48 I think.

Imagine that you are there for months see Catfu, Birb, etc. debut, you wait for your chance and then last minute Olive comes in and cucks you out of the debut.



as everyone was expected for an end of the year show




I am not saying they should have done same thing as SUA and Seungyeon.

Just saying they schould have at least done something fun. Purepop is boring




Purepop is boring

that's only your opinion man

I like purepop



I like some songs as well. But it's not really a jam, it's more for comfy feels


love purepop

love sexypop

love gurlcrush

'ate gaypop

simple as



I was actually surprised this was still going even though I arrived so late



they invited a lot of groups it seems

I don't feel like watching gaypops tho so I will just watch the girl groups after they get uploaded on youtube


make them wear masks on red carpet when they are with their members


no masks backstage with other groups

high IQ move



yooa a qt, she was cringing the whole time lol


nice acting lol


that's a lot of cleavage on Eunbi...




that song was so bad tho


they're trying to escape


this was a good lineup and a good performance, other years felt kinda forced


it seems Tzuyu got jealous of Karina and Eunbi



and she failed in her Korean, it was very cute


whisky whisky wiki wiki





omg get a huge backup dancer group

they finally made it bros


this eSpoir guy on twitter uploading the performances also includes 5 to 10 mirrors

imagine having 1 Gbit connection...


white is a symbol of purity so it's ok


674×7021.44Mb00:05201218 OH MY GIRL

god bless

1420×9522.91Mb00:05201218 OH MY GIRL

even yooa couldn't help but look


lol chaeyoung running


they don't make purepop anymore quite like that special stage... even the song is called 'I don't know'



yeah and I'm glad it was some finkl/ses throwback, at least I know this one



that's from the 90s, only Koreans liked their pop scene back then, and they're always talking about them




Arin is only 1 year older than Shuhua




put her on 3000kcal/day diet for 2 weeks and she will look great



I think it would be double considering how active she is

so she would gain like ~3kg in those two weeks... she would need to stay on that diet for a month then


that would be nice

996×8002.88Mb00:03201218 Special Stage3

yooa can't stop cringing lol



same, feels that someone actually sat down and put some thought into it


Karina posted a sleca with the wrong dress

500×4861.46Mb00:04201218 Special Stage3

imagine what goes through their heads; from performing a short version of their songs in previous years, to performing 2 plus 2 special stages