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KPOPS, part 2



That cover was great


btw last weeekly vlive from yesterday was pretty funny, they sang a lot of too



I tried to post and nothing, refreshed and nothing, opened another site and loaded just fine

but still, maybe it was on my side



their songs, some covers of gfriend, omg and others

kinda want to watch it again



I will play it in the background then





that Elle photoshoot was pretty bad

but it was very bad for all the members



I can't do that brother

I hate those high fashion cunts



They do everything they possibly can to make /ourgirls/ look bad

It makes me sad


the other day during Soojin's birthday, everyone was getting emotional but Jaehee was looking at the camera like this, like for minutes and minutes, it was funny



true chads only follow HIM, Maxim and Esquire

Cosmopolitan can be good too but it had some bad moments




got some bad anxiety right now

play with your doggo


cute girls mentioned



buying a pet is the best thing a lonely person can do to feel less lonely




i know, i really want one, especially a fluffy breed like lizard's chow chow or a cute shiba

but i don't have my own place and landlords don't allow dogs, not that it''d be a good idea to raise a dog like that in an apartment



i dont dislike her, but for me its solar


for me it's Lunarsolar



probably, there's so much science doesn't know



low test is responsible for all the bad things except balding



How would we know. You have to observe yourself what outside parameters trigger the response of your system



im far from balding so maybe i do have low test


I felt super anxious about my upcoming job interview but when I stopped preparing for it and started watching kpop instead the anxiety went away


interesting, checking all my folders only Hyojung's is full of cute pictures, rest are mostly sexy



i dont have that kinda anxiety right now, i think having anxiety for interviews, deadlines and stuff like that is normal but i just get random anxiety attacks for no reason




I'm sure I have her


my waifu is ex-afterschool Uee



I don't think I ever had that

doesn't sound fun tbh



I had her, but I deleted most of my old idol pics

by mistake tho, my HDD failed lol



its really not good, it lasts for ~10-30 minutes but i get it like every other day sometimes


i welcome it...



Could be a billion reasons and we are not psychologists here, but the easiest things to fix that could be responsible are


fucked up body balance from staying inside for weeks on shit diet


bad sleep schedule in tandem with point 1#


not enough interaction with outside world making you feel isolated

Not to mention that the whole world is fucked because of 'rona and secondary consequences will follow it might impact you on some subconscious level.

But as I said, getting your biorithm in order is the easiest way to try and it will be beneficial for you even if it doesn't fix the anxiety stuff




we are not psychologists here

maybe not you, but I have a phd in life




Not to mention that the whole world is fucked because of 'rona and secondary consequences will follow it might impact you on some subconscious level.

my brother got into some new conspiracies about covid, bill gates and the great rest and he kept talking about it whole christmas



I was looking for Uee because of that anon, but there's nothing but a few laboums, few t-aras and few pritzs



I call my friends on Discord almost every day to talk to them. Interaction doesn't have to be in person, but just speaking out loud instead of typing on keyboard and hearing other person's voice is a massive difference.



my dreamjob is being the person who puts on those tapes on Laboum's legs




I call my friends on Discord almost every day to talk to them



or go full nuts and chase vehicles while naked



i really am not the kinda person that craves social interaction much, i pretty much never text someone first nowadays





I met them playing online games almost a decade ago. It's weird how online relationships are looked down on as lesser, but some of the people I played games with 8 years ago remain some of my best friends and outlasting friendships I made in school.



i really am not the kinda person that craves social interaction much, i pretty much never text someone first nowadays

I am not that social either, but there is a threshold of interaction I need that I have observed in these 'rona times.


I am not that social either


calls people everyday

normies have zero self awareness



Calling somebody for 20 minutes to check up on how he is doing is not the same as going out with a group of people every weekend and getting smashed



i would rather do the second one... the few times i have calls with friends nowadays i think half the time i just whine about not being able to have a drink with them



dont get me wrong, i would pick watching waifus and shitposting all the time over hanging out with friends, but i meant that if there is a social activity im down for its drinking with others



No normal person would stay on this site 14 hours a day





You mean (You) and you 4 other personalities




4 other personalities

after taking those dumb pills for few weeks only 2 are left



Do they have the same waifus or do they have different preferences



There is still no Kim Lip fancam from that Christmas performance


watch Megan and Henlo vlive to chill


they start talking about dying




no bf during this season makes you sadder, well not me but usually people feel bad


made some coffee


tates like water with sugar




but if you never meet your online friends IRL then aren't they inherently worse type of friends than RL friends?.. i think it's nicer to talk to someone in real life



I don't think so. Just by being friends for so long, I know them better than some of my IRL friends. I know how they respond to stuff, what to tell them, what to keep for myself, etc.

I think that meeting IRL accelerates the process of getting to know each other and building trust, but I don't think there are obstacles that are inherently impossible to overcome if the friendship is built through the internet.

That goes for friendship, obviously a romantic relationship is different since there has to be physical attraction and need for intimate stuff.




for my whole life I never liked coffee but recently my parents bought some fancy coffee machine and coffee from it tastes really good

at least latte and cappuccino



yeah you're probably right, i was just playing boomer's advocate there



I did meet one of them earlier this year when he came to visit back in February and we have plans to meet up with another one once this whole 'rona thing is over.

So I am transferring them from "internet friends" to "IRL friends" and it only took 8 years




all the people I know online live 500 km away or more, so you're lucky to be able to meet them







Both of them are ~1500 km away from me.

Luckily flight tickets within Europe are fairly cheap



I do talk about it with the people I managed to get hooked on it.




getting wasted and watching fancams

yeah that sounds pretty based to me



when was that released? I follow them very closely now and I don't remember any of it



now I remember, I think I ignored it on purpose

but it sounds like a fun song on its own


my favorite webm of 2020




maybe I watched 2 seconds of it and closed the tab lmao

2160×21563.33Mb00:04[미공개] 🌊청량이 걸그룹이라면 그건 위클리💙(내돌의 온도차 바캉스 ver.) _ Weeekly _ Tag Me (@Me) _ 내돌의 온도차 _ GAP CRUSH-dPrIS49Rg5w


I can't think of all the webms I really liked, but Jihan is definitely on top



Her face is just so expressive. She is like the polar opposite to Olive

Is this why Olive is her waifu? All that stuff about opposites attracting each other


Di da dam di dam di dam

Dam dam dam di dam


Di da dam di dam di dam

Dam dam dam di dam

1000×10002.81Mb00:03[페이스캠4K] 위클리 지한 'Tag Me' (Weeekly JI HAN FaceCam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2020.7.19


maybe Jihan is into big boobas

1920×1080918.98Kb00:02[V LIVE] Weeekly, here come adorable girls #Studio Challenge 01-203983


1280×7207.09Mb00:16200722 SBS MTV BEHIND THE SHOW EP.19

I have replayed this so many times



1280×7206.20Mb00:12200722 SBS MTV BEHIND THE SHOW EP.19

this one too


Anyone knows if there is some VOD from that Somsomi Home Alone thing?

It was on Tiktok so I have no fucking idea how to go about getting that



it was on tiktok? so it's probably some awful vertical video

there must be one, I've seen on kpop24hrs, but it isn't there right now




Olive come over



I can't, I am attending ISAC



I am home alone




Lippy said that after Moksori promos they are gonna start preparing for next comeback, so Olive might be too busy



sorry, I'm retarded and unoriginal

I'm just thinking that "kpop general" makes no sense since we're the only thread here, but also I don't want to leave it empty



I'm enjoying it so far, sucks that food related videos make me hungry...



lol yeji, she was serious until the guy said Lia's name



you need to clean up as you go so it doesn't all add up in the end



yeah, at the very least rinse a little so it doesn't dry up


candy why are you saying that to a guy...

994×10802.50Mb00:05200708 SBS MTV 비하인드 더 쇼 아이즈원 Cut.H264.AAC.1080i-슨스


my thoughts exactly

1920×10801.59Mb00:03200708 SBS MTV 비하인드 더 쇼 아이즈원 Cut.H264.AAC.1080i-슨스


can't blame her

that's a top tier there



Busan belongs to Cake

Eunbi can just touch her pits and nothing more


I really feel like there is something off about Hyewon recently



scroll down a little, posted 21hrs ago.. but don't look



when you are a pretty girl you don't need an excuse

you just touch




oh I see her, but she's just posing normally, bunch of degenerates putting her there


don't blame r/kpopfap for being horny

blame the stylist for giving her this lewd top



The fact that those coomers upload it there just goes to show their box has gone

This outfit is hot, but definitely not lewd.



I don't visit that place because the best stuff gets reposted here anyway



no just one, i said wait its eunbi because the first one only showed some insivible woman's hands grabbing the pits, and then the guy posted the uncropped video and i saw who it was



but that pics looks like you can see her bra

it's very hot

854×7002.89Mb00:08201218 Special Stage3


I go there to check if I missed something, then I autistically remake the content with higher quality




remake the content with higher quality

based quality-obsessed bro




everything is lewd to them

true, they're just retarted, sometimes they post normal pics from instagram and pretend it's somehow lewd

1348×17842.28Mb00:05[8K 직캠] 오마이걸(OH MY GIRL) - Tic Tocㅣ서울X음악여행(SEOUL MUSIC DISCOVERY) 5편-8uvu0aoiupw


based yooa squad reporting it so it's deleted now



hope yooa overtakes it, sulli shouldn't be the top post now in hindsight...


there're mega links and few other clips there, so it's not deleted

but I've seen it already, nothing special

definetely not worth to be 2nd most upvoted



thats not true

i believe girls being posted there are a form of shilling the group, not that omg needs it but if its some nugu group its one way to get a ton of people to see it



of course, the point wasn't to erase it from the internet, but rather not having it public like that



coomers don't buy shit, they just watch fancams so they're useless

that's why Koreans say that if a girl group has a strong female following, they're going to make it



its not all buying, they can contribute in other ways by becoming invested in a group they could have never heard of

t. someone who discovered a lot of groups there


I dismissed it before, but now the state of Wony's legs is making me worried as well....



thats way too thin, she cant even fill up those boy shorts... this is like banhana era arin




coomers don't buy shit, they just watch fancams so they're useless

based me




that's why Koreans say that if a girl group has a strong female following, they're going to make it

so instead of fapping, girls spend their life energy on actual group supporting?

makes sense



well the shilling is useless if you don't buy their stuff

I would rather have a place with sexy and cute stuff posted, so people get to know the members more. Of course for us that already exists with 4chan and here



its only useless if you consider that one coomer not buying stuff, but he can get invested in the group and start posting them here or on other communities and in turn make others invested in the group who might buy albums



the law of conservation of energy I guess

producing cum requires tons of energy, that's why you feel tired when you fap too much



Yeah, her legs look like she is a 10 year old boy now

Literally no fat at all.....



it happened in my case, i never bought an album and i discovered a lot of groups then, i got interested in some of them and shilled them further and some of those friends actually bought their albums


coomer groups dont even have albums...



Stellar seems like the best example, their fancams had millions of views more than the official MVs but you can't milk that



i dont think fancams can be monetized



that's not how it works, that's for content creators with a good ad eligibility

the music from fancams is claimed by their respective companies


The difference.......


Mommy on the other hand


These lenses on Cakeu are terrifying





I feel like more than just her lips has changed and I can't figure out what


that Loona's xmas special video is somehow very hot, watched it many times

like a horny girls thinking about that



i think her collar bones look alright there ive seen way more defined collarbones before


God I hope Minju won't do something stupid to herself with all the influence around her


I wonder if those pets know how lucky they are



but your owner is not around most of the day, sounds a bit lonely



Plenty of time for Roje to be with him when she is on her 9 month long dungeon part of the year


Maybe you could get a job as dog manager for rich kpops



Any PitChads here?



obviously, because that would be too



I'm not sure I can recognize that girl, I'm not an expert anymore



finally this thread is the top one on /all/



soon it will change again, that's the beauty of making a new thread 2500+ posts after the bump limit

but I don't mind, I have bookmarked so it's always on top for me


Based Molester



for me, it's so i can click on last 100

great mole placement



she has multiple moles in that area actually


it's so i can click on last 100

idk how that's related since you can do the same on



the more, the better

wait, you're right... i think i had the /catalog bookmarked before and you can't from there




i think i had the /catalog bookmarked before and you can't from there




what are you talking about?

her toes are at least 50cm away


btw did you know that Chaekyung is April's official driver?


10 full months without a single irl fansign

thank you 2020

1920×108010.82Mb00:35stayc girls but out of context (funny moments)



love Stayc but that Freeze Tag Dance is not my thing


i miss my waifu being posted here



wait for an Everglow comeback

there's just nothing new to talk about



im waiting for the news about them not having the virus anymore...



it's been exactly one month since they got it

it's weird their agency didn't post any updates since then



Yuehua is really bad at public relations from what I noticed



if they were good at that they would allow me to date sihyeon publicly



rather live in fear of stans who wanna kill me for dating her than live like this



tallest on the sides, shortest in the middle is the best standing order

I always cringe when I see Izone's standing order, I get that they want Wony to be the center but it looks ridiculous




shortest in the middle is the best standing order

word. my waifu always gets to be in the middle because of this



yeah.. eu is not center so i dont see the issue with changing up the center in photos for SNS



this lineup is really satisfying to look at, having the womanlets in the center and the PILLARS on the sides


EU height mogging



it made my heart flutter, same with aisha in these


EU didn't make his hear flutter

dumb eurosceptic



I guess Loona's main foreign audience is in the US

they always do great on itunes but not so great on spotify



The second biggest Kpop group in the west is KDA



I honestly am getting lost as to who uses what anymore.

I feel like a dinosaur downloading all my music, but I'll keep doing for my alone




downloading all my music

last time I downloaded a song was in like 2015 probably



As I said, it's mostly my of maintaining and organizing the music



Both companies denied it immediately so it might be just fake news




Is Ning^2 the designated at field member?



Of only there was a way to prevent this with the force of capitalist market and provide a first party alternative to these products.....


or Sana, idk anymore


fuck I'm blind



she beat the fuck out of that nigga she dated...



But people could choose to buy the original from the company in order to support their girls directly



yeah and when chinks copied an entire BMW car it's not like they stopped the original from being sold



Yeah, but chinks don't care about that because they make money off of the copy



that's exactly my point

to make it clear for (you), in this scenario chinks are fansites who sell photobooks and kpop agencies are BMW



But in case of fancams there is no BMW.

There are no official alternatives to them


And even then, those fansites just provide a better product.

Other than albums themselves, kpop merch fucking sucks




We are more than happy to let anyone upload any fan cam of our artists at free concerts or events. Their videos help promote our artists. The tricky part is when those fansites are at paid concerts.

I agree with their point here as well




let the fansites pay for training and sustaining the groups then, kpop agencies aren't a charity



Again. I am more than happy to stop watching spinnel cams when the companies provide official fancams



Of course they aren't a charity, but they aren't losing money by somebody else also making money off of their product



but the point of paid events is to make people attend them irl

when there are fancams people can just say, fuck it I will just watch the fancam later

just like people don't buy online concert tickets because there are restream



of course they do

fans have less money to spend on official goods



Sure I will hop on a plane and fly 15 000 kilometers to attend them IRL



Which other than albums and a seasons greetings here and there don't exist



Why. How the fuck am I supposed to attend an IRL event from the other side of the world



dude seeing a fancams from EVERY event isn't a human right, so fuck you if you can't watch it. the agency doesn't care

I mean the koreans who maybe would be more eager to attend for paid events if there were no fancams




dude seeing a fancams from EVERY event isn't a human right

Yeah, but it if wasn't for fancamers I'd see 0 events

What is even the point of supporting a group then if I never get to see them



so it would be ok if JYP made some calendars with YG idols since YG doesn't provide them?




Yeah, but it if wasn't for fancamers I'd see 0 events


We are more than happy to let anyone upload any fan cam of our artists at free concerts or events. Their videos help promote our artists. The tricky part is when those fansites are at paid concerts.

did you even read it?


proud of most miracles for not leaking most things



How many free events are there that massive kpop groups attend?


Of course not, they are massive companies and direct competitors.




Of course not, they are massive companies and direct competitors.

so it's ok to steal from big agencies when you are some random guy?

based commie





quick, find his facebook account



i bet he's in the busters facebook group



It's just about balancing the positives and negatives and that situation would make a far greater damage than good


It's a link from ribbit. You'll find some roastie




How many free events are there that massive kpop groups attend?

all those uni festivals are free and BP or Twice attended some

but obviously I don't know what's the ratio of paid to unpaid events, but imo it doesn't matter




It's a link from ribbit. You'll find some roastie

nice damage control, roastie



taeyeon released the song "what do i call you"

ravi should release one called "daddy"



i feel like momoland could with some memey undertones



reminds you of a simpler happier time



you have a dirty mind for suggesting that our comments were dirty



I was watching lots of t-ara after itzy and omg covered them and it was indeed a bit sad



i actually didnt mean it that way, i thought pink of the year sounds cute



the concert already happened and he didn't mention it before


Pork to the Cho to the Long



I'm glad I'm not the only person who is still salty about it

I only started listening to Taeyeon songs like 6 months ago, before I was too mad at her



i wasn't mad or salty about it. the situation just felt bad and also because i didn't get into kpop and snsd until 2015


i wonder if sm is having taeyeon get her last few plastic surgeries or if she's electing to get them herself now


why is she eating a rock? is omg doing that poorly?



I don't like her as a human but her songs are pretty good

4 seasons makes me really sentimental



I don't think SM could force her to do it

she is not some random trainee or a girl who just debuted



she is going for the alien noona look


I wonder how my plasticfus will age



more specifically the brazilian audience





we know the exact size of her tits now



Isn't KARD gonna have to take a hiatus?

I thought the guys are supposed to go in the military soon.




you mean KARA?


I think Kard's popularity is a meme



this is still one of the most surreal but amazing things ive ever seen



they probably did and had a great laugh


wtf Sakura?

don't grab there



its impressive how tokyo dome always has a spot for wrestling every single year




except I still watch it sometimes



yea. i lost interest in the new wrestlers


I never understood the "it's all fake" argument against wrestling

your tv shows are fake too but that doesn't mean they aren't entertaining



that argument never made sense in the first place

its just normies trying to ridicule the hobby



excuse you but it's called WORLD wrestling federation/entertainment


No Sana

No Life



i don't wanna go down this rabbit hole


if every kpop had milkers as big as olivia and eunbi, would those 2 lose their appeal in a market oversaturated with big juicers?

also who's this in the webm?


kazahgf 2021




would those 2 lose their appeal in a market oversaturated with big juicers


we can see thighs and pits of every kpop but still love them



I think she is Jessi's backup dancer, noi?



oh right, her too, also yiren has one there too


nose dot


2 pit moles


Duck discovered the power of pits recently



that 2nd one is in the top 10 izone pics ever



It is, isn't it?

It feels like them bits at the start of casting couch videos

It's really weird because Gowon is for cute and not for that



its because of the guy recording her speaking


its not that, i dont do it to gowon, its just this video's vibe


JiU - "Our Somnias did a great job today. Good night🥰🥰🥰" (201227 DC Weverse Moment)

what the fuck did we do? i wasted my entire day



more beautiful than comfy, different vibe. the first one has a fireplace gf during winter kinda vibe


i have literally never seen someone talk about or post jiwon here



I don't even know what group she is from so you are probably right



do you think they had a good time? Jihan and Heejin maybe, but since they don't know each other...



I sometimes post the Fromis Jiwon



underrated would mean she's promoting hard and people are not paying attention, but first they need more songs



I can imagine Arin and Yuna getting along well since they seem very extroverted and chatty, while Shu and Wony looked kinda mute and out of place in that combo, but we literally have no idea about that so I guess it's better not thinking about it


She's from cherry bullet, I think they're literally never posted here or even on other chains, so odd





I'm now imagining Arin trying to ask for Yuqi and Shuhua giving one word answers and acting all autistic



That song was really good, and I know all the members



I keep seeing this

am I a schizo talking to myself?



the brown one was my favorite, but they don't promote at all so I forgot her name

Yerim? something like that


I know Haeyoon and Bora because they are friends with Kim Bora



i imagine they thought arin is an annoying boomer... but i hope i'm wrong



they just have different type of vibe... arin acts like she's older



I still don't like hwasa but that's a nice booba


i think the group took a big hit when so many members left suddenly >>533588



Still looks like a gypsy to me and I will never get over that




WATCH: #GIDLE Drops Mystical Visual Film In First Teaser For January Comeback




its 2 girls in the last post, yuju and jiwon

yuju is my waifu and her ig posts always give me tfw

698×8727.48Mb00:14190913 ISAC 2019 - Chuseok Part 4-6

remember when kokoro made everyone cry in that one ISAC edition? good times




yuju is my waifu and her ig posts always give me tfw

I can see why

she has strong GFE vibes

post her more often, I will give you (You)s



may is so cute


they clearly let an unpaid intern pick jimin who single handedly fucked over the company's future



nice shapes....

and Jimin was the token uggo, every group needs it



they both have great shapes



what the fuck?

I wanted to say that but I was worried people would bully me


since she is a mix of my two waifus I guess I have no choice but to waifu her



just trying to get yous




idk if she visited dr Cheng while in china but I like her much better after she came back


i think i kinda saw lip in her before but not jiu



She saw the harsh reality of being a fodder in China and that made her appreciate her position in DC more so she achieved zen



lip but with bigger eyes

how about when she doesnt have blonde hair though?

596×976975.29Kb00:02[Dreamcatcher's Note] 공식 앱 이모티콘 촬영 비하인드


this can be it

I think she was way too cocky before




Kim Lip


this girl

Is the cloning process getting that good


the first time I noticed Dong was during Deja Vu

that "holding this pain" line is kino


that guy stopped giving my waifu (you)s



That place looks a bit too crowded for comfy dinner with Donggf



in motion






she used to be taller but she shrank so the china could grow larger






you're not supposed to look there



she wouldn't show them if we weren't supposed to see them



they exist as a test to see if you're worthy of waifu ing her



you should love all body parts of your waifu

excluding some is very rude



i think some of them might be off limits



not him, but i like masked qt pics


its the girl ive been posting above



i am into eyes, but its not that, i just like the look when they wear black masks



but it covers the sexy nose, sexy mouth, don't you know?



that is a part of it, yes

but it is quite more complex and I dont think it is appropriate to explain here when rules say not sexual fantasies



but you can see the sexy eyes rreally well




rules say not sexual fantasies

you are mistaking us with the /wood/ thread

we don't have that rule here


but it is quite more complex

I'm kinda afraid to ask but you got me curious



no way


thanks, you too


not even the masks could protect /ourgirls/


we don't have sexual fantasies about them



ok then he does



it think that besides eyes it has something to do with submission/dominance dynamic

but who knows? I have always really like seeing masked ladies





it's pretty weird but I like pits so I don't think I'm in position to judge anyone here



Other qt in the group is the designated dominatrix



i really like that idea and i would actually call it a fetish