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2021 is not better edition!


2021 is not better edition!


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she's very transparent, we would know without her saying a word


Candy dates a different man every month so dispatch is unable to connect her with any one of them



in another video he gets an older chinese lady's chink equivalent of kakaotalk just based on his language skills pretty based



yeah, if you meet a gook and start speaking gook it'll impress her for sure


that guy who did the fake must be so proud of himself

fooled so many people and some of them believe that the whole thing is a fake

must be MLD double agent


tfw no chinatown in my area

im depressed now



theres only one korean restaurant, but it doesnt have korean staff


korean restaurant, but it doesnt have korean staff


the food was good though


if i learn mandarin will that be enough to convince yiren to date me?


I am starting over with Japanese.

Even got a proper text book this time.



not him but its a way cooler language, if it had an alphabet as simple as gook i'd have started with it and progressed a lot



I like the culture more and I am also more interested in Japanese cinema than Korean one.




yeah I also think Japanese is cool, I'd only get into it if I was already watching a lot of Japanese stuff like I do with Korean




more interested in Japanese cinema than Korean one.

thats a blasphemy siyeonbro



It is not. I like Korean movies but I don't think anything I have seen reached as high as movies of for example Sion Sono or Hirokazu Kore-eda.



fair enough, to me it felt like japanese cinema peaked decades ago and its not coming back, whereas korean has only started to get good in the past 20 years



Nobody Knows 2004

ive seen this one mentioned in a kdrama and ive been meaning to watch it since , i guess its finally time



we will know the day she stops calling miracle her 'other half'...



You are probably right that it peaked but we still get good stuff.

Even if some are not that great, I tend to take in the comfy atmosphere.

I like how a lot of things have this underlying sense of pesimism/misery to it.

Korean stuff are getting better.


I have this on my to watch list. I haven't seen this Kore-eda's one yet.





i think a lot of korean ones are like that too, besides the thriller genre which they do a lot


ill watch it and report, they made it seem like its depressing



do you watch many new Japanese movies? please tell us if a new good one comes out, I personally don't have a way of knowing if something good came out other than in passthepopcorn, and only if it gets downloaded a lot



I agree. Koreans have it too. It is somewhat noticable in Kpop. You have this perfect ideal world on the outside and horrible industry below the surface.


Depends on what you mean by new. Like in last 10 years lets say?



yeah last 10 years, most older Japanese movies are very famous, but I still don't know them all

by name of course, I still need to watch Kurosawa one



ive watched a bunch this year and i think they are worth mentioning along korean and japanese



havent gotten around to seeing that one yet... i downloaded it once but it was fucking dubbed so i deleted it


lol @ those 4channers at /r/ who believe any scam on the internet who posts old picture and claims he has the video



I watched it like a month ago because I saw they released a 4k restoration, it felt quite short but it was good



Sono made Cold Fish and Himizu. Also Guilty of Romance (which is worth more just for entertainment value).

Kore-eda had Our Little Sister, After the Storm and Shoplifters (this one is really great).

There is some other cool stuff like 100 Yen Love, After the Rain or 0,5 MM.


Hong Kong films are well known. Mainland also has some nice stuff. I have seen Black Coal, Thin Ice. Want to try Elephant Sitting Still.




Elephant Sitting Still

ive been eyeing that one but it was so fucking long it scared me, i dont know if ill ever watch it



I've seen Cold Fish, the one where the owner has an aquarium right? and Shoplifters is the one where a poor family adopts/kidnaps a kid, right? both really good, gonna check out the others



lately i feel like rewatching memories of murder, ive seen parasite too many times



how long?

not asian at all but I really like the movie Underground, which is 3 hours long and I recently found out there was a 4 hour TV version but I can't get in the mood to watch it lol



super based movie. i used to be into kung-fu movies a lot. i recommend watching Fearless, it's so good



3h 40m lol

i dont mind 3 hours that much but ive rarely ever seen something close to 4h



You are right.


Longest thing I have seen is Love Exposure and it is about the same lenght.

I have watched it as 2x2hours.



just checked its actually 3h 54m jeez, thatts about as long as it gets


Love Exposure

delayed watching that one too for the same reasons lol





Parasite is really easy to watch and you don't need to be in the mood

I'm still not sure if the average joe would like Burning


japanese culture chads where we at

ive seen this headline today


APink's Naeun to star in upcoming drama 'No Longer Human'

i really hope its related to the novel/manga with that title




i really hope its related to the novel/manga with that title

What is it about



i just read the article... doesnt sound like it is related to the japanese work

i read the manga and i think its similar to the novel, i want to read the novel too.. but its mostly a self biography of more and more degenerate behavior of the author, i guess dehumanizing, like the title says... it's really interesting


there seems to be a japenese movie yes, i guess ill watch it



the manga really shocked me when i read it but i also dont remember much, i know i wanted to read the novel



I sadly read it in English instead of my own language and I think I don't create memories when I do that, interesting phenomenon



I also read 2001: space oddysey in English, which is a 100 page book and I don't remember anything lol



like The Shinning, the movie is based on a book but barely, I do remember the book is not psychodelic or anything like that, it's just normal science fiction



oh right, i remember now that director i think always adapted books


how are you guys reading books when you're always here or working?..



i dont... i bought a book last year because i really wanted to read it but i gave up, my reading speed sucks

with manga i could get away years ago because its not all text



read a chapter or 10 pages at least before going to sleep, before you know it you're reading entire books

right now I'm reading this manga called Vagabond though, pretty fun



my reading speed sucks as well... i always say the stuff i read out loud in my head which is why it's slow, probably




read a chapter or 10 pages at least before going to sleep, before you know it you're reading entire books

i might try that



nice, its on my list...



a friend of mine told me it's one of his favorite mangas of all time, and the art and the story are really good so far; the fact that it's based in real events and the main characted existed makes it even more fun



yeah its supposed to be a top5/10 manga and the art is amazing

1170×10762.25Mb00:08210109 JTBC 제35회 골든디스크어워즈 with 큐라프록스 오마이걸 - 살짝 설렜어(Oriental Ver.) 1080i.H264.AAC-여신아린
1170×10761.80Mb00:06210109 JTBC 제35회 골든디스크어워즈 with 큐라프록스 오마이걸 - 살짝 설렜어(Oriental Ver.) 1080i.H264.AAC-여신아린
1220×10762.67Mb00:05210109 JTBC 제35회 골든디스크어워즈 with 큐라프록스 오마이걸 - 살짝 설렜어(Oriental Ver.) 1080i.H264.AAC-여신아린

finally got a good copy of this performance

that madam Mimi though


im gonna do what that guy said and start reading a book


I got new glasses today and my waifu looks even prettier now


self-improving bros...

I want to give up, I'm too weak to fight with this world


I'll make one, give me a sec