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more like kpoop


>>545677 ➡

don't try to improve, do what you enjoy, but knowing what is a positive habit


I'm not posting my waifu in a hostile and toxic environment like this thread

530×8166.26Mb00:08210108 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1057)

tfw Arin in mubank is getting a bit dull

at least the outfits are cute



I'm guessing most of us are +20, by the time China decides it's time to make their final move, we would be too old to serve


if you slavbros attack us with russia we might have to kill each other bros



US about to enter full SJW mode

Chinks can disappear you for no reason

soon there will be no place safe on earth

674×10163.16Mb00:07[K-Choreo 6K] 위클리 직캠 'Tag Me (@Me)' (Weeekly Choreography) l @MusicBank 200703-bUDRudPYVkk

I was watching this fancam again and omo Soeun


It seems we all took our meds today

I'm proud

1280×7202.95Mb00:07(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - I-TALK #16 _ '한(一)' 막방 비하인드 (720p_30fps_H264-192kbit_AAC)


not shy not me




do what you enjoy

improving means doing something you don't enjoy at all



that's the nature of life

improving means working hard and working hard is a pain for our body so we tend to avoid it



But you enjoy the process of getting better at something and seeing progress



yes a bit but eventually it's too much pain to continue

at least in my case because every mistake I do makes me depressed

for example I had to do 5 things, so I sorted them from the easiest to the hardest

did the first few easy, then tried to do a more complex one, did few mistakes, tried to fix, but it was a pain so I don't even want to continue to other tasks because I've already failed some of them so it's all ruined in my head



perfectionistbro... doing things badly is better than not doing them at all, you are too hard on yourself



I hate myself

I know I can do it but I don't want to do stressful things


I am in Korea so can't say much because prison but I just paid for the video and it's decent. Also 3:23 not 4 minutes. Tits are out for like six seconds.


978×8009.23Mb00:10210110 SBS Inkigayo woo!ah! - I Don't Miss U.KPOP24hrs

I think I really like this song




I'm korean


Perfect english

you fools



just had two kpop dreams in one night

one was with Soy and the other one with RP Suhyun which is weird because I never posted her




RP Suhyun

what was that about? I like her

that exact thing happened to me with Yeri



we lived in one dorm in uni and after a party we ended up in one bed. nothing happened tho, just some snuggling

I'm checking out her pics now and she is really cute




just some snuggling

funny, she seems to be perfect for that


btw in the Soy dream she literally bullied me into saying that her songs mogged Minnie and Yuqi's songs



that's kinda omo

I think Soy is really hot


time to simp for Drecatcher



I actually kinda need a few pairs lol, and they're very affordable


I'm glad they have that one limited version that has photobooks from the other 3 versions, I bought it for Lose Myself and it was great

I'm a DC simp but buying multiple versions of the same album sucks

1280×7205.35Mb00:15JTBC2.RUN.wav (런웨이브).E15.190929.1080i.IPTV.H264

I was watching LOONA's episode of run.wav and check out Mads Mikkensel's perfect Korean




they're very affordable

remember to add 6 billions for shipping



those boxes remind me of lord of the rings


hopefully they'll give me a discount since it's only cotton and polyester




hopefully they'll give me a discount since it's only cotton and polyester

on good thing about their official store is that it has both albums and merch so I will just buy both there and won't have to pay for shipping to the ktown4u jew



it has some good parts but imo the one you posted isn't one of them



I kinda felt she was a bit uggo but she looks cute in that part, but my favorite part is the grooving in the beginning of the chorus




Girls' Generation Yuri's Cousin To Debut In New Girl Group Next Month

Tribe is going to make it bros



it doesn't work like that brother

I never thought about Suyun dreams



yeah me too, well about both, like I made the webm because she was cute but it felt like it was missing something without sound



funny how she looks like an updated version of Yuri, updated for our times




she cute as heck

if S. Tiger gives them some sugar free tier bangers they will be my ROTY


the post is not from mr.invi but from someone else who apparently has the vid as well,another fellow viet who does lewd stuff,damn that site is like a black market of nudity for vietnamese people



Slav-bros, we want to get to know some Vietnamese girls because there are no Japanese or Korean ones in our countries.


did i read MUSE





Catfu seems to be very surprised on her right


they are checking out their old pics

I bet Sua picked this one


Dr.Spy has it too, he's InVi's best friend, but he always sells clips at a price!







Sistar is aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh




Post dasom


Today is considerably more dead than previous days


Just got my izone twelve sweater. It's in XL but Jap sizes. Time to see if it fits, not that I'll wear it anyway.


she LOST



Better question is why aren't you one already



That is precisely why each one got a solo debut and at least 20 dedicated LOONATV episodes


that thread on /r/ turned into "random kpop wardrobe malfunction"

nice work MLD


my favorite Dasom's fancam


i think yukyung kinda resembles dasom sometimes



1 and 2 are sistar dasom

3,5 is yukyung, and 4 is elris, yukyung's group



so is buying albums and never listening to them. So call me Simple Jack cause I'm going full retard.


I'm a lanky boy. It's jap sizes but it was a bit loose but better that than too small.




so is buying albums and never listening to them.

I do look at the pictures and go through the photobooks from time to time. Of course I don't listen to the CD because anything that was made in the last 5 years doesn't have a CD drive anymore



and I'll probably wear it from time to time, just going to take extra care of it since it's special.



idk how based dasom is vocally but i know soyou is amazing there


wtf sistar is starships first group

now starship is a household name



I think she's good in that video. She isn't the typical sekshie concept but that's fine, there are many types of sexy. She's more of a lewd cute rather than straight sexy.




like a bull

thats the reason im looking there too, surely


yeah i know, i dont like this expression but this time you can say sistar paved the way for wjsn if they really didnt have groups before sistar



Sequence choreo is a masterpiece. It's a 70's inspired disco/funk song so they open it with a kaleidoscope choreo, that's fucking genius.


red again




yet Cube producers push her to that kind of concept really hard

no one else in CUBE can do it

Shuhua is a pabo, Miyeon is the purest girl on earth, Yuqi is cute, Soy is the rapper and Minni is Nicha Yontararak




imo it's their best song ever if you consider song, choreo, outfits and the vibe



new wallpaper




"kaleidoscope" is derived from the Ancient Greek word καλός (kalos), "beautiful, beauty",[2] εἶδος (eidos), "that which is seen: form, shape"[3] and σκοπέω (skopeō), "to look to, to examine",[4] hence "observation of beautiful forms.

are... are we kaleidoscopes?



I think she can handle it better than Soojin



one of the best bona fansites



dont say that...



the post-pledis/Swing EP's have had weaker b-sides overall but they've also gotten some real bangers like Sequence, Merry-go-round (and technically Yummy Summer).



I thought she picked with red hair but she looks even better now



Yeah, I think this looks as good as red hair


LK: Then IZONE! Now, I feel a bit sad when I see these Groups.


JYH: Why are you sad?


Lia: me too. Because I heard that their going to wrap up their official activity as IZONE. now, I want to see an article about re-signing and continuing their activity.

Lia is my favorite itzy now


Nancy is acting smug in her IG stories... Kagami, you won't give my IP to the police r-right?


According to Article 14-2 of the Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Crimes, a person who edits and distributes a photograph containing a person's face or body in a form that may cause sexual desire or shame against the person's will is sentenced up to five years in prison or a fine of up to 50 million KRW (45,525.11 USD).




a person who edits and distributes

it's AND not OR tho


didn't see this one



CIA released some documents about UFO this week so it checks out



technology has really gone too far bros...i don't wanna see my kpops like that


do people here like my new waifu?



they are, i think soyou is my first waifu from sistar still


i need them back


Bora is #1 for supporting my girl


I want Soyou


i want any of them



short low waist shorts have to comeback to kpop


this type of shorts might be banned

1920×10801.55Mb00:03[DIA] 예빈 휴대폰 번호 공개

I have this super cool webm on my computer



yeah because they show the button

buttcheeks are ok in the current year


successfully planted Dasom into that anon's head



it was the guy who first posted sistar pics here today that made me look back on them again, and then you who i guess posted the fancam with this outfit

ive been convinced, i like dasom's voice



i would even say its too much, im not used to this



thats right, we appreciate every area uncovered


im always amazed by her beauty, i think she must look amazing even without makeup


Remember when MBK said DIA would have a comeback in January?

I actually believed them



there's not much going on with kpop, you should feel this as normal



America is in turmoil right now and it's an opportunity Kim-nim might want to use


it's kinda depressing thinking about what idols must go through... here i am thinking they're "pure", but tbh ironically in some ways i'm probably more pure (read: naive) than they are, since they are the ones in entertainment business after all



only if you think pureness is the most important thing, maybe half pure is enough



pure in every single way, they give her tiny safety shorts and she thinks they're just pretty, someone like Jiho comes to rescue her



i don't think she's naive like this tho... sorry for doubting



she was naive, but the dirty world made her aware of why people want to film in such weird angles but that doesn't make her less pure

see how Seunghee told her "why do you do at night for fun?" and Arin without hesitation or doubt said "to watch movies"



i agree with all that you say here, i'm not criticizing her, but she's not blind is all i'm saying, and it's not her fault


this youtuber gives away albums btw, in case you want a free one, she doesn't have many views so the chances are high

from what I remember, you only need to retweet the video and fill some google form with the "letters" she puts in the video, to make sure you watched it


Wony is as pure as snow




to watch movies

arin would make a good wife...


Yuna is the opposite of Arin but I also like her



thats right, yuna is one of the very unpure girls i waifu

850×7462.24Mb00:06[ITZY ITZY!] EP54. 있지 믿지랑 있지!

she's like in her own world lol



That is because


Squid doesn't know


Lia knows but doesn't care


Yeji could know but is too busy dancing

The only one who could potentially match her is Dragon but if she is with the other 3 then Yuna is alone in the know

540×7921.40Mb00:10ITZY 'bㅣㄴ틈있지' EP.01 (FULL Ver.)-bsDq2qrr3iI



Yuna feels like she knows a little but really desires to know it all



They do, just look at that IZone Chaesis video from their pajama vlive


Did Somi know in IOI?


I hope I like her next comeback more


I wonder what she is doing these days




probably... nothing

Now that her chingu ZionT left the Black Lable she can't even play games with him



At least she has her little sister that she can bully



Nah, dads are too soft for that



What do you think they do together? Just watch movies or Korean variety?



It is not a webm

This is webm na


New Squid...


try to buy the album and merch on DC's official store


shipping fee - $51.44



I will have to live without DC socks and hoodie

I'm ordering the album from a local store




She is a former SM Trainee.

that explains it



i think its a little short but its still a cute concept imo




my gf is starting up a diner, please support her


read the thread

what does all that autism "she knows" "nah she doesn't" mean



should we punish girls for womanspreading?



I know 99% of the things, just not this one





im gonna use up all my energy and give dc their win this comeback



i didnt aahhh their previous comebacks enough



and aaahhhhhing dc's music with headphones on


I'm watching the Chuu show and I have to pause every 2 minutes because I can't handle her cuteness


fresh Squid....


Fancam of my waifu from this perf?


Brown goddess



aaahhhh izone to extend their contracts




it's been snowing here for the past few days and we finally have a proper winter here



because twice has no talent so it doesnt matter if momo or another untalented member gets more lines




I wonder why they added Shuhua tho, it's not like she is a great dancer either

I guess she is fun on varieties but that's about it




She is there to bully the haters and keep other members motivated




and keep other members motivated

work harder or we will give your lines to Shuhua


Shuhua is Gowon/Vivi level of talent



its really crazy how soyeon got 30 whole seconds but couldn't spare some for shuhua

what a selfish songwriter


even Soojin got 17 seconds


soyeon is just jealous of shuhua's beauty


did Shu get any lines in Minnie and Yuqi songs?



what if she doesn't like singing?

her solo concert stage had no singing



you dont? get on with the times, old man, we all have one



Becoming idols is hard.

You can just play video games or post on twitter.

Same effect.




Becoming idols is hard.

not for Shu

I heard she was a trainee for like few days before debut




its danbi from predebut group yours




already has a personal IG account



Monday's sister is learning pole dancing

oh nononono



without the mask too although her chin is a bit big


It was fun and all but we want not blond Siyeon back!



very false

we are happy with her hairstyle and hair color, last time she had blonde hair during a comeback was with Piri so it's about time to have it again



it maade me wonder which kind of tummies i prefer, the really lean ones or this one like hers, fit and soft



for me it's not too lean and not too soft



I prefer when the tummy muslces are a bit defined, but ultimately all tummies are beautifuk



yeah these are the lean type imo


cathys is amazing, its much softer than the typically lean girls imo


Time to open the tummy folder I guess




Minju angel with /fa/ make up looks less angelic than with casual daily make up

this says a lot about society



cover pages of february Elle magazine






what about white and latina girls in kpop?




this thread is killing me

That is bad, you won't get to see more ktummies if you die



the other day i went to get a health checkup but it turns out everything is fine, i guess it was looking at too many omo pics that was killing me



I need to go to the doctor because of some skin problems, but trying to see a doctor now is fucking hard



i thought i had a heart problem, but it was just heartache from gfe and omo pics...


skin problems

i should see a derm too


I recently got a new electric razor and some creams for my skin and it looks much better now

maybe big beauty isn't all full of shit



i have some scars and i have no idea how the fuck ill get rid of them



I just use trimmer twice a week, why would you need razor, 1mm stubble is good enough



I like to have a smooth face but with my old razor it took too much time and work so I shaved twice a week too

but this new razor is great, I started shaving every day because of it



looks so omo when thighs touch itself


are we gonna aahhhh Seungyeon today



i am looking at these and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH ing internally




I weren't paying attention to gfriend before 2020



when I finally get married with her I will make her softer


did you guys see that dc's lightstick is extendable


I'm pretty sure that bringing long object like that was banned during their euro tour concerts


who's mogging here?


Hyejoo hated every minute of that day



i think the dress is a little too big and i dont like that hair

yves got great hair here though




i think the dress is a little too big

Yeah, it looked a bit baggy on her


i dont like that hair

But that was the best feature



good to see im not the only one, tho ive been thinking about consooming a little


thank you for your service if thats really your screenshot




about consooming a little

I save ~25% of my salary every month and I consume for the rest

I think it's healthy, at least in my case


thank you for your service if thats really your screenshot


found it on kpg



since i have yet to receive my better new wage, ive been trying to think of ways to split my income but i havent figured one out yet



consuming makes me happy for like 5 minutes maybe

and I may be a bit insecure about my hobbies



it will happen naturally imo

I save 25% but it doesn't mean I spend the rest like a retard, it just means I can spend it when I feel like it



yeah thats a good way, just to limit yourself to the 75% but i really had this idea of once i get my money i should split it so i dont fall in consoomer traps



Remember that Jiu clip about cinema popcorn? I am like that

Most of my consooming comes down to delicious food that I couldn't afford when I was poorer. Not that much consooming of other stuff




consuming makes me happy for like 5 minutes maybe

but what if you buy a useful product that makes your life easier/better?




i should split it so i dont fall in consoomer traps

I have 3 bank accounts and that's one of the reasons




Better headphones to listen kpap in higher quality


better monitor to see kqts in higher definition




things like that make me happy for a long long time



yeah, i plan on going to my local jp restaurant that has great food more often now that i earn more, but its still closed due to corona


i really thought about this, having different accounts for different needs



these are the ones i thought of too :) i have a laptop and a spare monitor right now, but imagine a vertical monitor for fancams, kch and other vertical windows



I have the main account where I get my salary, I don't have a debit card for it and I use it only to send money to my personal account I use for paying online and I have a debit card connected to it

I keep little money there in case it's hacked or my card is stolen

the 3rd one is for savings



so the account where you get your wage always ends up empty? since you transfer it to the consoomer card or to the savings account?




the wage account is full, I only send money to the spending account when I need the money there



i see, i need a similar strategy


thats right, also things you cheaped out on that either didnt do their job properly, fucked up your health, or ended up being more expensive in the long run than a single expensive purchase



I think I already have "more" money

but most things just feel pointless



Trying to search for RV pics is always such a pain in the ass.

Those roasties retweet everything 50 times so you scroll through 50 pages of stuff you have already seen



my laptops resolution is like 1080, so 4k is unnecessary

and all my neighbours are elderly




and all my neighbours are elderly

so you also need an electric scooter to go to a big area



I have never seen them much in the Twatter wars when Twice vs BP was at it's worst, probably because they weren't as big as those two, but the fucking picture reposting is really the worst for RV pics




Most of my consooming comes down to delicious food that I couldn't afford when I was poorer. Not that much consooming of other stuff

I'm the opposite, I don't care about food at all




I'm the opposite, I don't care about food at all


I hate eating



I will consoom some shitty old car when I am out of school

New one is out of question, I am not a good driver

1280×7202.91Mb00:09Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 1st Album [Dystopia : The Tree of Language] Jacket Making Film #02 <>



how do you people live?




New one is out of question

you should never buy a new car for your first car

cars are pretty complicated and you have to learn a lot about the maintenance and when you fuck up it's not that bad if you car costs 3k euro



I was looking for a job recently and I was surprised how many offers required a loicense

you should get one bro



Sometimes I think that would be better so that people wouldn't ask me to drive them somewhere



Had to drive 600 km last week and It wasn't that comfy. On a highway doing 140 the car makes too much noise and requires too much concentration so the enjoyment is not there.



depends on your work field, i dont think they would ever require one in mine

i know i should get one but i keep putting it off because i think i would hate driving and most of all learning it


thats right

t. person who used to ask others to drive them now i can afford ubers though


thats the only reason id get one :) i really want to experience a comfy night drive listening to bangers



It may be better to get it when you are older and you can choose what you want

I got my courses as a gift from my father and it was "fast course"

Dude just drive lmao

I think I will always be a bit uneasy about driving forever




i think i would hate driving

if you watched Drive you would change your mind




comfy night drive

depends on where you live

it can always be pretty stressful because animals are everywhere




Dude just drive lmao

This is the best way.

I never drove a car, spent 10 minutes on the test track and off we went into the city.

Was spooky at first, but that is why the instructor is there


you guys are really good at focusing on the negative aspects of everything




I was surprised how many offers required a loicense

for a driver position?



It is not horrible approach but they shouldnt get angry when you are making mistakes.




it can always be pretty stressful because animals are everywhere

I once killed a rabbit with my car



i live in the city, theres no animals


my city is full of traffic... people prefer the subway more than often, but at night it can be great just like in the movie




for a work in engineering where you sit in front of a computer for 99% of time




requires too much concentration

do you know why people fall asleep while driving on a highways most often? because it's boring af and let's you chill



it was an accident

I think the rabbit was suicidal


apparently DC is canceled again because of pic related



Dodging a truck every 30 seconds is not chill



theres even a ton of dc fans on twitter that agree its bad and have mailed DCC about it because its cultural appropiation...



oh no, they e-mailed Happy:)... I'm sure they will care, just like they did when the "change your name" e-mails started



changing the group s name is a ridiculous request but i can expect this dreamcatcher thing not being part of the next album packaging since its nothing that drastic


banger, i need to watch that anime



and first get a license..




i can expect this dreamcatcher thing not being part of the next album packaging since its nothing that drastic

the last album had something similar, just without the feather

also dc subreddit seems to not care about it




dc subreddit

i think for a kpop subreddit there might be a lot of dudes on that one so you can expect it to be more reasonable and less sjw



I only use reddit and twitter to get kpop pics/news but it seems that reddit is way more normal in general


I'm glad we believe in cultural exchange here


Pump up the volume!



Mogged Wony?



Wild is all that matters

it had the best rap parts in all of their discography


what are some objectively justifiable consoomer purchases for a kpop fan?



have you seen the full mv? you're in for a lot of omo leg shots...


lmao at how long that girl at the banner in the back is



I love that bikinis are perfectly acceptable by society




and they didn't photoshoop it too hard which was common back then


I watched 7 movies since the year started which is more than I've seen for the whole 2020 and tbh some of those white actresses are really pretty




yeah i notice that too sometimes

when I look at korean women I only see the top 1% since I only look at kpops, but with white women I mostly see the average girls and I think it really fucks up my perception



yeah, but to be fair the actresses are also the top 3% or so


tfw her last IG update was last year


also didn't know there's an "armpit" gallery on dcinside, kinda boring but some good pics there



I love pits but I don't get those cropped pics

just post the whole picture and I will just zoom when I feel like it



at first I thought it was Mijooo but her red outfit wasn't made of latex

728×7001.90Mb00:032021 Korea Grand Sale Opening Ceremony with OH MY GIRL & B1A4!-wPP8zpI2sbA


big tfw hit me tonight...


Going back to that discussion from earlier.

After seeing this pic I think I can see why CUBE put SHu into the group



really feels like I'm watching a kid with a woman, no offense to chuu



I'm glad Chuu was kept in a small space in this episode

in the previous one she had too much space and I couldn't handle her energy



the premise of the show sounds kinda lame, but I'm glad it works and it's pretty fun to watch



right now it's my second favorite solo kpop content right after Yuqi's learn way


the editing of Yuqi's show remind me of God of Music 2, and it's almost as funny



man it really sucks how the subtitles files for that show are lost forever, the links in the blog of the guy are dead and he said he didn't have a backup

it's weird how people don't make backups, I even have 2 of my useless pictures and webms lol



that trot teacher is quite the character


i want a chinese gf...


90k on hanteo this comeback



maybe it was obvious to you, but that doesn't say which group

1370×10767.69Mb00:08200226 MBC M Show Champion E343





you are not allowed to take advantage of her energy


i wanna hold hands with my waifu



i really need that from my waifu, just these 2 things and nothing else




o to the m to the o

they use that pattern all the time - spelling each letter of some word implying it sounds cool that way

so lame




I just can't imagine how it'd be if she stayed in WM and debuted with OMG instead of Jine, her vocals and funny skills would have been a great contribution



she was supposed to be in omg? thats kinda gut wrenching... considering it didnt turn out well for jine either, maybe it sucks that she didnt debut with them



she's my favorite weki along with Yoojung...

they're all a great bunch actually, they're not doing that bad I guess



a very angry alien species


shes my favorite along with lucy, i really like weki meki but objectively anyone would be more succesful and fullfilled if they were in omg instead

i hope weki meki can somehow make it...



Sakura's are pretty big but (she even sleeps with her eyes open) but there are probably bigger ones.



I seem to remember there was another girl that was already announced to be in WeMe but Suyeon got swapped in last second.



let's not hate on the management. the members left to focus on acting (all members are also actors). management posted they left because they thought busters was not becoming successful enough.



back when they were called iTeen Girls



jiho's are pretty big




all members are also actors

really? didn't know that



well now seeing that, seems like the group had a completely different lineup



watch out everyone, this guy knows SARCASM

1280×7202.95Mb00:08[Dreamcatcher's Note] 드림캐쳐 'DYSTOPIA SEVEN SPIRITS' 스트리밍 콘서트 비하인드 <>


our maknae is growing up well~



maybe she didn't lose weight but found a way to transfer fat to the places she wants it to be


tfw no /fa/ kgf


I had another kpop dream btw

this time with Soojin which is another idol I never post


yejibros how is vivi so chill? lol she's relaxing to watch



I always thought she looked stoned af all the time.