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Kpop/Nancy general


Kpop/Nancy general



those thigh windows



very true



I hope the guy from r/ will deliver the HQ version in a week


is it legal to post those videos though :iu_huh:



I tried to make it brighter but there's not enough info in the video itself to make it clearer RIP



I like Nancy, so if by some miracle some representatitve of MLD comes here asking the admin to delete them we should comply, even though they can't do shit



I mean technically it's illegal recording of some person, I guess most countries don't allow that




I got assigned to a korean project at my work and there's possibility I will have to go to korea once

would be funny if I had to tell my boss that I can't go because Korean law enforcement wants to arrest me for watching k-pop booba


I am not gonna download that video. It's a test of my self restraint against my primal coombrain.




It's a test of my self restraint against my primal coombrain




Korean law enforcement wants to arrest me for watching k-pop booba



a guy from my team went to korea recently for two weeks and had to stay at the quarantine in the hotel for 10 days


the madman actually went to the other thread



It's a shit quality video of girl I don't really care about. I can't stoop so low




so if by some miracle

we has few miracles here



It would be funnier if you were Josh and had to tell them about restraining order.



so you just at Jessi's face/body? rude!


behead those who don't care about Nancy McBooty


Yeji's hairstyle is so cute



honestly I thought her tits would be smaller, because I was overly skeptical about gook's tits in general

but seems like at least some of them have C cup

Nancy is hapa though so that might explain it :wend_sus:

pure koreans like Sulli, Hwayoung, Ailee, Irene, Lua, Seungha, etc all have very small tits



scientist won't ever quote Kagami's work again because illegal content was posted on his site... sad!


I like this guy who posts one webm per day in the noona thread

I wish I was so diligent too



They don't care anymore. Someone already quoted Kiwifarms in paper.



I think people were posting her pretty often when Momoland was active




nobody ever posted her here before this thing happened, other than a pic here and there if they had a comeback.

I only post my waifus when they promote and I have new pics of them

I'm not an avatarfag to post them all the time


girl i dont really care about

she'd be saddened to hear that...



that fucking faggot will make her cry again


I'm tired of pleasing Nancy with every post I make here

she doesn't even aware of this place


people also body shamed her here

this place is too toxic for me, I'm out!



it's Nancysimps and there's lots of us



I made the webms, I'm not going to do anything to the video though



Nancy would be sad that a heterosexual males don't want to watch her video

it will make her think that she isn't attractive enough



these new vinys are really good... the vlive was also really nice


Nancy would be sad because of <some anon's post>

new meme?




taking kch memeing seriously

new meme?



same here, can't have big natural breasts without a big tummy




one with an instruction how to send money through kakaotalk


I'm way more /fit/ than Nancy but I would settle for her because she has nice personality




why would I pay her for photos, she needs money for books


i would unironically send her money if she sent a selfie specifically for me and my eyes only




I'm way more /fit/ than Nancy

doubt, she dances for hours every day, don't think you would be able keep the pace


after being done with, now I'm lurking, but there's too much content so I'm just searching for Arin, most of the stuff is on the cute side




check some random big booba girl instead of your waifu




I don't like Momoland except for Nancy and Yeonwoo

maybe Jane too



consequences will never be the same, brother




maybe if we tell the priest about it we will be forgiven


technically it's not even NSFW because you can't see her nipples


I sometimes go to /mu/ just to call someone a brother

it makes me feel like I belong



from what people said in the other thread, original dumbass viet poster uploaded the video to some site that encoded the thing to make it smaller



i was on the phone with her all day and calmed her down




you are naked under your clothes

hilariously dumb shit



watch some stand up dude

maybe you will start to get jokes then


all doctors should be arrested, all those poor babies being born naked... nooooooooooooo


tfw too smart to get jokes



we should punish Nancy's gynaecologist



my waifu wasn't born

she was created by the gods, fully clothes of course



based Arin bro

do we know her mom? not at all, because she doesn't exist, her "dad" is some chad sent by Korean Jesus to protect her

512×708462.48Kb00:04미미·비니(OH MY GIRL), '바라보면 미소가 절로~' [현장]-kfqhU_2yCnA

yall need yesus



arin's "dad"'s jaw is so wide because he keeps an entire K2 흑표 division there



I need more Kim Minju Angel actually





nah Jessi actually it's Sunmi


IU songs are totally not my style

Chungha has so many bangers tho



posting her here and defending her from people who talk shit about her



I want you to know that I will remember this and if you don't post her here regularly I will call you out



this girl is crying in front of my house and is talking about some leak, I think her flat got flooded



pet her and give her some snacks and call the police on her


taking your Nancygf on a walk


The Chad Mainlander vs The Virgin Thighwanese


don't expect anything from ybdc,what he has is also low qual just like us since that was kkkaba originaly had




im waiting for a recipe with milk in it



don't we all? when she posted those i thought it was one of the prettiest kpop dresses



my human side feels bad

the chimp within me is celebrating





I wish I could

but according to Joe Rogan chimps in the wild would LITERALLY rip me apart, starting from the dick


first they would have to find it tho



they are very strong indeed




no bra

is that synonym of "strong woman" now



it's to stop you from reproducing in case they don't kill you




stop you from reproducing

that wasn't necessary...



Reject monke, return to the ocean


reject humanity

return to your mother ship



it's much better just because she is speaking an actual human language


say something nice about my waifu


I listened to Momoland to celebrate today and I liked all 5 versions of Boom Boom



how to make the group popular

how to please fans

how to not hit the wall

how to get even better looks if possible

being far from family

hate comments

lack of love comments

a plan for retirement after the group is over



missing out on certain experiences due to their unusual lifestyle

thats like 11






I don't think I could name 10 problems I have, I have like 5 problems max

being an idol must suffering



I disagree with everything but all the girls posted there are very pretty

btw every time I see "dcinside" I think it will be about Dreamcatcher




btw every time I see "dcinside" I think it will be about Dreamcatcher



is nokgf one of them?




not Karina tho




A serious offense against elegance





is nokgf one of them?

no gf in general but kgf would be preferable of course



I think they're just ranking appearance, Karina and Nana for me are indeed the top 2 beauties of the new groups, even though I prefer Weeekly as idols



Karina only got #1 because Aespa is big and her karinas are big

I think her face is pretty but not THAT pretty


wish i took this pic...


I think my #1 rookie looks only would be Isa or Zoa


reminder you have to look like that to get a kgf



good choices

I personally can't separate Zoa from how cute she is, so I don't see her that attractive




I think the bangs make her cuter, without her she is a beauty imo



you know what, I think you were right

Zoa is just a cute kid


I just realized there are people who paid 70 bucks for that Nancy video



you made my chimp brain think about my waifu being naked

fuck you


if only you knew how true things really are



it's 5 am in Korea, she's probably showering naked as we speak



she is probably at mnet building already preparing for mcountdown

954×7001.44Mb00:10오마이걸 미미-비니 '스타인강 기대하세요!' [STARPIC 4K] _ OHMYGIRL - in BITMARU 20210127-CpkJTD9EYl4

they don't say for what, but OMG seems to be busy all day long



Binnie is busy with deleting IG posts and then making new ones

648×10802.79Mb00:06[60P] 190406 idle Minnie (sweatman cam) 2

3 (You)s for Minnie


she made it!



don't talk about sales

no one posted 2nd day sales for DC yet and it makes me


I'm glad to hear that



you got the wrong member



I know you meant something else but I'm too pure to see what it was

feels good



she can clearly play, but sometimes her right hand looks from an amateur who barely learned the name of each string

it's a bit weird



she was seriously injured in a crash at the Ronde di Andora rally

her hand got fucked up pretty bad


where's dindin

is that nigga serious? he's dating that one April girl so makes no sense to ask





can you say something in arabic?

allah snakbar!





my euro brain has problems understanding that all those sandniggas speak one language


that shirt can't contain her




it looks like you drink a lot of soy milk


she is friends with nooner



love soyous english


damn i never need another cushion again


tfw Soyou wife will never make you a breakfest



no, brightest color was this one, and it's pretty normal




Gah and Dayoung should convince her to get some cool color



on a serious note, I don't think she has control over that, if WM wants pink color, she's going to have it

but I think they like how she looks and don't care much for changing it


her stove sounds like world war two



Jiholy went blonde so I hope Arin will do it too

OMG isn't memehair friendly compared to other groups tbh


that t-shirt isn't even slim fit


oh, found the blonderins


watching live kpops before bed is very refreshing

I'm sure I will sleep well now


I knew I had the collage somewhere



Greenrin is my thing

looks like a cyborg



i'll give her half of my (((unrealized))) gains

it wont make a difference to her tho, she must be rich asf




if I knew I would buy her some GameStop stonks

What's up with that? I've read some of it on reddit but I don't get it


yejibros is Nancy still crying



my time to shine

essentially the big hedge funds, the main player in this story being literally run by a jew have been betting against stocks (shorting) stocks

GME has been MASSIVELY shorted, the short % was like 162% a few days ago which makes no fucking sense, how can you borrow more than 100% of the existing flow

but thats another jewish trick like how banks can just lend more than they have

enter the autism of /r/wallstreetbets which decide to fuck these boomer jews and bet against THEIR bet

from there on its a domino effect thats fairly difficult to explain but i reckon it will go up a few more days, i dont know when i'll cash out but im holding like my waifu's laifu fucking depends on it





so what i mean is, yes gamestop being a physical retail store doesnt help its business much in 2021 but this was never a case of business model = stonks go up

its a case of reddit autists vs boomer/jew autists




i dont know when i'll cash out

when you do buy some kpop albums

get one momoland too so Nancy stops crying




its a case of reddit autists vs boomer/jew autists

ahh I see, that subreddit seems very popular when I'm browsing the site, and most fo the time I don't get the post



im honestly thinking about dumping most or all of the returns in safe long play stonks like ive had until now

those got absolutely fucked today though, the market was crashed and i think its because those boomers got caught with their pants down and got fucked so badly they pulled out of more and more investments to try to cover their asses


it has grown from 2,3 mil to 3,4mil subs in like 2 days... i think the growth started at like 1,8mil

albeit a lot of them are bots, i used to not believe in these conspiracies but there were so many fucking new accounts/bot posts if you sort by new shilling other penny stocks to drive away attention from GME

the jews really tried so many tricks to halt this





albeit a lot of them are bots,

I had the theory some years ago that there are some AI bots on /kpg/, but since there's nothing to shill there, they're just for testing purposes

reading about it, they fit the criteria of human behaviour triggered by certain words


yejibros do we like Cherry Bullet



not sure about kpg but ive been 100% convinced shilling bots exist in a much larger proportion than i would have ever thought, its scary

i was refreshing new and every 5th post was a 2 hour account shill of some garbage, cant imagine being a mod



hopefully AI against bots is being developed, shouldn't be that hard to find



I do like their music but don't know the girls, brother


get message from mobile operator


since it's your anniversary with our company, enjoy free data as a present


check their app I use to control my account


more data available but I have to pay for it

I fucking hate these jews so much




We're sad you're deleting your account, that'll be 19.99 plus charges



$NOK, $AMC and a bunch of other cheap stocks to drive attention away from $GME the big player of the moment



Installed old firmware on some devices, wouldn't normally be an issue as it is easy to install new one, but the devices had gone out to customers a month ago.....



The device still works, all the fundamental bits are there as it was just out of date software, not a faulty one. But they are missing some features



They probably won't ever even need that. But it is a fuckup nonetheless


lel wallstreetbets is invite-only now




tfw missed the biggest bull run of the decade



the Cherry Bullet girl on the right is pretty cute



sent home because there is not enough work


finally somebody didn't accuse me in face



its only in that one pic though



t. me for like 3 whole months in 2020



Maybe but I think it happens a lot


does she want us to look too?


title song about mouth


title song about eyes

Next time...



dystopia series is over

next comeback will have some new memes


love those outfits



I'm too dumb to get her lyrics

she is a geek the big paradox after all




it's like they couldn't decide what to do





didnt know what my fav concept was until now


that choker




bros i dont feel so good




she looks completely fake to me


I can't stand her in enozi cams



have you ever seen her native personality?

inb4 that wony_angry webm

1280×7202.43Mb00:05_ <>

What if this is their real personality?




She's the future of KPOP

I hope not

anorexia is a very serious mental illness


that's it

I'm a footfag now



she's just the most idol-like out of all the members



there's also to consider that she's been in the biz since she was 12/13, she's probably just been brainwashed to be like this and it actually is her real personality.


sometimes all of you are worse than Ilbe



i wouldnt say brainwashed but shes just too accustomed to being the perfect idol onscreen

judging from how the other izones coddle and baby her, shes probably lovable behind the cameras



oh, you're one of those people who can't move on from a show that aired almost three years ago



See how fake her smile is, while Sakura is pure.



yeah I meant more like conditioned to behave in a certain way and over time that behaviour has become a part of her personality but of course idols always exaggerate their behaviour on camera. She's still just a kid who hasn't experienced much of life and especially so since idol life is pretty sheltered, it's mostly just training rooms and schedules.


how do you call a wony bro?






you just gave me ptsd

dont ever use that phrase




still just a kid who hasn't experience much of life

that might be why she clung so much to yujin

to wony, yujin is her first friend


good news

Yomi bangs are gone



can't they just h*cking debut?


ex-kpop chink noona



reject humanity

return to monke


kkzzbros are pitchads




Binnie looks so good with light makeup



Nonstop was 9 months ago

are they so old now that they can only have one comeback per year like Apink?



hey, our grandmas need a rest!

no but, probably still a bad idea to have a comeback now


but omg have been promoting their song a lot and for a long time too



because the jews are trying to manipulate the stock market at unprecedented levels and its dangerous ground to tread on



im afraid they have to pull out soon before it gets even more dangerous


(((one))) of the members from those groups is safe though


is chimp aware of her nickname


sometimes even youtube comments can be good


I like the one with Rena's haircut


Hey boy pararara~~



please give a lot of love to her

i didnt know that, i havent checked weverse out yet


#4 looks vulgar, she's probably the designated sekshie member




please give a lot of love to her

it will be my 3rd time trying to get into Cherry bullet


sekshie comeback when





I like some of their songs, some girls are cute but I just don't find the group as a whole interesting


I will try



it's pretty fun, reminds me a bit of Yolandi from Die Andword




I just don't find the group as a whole interesting

fnc's group must be interesting



for me it's hands up

just joined their weverse btw

this girl looks a bit like Kim Lip



this girl looks a lot like my waifu



yeah, something of her looks really similar


I think this one will be my cherryfu after all

sorry Jiwon

1972×15002.03Mb00:05현아 (HyunA) - 'I'm Not Cool' MV-_yXEnhyOTQo

I like this camera trick


not my fault agency makes her look like that

582×8101.16Mb00:08위클리 먼데이(Weeekly MONDAY)가 ‘경상도 사투리와 월요일’을 이긴 사연! [TD습격영상]-zDHJwqzPAlw

these 2 go together


Love So Sweet is 10/10 but other songs on that mini are pretty forgettable



Her thinking face is still funny



How do you know she is thinking? Squids are not known for their cognitive ability


this place made me like Squidzy


Literally me.

Befriending the lunch lady ensured that I could get a lot more food on the days we had something good.





she gets lost in thoughts a lot

but I cant find that webm




real name: Hirokawa Mao



I think I know why she picked a different name



Neverglow had a vlive like yesterday but it was voice only


Let's see how it looks cut out



430×5121.40Mb00:05대도서관 - 10 01 2019 10-34-16 - 대도서관 ] 잠시 후, 우주소녀 합동방송 WJSN (Cosmic Girls) KPOP 수빈, 은서, 연정



Is she talking about the problems of gay men here?



i prefer posting them when they are not active so they are not forgotten and live in kchingu s memories



took me 10 seconds to remember her name, I'm also starting to remember Chaerim



this pic is kino but would be even better if the button was visible

very weird logic tho

people would get into them easier if you shilled their recent content



its pretty short...



thats true but they would also forget them if they dont do anything atm

eg dead groups, noonas

i want them to live on in people's memories




but they would also forget them if they dont do anything atm

but now they can't even forget them because they never remembered them in the first place




very true, but i cant do both things

so they will never make it on kch....


I have a song in my head but can't remember its name.



Nope, its chorus is something like set/let me free

I think it's from a soloist.



people should just stop paying attention to them and their posts that only get 1 or 2 yous


I watched Moneyball and I loved the movie even tho I don't know how baseball works



I do know how it works and it's incredibly boring.

Playing it in school was ok though





are you the anon who likes chungha? then we're truly the opposite




we can never be friends then

you say this while giving me two (You)s

those are some mixed signals



body and face are kinda like from a cheerleader




our maknae is growing up well

500×6942.55Mb00:06190628 Music Bank E985 (1080i h264)_kresbayyy


overall it's a pretty hot group with Mijoo, Jisoo, Yein and Sujeong


tfw ywn pat Tiger Eyes' head

1420×12065.19Mb00:06190309 러블리즈(Lovelyz) 대구 FC 공연 등장, 퇴장 4K 직캠 Fancam by Happiness-ZHNKRVr6ShM


our girls Jisoo, Yein and Sujeong!

webm related me, meeting them


yeah Mijoo has big booba, round butt and juicy thighs but I mainly like her for her personality

1920×10803.33Mb00:10[BEHIND THE SCENE - IZ ONE] KPOP TV Show M COUNTDOWN 200702 EP.672

I wonder whast sort of thing is Eunbi teaching our Wony

1080×17044.68Mb00:05160328 오마이걸(OH MY GIRL)(아린) - 라이어라이어(Liar Liar) @미디어쇼케이스(롯데카드 아트센터) [직캠_Fancam] By 벤뎅이-TtyIwVeHj24

imagine watching this Arin perform live



Wony already is very humble. She gives away 75% of her food



there is that webm of a white guy watching prime Arin during some busking event from the BACK!



our pure Yena doesn't want any of that degeneracy


our new girls went on fact in star recently



looking good

bora next to chaerin shouldn't be allowed, the difference in leg color is a bit too much lol




the difference in leg color is a bit too much lol




That dancer on the left is copping a feel


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa don't open it


my Rena-like waifu



that pararara and dance move in first chorus kills me



yeah, she basically put her ass in front of his face :iu_huh:



I waifued almost all Pristin members, especially Pristin V




they are promoting two songs?

even if it doesn't look like it, they're from a mid tier company




they're from a mid tier company

it's not like all big groups promote two songs




do you even follow my links

posting too much info in one post is not an effective way of shilling





make'em whistle like a missile




who said I don't like checking out new songs? I'm just not going to watch 4 videos just because some dude posted them on kch





not true

I like maybe two BP songs because they are actually good, the rest is garbage




if BP released something different from 2NE1 bsides

things would be different




I'm just not going to watch 4 videos just because some dude posted them on kch

rude and unnecessary mean

I thought we're all friends here

924×720306.66Kb00:02210127 아돌라스쿨

amazing drawing skills

(from a fan btw)


brothers, sisters

i never hated the jews more than today and i never loved korean girls more than today

pic related




i never hated the jews more than today

not cool




on their latest album

I honestly only give their titles a listen, not because of BP but just in general



This is why so many groups promote 2 songs. Because pabos don't listen to their albums



its not about judaism or ethnicity, its about their hand-rubbing practices

and i think she has a pure heart and wont ever be like that


hey, even the nazis saved some jews for high ranking positions



I've been listening to kpop for 10 years now, I know that most of the time it's not worth it. That's a reason I come here, people sometimes recommend good b-sides




How can this be true if they all sound the same

wow you BTFO'd your strawman really well but I never said that



return to monke, stay far away from becoming a jew




I know that most of the time it's not worth it

In my experience it's the opposite. Most of my 2020 top 10 songs are Bsides




In my experience it's the opposite


that's why I always listen to new albums at least once

minis are like 20 minutes long and that's how long I'm driving to work usually so I just listen to them in the car



More of a Daydreamer to be honest



its the only way i can REJECT hate and return to kpoplove



they are trying to stunt gamestop's stock's rally with jewish tricks

im not memeing, and i was surprised today to see how many of these men in high position for these companies pushing against us are unironically jewish

essentially they disabled BUY options for the stock today on the most used brokerage app in america which helped them dump down the stock to a better price where they can cover their ass

but its not over yet, its a bad day and the jews always win but i dont think they'll win this time

if you google gamestop, robinhood you will see tons of articles probably

even fucking political people on BOTH parties agree about this being blatant manipulation and thats something that rarely ever happens



I can't decide if that is her best feature or if it's her gorgeous smile




what makes her so attractive? she isn't like super beautiful or something, but yet her face is highly magnetizing




she isn't like super beautiful

She is for me



even the richest fucking man in the world is on our side, i used to be fairly neutral about him but hes quite based, fuck these 1% jews who think its all good when people invest and the jews have the edge but once they lose the edge they flip a button and its game over for normal people

this issue has been blowing up all over twitter and reddit and i expect it to make even bigger news in the following days and weeks



I mean she isn't universally attractive, compared to e.g. Miyeon or Nana

but I like her more for some other reason



yeah, I think everybody will agree, Miyeon is perfect



She has very round head and big cheeks, which according to that one guy is associated with kids, but she has really strong stare when she is performing and that juxtaposition creates some really strong appeal (innocence mixed with adult stuff gets your brain going)




what conspiracy? there is no conspiracy




i used to be fairly neutral about him but hes quite based, fuck these 1% jews

you lame altrights will lick balls to any public figure who is somehow opposite to the democrats even by a minor margin



But he is the electric car man, I thought dems love those


I only care about memes



this current issue isnt a political issue for once, not when you have people on both sides acknowledging the game is fucked and someone should be held accountable but no one probably will be

i just like elon because if he tweets about my stonk it goes up, simple as

and he doesnt refuse to speak out on unsettling matters like now, unlike tons of other people in positions like him




and he doesnt refuse to speak out on unsettling matters like now

because he's too big to fail, usa's success in space is basically tied with him




because he's too big to fail

tell that to Rome



amazon is too big to fail, that bald fucker's bbusiness isnt going anywhere but hes nowhere near as based and outspoken as musk on these issues



bezos is replaceable, musk isn't, all usa's space marketing is built upon him



maybe bezos is but i cant see anything overtaking amazon, they have seeped into fucking everything

so by extension you could say amazon is very essential


I am essential.



I mean you can replace bezos with black woman, but it would be really hard to replace musk, so he's essential for now


I am.


replace president Moon with Jessi



how do i get rid of bezos? i need this to happen for my queen



Moon is the president????