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K-pop thread for the month of February in the year of our lord 2021


K-pop thread for the month of February in the year of our lord 2021



i like arin, and think she is cute


Squid to start the thread...



but you dont need sacrifices to summon jiu




post the video juseyo

movie called Er ist wieder da, maybe it's on youtube



you haven't seen it?

it's pretty based, Hitler is actually very likeable in it


>>557519 i havent


very likeable in it

he's very likeable outside of it too


maybe i should check it out, i wonder what sowon thought of it



what was dreamcatcher thinking! I'm actually shaking right now, the holocaust is not a joke!



i would actually like to see twitters reaction considering dami is the roastie lesbian bait of the group


Ein Reich

Ein Volk

Kein Show Win


mocking nazis = endorsement

When did West become so autistic?

576×9663.68Mb00:06210205 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1061)



how can arin be so perfect? even her face has absolutely perfect symmetry, it's uncanny. she also has very lovable personality instead of being a stacy as you would expect of someone so pretty



ah interesting, I was also thinking about the symmetry of her face in this episode



i hope this gaypop's choreographer has a good day


Arin is real

Arin is rael

Arin Israel



in a videogame, they'd give you the ability to max out the cuteness of your character, but also make the girl flat to compensate

Arin is cheating the system




even better butts than kpops

thats not surprising, cant say the same about thighs tho




and they have even better butts than kpops

and bigger boobs too, usually overall better body

I posted this a couple of days ago and then started thinking how even Koreans are much thicker in comparison to idols, even compared to the ones we think are kinda thick

but also, those are dancers though, so I guess there's a bit more meat



ive never seen a real woman with a body as good as this



I don't disagree but that is not exactly what I meant.

Women often have something that may not be traditionally considered attractive.

Maybe a bit bigger nose, or minor acne scars.

Kpops get rid of this immediately but "real" women don't and it sometimes add to the "personality" of their looks.

Don't care about butts very much.




Women often have something that may not be traditionally considered attractive.

like a penis?


imagine ur waifus tummy and button after she wore tight pants an entire day

all the marks



One girl I used to like had bigger nose like Sua. Almost her facial features were somewhat sharp. She was very cute.


They were never that appealing.

968×8505.26Mb00:04210205 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1061)

there's nothing much to this webm, but I thought it was cute how quickly she turns and says ok



yeah i dated a girl who thought she had a big nose too, i didnt quite notice it because it wasnt a jewish type of nose, i only dont like those

i think i just dont care much about noses unless they are like that


butts are the most omo body part imo



butts are good but realistically a lot of kpops are quite flat so i look more at thighs



I'm a spinester now!

628×8947.79Mb00:07210205 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1061)


I'm an arinster in general



do other members have schedules like Arin does or are they just chilling at home between comebacks?



honestly bin grabs my attention the most in that picture

904×800736.00Kb00:05201208 Land Only Village E06


they have a lot of schedules now, Hyojung was on this show and had a radio show, and now another radio show

seunghee is mc to several shows now, some are ending some are starting

yooa seems to be very busy but we don't actually know why

and everyone in general is doing photoshoots all the time


i've become enamored with Choamommygf lately tbqh...

2160×18607.24Mb00:10[릴레이댄스 어게인] 우아!(woo!ah!) - FIRE (Original Song by. 2NE1) (4K)-9ePuAfqCtv0

sorry, this webm was next to the hyojung one, had to post it again



that's one of the best webms in recent months, no need to apologize for posting it



the omg covers were nice, the gdragon cover not so much including the outfit



imagine coming back from work and Choawife is waiting with dinner for you



and Binnie stays at home and trains the skills a good housewife needs



that's why she's the perfect wife material



it would be so wholesome and dreamlike...



nonstop cover was kinda nice, good vibez


I need to bonk myself after seeing that Nana webm


i for 2020 nugus every day



same but getting into new groups is so fun I get into every rookie group I see



please bonk me too, i shouldnt look at wooAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH that way



yeah some accounts are "unfollowed" for some reason, Hyomin's IG is one of my favorites and she posts a lot, so it's a shame




I think it's because IG made scrapping pics almost impossible

if you check the "accounts" tab you will see almost all IG accounts are "unfollowed"



last time i asked he told me it had to manually refresh the feed or something in order to scrap pics so maybe thats why

zucc really fucked the api over



that was from the American elections I think, most accounts are ok now, but those specifically say Unfollowed, but it could be because of the same issue



there and also in preferences


but yeah, since it's Hyomin I doubt it's because of what she posts but something technical



she used to feed her fans regularly

especially on her bday



oh i remember that and wow thats a lot of drinks


500 new posts in all threads combined

not reading that


tiny, graduated




she's so small and cute holy shit


i dont read any of your posts, i just scroll to the bottom and make my own



I read them all, and it's not autism I swear



wait, what episode is that? I've watched them all and I don't remember that bit


??? 2.7 ??? dubXchaeng



that kinda gave me The Shinning vibes, the scene from the bar



I have the exact same cup as she holds in #4

I guess we are a match made in heaven



how far would they go with fanservice?


he is actually reading missed posts



At least give him (you), bro.


do you think (You)s grow on trees?


My wife and her girlfriend


Gahyeon is FILF


idk what happened when she was in China but she came back much prettier imo


nevermind it's a lame ballad




Who has best cheekbones in Cape Hop?


Cheekbone Queen



omooo, remember that famous snsd's performance on a roof?


Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhing this as well tbh




say something nice about my waifu



i think shes very beautiful



her smile makes me feel at ease


best waifu i rediscovered in 2021


rookies will never make it if you just rediscover noonas like that




do you like the current Yuna as much as the old Yuna tho?



i think even during her idol days she looked different very often, long haired yuna is a lot different to the later short hair eras

from her ig pics now i do think she looked better then but i also think if she got back her stylist nim she'd look like before

this happens pretty often tbh, one other example i can think of rn is hani



i think its actually much more rare to see a former idol look exactly the same as the last comebacks

one i can think of rn is hyomin but maybe thats because she kept the really black hair look, she looks the same as in the last comeback




one i can think of rn is hyomin

also Woohee and Minha and Lime and some others



oh yea certainly, those havent changed at all and i am really glad



they say it at the end

their endgame is you having a good night



nah, i think it's a cover of a song actually

still waiting for cry for me promotions lmao




cry for me

that song is amazing but I think it sounds like some old western song



YES i was in physical pain the whole week after mama trying to remember why it sounded so familiar



I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that


i wanna hug her



they look really good on them, i hope you are happy with your purchase



that is really wholesome and now i want one too


ellesse is kinda omo



look at #4 my 2 goddesses



i really miss them now



with the jimin scandal coming out i really dont know what to believe, maybe some of them had a good bond but clearly not all of them if you include jimin too



i think they were mostly just very professional. they got the job done f*cking perfectly and you have to respect that



very true and i have even more respect for mina for being so professional despite everything that was going on



watch your words chingu, mondays name is jimin too



plastic? i think so

b*ghit was a nugu agency afterall, i think most nugu gaypops are plastic


jamie jimin is nice i should listen to her podcast at some point



I tried listening to some korean podcasts but I couldn't understand a damn word they were saying.



that's kind of a weird complaing, if you don't know Korean it should help getting you more familiar with the language


oh jamie's podcast ended like a year ago


understanding stuff without subs is such a nice feeling i can't do it very often but it's nice


pretty noonas are the absolute best. they say only men peak later in life but some women do that too


Almost all kpops I like are like 1 or 2 years older than me...



i hope so too, their music is kino



They shouldn't do that. It causes strokes, cancer and dementia.



i am waiting for their comeback after it



leave the entire country of Korea alone



don't worry you're going to make it with 5th gen kpops





she looks like a skeleton in the last one, somebody stop her!


boomers in charge of making "interactive" broadcasts always read twitter posts out loud as if that's interesting


I'm laughing so hard right now

I've just suddenly found great source of videos with my fetish

there's no nudes so they host it on youtube, but if you check the videos you can clearly see that that fetish is the only purpose of uploading those videos, even though it might seem harmless from the first glance (de jure it's videos about cars)

and seems like a lot of foreign people/redditors/whoever else discovered that youtube channel too and now rating those videos based on how good the fetish is being represented

it's so funny, they're going full autism



i hear they even come back sometimes



Getting away with this stuff on sfw platforms like Youtube and Pinterest is pretty fun and convinient.




yeah, the comments are like that:


This girl is not suited for this kind of videos. Don't bring her back


Why this girl again? She dosen`t know the channel


Final note: 1. You can not watch this video more than 1 time.


Do you know why we watch this channel?


Wow what a waste....can we have Alisa back please ???

to clarify: it's not onlyfans, they paid nothing, they don't even donate, yet go full autism about the content

authors upload it for the views probably, but it's still funny that commenters have such strong demands on the content that shouldn't technically be allowed


it's gotta be the thing where the girls step on the gas pedal right what other car fetishes could he be talking about




where the girls step on the gas pedal right



I think I made it, I was dreaming about that type of content for the half of my life

what other gift of fate would I get in 2021? korean wife?


what content are we talking about? I'm not following



when you said fetish I was kinda expecting something weird, that's pretty omo indeed


wasn't there a very famous video of this, but one of her boobs came out "by accident"? should be from many years ago



basically upskirts, but girls are real, it's not some lame fake or paid actresses



yeah, maybe it influenced the guys I linked above


I'm watching the TRI.BE variety, and from the many years I've been watching kpop, they all have a "won't make it" face, sadly.



not very hopeful either, but i trust shinsadong and le to at least make something good while it lasts



yeah true, song could be good regardless


i started watching oregairu s3 and i feel like i've become too old for this



try watching aot, mushoku tensei, or redo of healer

jujutsu kaisen if youre craving for something from last season




thanks, mushoku tensei sounds pretty fun. after the rain not so much because i'm not a friggin 45 year old so i can't self-insert there



Do you like something like Lost in Translation?



im shocked that roasties didnt try to cancel After The Rain



i liked that movie but i think it's been nearly a decade since i saw it so i don't remember much of it... american beauty was also a good movie



hmm i might watch it tbh, not everything has to be self-insertable tbq fair


ive been meaning to read the manga oyasumi punpun andi actually started it a few weeks ago but completely forgot about it

i think its supposed to be pretty depressing so maybe ill get back on it



the only time you self-insert in is harem animes


True koreaboos read manhwas instead of mangas



Maybe you will have different opinion. People don't really bring this up. The conclusion is however satisfying. Overall, I would say it is in my top 5.



Solo Leveling

Death Is the Only Ending for the Villainess



word, have to go to sleep but tomorrow i'll listen to all of them


true true Koreaboos read webtoons


help!!!! i cannot stop listening to cherry bullet's love so sweet!



did you figure out why they skip the 't'?



god this show is a blessing

love performances where you can hear steppy sounds


omo she has a younger brother

that guy literally calls her noona everyday



he calls her noona at 5:39 lol, what a chad



my favorite channel...



that was a really nice ending, I wonder if it's standard now or they're maybe closing or what



i hope they're not, the message was so wholesome



it got me it sounds so much like yura's laugh, some dude today was asking who's the yura of this generation so if there had to be one i would say sua

omo and great laugh



he is so lucky, i would give anything for jiu's sisterly love




nothing embarrassing about Love Unique Light Laugh Everlasting or Treasure


Fuck it guys, I need a gf this year

I'll even try with a cute white girl if I can find any



Yeah the thought disgusts me too but maybe there's cute ones out there



t. me every year for the past 4 years

1280×7204.57Mb00:10201215 Land Only Village E07

imagine candy gf



i will end this fly for bothering her., i woudl hunt every fly in the world for her.


Monday on Sunday




Maybe its good me & my gf broke up & didnt get married in korea this year...





I feel like my standards have dropped since I no longer consider the smog bad until it’s in the “purple” ratings





Maybe its good me & my gf broke up & didnt get married in korea this year...




kgf with defective lungs

it's like those classic romantic european novels with girls suffering from tuberculosis

have any of you seen The Wind Rises anime btw? it's really great


seriously tho i've had girls propose to me in Korea... you can find someone else without much trouble


Potemkin Greenism

huh those redditors are not bad


oh fuck, this looks like some disaster movie

do you watch Snowpiercer btw? I've recently rewatched the 2013 movie (made by the director of Parasite) and finished the first season and all available from the second of the series


14 points in my city

should be <10 actually because I'm not in the center

feeling great

need to take korean waifu to my place to save her lungs


haven't i made it obvious~

haven't i made it cleaaaar~




wtf korea's pollution is even worse than in my city, and my city has terrible pollution



when its really bad its 70-90, when its not its in the 30-40s


monthly sino post



japs are trying to scout me so look forward to monthly nip posts



promotions for Odd Eye are already over


Wind Blows promos start in a week


nice thumbnail



it's a shame but at least we will get promotions for two songs

that's always nice


is investing into an OLED tv worth it?

or should I just go for a cheap LCD?



I don't think so

it will be like Scream promos when they promoted Black or White later

so just music show stages



very relatable post





I have one and black is really great, you wouldn't want to switch back to lcd

but it's expensive



well there're a lot of SJW shit because it's made by Netflix, and it's not a proper sci-fi, because a lot of things are just impossible nonsense

but I still liked the first season

there're 2 eps of the second season available, not sure if it's going to be good too, usually quality downhill pretty quick and you get tired of the setting, so I rarely watch more than 2 seasons

1612×10802.20Mb00:07AOA - Win + Short Hair + Heart Attack (30th Golden Disk Awards 2016.01.20) [HEVC 1080p] fT


compared to 2019 it did, but not compared to earlier years


yeah i had no idea what that was until their mv



i hope she is happy now





untouchable was one of my favorite 2020 songs

probably my top 3 from that year


I wish Everglow finally took 30 bucks from me for the online concert


would you buy access to the show back fancams if it was available for foreigners? I would



i would pay an unspeakable amount for this



why dont we have someone whos living in korea to buy this for us



maybe gooks don't like sharing with whitoids?


my wife with her gf


damn, poor Dongie


I've been watching DC videos whole day and Dong look so much happier these days

I think she had a lot of time to reflect in China and she decided to drop the ice queen image, I'm really glad she did also being BTFO on that chink show made her more humble for sure



two thousand and twenty decibels are not enough for this song. i would listen in volumes that could shatter the earth



i literally did not care about her before, like the second dami of the group

but now i really like her


i love that line



and you can't delete posts here

you will have to live with your mistake forever




but now i really like her

same, she looks better these days but I think the main reason is that she smiles much more now

she seems more friendly and likable



oh, that's a much weaker statement considering there are like 11 chinks in kpop


China Tackles 'Masculinity Crisis,' Tries to Stop 'Effeminate' Boys

Stand aside, gaypops. Chinese Chads will now dominate the industry.



about time, Asians are very gay in general





soon chinks

btw I'm starting to see news about the war between China and the rebels from Taiwan being imminent

can someone give me a quick rundown on the recent happenings?



i dont know recent happenings but i expect taiwan to be added to their inventory any year now



all those years and for me it's still Wang Fei Fei


I wonder if burgers will do anything about it



she is very pretty

i dont see biden doing anything, trump maybe would




i dont see biden doing anything

American politicians love war, pandering to faggots doesn't change that

Biden is already getting started with Iran, the "Iran is ‘weeks away from having material to build nuclear bomb" narrative is back on the menu



omo, kino then

did you know that trump is actually the only president in recent decades that didnt start an actual war in his years? very odd fact


is it a meme that asian women like twinks? i feel like all retired noona-kpops have married/dated masculine chads



nana allegedly dated a twink




did you know that trump is actually the only president in recent decades that didnt start an actual war in his years


but he is still literally Hitler


put trannies in the military


send them to fight and die on some middle east dessert


I love Biden now!




I would love to read his tweets about gamestop


what will stephen colbert talk about now that trump is gone?



he will talk about how nice and perfect everything is under the new president



i have never cringed harder at america




did he really unironically tweet that?

looks normal to me




implying trannies could pass military exercises

implying they won't have handicap




read this


some anti-China propaganda

no thanks



a video of her dancing russian roulette started trending on tiktok, she said she saw it and it made her happy



I've seen news about this too, but according to experts they're nothing but clickbait headlines, because all those chinese militaty exercises have existed for years, and they're not nearly that close to Taiwan. Surely China wants to get Taiwan, but nothing indicates it's happening soon.



I just read that it's because of the chinese new year

all the shows are canceled anyway


What has been happening lately. I wasn't here for ~2 weeks



who is the beauty on the right?


What has been happening lately

DC comeback

Purple Kiss lame pre debut gf confirmed ROTY 2021

kch went crazy for kpop dating game Angels Wings




pre debut gf

I meant song

idk why I wrote gf there




who is the beauty on the right?

Backup dancer for BP


DC comeback

Haven't missed that


Purple Kiss lame pre debut song

another one? what the fuck when are they gonna debut for real

> confirmed ROTY 2021

do they have a song out?


kch went crazy for kpop dating game Angels Wings

Watch out, VN can be a massive rabbit hole




another one? what the fuck when are they gonna debut for real

I think it's the last predebut single


do they have a song out?

they posted some teasers and every member had a different "song", it was like 50 seconds long tho


Watch out

too late


we love VNs with our waifus



yeah but she lost weight



do you really think you can outjew the jew in the jewish game?



me last week

looking back now, hella clown thing to say - they wont ever be outjewed



the top half can be substituted for any context tbh


wait, the one i saw was with hedge funds losing every day not redditors


i should've just bought BTC when it was low and never sold. that's the only way to beat ((((them))))




wait, the one i saw was with hedge funds losing every day not redditors

I was laughing in both scenarios



I'm hoooooooolding


hodling this pain was my theme song when i saw all my unrealized gains wiped







I think I listened to the new gidle album like 20 times already but I haven't seen a single live stage from it

what if I'm into kpop for the music?



I looked at some pics from music shows tho

especially those that showed Nitcha Yontararak's thighs and Miyeon's kinose



I'm glad to hear this diagnosis


i'm gonna fucking make it, for my waifu... starting tomorrow i'll start working for my future again

720×7201.16Mb00:021theK(원더케이) - @Fruit0110 @WJSN_Cosmic #여름-1186620465558646784


you can do it



i have been working towards my future for 7 years with my only motivation being my waifus, i dont think any other source of motivation could have helped as much



a few months ago i was really not

now i am pretty content with it, but i am still looking for other ways to improve it

today ive been trying to look into other income sources i could get, and besides the financial aspects which are getting better but i still want more, there are other things i need to fix in my life still and i hope i will try to do that this year



it sounds like you've improved a lot in past 7 years, but there's always more to reach for. remember to be happy that you've kept working on yourself for so long and with how far you've come



yeah and it hasnt been good for a long time, its only the recent months where it became pretty good like a miracle... which means the previous 6 years were truly depressing but in one way or another they are finally paiyng off although i could have made much better choices




maybe i should live more in the present and not for the future but i dont like the present that much



Come and join us at the superb owl super party

hosted by spee

come on by drink some beer, eat some snacks, shitpost, and jack off with all your spartman friends

cya there


anon hwaiting


the only thing that's real is right now, learn to enjoy it


she's so pretty



whoa the inventor of the korean language has a youtube channel now

1280×7201.07Mb00:04초아 Dynamite - BTS (cover by CHOA) _ 다이너마이트 - 방탄소년단 (초아 커버)













Jiu used to be really brown

I guess Happy:) couldn't afford bb cream back then

1236×17082.52Mb00:03[2020 가요대전] 에스파 지젤 'Black Mamba' (aespa GISELLE 'Black Mamba' FaceCam)│@2020 SBS Music Awards 01.44