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Just Do It


Just Do It


Nana/woo!ah! edition

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Looking at the live action screenshots. She is also cute.

Does she also wear the scarf?


It is pretty good though some things could have been explained better



depending on the idol, it's a good thing

Jiho's voice is really nice, I have this at a high volume



i was gonna say that



Does she also wear the scarf?

thats her trademark


I found a k-model that does lewd photoshoots and she looks like Yuqi



I think the makeup is what makes her similar, maybe with different maekup she doesn't resemble her

but yeah I see it


forgot to add




nice, I usually don't download this kind of stuff but I really like the quality



Same. After Lee HeeEun got shilled here a few months ago and now I have like ~20GB of HQ pics of this sort



yeah i wish there was no airbrushing on her skin but the poses and lingerie is omo af


I'm a former purebro



I'm not the anon posting, but the watermark says



if I had money and if those were sold where I live, I'd buy them, but I wouldn't "use" them, they would be nice to look at






realistically how can i get someone like this?



imo it's lewd at the point it's becoming disgusting

sekshie kpop has much better pure/sekshie ratio




create your own company, so realistically more or less get a million bucks to establish everything

I doubt you can transform yourself into a confident chad



"BTS is the virus, send them to North Korea" racist statements made by German radio host


I need that fancam


I'm such an kpop expert



no that was Chungha, Sunmi is clean... I think



even is eyebrows have yellow tint

source for interview juseyo?



where can i donwload more like this?


her makeup was on point today

1062×90012.72Mb00:21210226 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1063) [ENG]

bit longer, no guy sunmi's outfit

1266×9022.09Mb00:04210226 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1063) [ENG]

they cut the full hug...




beautiful beautiful


purippuru purippuru t. arin

why did they give it such a difficult name



there's this subunit of Day6 called "Even of Day", it's nothing complicated but nobody could pronounce it correctly or fluently, not even the members, no idea who came up with such a dumb idea lol



kinda like how newbies try to pronounce Korean names, all in parts: "eve-en- off- dae-ee"



what an absolute don

also didn't realise shinee still made music...




tfw bts is STILL winning

they should just call it Dynamite Bank



31 times, a new record

it's a very empty house I guess



Definitely, being locked in my house isn't much of a change from my life normally. But not really having the opportunity to leave makes matters worse.



for me, its the absolute emptiness that comes with the end of the week, normally i would just waste my time and try to have fun but it can also leave room for more reflection and deep thought



Yeah, being alone with my own thoughts for too long is an entire different demon. So, I stuff it all down and glaze over it with kgirls and vidyas



its not always bad imo, sure it can lead to a depressing feeling for the rest of the night but the introspection i gain from it is well worth it i think, at least for me right now



It really depends on the day or week for me. If I had a tough day or week, internally I am easier on myself and the inner monologue isn't as harsh and I give myself some ground. When my week has been good or I had a really good day, the inner voice is tougher. I am not sure if that makes much sense


change your inner monologue to be objective but positive and you'll love to be alone with yourself