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>>567682 ➡

i can see your point but its surprising to me... for me probably it is the other way around and i would be tougher on myself when it all went to shit


I'm depressed right now btw

I don't know what to do with my life again

I don't like the current state and don't know how to fix it



yeah, I had some plans and I always try to follow them very strictly because of OCD

but some events happened so I need to revisit most part of it and this ruins everything for me

so I want to fallback to the previous state, but I don't like it

and I don't like following imperfect plan either, so I'm kinda stuck



whats wrong about "delaying" the start of this plan, if things got in the way now?



because I wanted to start at 1st of March and now it's not possible

and starting at different date kills me

it's my OCD...



yeah thats definitely an ocd specific problem..


love this hair


rumor on pann is that a company is in the process of terminating an idol contract and it's most likely Soojin.




I didn't really pay attention to this scandal so it's huge news to me


don't want to sleep

hate this life



unfortunately for her this is the highest profile case the gp wants blood and she doesn't have an oppa did nothing wrong shield plus

1. several accusers

2. actress got involved

3. koreans absolutely hated her ucube post and all it did was make them angrier at her

4. sisters have trapped her into meeting with them saying she was a bully thus making her a liar or they're going to MBC

5. the person who came forward defending her yesterday just made it worse because knetz are calling it cube media play

good news for gidle is Miyeon getting praised for her maturity handling this situation being the first member to face the public and and working hard performing all her schedules.




2. actress got involved

funny that all the people defending Soojin are saying she didn't bully the actress, which was the weakest case to begin with


good news for gidle is Miyeon getting praised for her maturity handling this situation being the first member to face the public and and working hard performing all her schedules.



It sucks for them to lose their friend but this gidle bullying scandal seems like it will be really easy to recover from just by removing Soojin. There's no calls for disbandment, no anger at other members like Soyeon got defended because the accusation against her was such nonsense. The only real impact would be losing ifans who don't understand how badly bullying and being a delinquent is viewed in Korean culture. Their western popularity has stagnated anyways where they've grown very popular in Korea.




Soyeon got defended because the accusation against her was such nonsense

what if she was bullying people telepathically?



found you, kch



I think mentally, I see my hard days and say to myself that you worked hard despite the troubles or whatever and that i am able to cut myself slack because of that. However, on good days I see it as ungrateful or that I am broken in the sense that I am unable to celebrate the successes on those days. Idk maybe I am weird, but its just being ungrateful for those "sunny" days.



With globalization, that is also true and worrying


What are you doing today?

I feel like watching some j-horror.

Probably going to try Noroi.



I'm going to visit my parents

since the internet is slow af there I will just read a book, go for a walk to a forest and play with my parents cats and doggo



That is a good plan to disconnect once in a while.

I can't really visit my father in current situation and I miss that idiotic doggo of ours.




I can't really visit my father in current situation

because of covid?


I'm going to get drunk to celebrate

#Dreamcatcher - Road to Utopia: 1,548 copies (85,394 total)




it is a bit down from Boca, right?

those are hanteo sales so it's a huge growth

Boca sold ~55k on Hanteo




Yes, soon it will be illegal to leave the town you live in.


I thought people would get used to it with times but politicians are going crazier every day



That is good to hear.


Politicians are getting desperate because they don't know what to do anymore.

But a lot of people are dicks and didn't really comform to previous regulations so we are here.




But a lot of people are dicks and didn't really comform to previous regulations so we are here.

fuck the regulations

we are ruining economy so the boomers can live 2 years more



Many people getting sick would also hurt the economy.

And they were pretty justified in the beginning because it was not known what exactly we are dealing with.


I'm sick of them PUSS! PUSS PUSS


thread needs this




play with my parents cats and doggo




They talk as if having friendly conversations is bad.



>>567527 ➡

>>567530 ➡

>>567532 ➡

I found these sets on some telegram groups that repost these paid albums. There is a lot of shit to sift through while looking for these. I posted that particular one because the girl reminded me of Ugi, but if you want I can upload the other ones as well



i-i am interested in others too, and would love to download them without scavenging the internet that hard so they are welcome here


Siyeonbro, your wish came true

she isn't blonde anymore





aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhing her cute sekshie elegant body



i love everglow but i have to say wooah mogged this




forever let's go home

we took a massive L here


What are we doing today




implying we'd be still shiposting on latvian formus if we had direct contact with kpops

You'd never see me again



yeah, we do it together with Eunbi and Wony

sometimes we invite Yuri and Yena too



she got some huge booba upgrades from the first sets to the last ones



Tbh I don't really look at these sets, I prefer my modelfu G.Su



Her body is great, but her face is genuinely stunning in some of the sets




genuinely stunning i


I only saw her vids, idk where to find her pics



Same places I found that artgravia stuff. Random telegram groups



It's a shapester thread, and nobody even posts shapes. I am sure kpops wouldn't let me down like this



maybe it's better if I don't find it

ahe is really pretty but I'm trying to be pure



What matters when improoving is not being pure but not being degenerate.




improoved in a lot of areas in the past few months

describe it



dunno, imo it's really fan that autist girl tries to be a gangsta

like those kids trying to smoke for the first time



You did it on purpose, Christian-bro...



There is a lot more embarrassing shit that you could have posted, so it's ok


I'm watching it though, I like that type of debates

I'm pretty convinced that Christian God doesn't exist, we are just not sure how university was created

maybe it was created by some sort of intelligent super aliens (which we can call God, but it's nothing in common with the God from the Bible which was invented by human), or the world behaves by the laws we don't know yet




how university was created

surely you mean universe

anyway that debate almost turned me into a christcuck

but before this i always thought deism makes more sense than atheism, it seems like such a shaky argument to say that we're here by chance, or rather it has no more appeal than some supernatural being




we are just not sure how university was created

Mine was started by Willenberg in 1717




surely you mean universe

sorry my esl


that debate almost turned me into a christcuck

what were the kill arguments?


deism makes more sense than atheism


shaky argument to say that we're here by chance

not if you look at quantum physics, a lot of weird things happen there

so our universe might haven been created just by random fluctuation in the quantum world




what were the kill arguments?

i was just joking it still seems absurd to me to believe in christianity, but he did redress christianity to fit much better into my own morality and made it much more logical, than the very fundamentalist lutheran belief that i was taught when i was young. if you take bible literally as a word of god then the whole religion seems retarded, and God seems incredibly cruel to me




God seems incredibly cruel to me

If I were a god, I'd be a dick to everyone as well



God, the original ambassador of the nofap movement




if you take bible literally as a word of god then the whole religion seems retarded, and God seems incredibly cruel to me

if you look at it from the computer nerd point of view: Christians are just fucked up because of the legacy software (Bible) which they can't change, so they have to invent various sort of kludges in order to somehow keep living with it

it's so much easier just to get rid of it and admit that Christian God was invented by human ~3000 years ago and discuss something more productive instead



But just like legacy software (the bank systems running on code from 60's and 70's) it's incredibly hard to just replace it because it goes so deep into the core of the thing. Something that has been built for 3000 years has incredible momentum so any change of direction takes ages and has to be done by small bits


You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you. He never wanted you. In all probability, he hates you.




it's incredibly hard to just replace it because it goes so deep into the core of the thing


but it's possible in a long term which I believe is happening right now: less and less young people are believe in God in 1st world countries



Instead of


reeee fuck "the other religion"



reeee fuck "the other party"



you mean in democracy you have people who fight to each other in the same country?

it's the same old class struggle which is inevitable unless we build a communism society



Yeah, but it has become a religious war where neither side actually cares for policies implemented, it's just


us vs them




We need idols like them, so that our monke brain offloads the lewd thoughts on them and we can keep thinking about our waifus with pure thoughts only



yeah, I can see that, SJW/fight for the rights has a lot in common with the Protestantism so those people in USA believe they're fighting for the good things




keep thinking about our waifus with pure thoughts only

saint kchanon



I found logical error in christian guy's arguments

in first part he confirms that big band and evolution is true

in the second he says that evolutionary events were very improbable so it should be God's will




i lewd my waifus too

don't do that you filthy lewdster

I do the same, not proud of myself



Play Spore and you can see how that is not mutually exclusive


i lewd everyone here's waifu except the ugly ones


I think I lewded every beautiful kpop at least once, there's no escape for you



that would destroy every lewdster on the planet so they would be accused of a genocide



isn't it a bit shameful to really like some girl because of her face and character and then just fap to her thighs/cleavage


i haven't fapped in two months now

even had my test levels checked and they were normal, not high but still healthy levels



i'm not on nofap i've just somehow burned my brain



do you work out? I usually get much better in that department after working out


i dont think i have ever had a break from cooming of more than 10 days



lately only cardio workout but yeah...



I have but I was extremely busy and all my blood was going to my brain


I was reading the thread, noticed 2 things:

is the other thread constantly thinking about us? or why they do complain so much?

and the other is, I didn't read the whole religion conversation, but christianity is not about having proof, you either feel it or you don't, that's why it's a belief



the longest I've had in past few years were about 3-5 days I think, but usually it several times per day




you either feel it or you don't, that's why it's a belief

sounds a lot like kgirl supremacy thinking



but in my case, it's not like I was counting the days, I was genuinely too tired to think about something else other than school



and I'm saying it from a post-atheist perspective btw,



even when i dont have time for it i try to make time for it and do a quick one




or why they do complain so much?

because they hate being called "pure thread"


christianity is not about having proof, you either feel it or you don't, that's why it's a belief

nowadays it's not very popular to believe in christian god that's why missionary have a lot of public debates in order to convince people that god is real



I used to be like that ~10 years ago

probably my testosterone level was too high


maybe you anons are just coomers



that wasnt even a problem to question, i know i am one




can wujus have a comeback already? we need some fresh wuju content




if I can't see the skin then it's useless to me

maybe except the Eunbi's case when she basically put her boobs into the camera but it's a bit different one



i would rather wait for a good wuju summer comeback

they will have one soon though, yeoreum changed her hair and hid it in a vlive


what are you doing in the shapes general then?



I don't agree

bare skin (especially near the sexual characteristics of a person) is the proper activator, just a shape isn't




what are you doing in the shapes general then?

proper shape + naked skin is sekshie, but just shape isn't




just a shape isn't

it works on my machine

also if butts in skinny jeans don't activate your neurons you should check your test levels


low tier coomerbros

an idol can show only her hand an my powerful imagination can make it do things




proper shape + naked skin is sekshie, but just shape isn't





imagine holding hands with a kpop...




butts in skinny jeans

it's not that appealing

at field on the other hand is much better because there's naked skin




just a shape isn't

thats only you friendo


that removes the purpose of the shape....




an idol can show only her hand

it's not even a monke brain, it's something weird


they dont like shapes...

back to the christian thread i guess



not him but hey, I guess he's not saying "I only need to see a toe omomomomo"



there's a lot of exposed skin on your pics

except the Cheng Xiao pic but I've already mentioned it: huge booba's shape is a powerful thing, I would agree

but Xyun Yi boobs aren't big so >>568008 can't activate you well




can't activate you well

you know that this is really subjective right?

don't try to act like your preferences are some general rule based on facts and logic


nerd fight!


glasses like this activate me too


booba windows

we prefer open source if possible here



im not saying i coom to that but it looks really good


yeah I think I was misunderstood too, I didn't mean I get turned on by hands, it was an example lol



I'm authorized to speak for the people of kchan



what did you mean by "activate my neurons and return me to monke" then


I can only coom to NAKED knee pits


I'm not the depressed anon, but I was crying yesterday with the final episode of GTO



I like to watch one episode per day of series, but I felt this was ok to watch all of it in a week


pure thread will bully us again

please behave brothers



it's actually not sad, I was tearing up with the speech of the vice president finally defending the students from the board of education; 40 episodes building up he was an asshole to finally at the end showing his human side, standing up for the weak, it was a beautiful moment



it was 4-5 days ago, a jihan pic with binoculars followed by images

930×10762.62Mb00:03[weeekloud] EP.11 ‘We are’ 1st behind


I?m here errday and I don't remember that!



also, it's a meme we can only do here because of multiple pic uploads

based kch



honestly, Dahye's posture triggered me a bit

I was like with but then again




thats the best meme to come out of this general

t-thanks but I just stole that binocular pics from 4chan...



Yes, but the conjunction with other pics can only be done here



huh, you make me want to rewatch it

did you try Queen's Classroom? it has similar moments too



I was waiting to finish GTO to start Queen's Classroom, but since there aren't that many episodes, I gonna watch it slowly



Maybe you could try Assassination Classroom.

It is zoomer GTO. It may look silly at first glance but it is surprisingly well written.




Assassination Classroom

Great show. I really liked how the sensei helped the weak students become strong on their own



It was really good. All characters got their spotlight and it tied itself perfectly in those 180 chapters


he's gonna download the series other anons suggested instead



I wish all shounen was like this.

Fist of the North Star kinda have perfect ending if you ignore half of the manga.


his series has an ending



This is why reading spoilers sometimes is nota bad thing.

For me Death Note ended with L dying and Light winning the autistic duel, the end.

I didn't watch any of that shit afterwards that ruins it



I wouldn't know, I don't base my personality around being in a fandom



non blinking person here, I thought it was really funny


what is the coolest fandom name?



oh my pits



official word from the day it was announced: it's a miracle they have fans

kinda funny that some tried to use that as a joke, but I think it's wholesome




it's a miracle they have fans


I thought it was some anti-omg kpg meme



lmao yeah, I was thinking in kpg saying that

it was announced when they were nugu so it made sense to make that statement, as a thank you for the few fans they had


we should recruit the guy who posted those Juri's

he's cool





this is amazing


She is a member of Woollim Entertainment's girl group Rocket Punch


so Lovelyz and Rocket Punch are going to be



Jisoo's and Sujeong's instagrams are already quite sexy


I didn't know such idols are allowed in kpop


japs are lewd, they shouldn't ruin kpop


omo guys, I have 3 news waifus



What the fuggg

Aren't they a bit sekshie group? How can they do that with such young members




How can they do that with such young members



for me its juri out of all the jp idols

her gravure pics are in the same tier as that omo korean model




Cake touches herself while watching them



yeah there's something about those, they're comfy

maybe it's her long experience



I think they feel very genuine

like she isn't faking anything for the show like some idols do



i will get into them because i like her for other reasons



they know what they are in for when they sign up for jpop though

not all kpops end up doing what stellar did so by comparison not all kpop trainees can expect that




I wonder about their contracts. Do they have the option to not do this sort of shoot if they don't want to? Maybe it's just a question of money


Do this lingering shoot and we'll give you 4 times the pay for non-lewd photoshoot



going to watch Real again


Kpop idols with this style?



dont look at it in unpure ways


would you eat degenerate chinese food with her?



thats very illegal in china, you will have negative social score


Yejibros what the fuck did they mean by that



i have so many pinky pics saved i might just have that one too


she makes similar faces a lot



she is a very weird girl for sure


this is very close to that one



i told you shes a very weird girl, i know her well after being my #1 waifu for so long


my favorite psycho



i miss him, it felt good seeing pinky being the one to deliver all those terrible news


cant get bashed for supporting the one china movement if you're a mainlander



that reminds me

there's this one fangirl translating Stray Kids content, including the bullying scandal happening right now, and she's getting death treats because they think the translated stuff is her opinion or something

kpop fans are fucking retarded


first date and he tells you he believes in hong kong being an independent country



yeah thats not the first time


dont kill the messenger



uh it was ok when they did this to twice but itzy didn't deserve this!!!!!!!


another close one


if its not in my folder, i dont think you may ever find the source for that smile


this one is so close too


chink goddess...


girl love..



more tong


then the comeback dumped and then pledis dumped them



tonguebro will love this


those were much simpler times... no one debated who made better tiktoks, instead the debates were about which group had the better thighs


Finished replaying Assassins Creed 2 today

Stil one of my favourite vidya ever



Some of the songs still send shivers down my spine after all these years.

I love the Ezio trilogy


When I was a young man, I had liberty, but I did not see it. I had time, but I did not know it. And I had love, but I did not feel it.

Ezio confirmed a kchan doomer



same but without love


idont even love myself, i hate myself


I like big boobs and I cannot lie


watching The Queen's Classroom right now, and with all the bullying accussations happening right now I'm taking it as based on real life events

althought, I don't find the evil teacher thing funny, it's deeply concerning since I've seen it in action in things like Produce 101





I don't find the evil teacher thing funny

you will love her


Giselle is so omo recently


wtf Karina don't touch the lenses


also, Kim Saerom said in Knowing Bros that she was an outcast IRL, so she's probably not acting in this, but more like being herself, bit sad...






Gooks really only import the top 0.00001% from China


2021 looking cute


Korea wtf





Aespa is slowly starting to feel like a real group to me



they need to let them go a bit though, weekly idol wouldn't hurt them



Yeah, some variety show appearances would be nice.


wait that's in 8k, brb

1964×24687.80Mb00:06[K-Choreo 8K] 선미 직캠 '꼬리(TAIL)' (SUNMI Choreography) l @MusicBank 210226-sOuNmXZpnLI

certainly bigger in size, but not much clearer, thanks youtube


are you sure it's her p and not just shorts underneath


our binnie is doing drugs now




talking to her right microphone


it can be heard in both side


it was cute though


lol this show, no wonder everyone looks familiar

girl no. 1 was in Produce 101, girl no. 2 was in Idol School (but she's very different now), gilr no. 3 was in GP Basic and D.UNIT

girl no. 4 took me some time since she's just an actress, but she was in High Kick (really good series), and girl no. 5 was just in the Netflix movie Space Sweepers


Oh? Do my shoulders look wide? Do Somnias want to lean on my broad shoulders? Where are you~~~?😘



One of Soojin's alleged bullying victims got exposed as a big fucking liar. She claimed she transferred schools after Soojin slapped her and took her north face jacket and marked it up she then said she sold the jacket and provided proof. Except then people looked up the product number and the jacket she sold was released in 2019.


Netizen Claiming To Be Former APRIL Hyunjoo's Brother Says She Quit The Group Due To Bullying, Agency Checking Facts


A person claimed Soojin was a bully extorting others' properties. She wore a brand new North Face jacket to school. Soojin asked it from her. She refused. Soojin asked her companion to slap her and put off her jacket to return it later with pen marks on it.

if it were true, that would be such a shitty thing to do for a person


the longer this Soojin stuff plays out and the more these accusers start contradicting each other and their own stories especially the two sisters who can't keep any of their shit straight it really looks like some girls bitter that a delinquent friend got their shit together and went on to have a successful career.



i was thinking methamphetamine, heroin




Former APRIL Hyunjoo's Brother


I was wondering how you can be someone's former brother




APRIL Hyunjoo

always hated that bitch


Do you like the new hair color or mourn the loss of blonde hair, Liquid Siyeonbro?





It is a Metal Gear Solid reference where Liquid is protagonist's clone/brother



what's wrong with it? here you can pay it with a credit card, just need to register on a government site


I fell for the shilling and bought Pepsi Lime today



probably not, because it's not very good and I am not gonna buy it again



Problem is I had different dependant and independant sources of income so I don't really know how to calculate it yet




I will buy the normal Pepsi though



you should buy only the new pepsi otherwise you will worsen the stats for the pepsi marketing program and they would think izone did a bad job




I don't really know how to calculate it yet

it's calculated automatically here

otherwise nobody would pay it



No, just a sugar addict


I suddenly really want to buy a Pepsi, I've always been a Coke man myself


I forgot the slang word for a fan of a single member of a group rather than the group itself



I don't drink any soda unless I eat at fast food place and that's extremely rare


I want to rewatch Parasyte anime tbh

such a cool sci-fi



You could check out the manga to change it up a bit.

It has very comfy 80s vibes.


I don't read manga


2021.03.15 COMING SOON✔





All songs distributed by Kakao M on Korea have reportedly been REMOVED from Spotify.



what is the alternative to spotify?

youtube music? do they have all the kpops?



i do that too, feelsgoodman

i started because shitify didnt have all my songs or they would change the tags often




only ine DC album removed


it's their best one




same, i have like 160 gigs of music on my drive



I left her out because she's mega popular, no need for an introduction. She was great in A Girl at my Door, I recommend that movie.


All the pople that have told me


jUsT uSe SpOtIfY

can get fucked now



I use Spotify to check the songs, if they're good I download them. Best of both worlds.

I'm not sure if people are freaking out for nothing though, OMG's music was unavailable on Spotify for a whole month, and it was the second time it happened (change music distributor).




I left her out because she's mega popular, no need for an introduction

I'm feeling like an amateur



but like, mega popular if you follow Korean culture



but this time half of kpop got wiped out, unless they secure a new deal with kakao m its not coming back



Yeah, It feels like it's part of the war for Korean market this time since Spotify has launched in SK




ah right! Tablo spoke about this personally


Apparently a disagreement between our distributor Kakao M & Spotify has made our new album Epik High Is Here unavailable globally against our will. Regardless of who is at fault, why is it always the artists and the fans that suffer when businesses place greed over art?

reading between lines, Kakao knows a lot of people will migrate to Spotify and doesn't want to give them the rights of the music




regardless of who is at fault, why is it always the artists and the fans that suffer when businesses place greed over art?

Because you sign off all your rights when getting into the company you daft fuck



tablo is very based and his take on this is great



they didn't sign up for this though

I wonder if Kakao was blocking Spotify to coming to Korea in a way, or at least delaying



tablo is literally the ceo of his own company so idk what you're on about there

its the middle man that is fucking this up, that is kakao m



Same thing then, just a tad bit higher in the order of things. He sold the publishing rights to his music to somebody and that somebody used them to extort market share from their competition.


Spotify is great I don't have the time to download every single song I find and downloading single songs is retarded anyway. Adding them to liked songs is 1000x more convenient. I download albums that I want to keep.




why is it always the artists and the fans that suffer when businesses place greed over art?

because everyone wants to be rich

artists sell their "art" to the companies who offer the biggest price, who companies try to get maximum profit and sometimes that lead to trade wars

if he wanted to let other people listen his songs, it's a very easy thing to do, just upload it for free, but he won't get enough money then

hate those hypocrites



its unfair to judge it like that, what you're saying is comparable to being a wagecuck without the wage part



that's how capitalism works, it's unfair in its nature


song distributor


won't allow it's song to be played on one of the biggest streaming platforms

fuck (((kako m)))



not the same thing, you can create your own company for artistic freedom, but you can't create your own music distributor

the closest "open" thing you could do is use bandcamp, and most music there still has a distributor on their own




but you can't create your own music distributor

why do you need one?

I think it's legal to upload to music platforms like spotify/itunes if you're the author, and it won't be deleted




why do you need one?

well as the title indicates, to distribute your music since it's very costly to do it; as in, a group would want distribution if they want to make money

I think in Tablo's case he's extra pissed because he can simply choose another distributor, like Sony, they're not tied to Kakao (except for the duration of the contract)


i think distributors do more than that, if im not mistaken kakao m also deal with the distribution of physicals and not just signing deals for streaming services




I just checked and it's on most of my albums


but I also think this is another Mnet vs everyone scenario, like how big agencies were trying to block IOI because they knew how much power Mnet has and how they would dwarf even if their big groups

in a way, Kakao is preventing Spotify from becoming too big so others wouldn't be able to compete



yeah definitely, didn't mean it was just digital

usually there isn't many negative aspects, this must be a unique scenario


korea for koreans

swedish piggu go homeu




if they want to make money

so he wanted to make money and he's angry because it didn't work?

it's perfectly normal and doesn't have anything to do with "art"


just use genie music




because they knew how much power Mnet has

mnet is kpop



as I said before, this is unique scenario, normally they wouldn't need to deal with this situation



try to say that to american military bases


Lisa got a 5th cat

She really is a crazy cat lady


maybe, this even is a threat to kpop itself, since kpop is sponsored by the goverment itself, and an outside entity is trying to take the money out of them




outside entity is trying to take the money out of them

What do you mean



like how the goverment is investing in all these kpop companies because it's a cultural asset to dominate other Asian cultures, but it's not entirely free like how BTS is bringing a lot of money to the country thanks to these investments

but Spotify is just trying to make money for themselves (as they should), it wouldn't be fair play and would take a big cut from their investment




maybe she is drinking soy milk



Important feature to be a good dancer



no, and maybe they're not bigger and it's just my pervert brain



No because I would look into her eyes instead



yeah, if a person is over 20, they'd get fat under the tits, and that would make them apparently bigger but the breasts aren't getting actually bigger



because I'm an adult, and I don't want to give the wrong impression to people outside


inb4 why should you care about that people



no, but most part of extra fat would go there I guess?



aren't getting actually bigger


they'd get fat under the tits

what's the difference?



I guess nobody will notice your boner if you're outside and wearing some jacket?

I'm not sure I would be able to control myself by 100% if I meet top kqt on the street




need some photos to check the difference



ah but, I'm not actually stopping myself, it's normal not to get a hardon

weirdest thing I've done is stop myself from walking because there's a very attractive girl, like this time this lady in the mall with the face of an actress and the body of a pornstar




it's normal not to get a hardon

maybe I'm watching too much fancams, but bare thighs themselves might make me excited


people at archlinux say new kernel is buggy


decide not to install


see new update


it's just 2 packages so there's no danger


the system is doing a whole upgrade anyway




my only physical response is to salivate, so I'm fine with that



That is a good thing. Usually internet coomers are so desensitized to females and vanilla stuff that they can't even get hard when they finally get the chance with a real woman.

Your mind is that of a healthy horny teenager



why are you using linux in 2021? you can use wsl2 instead, it's pretty nice

918×536317.81Kb00:05Twenty 2015 720p BluRay DD5.1 x264-VietHD


that reminded me of this character, she was warning the guy that he should use lubricant while masturbating, because a girl's pussy grip is not that strong and he wouldn't feel the same compared to sex

good piece of advice from a cheap movie



I was a happy Windows 7 user, but 10 is very annoying to the point I finally stopped using Windows altogether. Plus Manjaro is a great experience overall, maybe I won't get the bugs.




they can't even get hard when they finally get the chance with a real woman

what a loosers







W10 is just a bloated and slower version of 7.

t. W10 user



yeah that one, sorry for not replying



yeah what the other anon said, plus it treats the user like a baby, which is fine for most people because they're retarded, but it's annoying to me

like how updating works, I'm not against updating my system but the way they handle it is genuinely too much


gonna reboot, fingers crossed nothing will break


MINX [DREAMCATCHER] - Why Did You Come To My Home [Master 1080p]

minxbros get in kpop24hrs quick!



broght to you by pizza minx


I didn't remember it was this lewd



it's my second favorite smile so better get used to it

496×7202.95Mb00:09구구단(gugudan) 구구단뭐하나영 ep.11


thats bold





did you know that shit is so bad in korea its literally impossible on all phones there to turn off the shutter sound, unless you dig deep into them and mod them? some law made it like that



its really messed up, i thought its a meme but even a fairly old korean movie had that as a plot point so its def real

678×7202.25Mb00:21180211 용산팬싸 구구단 The Boots 무대

me as the flag



scrolled through it

that girl is very cute, don't understand why the guy didn't like her and followed other girls

her teasing is also very omo, when she asked about the masturbation and other stuff

I hate females tbh

they have thing that we need but instead of just giving a fair price they keep teasing us and ignoring our natural demands

it's not like we enjoy to get horny because of naked skin or something


Yiren is sleeping



well if you're serious, you're describing women as if they were objects and they were here to please us and they reject us cuz they can



You don't take into account feelings and thoughts of other people

you know that other humans aren't NPCs right?



but teasing isn't fair


while he could have worded it better, i see his point



teasing is fun though, but that's a movie and no girl will ever say to you those sexual things like that, like almost saying "I want to you to fuck me"




no girl will ever say to you those sexual things like that, like almost saying "I want to you to fuck me"


but they used to



no, it has never worked like that, not even in in fact they want to fuck



then why dont most guys tease? its a part of flirting but that doesnt mean its not a stupid part of it, and mostly on the female side




often women tease you not because they want to fuck with you, but in order to make you help them with something

it's called friendzone

or just to torture/bully you



when I said "no girl will ever..." I wasn't talking about you specifically, but more like in general

I wasn't trying to be rude with those words




not in the same way, not even close

get some normie friends and you will see it

it's cringe af tho so be careful



they tease each other while in a relationship and yes its very cringe but in the phase before actually dating the teasing is mostly on the roasties side


Ketty Perry's song hot and cold is literally about guy teasing her




not in the same way, not even close

bro I have teased a lot of girls, specially the ones I didn't like because I was too nervous to tease the one I liked



especially her expression when he asks her why did she unlock the door



talking to girls you don't care about is so easy

isn't that fucked up?



would you like to have a gf like that?

she will ask you about masturbation in public


one girl once told me I didn't look like someone who masturbates

I guess girls think only nerds do it



my college gf was even more wild, we almost did it in the park at like 4 pm



I'm just tall and fit

I'm beta af when it comes to girls


he went to a college with girls



he should've asked her back if she masturbates



i feel you bro, you're not the only one