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>>573186 ➡


that we're close to that (close as in decades)

30-40 years? maybe, but I wouldn't call it close


The very central point is that scientists are making huge progress in this regard

I'm aware of the research in a NN field, but my point was I'm not sure it's the right direction because results aren't that huge so far. go game is a joke compared to the natural language understanding problem


but that's not what you do in real life with a person

if they were that great, companies would make personal chatbot waifus who you can talk to any time you want, I would certainly buy one

but we're not at this point yet...




if they were that great, companies would make personal chatbot waifus who you can talk to any time you want

Well they're making something more profitable, rigging elections.


I knew I had the gif, downloaded in 2015


Kim Minju Angel



and its very good, reminiscent of doong doong with erin


always be mine

literally me



its a good motto, i hope this moon type of collab with other members turns into a regular thing at least once a year because this song is really my type



my sleepy mind read it as


I knew I had the gf, downloaded in 2025




Still listening to music from computers

Real chads like me listen to it only once and then replay the songs from memory inside my own head



i didnt find it anywhere else, not on youtube at least. might be on jpopsuki but i havent bothered downloading yet and since its a new upload and not distributed by the kakao m jews its all fine


April’s Naeun Will Drop Out of New Drama ‘Taxi Driver’

She's done....



Imo throwing a tantrum a few times at random photographers is way less serious of a crime than bullying a fellow group member to the verge of suicide



I am gonna preorder her album today




bullying a fellow group member to the verge of suicide

I can't believe april girls bullied someone, it's pure innocent concept, wtf



yeah but one is confirmed and the second is a rumor from what I know




Irene apologized so it's confirmed she bullied that stylist

DSP is going to sue people for those rumors so maybe it's true but we can't be sure



nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, April waifus are pure

I would love to see rude version of Jinsol though



That is true.

I think it would be a cool skill but I firmly believe Jennie would never drive so irresponsibly.



I like how the car is obviously slanted upwards in the front and the front wheels are tried down on the towtruck that was towing her Never noticed it before, because I was looking too much at Jennie



Forget that. Instead call your moms and grandmas. They will be very happy you remembered



On my way to supermarket to buy present.



But I was adressing kchan as a whole, including several kchanons, thus they collectively have several moms.




I was adressing kchan as a whole

but it looked like you answered to a single person



Yes, but he was adressing kchan as a whole as well. Rather than me replying to him, think of it as me shouting over him to reach the same crowd with a different proposition




shouting over him to reach the same crowd with a different proposition



Candybros what the fuck did he mean by that


Ningning got bangs and I still like her

I think it's true love



Both their faces look weird here. Fucking professional photoshoots make ourgirls look weird all the time. Why do they do it?



women hate each other so the female editors make them look worse on purepose


one-sided crush



he posted seunghee on his ig



I encountered the account before, but since he posted a video of Seunghee signing all OMG albums, I thought he was an MC of some show




accuses the idol of allegedly badmouthing her own fans, calling them smelly and ugly.



Seunghee sent me this after I told her I changed my name to Karinasimp



since I haven't read the translation, I'm not sure if Seunghee is saying that or the guy



She just meant him and he misunderstood that because he is daft



its kch's favorite girl's day


Cube put up official birthday post of Soojin on their social media

A good sign I think




Reminds me of G-Idle


like a mix of Gidle and Mamamoo


legs made for worshiping


TANK’s social media includes multiple photos and videos of Seunghee. One video he posted has Seunghee calling out his legal name with, “Ahn Jin Woong, I love you.”

oh nononono Miraclebros....





If she gains any more weight, you can count her as 2


sorry Weeekly, StayC and Aespa, this uncle found a new rookie to support


it's second time I hear a kpop song sounds like Billie and it's second time when the song is a banger

should I give this Billie girl a listen?



Her stuff is different from most of wpop. But she has gone full degenerate as a human and hit a wall at 18 years old. I can't bring myself to listen to her songs anymore seeing what a wreck she is



Honestly she looked like a pretty cool girl that got consumed by the industry. Shame.

Both models of the industry (Korean and western) have pluses and minuses, but the gook one seems to be a lot better at grounding people in reality (probably caused by different culture and not just the industry itself.)






yeah I downloaded those because I'm sure they're getting deleted

seems like she was trying to cheer him up


at field omooooooooooooooooooooo


WM Entertainment continued that as Seunghee had not accepted his feelings


One video he posted has Seunghee calling out his legal name with, “Ahn Jin Woong, I love you.”



that sounds bad worded in English, but she does that and more on vlive towards Miracles




she does that and more on vlive towards Miracles

polygamic Seunghee


I was looking at my vlives folder, and Seunghee's last stream was one month ago. WM said this all started in December but maybe only the bad things started recently.

986×7001.90Mb00:06191219 M-ON! OH MY GIRL Zepp LIVE TOUR 2019 'starlight'



Brave Girls' Yuna Considered Quitting Just One Week Before "Rollin'" Went Viral 4 Years After Its Release

I wonder if that's real


I keep breathing when you drown


I would let Yuki waterboard me




you are right

btw Dress to Kill is still my #1 j-k-pop album



I'm not a fan of slow songs but even I liked it

I would talk to them again tbh


Insiders say Soyeon has been dealing with this particular stalker for years



fuck to all those tech bloggers shilling SteelSeries as the most comfy headphones ever

even my other sehnheisers are more comfy



not him but I would first watch the MVs and then check out Dress to Kill


Will Rose solo really be 2 songs?


it's a simple question, where is Seunghee??


thoughts on Doobu?



Feels kinda weird.

At first I though that every girl will just get solo like Jennie.

But then it seemed like they want to fill time until next comeback with it.

However, it is not even a mini album.



Jennie had 1 song, so as far as I am concerned it's a step I the right direction



Lisa is doing Chink produce, Roje is doing her solo, Jisoo is doing her movie and Jennie is doing G-Dragon. All of them are busy atm. I would expect full group comeback after Roje does her solo instead of Jitho or Lisa solo.



Definitely but I remember reading that they were pretty far with Lisa's solo too.



We'll see. Recently the YG releases have been fairly tightly packed with AKMU, Ikon and Winner members releasing groups/solo comebacks almost every 2 weeks. Maybe Lisa's will come soon, only god nows. But knowing YG they will probably try to stretch it to build hype



That is exactly that. Rose's solo (with exception of MV) was finished quite a while ago.



Well, they finished it when they were preparing for concert, and after that YG closed the deal on Ikon being in the Kingdom show, which meant they immediately had a comeback to get some attention.

As I said, the girls are seemingly venturing into more solo activities and from the outside it looks like they are getting artistic freedom this time around. So I can't really say bad things about YG in this case. It feels very different from the drought in 2017 that was literally them being in the dungeon for 9 months doing fuckall



I was thinking about it for half of the day, watched few interviews with the author

looks good so far, but could be another wrong theory



not him but here are kpops


Pristin Entertainment when




  • brain is an information processing machine (neurons get some input and change state somehow)

  • brain can select what type of input signals to focus on (attention, built-in feature)

  • in order to better control that focus it builds the model of the attention (by updating structure in the brain with fields like current_focus_is_on_task_x, focusing_for_x_minutes)

  • then other part of the brain (consciousness) reads that structure and gets the feeling of self-awareness



he explained. The netizen further explained that one day she was on the elevator when a group of girls got on the elevator as well, but when they were getting off, one of them said aloud, "Isn't that the b** who bched at us?"

Holy shit not only April is over but their careers in Korea are completely done for.



yeah but Bian is the only ANS member in that group



pretty good song

and black&red outfits look kino, major win for majors



this is omo


I am going to have a uni presentation tomorrow.

I am gonna incorporate some ideas I got from the discussion about science we've had two days.

What could possibly go wrong?





discussion about science we've had two days

what discussion?



About the advancements of science, mental health, pills, dinosaurs and astronomy.


WJSN to make a comeback in late March

Wujubros rejoice


Jellyfish Entertainment confirms Kim Sejeong is preparing for her solo comeback

Balladbros as well



doesn't it mean that most korean girls act like that, being it idols or not?

I mean your waifus may often act mean, calling random people on the street bitches and aishing all the time, this can't unique for April

if you look sky castle, it's clear that all of them are sneaky bitches showing their polite face only when it's important and being mean and rude otherwise, e.g. when discussing random people with their friends

same if you look korean series about school bullying, script writers can't make all this shit up, most of it has to be true

why gooks are so shitty people

who are the most kind and polite people on earth? some western european nations? or maybe south america? asians seems to be fucked up in general. chinks may look polite but their peasants act like monkeys and they are dishonest. japs/gooks are just disgusting. who else?

need to find the best nation



It is just human nature. All people have bad sides to them.

Only societies have different ways of expressing it.



What if he is the bastard that bitched at them though?



I believe there are some countries where people are mostly polite and respect each other

north europe maybe?

it's the same as girls having pms. it hurts but instead of being rude at people around you, it's possible to keep it inside and don't blame others for your own problems




it's possible to keep it inside and don't blame others for your own problems

But that depends on your personality traits way more than some cultural standard



Are they? Or are they socially conditioned to be like that?

I mean that can dislike migrants or be "sexist" (this word kinda lost its meaning) but they would be not only be socially ostracized or also would endanger their access to social welfare and security.


While I agree with this one, I think the flactuating levels of hormones may differ among women so it may take different amounts of effort to act properly.




I think the flactuating levels of hormones may differ among women so it may take different amounts of effort to act properly.

Probably, yeah



aren't there countries where people are more polite in general? hard to come with statistics, just subjective experience

of course some people will act retarded in any country, but being it 1% or 50% is a huge difference



There will be differences, but it is hard to tell what is actual politeness and what is just pretend under the pressure of the culture



It is hard to determine because much of it is performative.

Asian countries may very well be on the top of that.




pretend under the pressure of the culture



Asian countries may very well be on the top of that

but we can clearly see this is wrong solution given the japs/gooks examples

gooks hate each other behind backs, japs may look polite in social life, but hate each other at work instead and work is the most important part of their lifes

what I'm looking for, is some relatively wealthy country with most people being the middle class, and with a moderate competition in a social life. I don't think those will hate each other, what for



It is not a great solution but it is hard to properly measure it with the performative aspect.

Yes, the economic differences make people hate each other. You can read about the unprecedented levels of seething after revolution in post-Soviet countries. It really broke the social life.

But that is not the only factor. Maybe you have more influence in your social life. Maybe you wife is hotter than your neighbours. Maybe your kids have better grades in school. Even if those weren't the case, people naturally want to dominate socially.




I don't think those will hate each other, what for

Because humans are like that. It's always us vs them because that is how evolution made us. The thing that overcomes that is if someone that is even more different arrives.

I will use my granny living in a village in slavland as an example.

She hates niggers, asians, gypsies, literally everyone that doesn't look like her. She talks mad shit about other countries, even the ones that that are around us and have very similar culture. She talks mad shit about the "city people" and she talks mad shit about the neighboring village and she talks mad shit about her own neighbors. But you see, our neighbors are better than those villagers 2km down the line. And of course those are better than city people and it goes on and on and on.

People actually care only about themselves and their family (sometimes not even them) and everything else is just


what is the most similar to me is better and what is more alien is worse




She hates niggers, asians, gypsies, literally everyone that doesn't look like her.

isn't that exception? most people in european countries seems to be indifferent to other races (except the immigrants, but that's another story)


People actually care only about themselves

I don't mean they should love each other, but is it hard to be at least neutral?




most people in european countries seems to be indifferent to other races

where are you from?




I don't mean they should love each other, but is it hard to be at least neutral?

We do that, because we realize the advantages of reciprocity. We learned to behave in a way that is beneficial for us, but it has to be repeatable in time. Because we have the capacity to think about future. So we know that if we act good towards people now, we might get something out of it in future.

Which is why countries that doesn't have much existential struggle (are developed) have seemingly more friendly people. because you don't have to fight to survive the next week. You instead focus on long term gain which requires collaboration.

It is way to difficult of a topic for us plebs to discuss anyway. So we should stop this autism and focus on posting qts instead.



not here, but I heard in west and north europe it's better

of course if you move thousands of immigrants in their country they will be mad

anyway, let's also pretend there're almost no people of other races and nations in this hypothetical country

could it be Israel




So we should stop this autism and focus on posting qts instead

nah, I'm boycotting kpop because of gooks being terrible people

I will find country with kind people and move there



While it is true that when people don't have existential trouble become somewhat friendlier, their priorities shift.

Happiness comes into question. Some African countries had similar happiness index to the West. But since they got access to television and internet, they becoming way more miserable.

The other thing is social media and media in general. They present you a idealized version of the world and make you bitter.


Country without 4chan...





Country without 4chan...

Aren't most Kiwis now just larping as other countries with VPN?



If you have enough Muslims to make schizos go on rampage, you are not a nice country to live in.



If that is your worry then most of Europe is out of question for you



Probably. But it still says a lot about country.


TT stops



maybe it's the opposite

if most people are nice, incels go mad and try to destroy that

and people can't protect because they're too nice to think bad about people around them


And we've come back to the conclusion that slav countries are indeed the best to live in




If most people are nice, then they don't appropriatelly adress problems in their countries





At least you know people are assholes

nooooooooo. I want to live with a nice kind people



Well, lets say Germans are nice and allow migrants to their countries expecting to be just as nice. But they are not and exploit the state without anyone doing anything about it.




Unironically this. At least you know people are assholes

Strangely enough this is actually a very good thing. If people show their true nature and you are aware of it, you leave no space to be betrayed or exploited. You just adjust accordingly and plan with that in mind.



To add onto this, here in my particular Slavland, it is very obviously implied that when you do stuff for each other, you expect something in return. Which again might seem cold, but is very sustainable



I used to think like that too but currently I believe people are rude because their life is shit and it's disgusting to even "adjust accordingly"

wealthy people don't have so many reasons to hate each other

for example you go to the shop, you see poor cashier girl angry as shit because her salary is like $500 per month. what can you do against that?



Despite what some may want you to believe, it is very core element of human behaviour.

If you look at primitive societies, they usually maintain their relationships with other tribes by exchange of gifts, materials and even marriages.


It is very common for people in certain position to start believing that they deserve to be there and others just didn't work as hard regadless of actual circumstances.

And other non-economic factors as listed previously by me (Anon, 2021: >>573488)


my gut-take on slavs: very temperamental, opportunistic (they will fuck you over and think the responsibility is on the other person for allowing that), warm and friendly with good values but also can turn their back on you real quick

i actually like them a lot but they seem very unpredictable type of people



if you're a slav you can tell me how wrong i am



Lets just go throught the thread and search which countries we've made fun of...




they seem very unpredictable type of people

Quite on the contrary, because of the earlier part of the statement you can fairly easily predict what they are gonna do, because their intentions are usually very clear.


opportunistic (they will fuck you over and think the responsibility is on the other person for allowing that)

This is bang on



They should just stop making stupid things on daily basis.



Even if gooks were the most evin nation on Earth I'd still put up with it for Arin


questioned how dark their baby’s skin would be

good ol royal families




This kid is not inbread enough to be a royalty






mate forgot dark skinned baby loicense



All of the most relatable kqt pics always involve food


another binocular meme

1920×108016.68Mb00:55160313 레인보우 신촌 팬싸인회 조현영 vs 고우리


faithin na



Green apple na

1920×108010.99Mb00:37박력 이나은을 박력으로 제압하는 양예나 <>


bullying shmuling na

no legal case and judgment - no bulling



girls really like to phantasy about being pushed towards the wall huh :wend_sus:

need to try that with some random girl


Oprah Winfrey's much anticipated sit-down interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be one of the priciest television events of the season.


The Wall Street Journal has reported that CBS paid Harpo Productions, Winfrey's company, somewhere between $7 million and $9 million.

so the ones who "fight against the racism" earn tons of money on that

how convenient



Of course

Oprah doesn't give a fuck about niggers in ghetos, she is rich




The same goes for companies supporting migration.

Cheap workers and cheap import of materials/export of products without customs duty.


The Japanese government has decided to exclude overseas spectators from attending this summer's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, as part of efforts to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus

how lame

could it be that computer that runs our simulation doesn't have enough free resources lately so they decided to keep everyone at home so you don't need to simulate anything outside the city, like in 13th floor?


posting the set list before the concert

pretty based




our girl got lots of gifts



but that was stage outfits. We need to get there with normal clothes



my wives


Slovak-bros are shooting Witcher ripoff

Kpop for this feel?



This ripoff is made by slavs so it should have no such issues

it will just have terrible quality and shit writing


let poles deal with the Witcher

the games and books were cool but that netflix series done by am*ricans was pretty lame


There is a game about having sex with animals and monsters on Steam

God that platform has gone to shit when they opened the flood gates




let poles deal with the Witcher

They tried once, it was terrible




People are already joking about it in comments.


They should put it on Netflix.


They can't. There are no blacks.



You need to put in the last bracket manually, the formating got fucked when pasted as link




Nooooo, you need to have nigggers in series about slavic mythology set in middle ages




Thank, God. It would help nothing.

Just like that retarded Ogay joke from Ion Fury.



At least Witcher is fantasy. The whole point of Kingdom Come was that it was supposed to be VERY accurate representation of history



I don't have a kpop reaction pic that describes my feels about this pic so I will use the frog instead



you can check yourself for only 19.99 per month on Kpop Prime


any update on the Oh My Scandal?



It doesn't even show her booba properly

This on the other hand..... Really activates my neurons


netflix is churning out a lot of 'historical' shows lately like Barbarians and that Samurai show, but they're all shit cash grabs



People all over the world are locked at home and need constant stream of shit to watch and talk about on their social media. So releasing any shit with a nice gimmick in the setting is gonna score well.



Considering most of developed world is importing millions of niggers and sand people every year, no I am not surprised one bit



that's the easy explanation but IQs are dropping even for high IQ parent children



Aye, feeding them constant stream of liquid shit from Youtube and Netflixs since they are 3 years old and can hold a tablet in their hands, is not a very good way forward




the games and books were cool but that netflix series done by am*ricans was pretty lame

yeah, but the creator said he liked it (presumably got big money for that)

or he's just pleasing the SJWs so that his new books could sell well

the most disgusting thing with SJW is that it's profitable to support them so all companies do that



What is profitable is diversity in mainstream products.

It makes sense for capeshit or Star Wars to be like that because it tries to appeal to everyone.

What is not profitable is insulting your audience and making up non-existing untaped market potential.

That is what happened with the Harley Quinn movie.

They were shitting on men trying to make a power fantasy for women.

But guess what. Most people who seen the movie were men because women don't like action movies.



Same thing with that catwoman series




They were shitting on men trying to make a power fantasy for women.



Most people who seen the movie were men because women don't like action movies.

you filthy misogynist, women like actions, programming and video games



Women like action movies where they can self insert as a girl chasing Chad like Wonder Woman.

Programming. I will give you that. Some do. My friend is like that.

People who play Candy Crush should not decide what new Deus Ex will be like




who are the most kind and polite people on earth?

poorest countries, SEA and all the poor areas of North and South America, according to people who travel a lot




Programming. I will give you that. Some do. My friend is like that.




poorest countries, SEA and all the poor areas of North and South America

why are they polite?




what if Arin is a terrible person too, we just haven't seen her true face yet

all the people accused of being "secretly" awful are not uncovered, they're ticking bombs waiting to happen

the only one in OMG in danger is Jiho because she sometimes looks at people autistically and looks like she's being rude, and she has signaled other members to not touch her (again because of autism lol)



just some girl who was classmates with Seunghee, saying this is the second time the Tank guy has done this exact thing




looks like she's being rude



she has signaled other members to not touch her


Slytherin Jiho


they're ticking bombs waiting to happen

I've never seen any examples of April girls behaving badly though?

on the other hand I didn't notice Jimin being a bully either



The universal constant of not having much so you know how hard is to live, so you share more; plus strong family values.

I'm surprised you anons mentioned any part of Europe as nice, because they don't sound nice to me. Maybe nice as a traveler, but not to live in, unless you're were born there.


Talking about ticking bombs, it should be no surprise to anyone if we ever get a GFriend bullying scandal, it's written all over their faces.



Eunha is a Stacey but she is harmful

she just likes to flirt with guys



SinBully can bully me anytime she wants to



oh right, didn't notice how big they look there



when Sera was watching ANS's say my name she was shocked by Bian's lips and when she saw her he said


her lips! her lips......


baldbros we have a queen now



nice cherry picked screenshot from a 1h long vlive YOU RETARD!!!!


btw new hair color

get hyped pronkies



oh wait, that has english subtitles lol, I thought it was the Indonesian one

1280×7202.66Mb00:05OH MY GIRL(오마이걸) s Sweetest Live Playing with Selfie Cam_Listen to my word(내 얘길 들어봐)(A-ing)





If you feel that way, it's because you just consooom. Consooming is not enough to satisfy human brain. Learn something instead and that will make your brain way more engaged



DAMN its crazy to think those 2 masterpieces were filmed around the same time



if I wasn't a second world poorfag I would buy that staff and the cloak just for the lulz



I'd buy it but, it'd end up in my closet gathering dust. It would be fun if I had friends to show it to.



I would not. It would be something I would never actually used.


Already play with my watch all the time.




still no Silent Night choreo

wtf CEO-nim?


Arin is too pure

post some Nari



No. Just regular I got as a present.

I don't wear watch so I just play with it to engage hands.

794×780510.42Kb00:04[OH MY GIRL SKETCHBOOK 2] EP.08 아린 '소녀의 세계' 포스터 촬영 Behind-M95wC9kSoVo




I would also like to know because they show two different times and none of them are correct







shes my least favorite too but after rewatching this mv and hearing her lines i feel like she is still somewhat essential to the group



with Soyeon there's not GIDLE for me

she can still compose the songs, I'm not against that (some are terrible though)






I don't have it, I just like the smoothness of that webm


I thought it was common sense Miyeon >>> Soojin

Soojin's face is a bit... too much plastic, she looks in pain


These pics make me like immigration




The universal constant of not having much so you know how hard is to live, so you share more; plus strong family values

so you imply that all poor people are kind? what about arabic people?


because they don't sound nice to me

swedes look nice to me because most of their people are middle class and there's nothing to be jealous of, also nordic climate makes them calm





care to explain what happens here?

This isn't proving anything, but in context of the revelation of their bad attitude, seems like Jinsol is outcasting Hyunjoo's opinion on what to eat. You can clearly see it from her body language, it's the typical "shut up nobody wants your opinion".


she's been imitating anger towards members sometimes



just like any other kpop idol does

that's wrong, this was a Jinsol thing and very few other idols do it because it could be taken the wrong way; this is similar to what happened to CLC on their variety scandal years ago, people took their attitudes the wrong way because they were bitchy, which is not common



Yeah, you learn to ignore at some point. I know I have


I never liked Soojin but also never mentioned her because there was no reason too



Worst thing is, she isn't even dropped yet

There is still a chance they'll keep her around




so you imply that all poor people are kind?

It's a mix of being poor and strong family values. If I'm honest, my knowledge of middle eastern people is very limited to what I see on the news, so I won't try to guess what's different with them. From what I can tell, they're nice but they're constantly at war so they're fucked up in the head.

The other part about Europeans, a bit out of context of what I said. There's nothing wrong with those countries, they're very nice in general, but the circumstances need to be right for you to enjoy them.



yeah and minute after that all those haters will love her again



I have only been to Lebanon out of all the arab countries (I was in the Christian part of it as well)

The people were mad respectful and hospitable, if you are a guest. But I would be very afraid of walking the streets of Beirut at night.



I honestly never liked Soojin, just like I'm saying right now without scandals, that I don't like Soyeon. Rest of the group is 10/10.

I can tell you about IZONE that I don't like Yuri at all, they don't need to have a scandal about her for me to dislike her.





whoa that's a very uncommon English word, but very common in my language




Jinsol is outcasting Hyunjoo's opinion on what to eat

she's angry at Naeun though?


shut up nobody wants your opinion

need a translation tbh, Jinsol seems polite here


this was a Jinsol thing and very few other idols do it

dunno, I can see most of them doing some sort of pseudo-fighting scenes all the time, even izones

they do it for wizones the fans, as an entertainment




that I don't like Yuri at all

ok, now you're paying for that




she's angry at Naeun though?

Jinsol is even given her back to Hyunjoo and is telling her to shup up with her body language, no need for sound or subtitles. And you're missing a big part of this, I didn't make the gif, it was made because everyone understood Hyunjoo was being an outcast in that situation, it's not like I'm seeing something nobody else is seeing.

It's no problem in a normal group, but now we know she was in pain because of them, which makes things different.



my heart was always with Natsuki, sorry

we had a good time reading mangas




Either way, I have started consciously trying to improve my English in writing, because I've noticed that when I speak I repeat phrases way too often and sometimes I have hard time expressing myself. So I want to become more eloquent to sound like I am not an imbecile. And I discovered in myself that the best way to get words into active part of the vocabulary is to use them in written form enough so that they come in naturally when you speak.


tbh I disliked Yuri too until I saw her pits during some recent promos

no memeing btw




wtf I didn't mean to click Submit lol

I also wanted to post this, I will use it to also improve my English. I have noticed that my skills are at a college level, which is not enough for me.



this is the stereotypical face of talking shit behind your back, she probably creates nicknames for the rest of the members like "smelly" or "mantis"




when I speak I repeat phrases way too often and sometimes I have hard time expressing myself

I hate that problem with my mother tongue last couple of months




also check this >>573541 ➡

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my cuteness receptors are going to break



lol I was thinking in Yujin and Wonyoung respectively



It is kinda consistent.

Russians use word плохо for bad.

Which means in other Slavic languages flat.

904×8001.81Mb00:092019-11-13_16-45_MBC Every1_주간 아이돌 (433회)_kresbayyy

kosher, my friend

1200×884572.18Kb00:02데뷔 5일차 신인 걸그룹! 위클리의 우당탕탕 자기 소개!😂_ 위클리(Weeekly)_Tag Me (@Me) _ 키워드조작단 _ Keyword Changers-ftzOHQTztSU


I like undeniable



wanted to download the latest The Show for Jihan


google drive file is not available

fuck this




Jinsol is even given her back to Hyunjoo and is telling her to shup up with her body language

you're making it up dude


it was made because everyone understood Hyunjoo was being an outcast

not me inb4 I'm


no need for sound or subtitles

where did you get the food thing from then?



Hyunjoo is saying "chicken" in Korean, Naeun is saying something else from the captions. Jinsol is blocking her opinion.

You need to decide anon, either everyone is wrong about what's going on there and you're right, or it's the other way around.



I started to watch that vlive, but it was too long so I stopped after a few minutes. But I did think it was a bad idea to have it on her own.




everyone is wrong about what's going on

who else is saying that it's a bullying episode?

seems like you're just repeating after some people while the only word you understand is "chicken"

so Jinsol politely said something to Hyunjoo, could be "let's not have chicken" or something else, I don't know

then she imitated anger towards Naeun, we don't know what was it about either

i.e. we don't know 99% of information on the gif, yet you're sure it's bullying

body language my ass, she just wanted to say something to Naeun


Some of you guys are alright

Don't come to Vlive tomorrow


Some of you guys are alright

Don't come to Kchan tomorrow



Anon, this kind of angry response makes me think you're definitely autistic. And you're trying way too hard to justify what's going on, even though I was clear in my first comment "this isn't proving anything" but given the context of what we know now then you can make assumptions.


we don't know 99% of information on the gif

We know a lot of body language, and I have to use the autistic card again because it's very obvious what's going on.


body language my ass

Of course you're discarding that because you can't read it!


Both of you are retarded and should have stopped that convo chain 2 hours ago



Stupid covid, I should be in school right now but instead I'm in front of a screen all day.



But I want to keep going, I'm sure there are many qts at my school.

just... this.. year... and it will be over... or else I'll end my life, figuratevely speaking






Heejin gfe...




And you're trying way too hard to justify what's going on

your convenience makes me wonder if there's anything I don't understand

but you just repeating the same "body language" argument and I can't see anything wrong with jinsol's behavior

even if she tells her "let's not have chicken", how that could be rude?


Stop talking about that you nerds



Scratch that

I am his dad and he is forbidden to talk to you


thanks a lot other anon


I hate you

just admit you've been trolling me all these hours

there's nothing wrong with Jinsol on that gif


Olive's eyes seem to be fucked up like mine



Let me just say as final comment that I'm not trolling, I just wished we were talking in person because it's hard to put it on words. I'd be fun to re-enact what's going on in that gif and the subtle clues in there.



just found

rough translation


Hyunjoo: chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken


Jinsol: shut up bitch no chicken for you


Jinsol: shut the fuck up Naeun don't protect that bitch




I just wished we were talking in person

yeah, I will show you my body language for talking shit about my April waifu


Even when they play around and take fun pics, Ninga is still omo af



Funny thing is that because governments are retarded and people even more retarded, there is a very high chance this wouldn't comply with required "standard" even though the standard is piece of fabric from china that cost 60 cents



She is, but omo at the same time. She is the embodiment of sekshie-cutie imo



ninga won my heart, karina is not for that



good idea to have an asian qt model for it



I hate to admit it, but maybe she is for that



just look at her curvy body and tell me she's not as God made woman




curvy body

That was primerin. She is aesthetically angular now



kidrin was curvy++ but current arin is very very shapely as well

1055×20002.65Mb00:03170517 오마이걸(OH MY GIRL)_(아린) Coloring Book #딩동라이브 직캠 by 욘바인첼-8oeNiyAZhq4



Because he is a moroni and he chose sticc Arin as his baseline for curvy scale

It's like those eco ratings in fridges that are based areound technology from 90's so anything modern is A+++++ efficiency



should have used curvy! then :wend_sus:

1000×12302.31Mb00:06170928 2017 봉화송이축제 개막축하공연 오마이걸 (ohmygirl) 멘트 + Liar Liar 아린 직캠 _ fancam-EIFg0Kx6n2o




be fair now if we used kidrin as baseline for curvy then everyone would be sticc------ in comparison


I wish I was into Arin


rollin' rollin' rollin'







when is Dreamnote having a comeback...


I'm depressed again I don't want to sleep


I won't reply to him so he goes to sleep




2021 is terrible for kpops so far, after the last two comebacks I hoped April would make it



yeah I was also rooting for them, they were doing better each time lol



I wonder what hardcore April fans feel about the songs now. I wasn't the biggest fan so I still love this song.




I wonder what hardcore April fans feel about the songs now

still SOTY


Jiubros.... her classmate wrote a story about her.... we need that Goodbye baby video



Seeing how she is with her parents, it's easy to see she's a nice girl.

I want to see the video now too...


Rookie idol Woo!ah!'s Nana freezes at reading hate comments during live



Red Velvet's Wendy to release solo album in April


BLACKPINK ROSÉ and Hyeri to appear on Knowing Brother


These are some good news today




they look a bit too plastic in here

there's no such word




they really got EXID'D

what happened?





please make webm, I want to feel her sadness



literally the opposite of me

buy yourself a puppy, you will get up for it


for me it's still Scream



she should get a bully tattoo on her 4head

maybe gooks would accept that apology and let her promote in peace


have you picked your Puplefu already?



I want to introduce some certified kchan knowledge to academia

but they reacted to my comment about globalization and started arguing about social media for 30 minutes

Maybe next time




I want to introduce some certified kchan knowledge to academia

Introduce academia to the classification of idols by the trifecta of attributes : beauty, cutie, sekshie

Or you could start an intellectual debate on the soft tummy vs abs dilemma




I think most of these people didn't even went though Introduction to Pits class



Nor "Collar bones 101"


"didn't went" should be "didn't go". However, in this situation I think "haven't gone" is the best tense to use Thanks for coming to my ESL class



Yeah, I should be more careful.

Imageboards really degenerated my writing skills.


it took me 2 days to sort some of my remaining kpop folders...



same but the teasers made me hyped af again



can't aahhhh because can't see anything


abs are gross


yeah i really don't like abs on women, i don't get what's so nice about them



I am not talking about those megadefined squares on fitness models. I am talking fit tummies with defined muscles like Slugi or Heejin




seulgi has gone too far

No such thing


Ninga-bro, I got Assassins Creed 2 because of your posts.

Played only a bit but I like it way more than the first one so far.



Yeah, first one is boring af. The second one has a lot more "soul" to it and the characters and story are way more compelling. I hope you enjoy it



I just hope they dropped doing 2-3 generic tasks before progressing.

That was the worse.



Yeah, that has changed and the quests are a lot more varied imo



That is a good thing. Most of those open world games are pretty boring.

Hopefully, the story will measure up to what everyone is saying as well.




Depressed granny has nice tummy



And ridge too



adding her to my snsd folder


She turned 32 yesterday



She could be the mom of anyone in Weekly and she still looks very good




She could be the mom of anyone in Weekly

interesting fact



i think monday would be her only suitablel daughter




PARK JI EUN - discount Jiyeon

I see it


Dosie - discount Summer

I see it


Ireh - discount Eunbin

I don't see it


Chaein - rich man's Seoyeon

I definitely don't see it

2/4 on face scale


The MV will be kino af





IZ*ONE Announce They Will Officially Disband In April




retired idol






PARK JI EUN - discount Jiyeon



Chaein - rich man's Seoyeon



shes a cutie, im watching her interview now and she is much softer irl than on stage




im watching her interview now and she is much softer irl than on stage

funny how the edgy idols like Chungha are really kind irl but "some idols" in cute groups turn out to be bitches


Kim Minju Angel is going to idol heaven



God I hope starship buys out her contract and puts her into the new Wony/Eugene group


I thought I would be happy to dab on those pabos who thought that izone would renew contracts and I would tell them "I told you so" but right now I don't feel like doing it



this is exactly what I was expecting so I feel nothing


literally me


add Eunbi to Dreamcatcher

she would fit there with her age



good, we have a lot more idols coming up, they need to make room for them




wanting more

you greedy cunt


not wanting much

you bitch with no ambitions

you can never win



to be fair and according to the article, not even fans could tell who she was