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I've been watching Weeekly on shows, and Purple Kiss is very enjoyable too, I like their song now




I like the 1thek purple kiss show



freaking love CLC's early songs

late CLC is great too but for different reasons


So how do we get Bean into Gidle?



you're gonna love this


i dont know but we have to make it happen


i wish bean did coming of age ceremony


i discovered something i shouldnt have



if you switch fast between the pics you'll notice its the same pic but one of them has her face/cheeks edited, and she uploaded both on ig



A great day it was


What the fuck did this guy do to the white balance


Honestly the editing is cancer. In these her face looks like she was deepfaked in

Just lemme see her pimples god dammit and don't fuck with the pictures



she makes her cheeks smaller but the people of kch love her big cheeks...


I do love some big cheeks on my face



dont ever say that again when bean is mentioned



shes just charging up her spirit bomb cheeks


goodnight to daileeebros and daileeebros only!


tfw no rich knoonagf who drives a Maserati



ah right, I thought it was her but was confused

I thought she drove a Mercedes or something, maybe it's one of her rich friends



she also has a Porsche if I remember correctly


the fire rises



actually i haven't also ponyo i haven't seen in fact

is the wind rises good?



i have to see it then

have you seen 'only yesterday'? that would be my pick for most underrated ghibli film





i have to see it then

my favorite from Miyazaki, it's sad though


tfw watching it with my native dubbing like a Chad



why? watch my neighbor Totoro and it will cure your depression if you have one

most of their films are magical and unforgettable

for me Mononoke is not as good as some of their others, but then again for many it's the best Ghibli



does any of you think about facial features that makes girl attractive for yourself?

there're so many kpop/jpop/cpop idols and I really like ~1% of them so I can clearly see it's something in the face that makes them especially attractive, not clothes or body features

imagine neural network which can find those traits and generate infinite number of perfect idols just for you




I agree that Miyazaki is boring, also likes to repeat himself which isn't a good sign

e.g. haul castle = mononoke and nauisicia = laputa

that's why wind rises is his best work



I think its the whole package, not a specific part, that makes like a girl.



let's make an experiment, check out this video

do you find some girls especially attractive?

I don't follow morning musume at all but I instantly liked one of the girls, just by looking at her face for few seconds

other girls are cute too (there're no ugly idols) but I can easily select the best one, just by looking this MV once




do you find some girls especially attractive?

Not at all.


that's strange, there're like 10 different types there

maybe I'm too polygamic




I don't want to assume anything, but Miyazaki is anything but boring, did you maybe watch them all one after another (not necessarily same week/month)? He has a great formula that works, doesn't mean all his movies are the same, specially if you watch them over the years.

I was hessitant to say that because I don't really want to defend him, since I don't particularly like him, but I've enjoyed his movies.




He has a great formula that works

imo it's closer to self-citing, I don't like to watch the same thing many times

I watched his movies long time ago, barely remember them

I like sci-fi plots of laputa and nausica though, but it's not that advanced


#WENDY's upcoming album will contain a song called "Best Friend," which will feature #SEULGI



Lunarsolar is coming back despite that

I hope Taeryeong is ok




despite that

damn, and normally it's someone like a grandma, but her mother is heavy stuff




kpop companies have discovered the hypebeast tactics

Oh no


I want to sweat with Chuu


arins clarins


sugoimusic sucks


What a nice day! It really is spring.

So many nice legs to appreciate.





Miyeon is so small compared to weeekly


I'm hyped tbh

1920×8109.50Mb00:25[블랙바컷] Moonlit.Winter.2019.1080p.FHDRip.H264.AAC


Just our Sharky



they're just starting, plus it has a very unhealthy seeder economy, like even if I'm an active seeder of my uploads, since I'm just one person you're probably getting 1/10th of my speed