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slow comfy general


slow comfy general


six years together with OMG

802×8361.50Mb00:04210219 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1062)




Ireh was in my top 3 before she got BANG'd

btw isn't After school club super cringe?




isn't After school club super cringe?

is it, and I also think the MCs are pretty bad, but that works in a way, since the idols are exposed to that and their reactions are a bit more real

and holy crap, they're good at acting mean, this is my first time watching them in variety and they're very lovely, specially Jieun


Jieun is an interesting case

she had blonde hair predebut and black hair during the debut



mean on stage, because they're very cute and lively in variety, the opposite of their performances



blonde hair makes her nose look bigger, good thing they change it



I like big noses

when a girl has a big nose it makes me think she's natty


Swan has a really sweet voice



she said she came up with the word Ponzoña, maybe she's a genius like Soyeon

I also unironically think she's the main visual




I also unironically think she's the main visual

Yukibros, fuck this guy

what does ponzona mean tho?



it's a Spanish word, but it's not very common, means stingy/poisonous


Seo Yeji's CF contracts get dropped

yejibros nooooooooooo


How are we doing on this fine day



not them in particular but they are on my mind too




i can only think about gook girls

me 24/7 365 per year



Oppa, would you like to netflix and chill with me?



then shes both a slut and a pure maiden


i dont think so, i mean certainly its not always true and im just memeing but i think most of the time it really doesn't like



Don't have that either.

I don't need them. I only watch korean variety shows idol content on YT



It keeps going down for me every once in a while in the past few days



this shouldn't happen

how is it down? you can't open any page at all?



we aren't actually real, now that the meds faded you can see us again



there are no 502 errors in logs yesterday or the day before that



I will never take them again

I missed you brothers



I wasn't online yesterday, because I was traveling but it did happen to me today



Happened to me on Monday maybe. I don't remember since I've had really weird week. For now, I'll keep an eye on it and if it happens again I will make sure to write down the time



call it face autism but i think she resembles itzy yuna here a little


Weeekly Chinkpop



The tattoos are shit butr the are nice

Would simp for/10 noona


imagine how low that top goes



I can't imagine things I've never seen before...


Did you take your vitamins?



At least something




how was the Yoo stream?

is it worth watching if I missed the live?



It was okay but I don't get much enjoyment if I can't understand it.

But here being scared of Five Night was funny. Check out the clip I posted yesterday >>586634 ➡

If you like it, try watching the whole thing.



based insomniacsy

btw what does sy stand for? Siyeon?




It is on the same level as astrology in the "shit people pretend is science" list

it's science though

When you smile brightly during the day, the muscles of your face change and give you certain kind of look, but if you're bitter and annoyed most of the time, you don't have the same facial look; but it's also not that simple, it's not like you can tell that from a random picture, you need to see it in action, preferably in person and she was in a drama, so we had many angles to judge, and the reason she was so successful in her character was because she already had the look, but then again, it was a drama so every shot was controlled, so you'd be jumping to conclusions saying she's mean IRL from just a drama.

I'm sure you had coworkers/classmates telling others they look depressed, even though they're not that different from any other day. Maybe some don't meditate about it too much and think it's just a feeling, but it's based on what we see in other people's facial muscles. And this is why people like Ted Bundy are terrifying, to be able to fool everyone is a god tier skill.



I can also sometimes tell what you've had for lunch from your farts but you wouln't call it a science



You're welcome to try, I'll send you some sample tests from different days.



That would be weird.

Why would he have part of my wife's name in his nickname?



I don't know what would be more lame

you writing that or someone actually reading this wall of text



massive thighs for isa but i shouldnt look there


I just ordered a pizza



brutal first week sales mogging


tfw you see a weeakling



damn dude

leave weeekly alone, they just got sales mogged




Lunarsolar hwaiting

its like two times more than their previous album





Lia looks really bad after getting BANG'd








they just can't catch a break, probably the best vocalist in that list (minus Monday)



The only reason I never went to donate blood



lol that reminds me of a friend, he was nice enough to go with me to donate blood, and he almost passed out when he saw the syringe



that blonde girl is freaking me the fuck out. Her eyes are really weird



what a goddess


I really like her hair like this


So how you eventually decided to watch Yoohy's stream or not?


Mads Mikkelsen Joins Harrison Ford in ‘Indiana Jones 5’




never really cared about that franchise anyway...


Harrison Ford is going to be in a wheelchair



With regards to quality, it probably speaks for itself...



pizza with Arin, now that would be something



Yes, it's even better if you eat while watching a vlive of your waifu eating.




it's even better if you eat while watching a vlive of your waifu eating

I actually do that, even without wanting lol


How do I experience a real love like in k-dramas?



I'm getting close to being 30

I'm worried it's already too late



so i was lied to when people said that all you need is being a chad



i have confidence honestly but it only goes so far when you're not attractive



personally i've become bald so it's all utterly over for me

now i can focus my mind on other things than women



im just fat, still got hair but gotta lose a ton of weight to even consider dating again

thing is i dont even want to date so there is nothing to motivate me



by that same logic you should never have kids because they're 'work'



i have sincerely lost most of my attraction for white girls and there arent any gooks around here, certainly not now more than ever with the pandemic still on

for me it's really gooks or nothing at this point and i am honestly disappointed at myself, i'll probably end up missing out on a lot of things like this but its how i became


nah its certainly not that for me, i think dating anyone just because you dont wanna be single is not good and it can indeed be work, but if its a girl you genuinely like and enjoy spending time with its far from it



dating is so tiresome and being emotionally dependent from someone is scary

also showing your feelings to others is uncomfortable



i've been ill for 7 months now and at this point i don't care about my hair or any stupid stuff like that i just want to be healthy...




my lungs are working at like 85% capacity at all times which is then straining my heart

basically i have super high pulse and high blood pressure all the time, and i'm unusually tired too. i suppose it's not that serious but it's been the worst months of my life by far, i fucking hate it and i dropped out of school because it drained all my motivation

i've been taking asthma meds if i had hidden asthma but they didn't do anything, next week i'm testing whether i've had covid unawares and that's the reason



shit this really does sound awful, i have been coughing for a few months now and i wondered if something's fucking wrong with me and it really got me worried though at this point i would rather not know

having issues like this really early on in your "youth" period really must be awful and something i fear a lot




high blood pressure

you gonna need some fresh air



I feel you. I've had inflammation in my eyes for 2 years now. Some days I just feel like I have sand in my eyes and my eyesight gets really bad and I feel tired as hell 2 hours after waking up.


autism and chronic illness general....



this is my case but i just know i neglected my health for a long time and eventually its gonna bite me in the ass at the worst time possible... like i'll probably make it and get a 8/10 gook wife, start enjoying life and then poof im the first person to get covid-27 and die from it



I had similar symptoms, very tired and high blood pressure but not the lung thing. My dad is a doctor so he told me that was a sign that I had covid, but the blood tests didn't show any signs of it. I feel better now, I'm still not sure what it was.

I'm still doing poorly at school because of it, that's why my case remind me of yours but not going that far. So I kinda understand, it's weird to be young and be extremely tired, back then I only wanted to be in bed all day.



sorry to hear that good eyesight is something to be grateful of



If you want a good end of the world prediction, listen to Isaac Newton, he said that we will end ourselves by 2060, so 2049 is doable.




we will end ourselves by 2060

yejibros, we will end ourselves way before that....


comfy general


it is actually comfy

Didn't think it would work



i wouldn't have known there's anything wrong with my lungs but my heart rate got so bad i couldn't sleep because of it and i was diagnosed with 'overtraining syndrome'. it sounds like a stupid joke but that's how it is, someone like me who is normal actively exercising person can get it when air flow is not a-ok in lungs, so they tested my lungs

so some of my symptoms are whatever infection has fucked my lungs and other symptoms from this joke syndrome. i've had this thing since september last year and it shows no signs of going away



That sounds fucked up, I'm no doctor but from what I remember your lungs can recover from a lot of stuff, but it takes years.

My brother had covid and he's fucked too, he has to take blood pressure medication for the rest of his life now and he's not even 35.



We've established already that you can't think hard because hormones



we are vibing



This IU song is not typically sad, but considering the story it always get me. Having fun all the time, and you want more and more of that, until you can't get out of it.

In IU's story, the protagonist ends up dancing for all eternity, but maybe in real life it means you wasted your life and you're in your death bed and you didn't do anything but browse the internet.




in real life it means you wasted your life and you're in your death bed and you didn't do anything but browse the internet.

1070×10802.38Mb00:04170730 판타스틱 듀오 2 오마이걸



nae saaaraaang...


the fat guy should just start lifting and eat less

the guy who has lung problems should just take deeper breaths

the guy with bad eyes should spend less time in front of computer




this also always hits me

t. Boom while showing her new pills to CL


I'm glad only my brain is fricked up and my body works fine


Having Olive wife would fix all my troubles, because she could just beat them up


DC's Full Moon lyrics make me cry a bit

Please remember me

Please meet me again

especially this part, they were nugu af back then and that makes me feel




ayyy shibal, deep breaths, one two, shibal...



I'm not one of the anons having issues right now, but I do like to watch sad stuff from time to time


I only cry when I think about our lord and savior Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins



We can't have that unfortunately. She is gonna get married to Jihad



Olivia cheating on her with me... OMO




tfw I realise my sin was lewding your waifu

1876×183418.58Mb00:08[BIG영상][4K] 아린 포커스 오마이걸(OH MY GIRL) 쇼케이스 현장-Q8iGsiZyggc






When she has that surprised face she looks like DIA's Chaeyeon

1220×10808.67Mb00:04180919 WEEKLY IDOL OH MY GIRL




Indeed. But I make fun of everyone equally



I go to church every Sunday hoping that I will fake it till I make it and I will believe again



Unironically Peterson's biblical lectures made me appreciate Christianity more, despite being agnostic for years


hey Bona! what's so funny???



If God isn't real then how come kpop thighs and legs exist


God? If he's real why can't I see him? tips


Evolution? Of course I know it's true, the Science GuyⓇ says so.


i only believe in the supremacy of my waifu's race



would you contaminate their gene pool with your muggle blood, given the chance?

700×9185.20Mb00:10201206 (201207) tvN 2020 Mnet 아시안 뮤직 어워드 1부



cute without make up already, I guess Koreans prefer the end result instead



Her skin is not very good.


I guess Koreans prefer the end result instead

Well, it's a cosplay video...



good morning to everyone but especially to Rookiebros


stan talent

stan Monday


getting drunk on May 10th for OMG comeback

let's gooo


i have paid little to no attention to kpop as of late but i was watching a few brave girls performances and it's been really fun



it's great when they're having fun

check new woo!ah and new stayc live stages, you can tell they like their own concepts so they're happy on stage



tell her what? she already knows i listen to kpop. she knows my shame



there's no limit to how much shame she feels about her son being a kpopper

890×15522.83Mb00:04[릴레이댄스] STAYC(스테이씨) - ASAP (4K)-XfHEFBuLwOQ


1264×17863.61Mb00:06[릴레이댄스] STAYC(스테이씨) - ASAP (4K)-XfHEFBuLwOQ


what a bod

1286×173210.68Mb00:09[릴레이댄스] STAYC(스테이씨) - ASAP (4K)-XfHEFBuLwOQ

this part of the choreo is very cool, and she does it the best



rookies are so powerful these days...



Oh My Girl to make a comeback on May 10th with songs that are "fitting for the spring season"

OMGbros, what does this mean?



uh... don't say the n-word

it makes me think a bit too much...



they really shouldnt give her that outfit, sieun is very pure



Nonstop was a “spring song” so nothing


teaser for a vlog


Though I am really looking forward to Dragon gfe


I might be spoiled by the recent lookie debuts, but this groups has some uggos in it.

The girl with braids is cute though


Seems like it is finally weekend.



remember to not ruin your sleeping schedule during the weeekend



I actually keep quite strict sleep schedule.

I always go to sleep between 22-22:30.



I've always had to wake up early and now I just enjoy comfy mornings before work or uni stuff.




I've always had to wake up early


but I stayed up anyway



I don't know how long I would be able to handle going to sleep at midnight and waking up at 5:30






I wake up at 6:30 these days and it's is early af to me



It used to be 5:30. Now it is 6:30 as well.

I like it. Just enough time to relax before starting at 9.



Seungyeon's IG is super lewd lately




Probably looking for a husband like Ahin


Arin must be looking for a nerd husband

she must be jelly of Jisook



yeah but that's because I'm subbed to few youtube k-thots



some of the stuff they allow on youtube is wild...


but they were popping up before i even clicked on any



Don't post those sorts of videos with Wony picture attached you fucking moron

We mean it


first post in 2 months


it's because of her bday

is Nancy still crying?


kpop is all about pure noonas and lewd maknaes



i really should get into lunarsolar... im a boobachad





You mean heterosexual male?


What is going on with the ex-Pristin, ex-Hinapia girls?



Nunu tries to get Pinky's attention on IG but the chink ignores her



I miss this pinko like you wouldn't believe



If world wanted that, it wouldn't lock you inside for months with Chinese aids pandemic



it doesnt want it now, it still wants to give the gooks a chance to procreate and make more pure-blooded gooks


did you know that April is autism awarnes month?



Isa is pronounced ay-sah



for me it's Joy's cake




not being a nerd in 2021

only yourself to blame



I'm the other anon, and yeah in Korean Isa is supposed to sound like "ee-sah" like in Isabella, but they did whatever. Looks unique so that's a plus. Reminds me of different Yiren is supposed to sound.

I'm sure many will get confused


I still sometimes pronounce it as Jiren...


I pronounce Cathy as Катюша





maybe corona changed her, that was a new pic afterall



gonna be a while before that happens, comeback machine broke


tfw downloaded a bunch of ISA fancams

1548×24388.82Mb00:07[안방1열 직캠4K] 스테이씨 아이사 'ASAP' (STAYC ISA FanCam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2021.04.11.-k0hAwBjDly0

I got the fancams because of her thighs, and I made webms of her smile

1754×30407.02Mb00:05[안방1열 직캠4K] 스테이씨 아이사 'ASAP' (STAYC ISA FanCam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2021.04.11.-k0hAwBjDly0

but of course her thighs are very nice




786×982535.42Kb00:06Weeekly(위클리) - 3rd Mini Album [We play] Jacket Behind (Showcase VCR ver.)-W3-7qxRzXOg
698×834225.48Kb00:04Weeekly(위클리) - 3rd Mini Album [We play] Jacket Behind (Showcase VCR ver.)-W3-7qxRzXOg

I'm surprised coomers didn't see this


Isa is a lulet


reminds me of PE in highschool


Watching horror movies together


I'm watching Cherry Bullet stages and I'm starting to like this choco girl

she has jinjja nice body


my twitter feed is nothing but Weeekly fan taken pictures, we're fucking back to fansigns!


me as Kuma



Just a website in general. Everyone just arguing or sperging about politics.




I only follow official kpop accounts and some gook fansites so I wouldn't know


Yeji's soft tummy made me feel special btw



It is a shame. Even the fan accounts that just share pictures are full of sperging about BLM etc.



uh? the ones I follow don't do things like that, the worst they do is posting gaypop on April Fool's Day



What the fuck. First Jihad, now Zoa, is Weekeuly subconsciously preparing us for comeback?



the filming angle should be higher above


Hello? Based department?



the part of twitter that coincides with stan kpop accounts is full of leftist cuck stuff


And this is the thread on /int/...



if this was weeekly's concept they would be unstoppable


love skirts but I can't stop looking at Monday's shorts


I'm literally crying after watching that

why is PlayM like this? why can't they wear girly clothes for their own songs?


love my wives



good post




Hazy Shade of Winter



you could have saved me anon


I have been thinking recently how much Korean things started taking over my life.

It started with Kpop and movies. Now it is also dramas and manhwa.



except food, books and work the rest of my life is all about korea



I follow a lot of Japanese and few Western things too.

But it makes a lot of people unrelateable in terms of hobbies.



this is literally my life, a lot of the things i like are asian


im not horny but i got nothing better to do i think ill kblast



fuck the new cube group, i blame them


oh no...



did you ever go to twitter to socialize? I just subscribe to fan photographers and TV rippers



Well they're quality things, it's not like an obsession. Not sure if you know, but a lot of people unrelated to things Korean watch Korean dramas thanks to Netflix.

1354×846791.50Kb00:02Weeekly(위클리) - 3rd Mini Album [We play] Jacket Behind (Showcase VCR ver.)-W3-7qxRzXOg



don't talk about f*cking while posting webms like that

I'm trying to have pure thoughts only



I think she will be alright, maybe their only valuable asset other than BM from KARD



it's still lame from the fan perspective

I prefer to see her dancing on stage than in some lame drama


tfw no Chaekyungf to convert you to christianity


I got fucked by fate too

I guess this nigga >>587432 gay


any dayoungchads in?





i will spread false rumors about them for her...


what will happen to the new WM girl group?

they got bought buy purple kiss' agency so I don't think it will debut anytime soon



she deserves this ultimate level of simping


what did she mean by this...



yeah im surprised too...



WM is still independent, group should debut as planned, just not exactly overlap, like how they're leaving 2 weeks between ONF, OMG and ONEUS in May


did you know that Stayc's album has the official stayc fragrance inside?



my stacyfu's eggs are very fertile though



because of those webms, more anons became her fans, so more money on their way



yeah I saw those and searched for the fancam lol


I'm addicted to the ASAP chorus

I guess the tiktok magic is working



i said it before, the chorus and choreo from the chorus are just like a tiktok video, im no wonder they are promoting it like that lmao



I was one of those really disliking their debut, but ASAP is a 10/10 song-concept-choreo release. Even the little details are cool, like the little vintage piano in the bridge almost the end.




im no wonder they are promoting it like that lmao

literally ALL rookie groups do tiktoks with choreo key points tbh



she really likes to slap my waifu's butt...



I fucking love DA DA DA too


tfw they're too poor and had to do a Relay Dance on their own channel



im surprised there are people who didnt like the debut but like this comeback, i think the majority is the other way for sure



especially the choreo

I watched all the stages and fancams from those stages multiple times, I especially like the formation changes



not him but I would say that So Bad was a better song but ASAP is a better audio visual experience

simply it's more fun



i still listen to so bad months later but i dont think ill do that with asap tbh, the stages are fun though yes




im surprised there are people who didnt like the debut

For me it's the vocals, reminds me of how Twice's Cheer Up is building up, Tzuyu and Sana are doing their parts (sha sha sha included); but then the chorop baby comes in and ruins everything, starting with the crappy pronunciation to the awful monotonous bass line. It's not poorly done at all, but the feeling that conveys is very unappealing for me.


i think the majority is the other way for sure

that's very true, I'm sure many are displeased with how soft the chorus feels, but the melody is extremely memorable




especially the choreo

it's like, you only need to watch it once and know the key elements perfectly, that makes a great choreo, and it's particularly easy to follow along


good thing purple kiss officially debuted in 2021 so I have no problem picking my 2020 ROTY



usually I give songs one listen and if I don't like them, I just move along, but I think some other group I liked was promoting with them so I gave them many chances to won me over with SO BAD but it never happened; with ASAP it was instant love



although im surprised to hear it im glad more people got into the group with this comeback at least


its not a very memorable song... certainly not coming from an sm debut




although im surprised to hear it im glad more people got into the group with this comeback at least

have you seen their sales?

they are doing great

#STAYC - Staydom (38,603 total)



the debut sales were great too so i am not surprised that hype carreid over




im glad more people got into the group with this comeback at least

I wouldn't go that far, nothing wrong with them but I'm a bit busy with Purple Kiss, woo!ah! and LUNARSOLAR. Nugus are too strong lately.


is it just me or do they all look very different here



it's been a bit over a week and they almost doubled total sales of So Bad so I would say it's a great improvement



for me it's the music and those girls



i liistened to their song once but i didnt like it at all so i forgot what it even sounded like

4th girl kinda cute though but i still dont think im ready to give them another chance



you asked about their appeal and I answered

it's ok if you don't like them




woo!ah! and LUNARSOLAR

I watch their stages, tiktoks and post their pics but I have a feeling that I don't give them a fair chance just because they are nugus and I feel like it's not worth to spend my time on getting into them

also they didn't get a 1thek debut show unlike the Holy Trinity of 2020/21 rookies so I don't really know them


i think i really need something special to get into rookies

for weeekly it was the zoomer energy, visuals and fun debut + the desks and chairs choreo

for wooah it was the shuffle dance, tiktok memes and cute visuals and tummies

for stayc i really liked their debut song a lot and i like their visuals too, and BEP being behind them gave me faith they wont be dropped or wont have garbage songs coming up

for aespa it was karina's BOOBA but that wasnt enough so they are still overlooked by me




I feel like it's not worth to spend my time on getting into them

That's very unfair, you should live on the moment. Like I was following Dreamnote when they were active, they're maybe not coming back or maybe they'll release a crappy single next, but I enjoyed the time they promoted.




and BEP being behind them gave me faith they wont be dropped or wont have garbage songs coming up

that's not really a guarantee of good music, and if they start making it, one member could be very popular and be too busy to promote with the group so they could be de facto finitio

nothing is certain in kpop




one member could be very popular and be too busy to promote with the group





That's very unfair

just like the world we live in

I followed enough DOA rookie groups already, now I want to see /mygirls/ making it



that smile is getting all the CFs soon

this is a wild prediction, but FNC wanted to make Cherry Bullet the next AOA, but seems like STAYC is more fitted for that position with Isa as the next Seolhyun




now I want to see /mygirls/ making it

I don't, now that OMG is very popular we are going to be lucky to get 1 comeback per year.

Making it is not good for the fans.



for me making it is just doing better every comeback

in OMG's case they FUCKING MADE IT, like their song was #1 on all the charts for weeks

I mean something like DC tier of making it




Isa as the next Seolhyun

10/10 face and 10/10 body? yes please


speaking of DreamNote

the girl on the left looks like ningning



oh right, they also seem to be in school so I'm glad they can experience being normal students

784×4381.62Mb00:15210127 아돌라스쿨


I hope so, but unlikely


you know, as a Binnie fan, I don't think she wants to be an idol anymore


good thing none of my groups made it, i dont have these problems




I don't think she wants to be an idol anymore


when the dreams come true and they aren't as good as you expected them to be



making it and Japan promotions are awful, it's like if they were on hiatus



I can't find time to watch movies but I watched kpop fancams for 3 hours today...



no idea, nowadays we know so little about her


she's only studying korean history so she doesn't get cancelled by knetz

840×7201.73Mb00:07210127 아돌라스쿨


you can't get cancelled if you don't go to variety shows either

416×6001.54Mb00:08[Special] 원위(ONEWE) - 나의 계절 봄은 끝났다(End of Spring) 안무 영상 _ @365 Practice-vT8gzQWIwQE
500×5202.68Mb00:08[Special] 원위(ONEWE) - 나의 계절 봄은 끝났다(End of Spring) 안무 영상 _ @365 Practice-vT8gzQWIwQE

swanbros... we're dropping Eunbi now



sekshie members don't have that instinct



maybe that's why they're hiding her body, huge milkers already

her stomach looks flat so she's not that fat



oh right! that one incidental character from Silence of the Lambs, the friend of one of the murdered girls, same haircut and dumb expression


holy shit, and I thought LED screens were bad, that curtain on the back is even worse

first screenshot is the background not focused, a few seconds later now in focus you can't even tell apart their faces



they were active on SNS up until February, nothing after that, not even birthday wishes, and a couple of them got new instagram accounts

838×8006.93Mb00:11210416 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1070) [ENG]

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but Arin was very excited to be with Wheein, but Wheein was a bit dismissive. Most likely very nervous for her solo debut, hopefully.

806×83413.17Mb00:13210416 OH MY GIRL - Arin MC cut (Music Bank E1070) [ENG]



plus covid, it's really hard to do business like that



J a cutie but she should smile more





geez man, calm down with the shutter speed

must be one of those new ones shooting at like 20 per second



some fatties say it's not their fault being fat, but their moves just can't process food normally and they gain weight easily, some are truly cursed and it's true

in her case it must be, since they all starve equally



zoomers don't know how to party

where are the ZOA SARANGHAE screams?




since they all starve equally

we don't know that

I hope she will lose weight for the sake of the choreos




we don't know that

it's true, but it'd be weird if she's allowed to eat normally and the others don't, unless she's the daughter of the CEO




it's true

that's true*

I think I should go to bed...



go to sleep nigga


just like Rainbow wasn't allowed to date but that liar Jisook found a way anyway

if you want something you will find a way


this video is literally a han river date with ryujin...




he didn't edited the Nightcall in the clip


Youtube driving upskirt-bro...




this motivated me to leave bed and make breakfast

will watch it soon



synchronize your meal time with her picnic...



this made me think about Swan

no matter where she goes she gets body mogged by everyone


god I wish my dad would tell me something like that...



not if she comes to europe or america



this is a problem with my dad as well... it's like they think you're going to get too cocky if they compliment you



I almost made a blogpost about >tfw parents being mean but then I saw new Woo!ah! tiktok and I'm happy again



i wanted to see a blogpost but that woo!ah tiktok is very nice as well



you want a blogpost?

tomorrow it will be exactly 3 months since I started my new job and it's been great 3 months


that police siren in Ryujin's vlog

aigoo... they ruined the comfy vlog


Kim Minnie....



tzuyu is just confused because she never realized sweden is in africa



that is literally my dream... exactly like it




it is about stairs on being up to kpop selfie standards...


order food


it gets delivered in below 15 minutes




maybe she is worried what will happen to happy:) and CEO-nim when DC goes away


I had a kpop dream today. It had Wony in it and I touched her lips

I think I've been looking at her selcas too much recently



I was wondering the same. She looks like she emits light



Mayeb she is extreme NEET in her free time



because she knows being white is based so she avoids the sun like the plague





that dude on the left is 9muses female manager, at first I got mad she is talking to dudes

but word, great fancam and great face



i wondered how he's so calm and composed next to her acting cute... so it was a woman



I stopped watching IZone content when the disbanded news appeared

I'm trying to save myself from having >tfw




muses must really like her, she is invited to all the events that are muse exclusive



oh was she the one in the recent zoom call too? i just assumed it was their male manager lol, yeah they must have been really comfortable around her which is good to hear




oh was she the one in the recent zoom call too?



they must have been really comfortable around her which is good to hear

true, it means that at least the manager treated them well



a-at least they dont seem to have ptsd and trauma now from the other employees, besides sera..



I love China now



its just the feel i get from her vlogs, she doesnt seem to want to settle down with a man

in a sense she looks like she lives a younger 20s lifestyle more than a late 20s one, she's always just having cute dinners with her friends and cooking and consooming buying stuff online... she doesnt seem ready to settle down lol

not to be a cuck, but i wouldnt mind if she does and id be happy for her so long as its not a twink who hasnt made it



There are no girls on the internet


tfw not a Wonybro but post Wony regularly to confuse kchanons

Who else here is devilish




Who else here is devilish

I'm just a schizo



yeah, dont you get that impression too? not saying she's immature but she still likes to live a womanchild lifestyle and not be bothered by issues that come up later like marriage




yeah, dont you get that impression too?

now that you mention it... I guess she never had a chance to grow up since she lived with her parents until she was 28



on the other hand though she did buy an apartment and that kinda goes against my argument, a womanchild would probably just rent stress-free

moon always seemed like the type that would settle down early and she did, i felt like sera would too but she has a lot more issues lmao




on the other hand though she did buy an apartment and that kinda goes against my argument, a womanchild would probably just rent stress-free

maybe her parents paid for it?



they probably helped her, its still a lot of trouble to pick the right apartment knowing you're stuck with it for a long time unlike renting

maybe her modeling gigs paid off and she could afford it with those doubt it



simpbros... we are hurt


Good thing I simp for my waifu by writing poems for her



Sorry but they are too personal


me on the right...