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Boypop General #01


Boypop General #01


It's time we acknowledge defeat. Aespa crashed hard. Loona titles crashed hard (musically). Most ggs make mediocre music at best, and every comeback is filled with fear over what piece of shit song producer-nim might have picked this time.

Yet Taemin comes back with banger after banger. This thread is for discussing boybops, hop on.



very cool MV (reminds me of Coup D'etat), the song has some cool ideas but I think it's a bit too static, doesn't really take you somewhere

but true, much better than whatever Aespa is doing, this feels like a proper release



now that's bropop of the month for me



absolute Banger. I'm still not sure how to feel about cutting the music in the middle of the song for the MV to add some story thing but song's amazing

I really need to look more into boybops, I only know Taemin songs (and some exo) because of the numerous gg covers



Cutting the music is always annoying.

BigBang is great and some guy was shilling Winner as good bropop.



Best instrumental in kpop for years imo


doesn't really take you somewhere

I feel like these days kpop songs mostly use that mash up of different songs strategy to keep building the song. There are songs that manage to do it without it too tho like La di da which is consistent (except maybe for the last yiren part) but still a trip



Doesn't top IDEA but it's really good.

So now he's enlisted? What is it three years? Two years?


taemin is a god and his songs besides MOVE have been very underrated


wish there was some kind of site where we could save all our videos and just send a link to it instead of the whole file




I've never seen a BG this young, pretty weird, song's cool



chocoleight, lallipap

1920×108017.83Mb00:54BIGBANG - LOSER + BAE BAE + ‘뱅뱅뱅(BANG BANG BANG) in 2015 MAMA

1920×108019.92Mb01:00NU EST (뉴이스트) - FACE
1920×108013.97Mb00:37G-DRAGON - CRAYON(크레용) M_V




if this is your coping mechanism can you do it somewhere else please

1920×86412.14Mb00:17B.A.P _ WAKE ME UP
1920×10805.27Mb00:11140803 speed japan fanmeeting ( sungmin fancam ) <>
1920×108010.98Mb00:23[HQ] SEVENTEEN - WHOO (Rainbow) [M2 Relay Dance Challenge] <>

1920×7987.72Mb00:25_ <>

1920×76219.69Mb01:33彭兮辰 Peng Xi Chen《还来得及》 Still In Time Cover 高清 HD




*Dazed, dazed, dazed

Can't control my body

Based, based, based*

1280×72017.22Mb01:22BIGBANG - BAE BAE / BANG BANG BANG / FANTASTIC BABY / Lie [Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook] <>


You know what na? Woori eats boys!




I want to find Woorigf in a forest too



bros i'm so sad that exo flopped


rich man making money off of their investment, ooh it's so sexual baby

is being a kpopper super cringe




All the 2021 songs have now been revealed (as a reminder all the GG songs were garbage or mediocre at best)

Taemin truly won SOTY


Absolutely based mir. people disbanding or leaving group to go solo is so dumb like just do your solos and still keep the group going like got7, it just works. they still huge sellers n years from debut

Sejeong doing that horrible speech on knowing bros how she felt like she didn't have any fans before going solo and starting acting was such bullshit. don't teach cute kpops that stuff