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Natty Edition



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white boy summer mentioned


thai ladyboy summer



great picture, perhaps this timeline isn't so bad after all



920×10802.95Mb00:04[우주소녀 다영 -WJSN DAYOUNG] 시선을 사로잡는 깜찍함 '출근길이 즐거워' 01.10


next level



My waifu is Olive, but I have to admit that Lip is on a nother level here



No, because she is already dating me





No. I don't want her to smash my teeth in. My parents paid a lot of money for them



what a fucking pussy you are

do you really think few punches from a girl would destroy your face like that?

go watch some MMA fights to get a grip of reality



I know how much it hurts when I accidentaly smack myself with a water bottle, I don't want anynone, not even a girl to hit me in the face



this is what too much soy does to a mf


how do i get asian gamer gf like this?



just f*cking imagine all the top-tier wife material that you can find in korean pc bangs



You can also try to imagine the sweaty neckbears and absolute hambeasts that will make up the majority there




hambeasts in my korea


i mean maybe a few but also there must be a lot of qts, i'm actually so jelly of korean nerds





Kgirls are either top tier beauties, or absolutely fucking ugly.



that's a meme bro, real life human beings don't work like that



is there some youtube channel of kgrils returning from school?



Kim Lip looks like the same old Kim Lip, nothing impressive, and WHY ARE THEY SO MAD

jokes aside, hopefully it's just the teasers because we're about to enter summer time, and that really doesn't seem like a song for the season



not him but last one I remember is Somi in her last day of school, since she was already rich I'm sure it was a very nice high school and they were pretty ugly even there

that's ok for me though, I would be fine with a plain looking college Korean gf



Somi graduated from Hanlim, so her classmates include trainees, future singers, etc. If the standard wasn't very good even there then kpap might really be skewing our perception

1200×676735.48Kb00:04BYC 입은 아린이의 여름 시원함은 기본! 편안함은 덤!~던댄스♬-aVUMZB05o5c


576×10242.83Mb00:05download (16)

yikesing Bianca

how do I delete a thread?



if they don't need jaw shave then just put them on some idol diet for a while and that's it... imagine the results




if they don't need jaw shave

Makeup is such a weird wizardry bullshit that it can hide even a wide chin


go to the roof to jump off and kys yourself


see this

what do?




she would just bounce back

If she landed on her tits or face, she 100% would just bounce back up






imagine being drinking buds with her


oppa, there's beer in my tits, here, touch them



I'm sure it would be fun

she seems to be chill af


don't mess with Arin, she has some clever comebacks



plus compared to other idols, I would understand her more because of her Konglish



lol yeah, her American-Korean species like Eric Nam and Giselle



is she? I remember someone saying she's American, or maybe Canadian

could be Australian lol


I think she is corean but lived in japan and us




Birth Name: Uchinaga Aeri


Education: Tokyo International School, Sacred Heart School in Japan




Sacred Heart School in Japan

wow dropped


picked up


from the dirty floor


Winter is so pure she doesn't have a butt


what did he mean by this?



a lot of the times the jap member is my favorite because of how they act, but Giselle is a bit different

1080×19203.91Mb00:04[예능연구소] 우아! 나나 직캠 'Purple' (woo!ah! NANA FanCam) @Show!MusicCore 210529

Recent comebacks had nice outfits




you mean they are more kawaii?

not necessarily, but they're just very likable





will this frog turn into a princes if I kiss her?

864×9782.52Mb00:06Weeekly(위클리) 7DAYS TENSION✨ - 위클리의 텐션업 포인트✔ 안무 강습-FxzR_7Z_oV8

Me as Monday



I'm starting to think she really is Zoa'e mom



Kim Bora looks weird there



i mean i can kinda feel for gooks, it's not their fault that people have a hard-on for their women and wanna come over to their country



from what I've read, Koreans have it hard enough so it kinda make sense to make things Korean-only

and I was here thinking OH MY GIRL would let me in into their social group...


lol one of the comments


If a cute, handsome guy like you can experience such things in SK, i cant imagine what would i experience??!! i mean it's terrifying 💀

kinda relatable, I'm not ugly but that guy as a model and because of his face has it easier and it's still bad for him



maybe that commenter is bl*ck, i'd be afraid then too

also that guy probably got to model because the modeling agencies want diversity and he has kinda small face as well, it's not like he's particularly handsome imo

if you're a somewhat handsome whitoid slav then you're already doing better i believe




and I was here thinking OH MY GIRL would let me in into their social group...



still haven't listened to the light*um song

am I missing out?




and I'm not joking btw, of course in my fantasies I'm rich so that was the gateway


Jung Ilhoon has been sentenced to two years in prison for his drug usage

weed, lots of weed


CP from Mnet's Idol School has been sentenced one year in prison and is currently in custody following voting manipulation on the Idol School program

when are Jimin/Irene/Soojin going to prison for their crimes?




when are Jimin/Irene/Soojin going to prison for their crimes?

What do you mean? Irene already served her sentence and Soojin and Jimin are already serving theirs



Being obnoxious bitch with short fuse is not illegal



I try to preserve as much quality as possible in my wbms

Thankfully this site allows up to 40 MB files



Nothing tilts me more than some top tier omo moment being compressed down to some shit 600x700 blurry mess with low bitrate when I know the source is 4K

Every time I see Twitter video or god forbid GIF I throw up a little



yeah, he doesn't look handsome at all



I didn't notice her at all when weeeeekly debuted but now she is at least in my top 2





Evergrow? No.

They allowed people to have 3 children but created zero incentive for them to do so.



she is literally me



You are never alone, when you have the members of anonymous image boards

1140×19202.89Mb00:03[MPD직캠] 트와이스 모모 직캠 4K 'Alcohol-Free' (TWICE MOMO FanCam) _ @MCOUNTDOWN_2021.6.10 02.11

tfw Twice is just uglier and less talented Hello Venus now




This dance move is called "the epileptic stripper"


If such thing as succubus exists. Yuna is 100% one


9muses and After School are back



this confirms MMTG is a much more important show than Weekly Idol



still can't forget how low energy Yena was at that show lmao

at first I didn't like the dyke host but after few episodes I got used to her



the only bad thing is that I can't keep up with this kind of editing, it's so fast with 3 jokes in Korean at the same time; Workman and Wassup Man are also like this, which is pretty fun but for my old brain it's very tiring lmao



she is the first alien looking kgirl who looks more cute than hot/sexy imo



it's interesting she doesn't have a solo yet, she's actually a good singer in Lovelyz and she's tall, so she only needs a good sexy song and she'd be a hit




she only needs a good sexy song

they gave sekshie song to Sujeong, imagine what's Mijoo gonna get



dear lord have mercy on us all, Mijoo is going to make Stellar look like a purepop group


imagine Arin in æspa



what about the other way around? someone like Karina in OMG


why does Arin even bother talking to us plebs? it feels like someone so hot should be a gigastacy and above communicating with us



I don't know who came up with the phrase, but I really like when she says "my other halves" when refering to Miracles



i can't believe she says that, what a benevolent goddess


Cosmic Girls' fans believe that the Chinese members will not return as the girl group's official Twitter account removes '13 members' from its bio

welcome to 2018 wujus



ujungs are schizos

chinks will be back any day now




why does Arin even bother talking to us plebs?

Arin talks to you guys???

how do I get in touch with her?


you guys told me CUBE was finito



all Gidle fans, they better release a better song or the fans will leave



keep seething roastie and take your meds


RBW confirms Mamamoo's Wheein did not renew her contract with the company but has also signed an extension contract until December 2023 to stay as part of Mamamoo

The fuck does that mean




Mijoo is going to make Stellar look like a purepop group


Wony/Eugene group when



Aren't there idols who are in a group but they are under different company?


I have no way of playing Blurays


I swear to God it's the nips again

they can't into modern technology



at least it has a photo book included






I wonder if she will do a reaction video of 9muses reunion

that was funny


I just realized Moon Hyuna is literally a MILF





you know

whe will have a baby soon


talk about milfs...


lmao After School is still better at dancing than Twice

can't make this shit up



i wouldnt be surprised if theres some beef in there, iirc erin had a brief hiatus early on in the groups career so who knows what that was about




when I was searching for 9muses on twitter few hours ago I saw "9muses beef" and I thought they did some cover of a wpop song called beef...



the entire thing is funny to me because i always thought sem and erin looked the most similar to each other among any pair of muses

sem is a little prettier tho

i hope its just her seething for being left out and nothing more, eunji seemed fine with this reunion tho


Euaerin is still friends with all the muses and Lee Semen doesn't really hang out with the members

idm what ro think



well, sem did leave like 2 years before erin...


i just think it would be really awkward if those 3 were there along with keumjo and sojin, its like meeting the employee who replaced you later at work

they probably never even met...




if those 3 were there along with keumjo

yeah that would be like a crossover episode of some anime


I wonder if Uee and Nana still hate each other




she talks about an older member and Euaerin is younger than her... you know whos older? Moon Hyuna


when I read stories about second gen groups like 9muses, AS and Tara I feel like I was reading about the history of Balkans



When we were models, you insisted that you were older, but in the group, you didn't want to be the oldest so you wanted to say that we were getting old together and told me not to call you unnie. But I couldn't call you by your name either.

moon i know for sure was a model prior to this, and i think erin too, so i dont know


if i were a kpop member i think this would be a good way to end it all




moon i know for sure was a model prior to this, and i think erin too, so i dont know

I'm reading that Sem unfollowed Moon on IG...



when sohee is 30 years old she will be one of the finest noonas ever


oh no


at least Minha and Pyo are literal angels


Moon just feels like a mom of Keumjo and wanted to support her kid


i think even if sem has beef with one of the girls, it really doesnt break my immersion because its unrealistic for so many girls to get together well over a long time, especially in that toxic company lmao

and i think sem is still fine with some of the other members like sungah

its probably erin though, sem went to moon's wedding... she wouldnt go if she hated her that much i reckon


I once dated a girl who looked exactly like lee sem



love noonas, love rookies, love kpops

simple as



i am not saying they look the same but if i had to pick a pair of muses that are similar its certainly them, i cant find any other proper pairing in there


get back with her





I just want Gloomwood because last year's demo was amazing and new content for Ultrakill


i just really want a noonagf



that show is really popular

I hope it will help them get some entertainment gigs




that show is really popular


yeah im not being unrealistic and hoping for a comeback, i just wish they get some recognition from this and it helps them in whatever they're doing



all videogames are banned and considered gay after tomorrow




Soojin is our favorite member

very true

but it's because she is a no-jam like us



they need to feed Jihan's jihans, no money left after that



halfway through this and i really recommend it, it's long and unsubbed but there is a lot of dance practice content and its close up shots of them too and their bodies


lord have mercy




I'm famous for being ugly, that should count


jinjja nice bodies


500×8021.89Mb00:07OH MY GIRLの動画インタビューを独占公開!メンバーの身に起きた珍事件とは?-cO7jnW4DOd0

what did Jiho say?



even their old manager got invited but Sera wasn't



I think that was the subject isn't? old songs that deserve more?

but the 2pm song was already mega popular so maybe not



i think sera really wouldnt wanna be there even if she was invited


They are still releasing few new pictures from that baseball game




they changed the word "nigga" to something else

to african-american?



why are black people putting the word into their songs anyways?

they know that people will sing their songs if they like them, right?







you are as dumb as them if you expect them to be smart



aren't companies supposed to wrangle their entertainers to not stirr up shit?




this is the funniest shit I read today


why is that anon so mad? is he black?



I'm not mad

it's just hilarious that you think us companies are acting like SM or JYP and try to keep their artists controversy free



I'm not that other anon, I'm a simple lurker



yeah but actually more diverse, some of those groups i barely listen to or know but they sound good



All those companies constantly virtue signal about racism.

It would only make sense to prevent your employees from making songs that will make people repeat words that make you literally Hitler and make you lose your job.




It would only make sense

only in your head



i never heard this before today but its good



even Jesus is a Miracle



he was nervous because he knew the kpg mogging drawings were incoming



imagine being Soobin, literally in the same room with Arin and Chewy at the same time

no wonder he's choking a bit



I found title and the ending songs meh

Those 4 between are comfy summer songs like those on More and More album



this isn't kpg, so believe me when I tell you it's shit, there's no better way to put it

even if it wasn't, it's also just the same concept Twice has been releasing for years







literally in the same room with Arin and Chewy at the same time

serious question

can you notice the smell from that distance and what do they smell like

I mean, is it like perfume shop or girls locker room?



according to OMG, Arin uses a lot of perfume so you would notice her first

although, not sure if it's the same for Music Bank, could be distracting for the guests


Kim Jong Un: K-pop is a ‘vicious cancer’ that merits work camp, execution



what if you want to smell their sweet, how do you do that unnoticed?



that nigga was tired from a very small hill when meeting Trump, poor Irene has nothing to work with



sweat? you'd need to be staff, like one of those picking up the mics after they're done performing omo


blocks stairs




after they're done performing omo



I just noticed Kyungirs crocks


nice cross-over episode



omo Momo

last comeback was great too in that regard only thing worth watching about Twice honestly



tbh legs wide open was my AOTY

but word, Twice fancams are really good


Thinking about that Wony deepfake posted on kpg







she reminds me of that one Dal Shabet member in the first seconds


Deepfakes are weird. I've seen some that make me question reality, but some that make 50's Godzilla look realistic. It's really hit and miss



yep, you need talent and a good eye for convincing fakes

that one guy on youtube doing deepfakes of movies is very good, and has good editing skills beyond that



I think most people fail at step one. Which is that the original and the implant that youbare trying to put in need to have the same shape of face/head and similar skin colour


do you regret doing that every time you cum?

it's so stupid being a horny animal



i only regret it when it's p*rn, to kpaps i don't regret it


I have never understood the concept of regretting it, must a zoomer thing



No. I've been so destroyed by work recently that I just use it to release stress now. I am not even horny



I've had a few post nut clarity moments when I realised I whacked it to something fucked up


tfw feeling bored and want to fill the void by fapping although i'm not even feeling horny



i know, that's why i'll be off to bed now before i succumb



regret is a wrong word

it's more like have disgusting feeling towards yourself, it's such a stupid and miserable process



She would do it for wizone, but the group is disbanded so wizone doesn't exist anymore.




uh-huh, so you're saying she's only 14 and you are also aware that's illegal


14yo are legal in my country



I mean the way she doesn't let us look is the actually hot moment



I don't think it's normal, men used to get aroused with not much skin but after the XX century, the female body became widely available to see so it's not a mystery now

1280×7203.94Mb00:04180628 SuperTV2 - Episode 4 (with Oh My Girl)

having a few drinks with Hyojung and she gets all touchy


ningningbro, if you want her heart, just be like Lee Seugun, she thinks he's cute



i just got goosebumps imagining Candy grabbing me like that


#wooah - Wish: 1,180 copies (9,048 total)


they are making it


Lee Sem posted another wall of text on IG

any translation yet?



you may be onto something


Okay, nevermind


LIGHTSUM's Chowon opens up about how she felt after being unfairly eliminated from 'Produce 48'


”If I said I didn't feel any sense of loss or dejection back then, I would be lying. In truth, I felt confused and wronged at the time. But IZONE disbanded, and I think LIGHTSUM can fill IZONE's empty seat...”


Comfy Dong


Lightsum is going to make it for wiz*one


Messy hair on Nana



saw the second pic in a meme today and it looked kino so I decided to watch the anime

really worth it especially if you are a kpop fan, makes you think



It is great. One of my favourite horrors.

I haven't seen Kon's other movies though.





it's a horror?

it's not that scary tho?



It is a bit atypical but I would classify it as being one. Similar case would be movies like Fire Walk With Me or The Cure.

And is being scary necessary to fit the genre? I mean I don't find most horrors scary and some of them like Evil Dead are not even designed to be so.



very good movie and i wouldnt be surprised if theres real cases like this


There is also this movie. I haven't got around to it yet but seems interesting.


this Xuan Yi's photographer is really based



I guess that is true.

But she leveled up massively since coming to SK.

Gooks are way ahead in terms of makeup and fashion.


some dude died during an Euro game today

and it's only the 3rd game of the tournament

imagine the body count at the end



Didn't know that sim racing can be that intense


he took the vaccine




"I'm old give me attention"

- Lee SemEn



I'm old so it's weird that I never heard of "euro games" before, unlike how I'm very familiar with eurovision. Makes sense since I'm not European, but still I spend too much time on my computer to never heard of it


Russian anthem is playing

stand up kch bros



Jaekyung will have to pay for Rainbow's re-union with her own money again


Kakao Entertainment acquires STAYC's company High Up Entertainment

so basically Stayc and Weeekly are sister groups



rainbow is the one i am really excited for aswell



Euro is basically the world cup without Brazil, Argentina and Urgay



Early AS was lewd really lewd



lots of companies are under Kakao M, including Starship and WJSN is not a sister group to either of them


those are really hot


if the kpg meme about giving super lewd outfits to dating members as a punishment for dating is true

it means that Sana is dating quite a lot


i think im finally picking up the motivation to learn gook

wish me luck chingus



Good luck. Picking up motivation is one thing but maintaining it is another.

I got motivated to study Japanese again but I was tired from work/school and already procrastinated for 2 days.



yeah i only started now over the weekend and im 100% sure i cant keep it up on week days, fuck work it just drains my life energy



That is the problem. Languages with complex character systems require constant practise.

Even if you are tired, you should at least use those drag and drop apps for few minutes in the morning and evening so it remains fresh in your mind.



how about reading my waifus name in gook runes when i see her fancam?







giving super lewd outfits to dating members as a punishment for dating



word, it's more like the ones who aren't dating get the lewdest oufits so they can find a husband



let's say I'm a not-american not-euro poster, I like that people in here think I'm a slav and people in 4chan think I'm just another american



not that it matters, but it's cool to be Anonymous as much as I can

702×8962.93Mb00:06210504 SBS MTV 더 쇼 (260회).1080i.KPOP24hrs


2240×21602.85Mb00:04✨비주얼캠_4K✨ 에버글로우(EVERGLOW) - FIRST-j7m0ABhAMCY

nice dot, ma'am



I really love Some, to this day I don't know the lyrics but I still sing along.

And I always like to say that I swear Junggigo was on drugs during the promotions of this song, I could tell because of the way he behave during interviews lol


SBS Gayo Daejeon -

imo kpop peaked at this point

koreans realized they created something above the limits and ruined it

modern zoomerpop is fucking lame

412×414993.84Kb00:04[LUNARSOLAR] 루나솔라 'DADADA' MV Reaction&Commentary



I wish they took a pic together

seeing the height difference would be cool



Minha said there's a vlog of this, so there's definitely more of that including standing together


I'm sure muses were really excited to see OMG

it's been years since they've seen reall celebrities


excited to see Arin

1000×1006676.41Kb00:02180304 슈가맨2 오마이걸


me every day


what's the difference between Arin and Arinnie?



Arinnie means she really likes her

Arin is so powerful she makes her say her name with aegyo


tfw Minha will never say your name with aegyo


gonna kys myself





what an iconic song (I honestly didn't know it was so beloved)



I always thought AS was underappreciated on kpg and kpop chans in general

but they had 6 member changes in 4 years and basically disbanded in 2014

no wonder people forgot about them


for me it's Bekah's rap in BANG

Bringin'It to you daily.

It's only from the best

After School Playgirlz know how to get fresh

So cool So right. Just so tasty

We bring it fast forward

the fellows go crazy

1920×13022.92Mb00:04210613 #위클리 #이수진 #먼데이 #지한 #신지윤 #박소은 #조아 #이재희 여의도kbs 사전녹화 출근 _ #2021평화음악회_마음잇다 #615남북공동선언_21주년_기념 01.49


very true


She is trying to be all grown up too quickly



same but judging by the results it will be another suit performance

roasties love suits too much


Rocket legs



Alleged school bullying victim of ITZY’s Lia cleared of defamation charges

Oh nonono Itzybros

900×19202.91Mb00:03[쇼챔직캠 4K] 우아 소라 - 퍼플 (woo!ah! SORA - Purple) l #쇼챔피언 l EP.397 01.23


she is very omo for the cute member


you talkin' to me



Well, I am the only one here.


Supposedly from Lia's Ask



Who is gonna sing in itzy if that happens



Some fans are trying to use it as a proof that she was the one that got bullied.



I mean, bullying is serious issue in Korea but people need to draw line somewhere.

Dumb teenagers insulting each other is not that.

Especially when it comes to girls. A lot of them talk shit about others and cause drama over nothing.




that look



this was basically their last full line up

why would they remove Keumjo and Sojin to add members who decided to leave after like 34 years?





official is that it was the final lineup, but of course a lot of people are forgetting the members are powerless when it comes to the Nine Muses brand, so whoever the company wanted there was going to perform

Sera has damaged Star Empire's reputation in the past so makes sense in her case

1104×9002.89Mb00:06150510 Oh My Girl - Cupid (Inkigayo)


true like me




Sera has damaged Star Empire's reputation in the past




She is not even getting enough nutrition for herself. Either she'd die or the kid would have a defect/die



I can force feed her protein if you know what I mean



yeah, she will reach critical mass at 30 and destroy Seoul's metropolitan area


And this is my album with 13 year old idol.

This movie



thank god idols live way too far from me, I'd have maybe spent too much time going to concerts and shit

1000×1206181.55Kb00:05오마이걸 OH MY GIRL _ 🌀보글 보글🌀 (Boggle Boggle) _ 뮤직비디오 비하인드 스케치 영상 _ 메이킹 필름-dA1cRTkTYK0






The other guy's waifu is 10. And a lot of these dudes are in their 30s or older.


That is also part of the story. Main fan in the movie did just that. He clearly has some trauma from previous relationship.


I mean there's a difference between pedophiles and ephebophiles

finding 13-16yo idols attractive is the second one, having sexual attraction towards 10yo is the first one



yeah I like to joke about wanting younger idols but 10 is a kid, not even a young teenager but just a kid



also, do remember that pedophilia is an illness, they can't control their urges and as a result they assault people

I'm VERY attracted to my waifu and I would never assault her or anything



yeah, you have to be really fucked up to wanting sex with a kid

feeling it to a 15yo girl is perfectly normal on the other hand




Regardless, I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to say this in movie interviews.

I can understand they those other guys want to show people that idols help them cope with their problems and that they founded many friendships through this hobby.

But that dude just says he likes developing girls and won't like her if she was older.




he likes developing girls and won't like her if she was older.



i like peak-development girls, right before they start regressing



no but read what the other anon said, peak development is at 18-19 and it goes downhill from there, 25 is already on the way to being old



25 is start of the regress, stage between 18-25 is more like plateau



brain development and also all the life experience you gather makes women peak mentally much later, that's why noonas are so attractive



first of all, it's not a set age for most women, and again you're only reading "regress" and disregarding peak-development, already at 25 there is no development but it's already a stage of just ageing


you know what?

I kinda like this comeback



kkzz is kpopfap 2.0?

it seems to be doing better job these days :wend_sus:




it seems to be doing better job

always, kpopfap was never good



it's mostly terrible, they don't know how to catch a good moment

plus you sometimes read the comments.... top cringe material




read the comments.... top cringe material

don't read them, they are youtube-tier


Running Man E559 <Goodbye, Our Special Brother>

I'm not ready

2430×19162.82Mb00:12Mnet.K-POP.ALL ACCESS - Oh My Girl.2160p.VP9.AAC-TeXT


crushed my head with Arin's thighs

10/10 would die every day


Almost any kpop really


Suzy was a good guest



anyone else here ever had anxiety attacks? some unpleasant thoughts pop into my head and my chest starts feeling tight and breathing becomes manual lol



Could just be stress reaction. Think of kpops instead


No need for work when you have Shu



Real problem, or are you just hypochondriac



no actually on the contrary i've finally gotten better and now my new symptom is being so scared of my health deteriorating back that i constantly get anxiety about it



You've developed retard syndrome. I am afraid it's terminal and untreatable



Literally this. I used to be reallt stressed out in uni, but thinking about my waifu in bed helped me calm down and fall asleep



yeah it's retarded. i know there's literally nothing wrong with me yet the anxiety just overwhelms me


everyone has problems



no, i've been having this for only a few days now so i hope this just passes over soon. thanks for replying it feels like just writing about stuff like this here is helpful peer support



It does help, that's one of the reasons I recommended a therapist.



didn't watch the first 4, won't watch this one

simple as



that big guy is the first person I think about when I see "shy chad" posts


April member Naeun's older sister makes her Instagram private after being accused of school bullying

can't make this shit up




wrong, seunghee is the ugliest

kinda word


in the whole kpop

wew lad

that's too much



Just wish she didn't record her dance on potato phone from 2007



That is possible


Everglow joined weverse

504×9441.21Mb00:04170409 SBS Inkigayo E906 19.4 MPEG2 1080i


epic performance



Just wait until some interesting comeback happens



it's not your fault

we just all made it



DIA frog is looking for a sponsor