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We discuss our yachts, mansions and hypercar collections here.

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that's the moment i realized that money and fame don't cure being an awkward nerd. he never had a chance with red velvets




he never had a chance with red velvets

what about Joy, she could give him a chance for a good price



Olympics are always good, it's really fun to start watching something you never cared about and being at the edge of your seat




holy shit m8, who hurt you?

literally 100% of the people watching ISAC enjoys archery the most


Yeojin sits like your typical anime loli




have great cyber punk stuff with female protagonists


force it in Blade Runner

a winning formula... can't wait until the series isn't renewed for a second season because it's too popular



It looks like cheap Alita knock-off.

It will most likely have a lot of action but not the thematic depth of Blade Runner (or even Alita).


Anime ends with vague conversation between the protagonists that doesn't lead to confession so the whole buildup of the relationship goes to shit


Stop doing this fucking crap you bastards

Is it so fucking hard to make them say "I like you" and give the story a conclusion for fucks sake



it's funny because I would watch an Alita series, even if it didn't look as good as the movie




There was no love triangle, no angst or drama, just 2 characters clearly made for each other and they can't even give it a proper ending



They could have just adapt part 1 of Alita (it has conclusive ending) into 24 episode show and it would be much better. The story is already there properly written.


I have a strong urge to simp for this girl lately



lame we want SEX-SEXY

810×14402.96Mb00:07WEEEKLY (위클리) - SOOJIN FANCAM (이수진 직캠) 181111 (PRE-SHOW) [FAVEGIRLS (페이브걸즈)] 00.12


no such thing in her dictionary



would it be gay if a shy chad wore glasses like that?

all the glasses I had for the past 10 years looked similar to pic related, maybe it's time for a change




would it be gay

no but you kinda need to dress accordingly, otherwise it'd look weird



as someone new to wearing glasses, I would stick to pick related

most of those extravagant ones are made for women

you would have to pick carefully




no but you kinda need to dress accordingly

lately I wear something like pic related




most of those extravagant ones are made for women

isn't that unfair?

women have much more options while picking clothes and accessories



there is way more money in that

they care more than most men



you are Fromis' manager




most of those extravagant ones are made for women

not exactly, but you'd need to be attractive and well dressed to pull it off



Jisun rememberin the things we did...


I am about to do an impulse purchase

Look forward to it



It's an album. I'll post pics when I get on good internet




confirm your age with you ID card




when I watched it for the first time on big screen, I was holding my sofa like crazy

it's the scariest thing in its niche, and I'm not even acrophobic


how can you even have attractive eyeballs?



maybe when you can't see the veins



the everglow concert start in 11 hours and it will start at 8am here

what if I wake up so early on Sunday and there won't be any re-stream?




I will wake up then, if there isn't any stream I will call you the n-word


what platform are they using?

the big shit platform gfriend used had a fancy feature that helped to ban all the streamers in like 15 minutes



thats a lot of skin for a purepop group



just looking at this picture made me inhale deeply



yeah she went to a shaman to stop having autism

nah she just stopped taking screenshots of repeated numbers, maybe she does something else now; from this >>621408 feels like Hyunjin is also autistic, she made a joke drawing and maybe in her head was really funny and she was very surprised everyone thought it was bad lol


/pol/ has its own team

saying nigger with every punch, I bet